Weekly Roundup

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– The Glass Hammer profiles the top women venture capitalists — and they seem to love the healthcare industry! (Photo of top female venture capitalist, Annette Campbell-White, from Forbes’s article of the top 100…)

– The Cool Girl’s Guide to Surviving Business Travel [Marie Claire]

– Still Wondering: Where are the Women MBAs? [WSJ] (And: how can we get them to come play on the site?)

– Why can’t we have Sara Blakely’s closet? (And her uber-successful company, Spanx?) [WSJ]

– Fashionista had two great debates this week: First: Do you still covet classy items even if celebu-idiots wear them? Second: Would you wear a knock-off? [Our answers: 1) Yes — some classics just can’t be sullied, and 2) Not knowingly (nor would we feature one on this site)]

– Finally: You can now send a tree instead of flowers. So cool! [NY Mag]

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