Poll: What Color Hose Is Correct For An August or September Interview?

interview-hoseAh, interview week. The time when stress is running high at business schools and law schools, the time when everyone’s wearing suits in uncomfortable heat, loitering about awkwardly in hotel lobbies, and wishing they were still in flip flops and ripped jeans. Today’s important question is thus: Assuming you’re wearing a black suit, what color pantyhose is appropriate for an interview in this time of year?Personally we tend to wear off-black… but a friend of ours told us years ago that she thought any dark hose said “evening” way too much, so she preferred to wear nude hose. But nude hose on us always looks like we’re trying to fake a tan, and it just isn’t flattering…


What BRAND of pantyhose have you guys had the most luck with? What’s the most you’ve ever spent for a pair of pantyhose (and how’d it turn out)? Tell, tell, in comments. Pictured above: SPANX ‘All the Way’ Sheer Support Pantyhose

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  1. Oh, dear. I don’t wear black hose ever, really, even if it’s “evening” — I’ve just found that on me, it looks … odd. If I want color or a design on my legs, I’ll wear tights, and make it part of an overall “look” — but if I’m wearing hose, I’m going w/ nude. Spanx is definitely the way to go. I wear “buff” and it matches my pale, pale legs just fine.

  2. I hear you on nude = trying to fake a tan, but the key is to find a hose that is actually the color “nude,” not something like “suntan” or ” tan” or “golden.” I’m as pale as can be, and most nude shades work for me. I think the most I’ve ever paid is $25 for some Victoria’s Secret thigh highs–I hate when I feel pantyhose moving around on my waist. But my old standbys of Leggs Sheer Elegance Control Top are always great–no runs!

  3. Jay: I’ve heard great things about VS’s thigh-highs but have never owned… with your recc I’ll have to check ’em out now…

    M: I hear you, I totally prefer tights in the wintertime but feel like they’re a wee bit too much for an interview look. But they are my preferred stocking of choice.

  4. i’m south asian and i haven’t been wearing hose, but oci is coming up and i figure i should err on the conservative side. i have such a problem finding the proper color. does anyone have any guidance on this? i am .. kerry washington colored, maybe.

  5. Anon – We’ve polled a few of our friends and one said the key to finding a good shade was to go as sheer as possible, so the color is less pantyhose and more your leg — she thought DKNY had been her brand of choice back in the day. Another friend said she never found exactly the right color, but suggested you check high-end department stores…

  6. lawyerista :

    As an articling student at a very conservative firm, I was told that dark legs are evening wear. I do nude for conservative looks and maybe patterned hose or tights if I don’t need to be so “safe”.
    As sheer as you can get is the trick to looking somewhat natural. But then, almost anything is better than my pasty white legs. There is a Secret sheer that comes in a white and blue package, called day sheers maybe? There is also one called Energizer or something in a black and pink package that has a good sheer. There used to be Hanes day sheers, but I cannot find them anymore, they may not sell them in Canada any longer. I usually go to a department store to get the best hose, Walmart or drug stores do not cut it.

  7. i like hanes. i tried spanx and assets (the spanx target brand) and hanes just works better

  8. thanks C! i’ll check out nordstrom’s after work.

  9. For interviews I have alternated between off-black and a true nude (ie not suntan) for the last 10 years (11 if you could OCI at my undergrad). I will say that it became MUCH harder to find a light nude in the last few years. It’s all suntan, black and off black. So as a result I wear more off-black.

    I will say that I am slowly coming to believe that once you are in your career for a few years, wearing a black pantsuit to an interview seems more accepted, especially in the depths of winter. For my current job, I interviewed on two BITTER cold days in winter 2007, the kind where hose is zero protection against the cold. I remember getting into my interview suit and hose, going outside to get the mail (I had taken the day off) and being like “no ******* way am I going back out in a skirt” — and I changed into a black pantsuit. My employer is notoriously conservative about dress code, yet I got the job :D

    And I have had reports of several other youngish female lawyers get lateral offers despite wearing black pantsuits to the interview.

  10. Anonymous :

    I am a redhead with pale, pale legs. I’ve found that Calvin Klein has lots of very sheer shades, even one that’s light enough for me. And they look really natural – you can barely tell they’re there. That being said, I haven’t put on a pair of pantyhose in probably a couple of years …

  11. For nude hose on pale skin, try VS pale nude color or Donna Karan the Nudes. For interviewing, buy Berkshires in bulk.

  12. Anonymous :

    After falling up a marble staircase while wearing a pair of Jockey hose and doing a job on my knee but finding no trace of damage in the hose, I’ve been wearing Jockey for about 8 years now. They can be tough to find but are available on Jockey’s website and generally at discount places like Marshall’s.

  13. I like Ann Taylor panty hose – good colors, sheer and comfortable.

  14. Anonymous :

    For Tall ladies, I’d like to suggest DKNY or Calvin Klein Tall, as well as talls from onehanesplace.com. Also, cult find, but Evan Picone hose are fantastic and will not run.

    The DKNY vary in quality. I dislike their super-ultrasheer, as these run too easily, but the 15 denier are great.

    After returning to the West coast, I haven’t worn hose…well, since I got back. Love the Cali informality!

  15. With a black suit a darker shade such as suntan or even coffee colored hose would look sharp in contrast.

  16. I like to wear Hue thigh highs, black, off-black, nude. You can get two pair for $12, but the thigh-highs are getting harder to find. I usually get them at Nordstrom or Macy’s.

    I dislike the band around my waist which is why I go the thigh-high route. Also, I buy them one size up (I usually wear a small but buy tights/hose in size medium) so they are comfortable and sit nicely on my thighs without pinching my flesh. I think this makes them a “hardier” wear because the fabric isn’t stretched too taught, although it can depend on the pattern I suppose.

    Another advantage to thigh-highs is that when you get a run in one leg you don’t have to toss the whole pair!

  17. I am manager at a bank and wear nude or buff hose year round. I have had good luck with Hanes sheer elegance and DNKY.

  18. Anonymous :

    I would disagree, as it depends on your skin color. For darker skinned women, there is no true “nude”. I wear a toffee color or off black.

  19. Anonymous :

    If you’re going for the best, definitely check out Givenchy and Wolford Fatales. Amen to the one size up rule for comfort! I can’t tell you how many heads turn / positive responses I get in those hose! A bit pricier though :)

  20. You know ladies, you dont have to brush your teeth, or shave your legs or arm pits either. Short answer, if I pick up my date and shes dressed to the ‘Nines’ nylons and heels, be assured of the best resturants and after dinner entertainment, jeans, bare legs, that sort, means sports bar, for burgers, try for second, then third base, if that fails, Im still home by 11pm to watch Sports Center in ESPN, no loss.
    The choice is yours.

  21. Casual dressed :

    On pale legs as mine, nude is a wonderful color. Suntan is a bit too dark.

    I usually get mine at Target: Hanes. they are very sturdy. And yes, buy a size up, that makes them so much more comfortable!