Tuesday’s TPS Report: Curtis Colorblock Knit Blazer

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Rag & Bone Curtis Colorblock Knit Blazer Cusp has a lot of great blazers on sale right now, including this one, which has so many things I like. Rag & Bone is one of my favorite blazer designers… doing a knit blazer, which you know I love, and (eek!) in a black/navy mix. It’s even a prety good sale — was $495, now marked to $297. Rag & Bone Curtis Colorblock Knit Blazer

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  1. To all the people who laughed at my post yesterday where I said I was worried about being too old when graduating:

    Thank you! I really needed that.

    • mintberrycrunch :

      Meant to reply to your post yesterday, but forgot. Just wanted to chime in to say that I will be 31 when I graduate from law school next year. My “older” age has honestly been nothing but a benefit throughout my entire experience. Good luck! :)

    • I concur. I graduated law school at 29, turned 30 just into my first year as an associate. My pre-law school work is viewed as a bonus (and actually sets my billable rate higher than other “first years”). We should have a 1A or some other play on 1L for associates… There are a lot of factors that should go into your decision, I’m not sure that age (while you’re still really young, in the grand scheme of things) should be one of them.

    • TotallyAnon :

      FWIW- At one of the top-ranked law schools in the country, located in a large, midwestern city (use your imagination) many of the students are in their early 30’s or late 20’s.

      • Cornellian :

        Similar note, when I started at UT Law in 2008, average 1L was 25. It seemed there were a lot of people who were 21 or 22 (having just graduated), a lot who were 24-25 with two years’ experience, and then otherwise more people in their 30s. Not sure if that demographic would hold 5 years later.

        • My experience was a majority of 21-22, some in the middle (like me) who were 24-26, and then several who were in their mid to late thirties (up to 50) that skewed the average age curve more toward 25-26 than it really was.

    • Cornellian :

      Missed yesterday’s post and somehow can’t see it, but that’s unfortunate. I think having one or two years’ experience before law school made my classmates more competitive, although I will say that those with much more than that were a little out of touch with studying and the technology that is always used in the classrooms. I think age should be a factor in your decision in two ways: financial and family. Financially, you’re worth more in your career now than you were at 21, so by not working for 3 years, you’re foregoing more money. You’re also obviously statistically closer to retirement, and losing contributions to retirement is obviously worse the older you are. But, you may be more marketable after law school thanks to your business experience, and thus have higher earnign potential. And, of course, as a fellow 20-something women, considering what you want or hope your family to look like in five years matters. The first year or two of practice is really unstable and brutal, and not the best time to be doing anything else that’s stressful (ie being pregnant, planning a wedding, adopting, etc).

      Good luck in your decision making!

    • Anonymous :

      Err… I STARTED law school at 30……

    • I will be graduating law school at the ripe old age of 37. You are never too old! Important question for the hive, as a first year will it be appropriate to decorate my walker with LV logos and Cartier bracelets?

      • As long as you stomp in with Louboutins, I don’t see why not ;).

      • Anonymous :

        Louis Vuitton and Cartier are acceptable price points – Hermes and Bulgari are absolutely off limits unless you ARE a spoiled little princess who doesn’t need to work…. ;-)

  2. Great blazer!

  3. I really wish that webinars took into account the fact that some of their audience members don’t live in the ET time zone, and that getting to work at 6:30am really puts a cramp in the rest of my day and my productivity level.

    • ouch! I would be very grumpy if I was you. Do you at least get to leave earlier?

    • I usually do those from home, then head into the office. Though just last week I accepted an 11:30am call, and thankfully at 8:15am noticed the little EST next to it.

    • Try conference calls with Europe during their morning….bane of my existence.

    • For stuff like that (or really, for me, it’s transcontinental stuff, not an US time zone problem), I take that $hit from home, then head in when i’m done.

  4. SAlit-a-gator :

    I got the job! Proof that networking does indeed pay off. Looking forward to returning to private practice after a stint in government. I’m taking a weekend trip to NYC to celebrate and need a couple of restaurant suggestions (preferably affordable but delicious and innovative) and non-touristy stuff to do (I’ve done all the touristy stuff, and more interested in exploring cool parts of town, etc). Any recommendations hive?

    • Congratulations! My friend and I decided that we would try to hit some of the lower-end restaurants of big name chefs on our trip to NYC. We went to Otto (Mario Batali’s pizzeria) and Casa Mono (Mario Batali/Joe Bastianich collaboration – Spanish). We loved them both and had no trouble getting in without a reservation. Otto is much bigger and the bar is really nice. We both had handmade pastas. I would love to go back and try the pizza. Casa Mono’s food was incredible. We sat at the bar overlooking the kitchen and watched them make the beautiful little plates.

    • If you’re willing to go to Brooklyn (Williamsburg) then I recommend Pâtés et Tradition. It’s a delicious crepe restaurant. There are also some cute shops in the neighborhood on Bedford Ave.

      • Sydney Bristow :

        Oops, that was me. Not sure why my name doesn’t stay populated anymore.

        Meant to add, congratulations on the job!!

        • That happened to me, too – I commented yesterday then realized that my email address wasn’t populated. This morning I had to fill it in again. Not sure if it’s a changed setting?

          • Same here, my name changed to anonymous mid-day yesterday, had to re-enter it today to respond to this post.

          • That happened to me like 18 times yesterday (okay, three) and once again this morning. I think Kat must have been playing around with something. But everything seems to be working now.

    • Anonchitect :

      Congrats! Also in Brooklyn, dinner Roberta’s always makes for a really great evening. The Mary Meyer shop around the corner is great for browsing if you have to wait for a table. And, in Manhattan, a friend and I were just talking about how much we love poking around shops in NoLIta.

    • Cornellian :

      There are a bunch of cool jazz dive bars and big classic places in harlem (all near 125th street stations, which all have express subway service). Apollo is an obvious choice, but there’s also Paris Blues (total dive on 7th avenue near 121 or 120), Red Rooster (amazing food, Marcus Samuelson’s place, great jazz, but you’ll need a reservation), a great long-standing $15 cover BYOB jazz show in someone’s apartment, and the Harlem Museum (huge modern African-American collection, great gift shop, and free on Sundays!). You can also wander up in to Morningside Heights, see Columbia. Finally, you can get on the C and go up to Fort Tyron at 165th street (a revolutionary war battlesite on the river), picnic in the park overlooking New Jersey’s forest and the river, and check out the northern outpost of the Met, an amazing reproduced French medieval monastery. Admission there is also good at the Met on the same day, and is generally pay what you can. East Harlem has a great Spanish Harlem/Latino museum and a Caribbean-American museum, both related to the West/Central Harlem African-American museum I mentioned above, but I don’t know much about that area otherwise.

      Let me know if you have any questions! It’s a great area of Manhattan with so much history and culture.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I love the Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side. Great for history buffs. And there is an awesome Vietnamese restaurant practically next door called An Choi. Banh mi and pho — yum!!

      • I love breakfast :

        Clinton St Baking is just around the corner too and is one of the best brunches I’ve ever had.

  5. Figure question :

    Ladies of the Hive, please help! Does anyone else here look thin from the front and lumpy from the side? Head-on, I look relatively thin: no waist, but narrow and straight all the way down. However, from the side, I am lumpy. Like, really lumpy… at least 20 pounds heavier. Is this a result of being apple-shaped? And are there any exercises to do to minimize the effect somewhat? Posture is not the issue, FWIW, and I am in the middle of the healthy weight range, BMI-wise.

    • I don’t see the color block, but would NOT want Frank stareing at my body with this. For the post itself, I have a very curvey body, but Gonzalo said I had a nice SHELF. The manageing partner did NOT know what this was, but Frank patted my tuchus and said “THIS IS YOUR SHELF”. I said why was he takeing a cheap feel of my tuchus–he has a wife? He said that I asked so he had to show me. FOOEY on that. I did not rub his tuchus. DOUBEL FOOEY on that!

      Anyway, the manageing partner want’s me to call the supermarket guy’s again, now that we probabley have their relative’s in Baltimore sowen up. I told the manageing partner about his freind who did not like the way I spoke to him, but I did not think he was to smart tryeing to impress the potential cleint in Baltimore. The manageing partner said he would talk to his freind.

      Myrna called to say that guy Esteban has a guy for me. I told her to tell him to tell his freind that I am busy for the time bieng, b/c I cant balance all of this work with some new freind that want’s to grab my tuchus, or worse. Beside’s I am leeary about dateing anyone who I do NOT meet on my own.

      Life as a sucesful female lawyer in NYC is a VERY busy job. Thank GAWD my dad is doeing my taxe’s! YAY!!!!!!

    • A nonny moose :

      I’m the complete opposite: I look thin from the side (no belly) but lump from the front (HIPS!).

    • Curvy from the side :

      I may be your pear-shaped sister. Narrow from the front view, but from the side . . . oh, my. Too much skating or biking in my youth: thighs and butt all over the place! And now a bit of a stomach. No extra girth ever seems to go out sideways; it just increases the front or rear projections.

      It’s a challenge to dress and I had to return a pencil skirt last week for just being crazy. No skinny jeans for me, but the “curvy” fit ones work. I figure it’s an excuse to wear awesome footwear and boots, carry a great bag, and have some great jackets.

      And, oh yes, a slip and no-VPL undergarments. It’s a fast slide from hot to hot mess some days.

    • Wear shaping garments and tops that have a lot of detail and color at the shoulders. Even thin women need spanx if there are lumps!!!

      • Anne Shirley :

        No one needs spanx. It’s a body, these “lumps” are not the bubonic plague.

        • goldribbons :


        • I’d like to refer to the Black Eyed Peas and note that lumps don’t always need to be smoothed out, especially because some of these lumps may be humps, or even lovely lady lumps. It was the first thing that came to mind, and now that song is stuck in my head.

          • A nonny moose :

            And all of ours. Thanks for that ;)
            And glad you’re back!

          • Veronique :

            Completely agree! Though I have to be careful about certain clothing in my professional life, I love my behind, hips and thighs, and certainly show them off (in a tasteful way) in my personal life. I wear spanks about once a month, with certain dresses, but I certainly don’t consider my “lovely lady lumps” to be a flaw!

      • a passion for fashion :

        I think spanks are fantastic. Do you “need” them — well, of course not. But they sure can make things lie smoother and make you feel better. For those of you who are so completely happy with everything about your body that you would never think of wearing them — that is wonderful. I commend you. But there is nothing wrong with any of us for thinking we can use a little help, especially when it comes in such an easy little package.

        • Anne Shirley :

          Oh, you’ve misunderstood me. I love Spanx. I wear them all the time. But the notion that anyone *needs* them is problematic for me.

        • Can people just spell the product correctly? Otherwise, it just looks like you’re trying to push a certain activities near the ladygarden and it becomes unintentionally hilarious.

          • a passion for fashion :

            i was actually trying to avoid moderation, but thanks for correcting my spelling on a blog. Did you really think i was asking someone to spank me as opposed to talking about shapewear?

      • Susan- What about not so thin women? Are spanx a requirement for them too? I hate how more and more obligations are being placed on womens’ appearance these days -makeup, waxing, hair, nails etc. Please don’t add spanx to the list of things I must wear or do on a daily basis in order to be acceptable.

        • I think it depends on your view. Spanx are a godsend to me. I feel freer to wear more types of clothes than I did before. I feel comfortable wearing knit dresses and sweater dresses now, and I feel so much better in my sheath dresses and pencil skirts in the summer (when I’ve put away my control top pantyhose and tights for the season). Maybe I should be perfectly happy with lumps and bumps, but I’m not. Wearing Spanx doesn’t make me feel hemmed in. It makes me feel like I can stop worrying about whether I’m looking “fat” and instead just be myself in my clothes.

        • a passion for fashion :

          I dont think any of these are requirements — thin or not, you do what you want. I do my hair and nails and wear make up and spanks (and 4 in heels etc) because I like to — it makes me feel good; I like how it looks; and it makes me happy.

          Plus, its not like the concept of spanks (or other shape wear) is new, its just that now there are brands that make good products and therefore are worth buying. Same with other things — the prevalance of waxing and women getting their nails done, tanning, etc i think is largely due to the wide availability of salons that perform those services

          • momentsofabsurdity :

            I don’t think those things are requirements as in, you’ll be kicked out of the Woman Club for not doing them. But I think they’re “requirements” in the sense of “If you want to appear to be a put together woman, these are things you have to do. Simply being clean and hygienic is not enough – you need to have your eyebrows well shaped, your nails well manicured, your hair blown out, your clothes perfectly tailored and your gut sucked in because if you DON’T do those things, you’re going to look sloppy.”

            I think that’s the “requirement” Anonymous was referring to.

      • I qualify as a “thin woman” and I love spanx (actually, I love Target’s cheaper Assets). I like feeling a bit more covered under my skirts and I like that they smooth things out. I only wear them in the summer (they also help prevent rubbing), in the winter tights (not spanx tights, just regular tights) and a slip do the trick.

        Maybe think of it as not “needing” spanx, but as an easy solution if you want to smooth things out. I don’t advocate spanx so tight you need wirecutters to get out of them, but it’s an easy enough fix if you just want a little smoothing.

        Also, to the OP, I too, look slim from the front and bulkier from the side. For me, it’s because I have a pretty pronounced curve in my lower back (or as my BF affectionately calls it, “toddler belly”) which makes my waist/belly stick forward, right around where the waistband of pants hit. If I stand really straight, it helps, also it helps to wear pants with a slightly higher rise, so the waistband is above the toddler belly. But really, we can’t look good all the time from all angles, so I wouldn’t stress too much.

  6. Marchesa Casati :

    Thinking of the posts where we talked about how much we spent on clothes & accessories for the year– how are we all doing so far in 2013?

    Me: $2000/yr budget. I break this up by quarter, so I set aside $500/quarter for myself for clothes & accessories.

    Q1 2012 — not great, not terrible. I have $105 dollars left over, but still 27 days (counting today) left until quarter-end. January sales really ate into my quarter’s clothing budget.

    • I don’t really set a budget for myself, but am well below my typical spending patterns so far this year – $110 total for booties. By no means am I congratulating myself on restraint, though – the busier I am at work, the less I spend because I’m not browsing through the sale sections and encountering things I want, plus I am trying to get into better shape before a May vacation and don’t want to buy anything else at my current, 15-too-many-pounds size.

    • I missed that thread. $500 a quarter sounds reasonable for clothing. It’s making my wonder… what are everyone’s beauty/hair budgets?

      • 4x/year cut and highlights – $600 total.

        Manis, probably averages out to every other week, maybe a little more – $18 each. Pedis every three weeks in summer add another $20 to those mani appointments. Let’s call it another $600.

        I don’t spend much on toiletries – Pantene shampoo, etc. I splurge a little on Sheer Blonde hairspray because I love it. Guessing less than $100 per year including everything from shaving cream to nail files. I got lucky in that my hair is generally easy to manage.

        Makeup and skincare – mostly Clinique. Probably about $100 per year. I have my everyday makeup and a few shadows and lipsticks for evening, but I prefer to play around with nail polish (see the manicure habit) rather than makeup, so my spending is mostly replacing used-up products.

      • Hair — I spend around $45 every six weeks on a cut/trim. I lucked out and found a tremendous stylist who’s very reasonably priced.
        Brows — $15 every six weeks. They grow super-fast!

        I don’t do tanning and I might get one manicure every two years.

        Makeup/skincare/toiletries — That’s where I really spend. I’m highly sensitive to sulfates, which rules out many drugstore products, and I am both incredibly pale and have rosacea, so I can’t do the makeup-free look without looking like an acne-ridden twelve-year-old. (Or rather, I can and generally do try to do a makeup-free “look,” but it involves a lot of makeup.) My makeup/toiletries budget is probably around $500 per year.

        • Only needing a brow wax every 6 weeks is not growing super fast!! Mine are in bad shape after 2 weeks. I wish I could go that long!

          • I need every 3 weeks (realistically, much too lazy), but I thread so it doesn’t seem to be quite as long lasting (but cheaper / better on my skin)

          • Mine would be in bad shape after two weeks if I didn’t pluck pretty much daily. Six weeks is when I can’t keep up anymore.

        • Hi! Longtime lurker–just saw that you have rosacea. I was just diagnosed, and am still trying to figure out what products are the best options. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

          • I have things that seem to work reasonably well for me in that they don’t aggravate my skin. They’re not rosacea specific — no one I’ve talked to has seemed to have a magic bullet for rosacea, so I just try to get stuff that doesn’t make the redness worse or break me out.

            I’m currently using Earth Science cleansing milk & shea-almond moisturizer/sunscreen — very gentle, not too expensive. I like the Ole Henriksen skincare products, especially the walnut scrub, which is a gentle exfoliator. I use a Jurlique calendula moisturizer in the evenings if things seem dry or unusually irritated.

            I’m currently using the MUFE concealer palette and Nars foundation. Smashbox has a nice green primer too. I may switch to a BB cream at some point, but I need to get some samples and try before I buy. Do you have anything you really like?

      • Senior Attorney :

        ZOMG my hair budget is ridic!

        $360 for twice-yearly highlights
        $550 for every-three-weeks color maintenance
        $300 for cuts
        $1200 for quarterly Brazilian blowouts

        That’s not counting tips or products.

        My colorist, who is also the owner of the salon, told me in January that I am #3 on her list of top clients, which I took to mean I spend the third-most money. Oy.

        I have pretty much gone DIY for nails and waxing since I started getting the Brazilian blowouts. I just joined Birchbox and am spending $10/month for their fun little goodie box. Other than that I spend very little on makeup or toiletries.

        • Senior Attorney :

          Oh, those numbers for hair are annual, BTW.

          • Senior Attorney :

            Just did the math and it comes out to just over $200/month. Which is actually some of the best money I spend!

    • I’m doing okay. I tried to do an outright shopping van, which stuck for ~6 weeks into the new year. I was tempted by some spring things, but I did manage to sell a bunch of clothing on eBay. I’m going to resume my outright ban for March and hopefully April (I can’t really wear any spring things until then anyway). I think I legitimately have a shopping addiction, as in buying things brings me (temporary) happiness / emotional release. I really have closets full of beautiful clothes that I love, and I try to remind myself that I don’t need another article of clothing or pair of shoes. Blogs and magazines don’t help, as they encourage needing all the new things.

    • I put myself on a shopping ban after mid Jan and I’ve been doing great… and still giving away clothes and realizing what I like/dislike. Excited to continue for another 5 months!

  7. TJ — how’s the sizing on Nordstrom’s Halogen line? I’m generally a 10 for skirts in other brands, occasionally a 12, sometimes an 8 for dresses because I’m smaller on top. Looking at this one: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/halogen-textured-pencil-skirt/3378163?origin=category

    • Everyone seems to think the Halogen pencil skirts (at least, The Skirt) run small. I didn’t find that to be true (or maybe I just run large!). I’m a 12-14 (12 in Ann Taylor skirts and pants, 14 generally in BR, 12-14 at WHBM). The original Halogen The Skirt was too tight in the 12, and a just bit loose in the 14, so I wear the 14 or, even better, the 14P. I’ve got another Halogen pencil skirt as part of a suit and the 14P fits almost perfectly. FWIW, the Halogen jacket that goes with the suit runs really small.

      If you usually wear a 10, that’s what I’d go for in this one. But keep in mind, Nordstrom has free shipping both ways so you can order multiple sizes and send back what doesn’t fit.

    • I wear the same size in Halogen pencil skirts as I do the JCrew No. 2, if that helps. Love the texture of that skirt!

    • Thanks, ladies! Alas, the color I wanted sold out and they apparently don’t have it at my local store either :(. That’s what I get for waiting.

      • Nordstrom is famous for customer service — you can call and I believe they’ll try to find one in a store somewhere to ship to you. It’s worth a try.

        But darn you for sending me to the site to look at pencil skirts, because now I want the black polka-dot.

        • Senior Attorney :

          Me, too! Dang! I am supposed to be on a 12 x 12, and I do have the money and “item” available for March, but I’m trying to save up for a fall trip to Manhattan…

  8. S in Chicago :

    Love except for the sleeves. Not a fan of bracelet length–it’s like “floods” for the arms.

  9. I’m leaving Thursday for a week at South by Southwest (interactive, i.e., tech portion). My company has a booth and I need to make sure our team has coverage, but any advice on what I should do when I’m not on booth duty? I’ve spent a lot of time in Austin, so I’m more interested in SXSW-specific stuff. Also, not sure what to wear. My usual conference wardrobe is lots of sheath dresses plus jackets/cardis for day and a wrap for evening, but that feels over-dressed for Austin (and tech — I’m a lawyer so most of my conferences are suit-heavy, this is my first conference as an in-house tech company lawyer). The weather is supposed to be 70s — it’s WAAAY colder where I am and I’m having trouble remembering exactly what that feels like (I think I’ll probably need a light jacket at night, but not sure if I’ll be too hot in jeans during the day). Any suggestions?

    • SXSW is really casual. I think you’d be comfortable and appropriate in nice pants (I’d lean to something like JCrew Minnies), a funky shirt, and blazer; cool accessories. It’s supposed to be in the high 60s and really windy this weekend. Have fun!

    • If you have a badge, there is tons of great music, even during interactive. Check out events held at the W and Stubbs. Wardrobe wise, a suit would be incredibly out of place. elz’s wardrobe suggestions are spot on. Make sure to wear flats unless you have superhuman heel-wearing powers, as you will be standing and walking a lot.

  10. momentsofabsurdity :

    So my tire went flat this morning. Argh. Triple A came, put on the spare, I drove to work and was only 13min late for my meeting – okay. Could be worse.

    I’m going to take it to the repair shop later today. I plan on selling/getting rid of my car in the summer (car free omgcan’twait) so I’m really hesitant to buy new tires for it. If they can’t patch it, how bad is it, really, if your rear tires don’t match? I have front wheel drive, if it matters.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      *all new tires, that is. If I have to buy one, I have to buy one since I obviously do need my car to continue to work through the summer.

    • How old are the other tires? If they are not that old and you just got a flat in the one because of a nail or something (other than typical wear) then I wouldn’t replace them all. However, if they are old and at risk for a blow-out then I would replace them all.

      • momentsofabsurdity :

        The other tires are about 3 years old at this point, but they all have very little wear on them (the guy at the tire shop commented on that last month when I had them rotated and said it would probably be another 2 years or so before they’d need replacement. The low wear has also been commented on by other mechanics in maintenance checkups, and again today by the Triple A guy also commented that they still look pretty new) so I’m hooooooooooooooooooping not to have to replace them.

        I’m not sure why I got a flat – my parking lot is really bumpy so I could have rolled over something but I didn’t see a hole or anything.

        • You might have run over a nail or something. The shop should be able to tell you if that was the reason.

          I sold one car to a private buyer and traded one in to a dealership. The tires didn’t match on either car. I don’t think the private buyer even looked at them to see and I can’t imagine it made much of a difference on my trade in, which was very low value anyway.

        • Cornellian :

          I’m a bit surprised the man said that. I had a rude awakening last year when one of my tires (which had 10K on them and were of slightly better than average quality/ratings) blew out on a highway, causing lots of damage to my rim and nearly giving me a heart attack. I had been keeping track of miles, but apparently it’s not only miles but also pure age that plays in to replacing them. They were about 4 years old, and apparently should have been replaced a year later, despite having great tread and very few miles.

          Just as a heads up. Blow outs are terrifying!

    • My husband would say to take it to a tire shop (not a general repair shop.) Then let the tire guys tell you whether they can patch the one tire or whether it needs replacement. They will also tell you how much wear there is on your tires and whether they all need to be replaced. If they all need to be replaced, buy the cheaper end of replacement and advertise “ALL MAINTENANCE ON SCHEDULE – BRAND NEW TIRES” when you sell the car.

      • momentsofabsurdity :

        Yeah – I’m hoping to bring it in to sell to a dealership, so I’m not sure if / how much leverage that will buy me. But I’ll go to a tireshop at lunch to see what they say. I didn’t see a hole – so maybe it’s fixable! Positive thoughts…

        • When you get to the point of selling, you’ll get a much better price selling directly to a buyer through the classifieds or Craig’s List than selling to a dealer, IMO. The dealer will need to make a profit on a re-sale so will not be willing to pay blue book value.

          • Yes, but if you trade it into a dealer, then you don’t have the headache of trying to sell it, and having to juggle have two cars when you are only one driver. So, it depends on what you value more – less headache or more money.

          • I agree, and I would usually choose less hassle over more money, but the OP’s not trading in for a new car but going car-free when she gets rid of this one.

      • +1

        New tires would be a great selling point.

    • Thanks guys! Took it to the tire shop and luckily they didn’t find any leak so they fixed some corrosion behind the rim and sent me off to get a new lug nut (the triple A guy that changed the tire apparently broke it). Here’s hoping my car lasts until summer with no major problems!

      Re: trade in vs private sale, I hear you, but I’m pretty nervous about executing a private sale on my own (my family all lives out of state) as a young woman, taking test drives with strangers, answering their questions as a non-car-person, etc. I was hoping the dealership route would be simpler, but I’m going to look into it more as the summer gets closer.

      • momentsofabsurdity :

        Hmm. That was me. I don’t know where my username went…

        • I sold my car on Craig’s list by myself a couple of years ago. It was a hassle, but I ended up getting more money than I would have otherwise. I posted it for higher so I had room to negotiate down to the price I really wanted to sell it for. I made packets of all the information, including printed out copies of the Blue Book value, the Car Fax, maintenance records, and a proposed “Bill of Sale” agreement. I gave the packet to serious prospective buyers, and the packet answered a lot of their questions.

          The pictures i posted of the car on Craig’s list I staged a bit by taking in front of a really nice office building on a bright sunny day so it looked prettier. I had it professionally washed and vacuumed.

          I only met with buyers during the day as I didn’t feel safe meeting them at night. If they wanted to test drive, I had them leave a driver’s license of the passenger with me to hold while they rode around (all buyers that came to see me had a friend or family member with them). I did not go on the test drives with them. The person who bought my car had a mechanic come and look at the car as it was parked in front of my house. I was present for and watched the mechanic inspection.

          My car had a lien on it still, which made the process a bit more complicated but we still worked it out. Just wanted to throw it out there that it can be done. :)

          • Anonymous :

            I have done this also. I had people leave their keys with me while they test drove the car and I did not go with them.

  11. I love a knit blazer! It appears to have a good shape too, though that could be clothespins on the back of the model.

    Speaking of the model, is this a famous model? I feel like every third item featured here is worn by this same model. Or maybe they all look the same, I don’t know.

    • Ugh, I never thought about how they might use clothespins for the pictures. That explains a lot!

  12. Miss Behaved :

    For some reason, Chrome isn’t showing this new post, or even yesterday’s coffee break. I had to open up IE to see the new ones.

    Also, yesterday on Chrome my handle reverted to Anonymous just like others above.

    • Yes. I had to use my phone to see the new post. In fact, Chrome shows only 48 comments on yesterday’s Coffee Break post when there are actually more than 150 when you click on “comments.”

    • hoola hoopa :

      I’m having the same issues on IE9.

    • Diana Barry :

      Ditto – I couldn’t see the new post in Firefox when clicking on the home page, had to google it to get to here, and my name isn’t populating itself either.

    • anonypotamus :

      When I open up this site in Chrome, it is showing me the weekend open thread. Even this site in IE shows only yesterday morning’s post even though I have restarted my browser, computer, etc. I have been using the “next post” arrows to get to the most recent posts.

    • In Chrome, the home page shows 47 comments right now on this post (IE shows 121), and when I click on Comments in Chrome to see the 47 comments, suddenly the 47 turns into 34 comments.

  13. Mountain Girl :

    Do you wear shapewear with jeans? And, if so, what style do you wear (cami, thigh shaper, etc)?

  14. So tomorrow is my first day off work at a law firm. Any tips for getting off on a good start?

    Also, for the two months I was unemployed I was spending 10-30 hours a week coaching a high school team (not law related). Luckily most of the time commitment is over, but I’d love to be able to go to their big competition on April 5th (a Friday), however, it’s not necessary I be there. Is it completely unreasonable for me to ask for that day off so soon?

    • Cornellian :

      I’m not sure that’s the best foot to step off on. I wouldn’t promise the team you were going, and then if you’re not busy that week, maybe you can stop in for a long lunch.

    • [insert clever name here] :

      Tips to get a good start:
      1. Ask lots of questions right away. It’s perfectly to ask lots of questions in the beginning. It’s less acceptable to be at the office for a year and finally asking – oh by the way, what do you want me to do with my shadow files when we close a matter since mine have been accumulating since the beginning of time?
      2. Be friendly to everyone. You’ll be able to learn names later, but a first impression of friendliness goes a long way.
      3. Take notes. You learn so much when you first start, that it’s impossible to remember it all. Right it down in a notebook you can look at in the coming weeks when you need to put that information into practice.
      4. Implement good organizational habits right away. Your systems will change as your work changes (or you learn what your work entails!) but at least start the “practice” so it becomes second nature to track deadlines and projects.

      Taking a Day Off. Ideally, I’d like to say go for it without hesitation. But, with any law job it usually becomes a last minute decision if your work load and work relationships will permit taking a day off. Most likely, you’ll be able to go if you manage work load and partner expectations appropriately and in advance. My approach to this type of thing is that I plan to go, but I’m also prepared to stay at work if I’m needed. However, I will add that my firm is very flexible on face time and I can take an afternoon off without getting pre-approval. If you have to ask in advance to take a day off, then you need an approach other than my “wait and see” tactic.

      • [insert clever name here] :

        Add #5 – Proofread before hitting send. My apologies for the many, many typos…

      • Thanks for all of these tips. Do you have any tips for good organizational systems? I have a few from other jobs (always clean my desk off and put everything away at the end of the day, spend half a day going through all of your files on a regular basis) but I’ve never really practiced before…

        • Cornellian :

          oh god, it is going to through you and all your systems for a loop, if my experience and those of fellow second-year lawyers is any indication. I think it depends on practice area, adn I’m a transactional lawyer, but I do have litigator friends, and the common threads in our system are:

          1. sorting e-mails as they come in. I am awful at this but you would not believe how many you have. I have received more than 250,000 e-mails in my first 11 months of practice. You need to be able to find them quickly when you need them. You might sort by client, or by partner you’re working for, with a sub-folder for the deal or project.
          2. having at least two levels of organization: longer term project, and necessary steps.
          a. on longer term project management, you need some sort of system to keep track of what larger projects you’re working on (maybe three cases, or three securities filings, a memo, and a pro bono project). I usually have 10-15 projects floating out there, plus a few career or development goals. I have two systems for this. I have a white board with all of the projects I’m working on. Every day I scan through it and think about which one I need to work on now, which one I’m waiting to hear back from another lawyer on, etc. The second part of this system for me is setting alarms and appointments with myself and others in my digital calendar. After a while you won’t be able to remember all 12 balls you have in the air, so I have, for example, a biweekly e-mail to check in with a partner on a deal that’s been lying low for a while, in case it picks back up and he doesn’t remember to tell me; an appointment with myself tomorrow to print out the memo I’m working on and edit it by hand before moving forward; and a reminder in a month to start asking about getting on a committee at the firm.
          b. in terms of the more detailed tasks, I keep a notebook of smaller steps I need to take. On my whiteboard I may have “Merger X: review documents from last transaction, draft memo”. On my to do list that may break in to 30 smaller steps. I always take that notebook everywhere I go, and even scan it in so I have a .pdf record once I fill one up and move to the next one.

          • Also a second year, though a litigator, and Cornellian’s tips are spot on. Instead of the whiteboard/notebook I use different threads in Workflowy (dot com) to manage the madness, but having a system of some kind to track both projects and tasks is key.

            I go through my projects and tasks to make two digital to do lists each night before I leave the office, one listing everything that absolutely must be done the next day (appointments, tasks that are due), and the other with things that would be nice to work on (tasks with approaching deadlines, longterm projects). Doing this helps me get started on work in the morning (I don’t have to waste pre-caffeine energy deciding what to do when I get in) and prioritize throughout the day.

    • This is a know-your-office thing, I think. I’m in a small firm that is friendly to family obligations and the like and we’d be fine with the request (as long as there wasn’t some major deadline that day), if you explained it like you did here. Biglaw, probably not.

      You might give it a week and see what the atmosphere is like.

  15. So, I love Rag and Bone jeans, but does anyone else feel like the rest of their clothing (blazers especially) is made for pretty straight up and down figures? My wide-shouldered, pear-shaped size 12 self can sort of fit into their largest sizes, but then everything looks cut badly for me.

  16. Anonymous for this :

    Mostly just need to vent but advice is welcome. I have been in a relationship for about 3.5 years now and have been seriously discussing marriage lately. However, we have also been long distance for the past year with no definite end date (just “not more than another year probably”) and for about 2.5 years the SO has been really financially unstable and it feels like a large chunk of our texting/conversation is “I can’t come see you because I only have $5 for a week til payday” or “My car just broke down and I can’t fix it” or “I just overdrew my account again.” (Also, we lived together for a period of time where I was 95% of the financial support, then moved apart again for jobs.) I feel terrible because I should probably be supportive instead of getting frustrated about someone else’s financial misfortunes — especially since my SO is so supportive and wonderful to me — but I don’t know when this is going to turn around and it is really starting to wear on me.

    • It seems like seeing you is not a priority to him, or he would make it financially possible by sacrificing in other areas of his life.

      Do you mind being the sole breadwinner? When you lived together did he contribute to the house/relationship in other ways? Does his financial situation suggest a larger problemw/r/t his maturity level or responsibility? These are the questions I would consider when trying to determine whether staying with him makes sense. Though, from what you have written, he doesn’t seem to be making a big effort to see you and that is problematic, I think.

      • Anonymous for this :

        I don’t mind being the primary breadwinner, but I don’t think I’d like being the SOLE breadwinner. I am okay making most of the money but I want to know I’ve got some back up –and I like to be treated every once in a while, and that doesn’t happen. But, I don’t feel the financial troubles are a reflection of some bad characteristic — when we lived together briefly, they took care of all the housework, etc. For the most part, I think the financial situation is due to a bad job in a bad job area, not poor financial responsibility. That’s what makes it so hard. I think it would be much easier if they were an irresponsible spender who expected me to do and pay for everything.

    • hoola hoopa :

      Uh, that’s a rough situation. My husband was in a bad place financially when we met and reformed with my efforts – but he was a quick student and eager to get out of the cycle. Assuming that SO earns enough to make ends meet (in other words, he’s short each month because his moderate salary can’t meet a high cost of living) and his issues stem from chronic poor financial decisions, I’d give definite pause to forming a union and partnership with him. I’ve seen this go horribly bad. You need to do some soul searching as to whether he brings enough good to make the financial hardships worth it and, if so, have a serious heart-to-heart with him about his spending/saving habits, your concerns, and a plan to protect your personal and joint assets when you marry (for example, prenup to protect assets you enter with and you handle the bills and he gets an allowance).

      • Anonymous for this :

        SO barely makes enough to make ends meet — they are in a job that’s dependent on hours given by the agency, and hours keep getting cut — and recently did cut out one of the few non-vital things they spend money on. They’re trying to get a new job, but work experience is limited to the current poor job, so that makes it harder. I don’t feel it’s poor spending/saving habits, but all the same, this has been going on for years now and it’s hard to see how it will end.

        • hoola hoopa :

          That’s hard. I’m sorry. No real advice, but I understand the feeling of needing to vent about it.

    • Cornellian :

      I’m considering getting serious with someone who’s currently somewhere else, who earns probably 1/4th what I do. I think if the relationship is otherwise solid, marriage or long-term commitment is your priority, and everyone involved is comfortable with you being the primary breadwinner, collapsing your households in to one is the solution. It’s obviously a huge step, and one that needs to be taken very seriously, but if you want to spend forever with each other and prioritize your relationship, then it really seems to make sense. You can halve your living costs, you can be more supportive of him, he can find a better-paying job, etc. It sounds like you guys don’t share travel costs? If my partner had a less demanding job and we wanted to see each other, paying for him to come out, rather than for me to go there, would be an obvious choice for me.

      But I’m not sure that’s the solution here… it sounds like he’s not handling his financial problems in the most mature way, and it doesn’t seem like he’s prioritizing seeing you, unless he’s maybe pitched more skype dates or a savings plan so you can take a weekend together or something else. I’ve come around to the idea of being the primary breadwinner and all of the pros and cons that might mean in my relationship, but it’s obviously only a good idea if both people are committed to making it work. Are you sure he is?

      • Anonymous for this :

        I should have mentioned, I do pay for them to come down, in that when they visit I give them the money to cover all the travel costs – but that means they have to have the pocket money to make half the trip before getting reimbursed for the whole thing. I guess I could mail a check a few days before they’re scheduled to visit, but it just seems easier to wait until they’re actually here.

        We’ve talked about moving in together, but since since we’re semi-LDR, commuting to their current job would be really difficult, which would mean I’d be taking on 100% of the finances until they found a new job, and who knows how long that would take. It would also be a real strain on my budget, but not impossible. So, maybe it’s worth revisiting that.

    • I’d be frustrated too. Is your SO having financial trouble because he doesn’t earn a lot and has a lot of necessary expenses (rent, groceries, etc.), or is it because he spends money that he doesn’t necessarily have or doesn’t save/budget (paying for a more expensive car / apartment than needed, going to restaurants, etc.)? My degree of frustration would depend on the type of financial issue my SO was experiencing. If it’s the latter type, I’d be really annoyed and would question a future with him.

      Are you willing to be the bread winner in your marriage, and do you think you could do it without resentment? And, if you have kids, are you willing to go back to work and either have him watch them or put them in daycare (that you are primarily paying for)? I know not every woman wants to stay home with their kids, but I have also heard from a few women that their perspective changed post-kids and they wished they could stay home/reduce hours/take a salary cut, but they couldn’t due to finances.

      • Anonymous for this :

        It’s the former — doesn’t earn a lot and what they do earn barely covers necessary expenses. That’s what makes it so hard for me. I feel like I’m blaming someone for being poor. I’m okay being the one who makes more, but I think being the one to make 95% of the money does make me feel a little resentful sometimes, even though I don’t WANT it to.

        (And no, kids will never factor into this.)

        • new york associate :

          There’s a difference between blaming someone for being poor and asking someone to get their financial life together. There’s nothing wrong with being poor, but there is something wrong with a massive discrepancy between the life you have and the commitments you make to others. For example, if your partner promises to come see you but never has enough money to make the trip, that’s not a poverty problem: it’s a promising problem. And if your partner says that s/he wants to take you out to dinner (even at In’n’Out) but never has the cash to pull it off, that’s not a poverty problem but a personality problem.

          I think if you’re in it for the long haul with this person, you are well within your rights to have a real conversation about how this will work going forward. And I also think that s/he needs to start looking for a new job (close to you, with more salary) ASAP. That’s not blaming him/her for being poor; that’s asking him/her to take responsibility for the relationship and moving forward.

          Good luck.

          • Anonymous for this :

            Thanks — you are absolutely right on all this. I have expressed before that I want her to look for jobs closer to me and she’s including that in her current job search, but I think I need to make clear that I can’t do this situation long-term and getting a good job closer to me needs to be a priority.

            (But, I have to decide how long I’m wiling to stick this out; the previous times we’ve talked, her plan has been to get a job a bit closer, work there for a while, then get a job where I am living — to the tune of at least another year, but hopefully not as financially strained, I guess.)

    • Anne Shirley :

      If you’re frustrated now, marriage isn’t going to fix that. Is your SO motivated to find a different job? Pursuing additional education? Do you get the feeling he/she values financial security, or is okay with the current situation.

      • Anonymous for this :

        Oh, that I know – any talks of marriage have been a couple years off and started when they were doing a bit better financially. SO is currently job-searching both in their current town and in my city, but hasn’t had any luck yet. Additional education is something they want, but can’t currently afford. I know they like being financially secure themselves, and don’t like relying on me, and this is just as frustrating for them, but sometimes it’s hard to get past “that may be what we ideally want, but that’s not how it’s actually been,” I guess, even though that’s not their fault.

    • Anonymous for this :

      Thanks to everyone who’s commented, btw — there may not be a magic solution like I wish, but I feel relieved just knowing I’m not a broke-folk-hating jerk making drama out of something I shouldn’t.

      • Cornellian :

        I totally feel you. I’ve realized that I’m okay earning 80% of the joint salary as long as I feel like we’re both doing 50% of the work in the relationship on average. I think that’s key to avoiding resentment. I don’t want a male 1950s housewife, but for us the tentative understanding is that they are on top of dinner and laundry, for example, and maybe planning trips we are taking as a couple, etc. Mine is a masculine guy who wears “This is what a feminist looks like” shirts, but I’m still concerned/curious to see how gender roles affect the way we act and feel going forward… something else you might consider depending on how you two see yourself and what you’re comfortable with.

      • Senior Attorney :

        This is definitely a very serious issue. I think that realistically, you are looking at a situation where it’s very likely you will essentially be the sole breadwinner for your household.

        Is there any chance he and you would be happy with a situation where he is the stay at home spouse? Is he willing and/or able to run a house, including cooking, cleaning, errands, keeping the books, and so on, so that when you are not working you and he can basically relax and enjoy life? That might be an option if you and he have the correct personalities and talents for it.

        One thing to be very wary of is that if you marry and divorce, you are very likely to be on the hook for significant spousal support, maybe forever.

        I always say my three rules of marriage are:

        1. Don’t be the high earner
        2. If you are the high earner, get a prenup so that you won’t have to part with half your assets and a big chunk of your income if you divorce
        3. If you ignore rules 1 and 2, by all means get out before your marriage is considered a “long term” marriage under your state’s divorce laws (10 years in California)
        4. If you ignore rules 1, 2 and 3, don’t ever get divorced because you will take a gigantic financial bath

        • Senior Attorney :

          Oops, that was 4 rules.

          Actually, in your situation (with no children on the horizon), I’d probably either forego marriage and have the necessary papers drawn up to handle issues of inheritance and powers of attorney for healthcare and other, or I’d absolutely insist on an inronclad prenup and I’d pay for legal counsel for him to negotiate it and ward off challenges later.

          • Anonymous for this :

            When we briefly lived together I was working and they were doing all the home caretaking. It was less stressful than it would have been if I had to make dinner and clean on top of everything else, but it’s not something I would choose to do long-term (unless perhaps I was literally swimming in money). Even if I made more money than I do now (I make a good salary for a single person, but it’d be a little tight to be the sole breadwinner of two people), I would like knowing there’s a fall-back plan, and I like being treated occasionally.

            These comments are really helpful. I think I’ve solidified, a little, what I want and what the actual possibilities are.

          • Senior Attorney :

            Just realized I assumed SO is a “he,” absent any firm indication that’s the case. If I was wrong I apologize!

            And hugs to you! This is a tough one!

          • Anonymous for this :

            Ha, no need for apologies though the recognition that happened is always nice to see! I was trying to be as vague as possible with anything, but it’s not actually a he.

            Thanks for all your advice.

  17. TJ – I’m looking for trouser jeans that I could wear on work/weekends and that are around $50 or less. (I’d consider more expensive ones and just keep my eye out for sale code.)

    There’s a pair on putting me together that I love – she links to a “similar pair” but they are bootcut gap jeans and not exactly what I’m looking for.

    The reason I don’t want to spend too much is b/c I am losing weight and don’t want to invest in a higher priced pair. However, I’ve been wanting a pair for work/fun for the last two months and I’ve decided I’m giving in – I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them.

    Been keeping my eye out at consignment stores but have only found non-trouser jeans, or trouser jeans that are way too worn in – I am thinking I need new/newer ones to pull them off at work on Fridays.

    I am around a size 10, apple shaped – looking for any suggestions.

    I’ll post a link to the post w/ the jeans I like below. Thanks for any help.

    • here’s the post:


      • the bottom of those actually look more like Gap’s Long & Lean style which I love for trouser jeans.

        link: http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=48595&vid=1&pid=673950002 $60 plus 30% off today or http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=48595&vid=1&pid=673952002 in a lighter color is $45 plus 30% off. I like the darker color better

        • Mountain Girl :

          Gap Long and Lean are my jeans. I feel they are dressy enough for casual Fridays at the office but still work great for the weekend.

      • awaiting moderation because of links, but the picture looks more like the long & lean version that gap has if you search the website. dark color is only $60+30% off today

    • hoola hoopa :

      Not sure if these would work for an apple: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/halogen-taylor-curvy-fit-denim-pants/3271587

      Also, these: http://www.zappos.com/dockers-misses-hello-smooth-denim-trouser-true-night-denim

    • Well, I love BR’s trouser jeans. Not necessarily cheap, but if you wait for the 30% offers (actually I think one is going on now, today could be the last day, applies to BR, Gap, and Old Navy) these could be close to your $50 range.

      I’m 5’3.5″ and find that the short inseam is perfect for me and the ~2-inch heels I usually wear. They’re also the only pants I’ve found in a while that I don’t need to have the waist taken in (I guess my waist is a bit too small for my hips).

  18. Has anyone heard from e_pontelier recently IRL? Is she ok? I haven’t seen her handle here since all the drama, and I’m worried about her. Also, Ms. Basil E. F. Is she ok?

    • After the whole mess with e_pontellier being attacked here, she moved to Tumblr. There is a whole group of ‘r e t t e s and former ‘r e t t e s on Tumblr and they all keep up there.

      • Thanks NOLA. I follow TCKFAG and Ru and Kanye on Tumblr. I’ll ask TCFKAG which is e_p’s handle. I’m Tumblr-less, so I guess it’s kind of stalkerish to follow them, but there it is nonetheless. After all these years together, I really care about you ladies!

        • Yeah, me, too. I’m thinking about starting with Tumblr to keep up with a few people who’ve left here. I found them by going to Susedna’s Tumblr and looking at who is following her. I was able to figure out who most of them were. I’d rather not post though. Not fair to them.

        • Diana Barry :

          Ditto, could you tell me too? (diana barry r e t t e at gmail) I miss all of them!

      • I’m just getting started on tumblr and would love to join the group of ‘rettes. any idea how to find them?

        • You can look for me (same handle [dot] tumblr [dot] com), but I’m not sure I have the complete crew followed yet. Total neophyte.

      • Anyone know her handle? I’m over there too. Ru or TCFKAG (or whomever!), lemme know on there if you don’t want to post here.

      • That’s sad. I can’t keep up on more than one site at a time and I miss people who leave!

      • She wasn’t attacked, people questioned her terrible choices and her sincerity.

        • Questioning someone’s sincerity, as in, calling someone a troll, is an attack.

    • I think she is posting here under a new handle.

    • Ms. Basil E Frankweiler :

      I’m here. I’ve been working two jobs (neither law related and well below my skill set). I work M-F 7-8:30 and a couple hours on Saturdays and Sundays. I have no days off and get no help at home (nor does he seems to care). I am counting the days until this lease is up (May 31st) so that I can get my own place. It is a struggle getting out of bed every morning and it gets harder and harder each day to put on my “happy face.”

      As you can see from that, I’m not doing very well and didn’t want to spread my misery to you ladies, so I have just been lurking. Thanks for thinking of me though.

      • I’m so sorry to hear this :( If you need to vent, please don’t hesitate! We’re all here to support you through this.

      • You’re in the Denver area, right? I’d be happy to take you out for drinks and venting sometime if you have time.

    • Hey SFBA, you are so sweet to check in on all of us. I spoke with e.pont recently, things are tough with law school and everything. I think she still checks in sometimes but I’ll let her know you were asking about her.

      And since I have the time now….any recommendations for a place in NYC that handles bleach well? I’m going to go electric purple. Don’t worry ladies, it’s totally office appropriate for me. I’m thinking something like this http://pinterest.com/pin/217650594463357526/

    • new york associate :

      And what happened to DC Jenny? And Zora? Even Karen Padi hasn’t been on as much.

      • DC Jenny also left. Also on tumblr. She has posted occasionally here but is mostly gone. zora has posted a couple of times recently. I’m not sure – I emailed her but she didn’t respond. She’s had a lot going on.

        • Anonymous :

          Ah, bummer. I get that these kinds of blogs evolve, but it’s a bummer to lose regular voices.

  19. Hey ladies! Could use some help with something 115% frivolous. My Irishman’s birthday is coming up, and when I asked him what he wanted, he said me, naked and smiling. I’d like to step that up a little bit and acquire some fancy lingerie–the bow on the gift, as it were. But I have never in my life shopped for s**y lingerie before, and have no idea what to get. He likes my functional-but-attractive nightgowns, so I’m thinking one of those little sheer mini-dress things? Any recommendations? Preferably ones that will ship internationally, and that cost less than La Perla (but, drool).

    • ugh a little too much info. You can just say you are looking for fancy lingerie recs

      • Sorry! Didn’t mean to offend.

      • a., I think it’s nice you want to do a fun surprise and spice things up. I didn’t think it was TMI.

        As to your question, though I haven’t bought any myself I have heard great things about bras from Fig Leaves, which is a UK brand that ships internationally. They have fancy lingerie too, though I haven’t heard about that specifically.

      • oh anon, why must you rain on everyone’s parade all day every day?

      • Senior Attorney :

        I don’t think that was an “ugh” at all! You go, a!!

      • RosieAims :

        What a weird thing to “ugh” at! I think it’s sweet.

    • Have a look at the following websites:

      Faire Frou Frou
      What Katie Did

      The first two sell a large number of brands and ship from the US. The third is a single-brand site but one that I find fun, and ships from the UK. ASOS also has a lot of stuff.

      Have fun! I’m on a lingerie-buying kick myself at the moment.

      • Thanks! I’m looking forward to having an excuse to indulge in some fancy underthings :)

    • anon for this :

      I think VS has some cute stuff – I like sheer babydolls myself (particularly “flyaway” ones which open up in the front). I don’t have much in the way of a chest, but I like the ones with underwire – I think they just fit better. I usually wear them with a lacy thong and have never had any complaints in that department.

      I found corsets/merrywidows to be more trouble than they were worth for lingerie purposes, and I definitely shied away from body suits or things like that strappy contraption Jess wore on New Girl’s first season. I like lingerie that is floaty, breezy, and above all – easy to remove.

      • It is a sign of my neophyte-ness that I had to google merrywidow. But yup, that looks like wayy to much trouble.

    • I like, priced low to high:
      1. Princesse Tam Tam
      2. Passionata
      3. Chantelle
      4. Agent Provacateur
      If you’re looking for even cheaper stuff, H&M actually has okay lingerie as well. 1-3 are French brands and 4 is British, so you should have no problem with shipping.

      • Mm, forgot about Princesse Tam Tam! Love their stuff. Thanks for reminding me. And I didn’t know H&M did lingerie, so I’ll go check out my brick and mortar store.

    • bldhn and anthropologie for stuff with a more vintage vibe. you can get great deals in the sale section.

    • Victoria’s Secret has some great babydolls, and I say this as someone who hates their bras. Lacy ones are usually pretty comfortable.

      You could also maybe get a bra + panty set with a garter belt. you could wear the garter belt for special occasions and then you get new underwear you can wear every day, too.

    • Not sure where you are, but Figleaves has a UK site (I think they’re a UK company), so I bet they would ship to at least Western Europe. If you’re elsewhere, I have no suggestions, sadly.

    • I personally loved the not-so-expensive lingerie stores of Europe when I lived there. They have all kinds of fun things, and trying on is person is so much better. My favorite was Intimissimi, but there should also be Women’s Secret and Oysho if there’s a centro comercial nearby.

    • ChandraNH :

      Check out the Lingerie Addict’s site or facebook page as well. She highlights some beautiful stuff (mass market, luxury, inexpensive, etc.)

  20. There’s something wrong with the site.

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