Suit of the Week: Thomas Pink

Thomas Pink women's suitingFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

Yes, I know, it’s the first day of summer: but this gorgeous red/purple tweed suit that I’ve been coveting just went on sale (finally!) and I had to share. Love that gorgeous color — perfect for fall — as well as the curvy shape the jacket makes while buttoned. I’ve never tried suits from Thomas Pink before, but as the makers of some of my favorite button-front shirts I’m guessing the jacket and skirt will be an exercise in tailored, quality goodness. There are still a ton of (UK) sizes left from 4-20. The jacket (Heath Jacket) is now $349, and the skirt (Dales Skirt) is now $149.

Heath Jacket Dales Skirt



  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Visiting DC :

    This is a beautiful suit! I love the color and the cut, but my day-to-day just doesn’t require a suit.

    I’ll be traveling to Fairfax for work Sunday-Tuesday of next week. I’ll be staying in Tyson’s Corner, and have a rental car. I’m getting into DC around lunch on Sunday. I’ve never been to DC before so, what should I do on Sunday afternoon and Monday night?? I am really interested in seeing the Natural History Museum, but wasn’t sure what the true high points were for such a quick trip. I’ll be grateful for things to do, and things to eat, with the caveat that I’m vegetarian.


    • Eat at Founding Farmers if you can. It is so delish! Good vegetarian options. I cannot stress how great this restaurant is. Get a reservation online.

      As for museums: you can’t go wrong with a Smithsonian. Natural History, American History, Native American are all great choices (and Native American has a delicious food court). The Newseum is also really neat, but it’s not a Smithsonian so it’s a bit pricey.

      I don’t know that much about the Tyson’s area but I know that several DC restaurants have Tyson’s outposts. The only one I can think of and recommend is Chef Geoff’s. They have a good black bean burger and usually have some vegetarian pizzas and pastas too.

      • Oh and Air and Space! How could I forget my favorite of the Smithsonians!

      • The Museum of the Native American definitely has the best food of any of the Smithsonians (also really terrific exhibits), but I’m still not convinced that buffalo burgers are something the plains Indians ate.

        I take all visitors to the rock and gem sections of the Natural History museum (some of them are enginerds too, though the rest enjoy the pretty sparklies of the Hope Diamond and jewels). There’s also a really nice Textile Museum near Dupont Metro Sta. and a Women in the Arts Museum near Metro Center or McPherson, if you want to see some of the off-the-beaten path places.

    • Another Zumba Fan :

      Be prepared for Tysons Corner construction. Lots of it.

    • The Natural History Museum is my favorite Smithsonian – nice choice! Since you’ll be on the mall, I recommend the Botanical Gardens. Also, depending what time you get to DC, you might be able to make it to Eastern Market on Capitol Hill on Sunday afternoon – great area to grab a late lunch or early dinner.

      Are you staying in the city Sunday night? If so, what area? What do you like to do/eat? That could help w/ suggestions. Otherwise, I second Founding Farmers, it’s fantastic. For a more laid back place, but similar “eat local” vibe, try Busboys and Poets – they have two (maybe three?) locations in the city. I can suggest really good cheap eats too if that’s your thing!

      Sorry… can’t offer advice on Tysons. All I know is that there is a mall there!

      • oh yeah and wear some hot weather clothes… it is going to be steamy!!!

        • The only activity I can recommend in good conscience in this weather is staying inside draped over an air conditioner with the shades drawn and a stack of Netflix. But others are not such delicate flowers as me.

          • Visiting DC :

            I’m coming from Houston, so a little heat and humidity doesn’t intimidate me! :) Thank you all for the awesome recommendations! I’ve already made a dinner reservation at Founding Farmers.

          • By Sunday it should be “only” in the 80s. :)

            Visiting DC, be forewarned that you cannot go from place to place in an air-conditioned car in DC the way you can in Houston. Bring a sun hat and plenty of water, and wear sunscreen.

    • You’ll be near the Air and Space museum’s annex (the Udvar-Hazy Center), which is in a giant hangar and has tons of planes and even a space shuttle. Definitely check it out. If you drive into DC (DC traffic is pretty manageable on weekends), plan to park the car in a garage and walk around. I would suggest walking the monuments – start near the Tidal Basin and walk around it to the Jefferson Memorial, then to the Roosevelt Memorial and MLK memorial, then cross the street to the Lincoln/Vietnam/Korea/WWII memorials, then walk up to the Washington Monument and the Ellipse (view of the White House). From there you can walk up to the Mall and see some of the Smithsonian museums and get a view of the Capitol.

      Honestly, the Natural History museum is not that good. Definitely do Air and Space, either the annex or the main building on the Mall. Also, if you’re into it, the First Ladies Dresses exhibit in the American History museum is great, and I also really like the National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum (bit out of the way, though, as they’re in Chinatown). If you end up eating on the Mall, eat at the American Indian museum.

      I don’t know about where to eat in Tyson’s, but in DC, I agree with the rec for Founding Farmers (bit spendy though). DC also has great Ethiopian food, which is very veggie friendly – I’d recommend Dukem or Etete (both will require a reservation or a really long wait).

      • Francie Nolan :

        I am losing my marbles – I thought you recomended a place called Duke Nukem, like the video game I need to go home!

        • I would *for sure* eat at Duke Nukem’s. And maybe go to “Doom” for desert. LOL

    • Check out Eden Center if you like Vietnamese food (I have successfully eaten there as a vegetarian, but I cannot remember which restaurants I have been to–I would just walk around and see what looks good).

    • Art and awesome food:

    • While at the Natural History Museum, instead of having lunch at the Museum there have lunch at the History of the American Indian (I think its called). The cafeteria there is baller, I brought out of towners there even when we weren’t going to the actual museum.

      Out in the burbs, if you have time, and you like red meat, I’d try Ray’s the Steaks or Ray’s H*ll Burger. Both are awesome.

      • Oh and I second the recommendation for the National Portrait Gallery in Chinatown (which is really only about a 7 or 8 block walk from the smithsonian area. Its really great. Plus, if you’re willing to pay, the Spy Museum is right near there and is really fun. And there are tons of great restaurants in Chinatown (don’t be deceived by the name, none of them are Chinese.)

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      I can’t remember if they do public Capitol tours on Sundays, but if so, do one. Or, if you happen to know someone who works on the hill, staff can give tours if the public ones aren’t running.
      American History is my favorite Smithsonian, and as someone else said, you’ll be near the Air and Space Annex in Tyson’s corner, which I think is better than the main Air and Space. Native American museum has an awesome food court, but I find the actual museum itself rather underwhelming.

    • There is a super super cool exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum until August. It is called SupraSensorial and includes large installations involving neon lighting and other cool things. I really recommend it. The Hirshhorn is the small round museum right next to the Air and Space Museum. Admission free.

      I believe the National Gallery of Art is open a little later than usual on Sundays. It is directly across the mall from the Air and Space. Alas, IM Pei’s beautiful East Wing Facade is covered with scaffolding, but the collections inside are among the best in the world. (East Wing is modern; West Wing pre-20 century.)

      If you like Asian art, the Freer and Sackler are great. They are also on the Smithsonian Mall.

      You would need a reservation for the Holocaust Museum. It is very well done, but traumatic to visit.

      Finally be sure to check out the Kennedy Center schedule for the nights you are here. Also, you’ll be out near Wolftrap, which is the National Outdoor Performing Arts Center. There may be something good going on there.

      Oh, and if it’s not crazy hot, you can easily spend a day just walking around the various monuments. It’s fun to visit them at night, too, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going alone.

      Have fun!

    • locomotive :

      Ooh! I work in Tysons. Here are some food recommendations: Yama Japanese Restaurant (great sushi), Maple Avenue Restaurant (interesting, kinda Asian-inspired American), Nostos (Greek), Cafe Deluxe (American). I think Chef Geoffs is okay (safe classic American) but overpriced.

      If you want to go shopping, Tysons II is more high-end and nice than Tysons I. Both are massive.

      • locomotive :

        I would just also like to add that honestly, it is kind of a hike to DC from Tysons. I’d say 30 mins with no-fair traffic, but it can take up to 2 hours depending on traffic (weekday evenings from 5-7 can be awful). I would check google maps traffic before going anywhere.

        • Yeah, there is no easy way to get into DC from Tysons between 5-7. 66 East will be slow from the Beltway into DC. 50 is slow. GW Parkway might be ok, but Downtown traffic won’t be at that time.

          Recommend driving to Vienna Metro Station and taking Metro in on Monday evening if you decide to go back into town.

      • Cafe Deluxe!!! Lebanese Taverna is at Tysons II (Galleria) along w/ Neiman Marcus and Saks. Tysons I has a Nordstrom. And that’s really all you need to know.

        If you leave later on Tuesday evening/night and fly out of DCA, recommend the Sunset Parade at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Rossyln.

        • Second the recommendation on Lebanese Taverna (if it’s a sister to the one with the same name in Woodley Park) as a good place for vegetarian food. When you’re at the Mall, the food court in the Museum of the American Indian (either next door or two away from Air & Space, also near Hirshhorn) is super vegeterian-friendly. My husband has enjoyed Java Green, which I think is more downtown, but I haven’t been there.

          For just hanging out on Sunday or Monday night (especially if you come in on the Metro — it’s NOT a good place to try to drive or park) you might just walk around the Dupont Circle area of Connecticut Ave. (go north of the circle for the most action). Lots of fun shops (althouth many will be closed 0n Sunday night), my favorite bookstore/cafe ever, Kramerbooks, and good restaurants. City Lights of China has standard but very good veg-friendly food, and Thai Chef (basically across the street) has veg sushi. Zorba’s, a low-priced Greek place, has sidewalk seating that is nice.

      • Cavedweller :

        Ditto re Yama Sushi – but definitely get reservations!

    • The monuments are beautiful at night. If it’s hot out consider taking yourself to dinner (Rasika, Graffiato and Oyamel are my favorites downtown) and then take a stroll. It is a lot of area so wear comfortable shoes.

    • Both a local and a vegetarian here!

      Two must-do’s:
      Wait and go walk the monuments around dusk/at night. The weather will be a little cooler and they’re gorgeous lit up at night. (If you’re alone, just go on the earlier side – should still be a decent number of people around.)

      Rasika – Amazing Indian food. Used to be impossible to get a table, but there are two DC locations now.

    • I recommend the cafe in the National Art Gallery. On the mall, so you don’t have to stray from the museums, nice setting, and my vegetarian cousin-in-law just went on Tuesday and raved about how it had the most and best veggie options she’s encountered on her entire trip to the US. I also recommend the Gallery itself :)

    • The military bands give free outdoor concerts on the monument grounds on summer evenings. The Navy band will be playing on the west front of the US Capitol building at 8 pm Monday. It’s a wonderful treat to lie back in the grass on a blanket with a picnic, enjoy the stars and the music. It’s seldom military music. :) They’re wonderful musicians!

  3. Thanks to Godzilla and especially to TCFKAG for their advice on the morning thread. Very helpful – and TCFKAG, I think you gave me some good ideas for a care package!

    • Awww, you’re welcome. You’re a good friend. And speedy recovery to your pal!

    • Tell your friend that if she wants any advice or to get on our IBD e-mail list, that she can e-mail me at TCFKAG [at] gmail [dot] com (just tell me first) or else she can e-mail mundaneart [at] gmail [dot] com. We have quite the little mailing list going at this point.

      • TCFKAG – I’ve been meaning to thank you for your response to my post a few weeks ago about my friend who is thinking about switching to a SCD. He is still thinking about the process of executing the diet, and needs to get a few more kitchen appliances, but I will pass along your/Blonde Lawyer’s contact details if it’s still ok with you (I realized that I left his gender out of my first post, and I wasn’t sure if this was more of a lady mailing list…). Thanks!

        • I don’t THINK its a ladies only mailing list, unless he’s scared of ladies. But if he just wants SCD info, I can also put him in touch with people who have successfully done SCD or an altered SCD. :-)

        • goirishkj :

          As long as he doesn’t mind a few emails about polka dots, that should be OK, though TCFKAG and BL might disagree :)

          • True story. We do occasionally talk about polka dot and other [this site] related things. :-) But you know, he can ignore those parts!

      • TCFKAG – I just sent you an e-mail about my friend. Will post again on the AM thread if I don’t hear from you. Thanks :)

  4. Anastasia :

    Beautiful suit, but not a good color for me, unfortunately.

    Quick thank you to everyone who mentioned FLYlady in the housekeeping thread a while back. I was on the cusp of hiring a cleaning lady to save my sanity, but instead I have an extra $100/month for fun things and my apartment is still clean! I feel like such an adult, a la Hyperbole and a Half.

    • Favorite Flylady tool ever: the Rubba Sweepa. It AWESOME on carpets (quick sweep before a vacuum to grab all the hair, sometimes don’t even need to vacuum after) and wonderful for shoving snow off of cars and minivans/suvs.

      • Does the Rubba Sweepa work on people hair? Specifically long, thick, shed-so-much-it’s-amazing-I-still-have-hair hair?

        My hair clogs up most vacuums and I’ve been looking for a good fix.

        • Always a NYer :

          I use a pet-sweeper that I found in the supermarket, it’s near the Swiffers usually. It’s amazing how easily it picks up my hair from the carpets, the only caveat being that I have to pull out the hair before running it along the floor again. Sadly, my hair has been the cause of the demise of two family vacuums.

  5. Lorelai the Third :

    Is the model Rory Gilmore?!

    • No, she’s much too busy with electroshock therapy thank you very much.

      • T. McGill :

        And dating Pete Campbell IRL. Still think she should have picked Logan…

        • WHAT!!!!!

          Also, Lorelai, that was my first thought too.

        • So sad that she didn’t recognize Pete afterwards, though really it is in her best interest. After all, he is such a DOOSH and she can do much better.

        • Yes they are dating in real life! I hated her/her character/that whole storyline on the show, but am strangely enthusiastic about them as a couple IRL.

  6. just Karen :

    I absolutely love this suit, but sadly it is well out of my price range, even on sale. I hope others get it and enjoy it enough for all of us!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I totally thought the same thing about a model on a recent post. The Rory Gilmore look must be in right now!

  7. Is it just me, or does it look like this suit doesn’t fit the model quite right?

    • Former MidLevel :

      It’s not just you.

    • Its a tad small for my taste. I’d have gone a size up.

      • Yeah, I can’t tell if the skirt is supposed to have ruching or it’s just too small.

    • Mountain Girl :

      I think the sleeves look short as well.

    • Not just you. The model looks uncomfortable in it and I wonder if they’ve got those absurdly large clothespins in the back to make the waist of the jacket look more defined.

      They must be wicked uncomfortable if they’re there. (I see them all the time on mannequins in store windows, and it’s annoying. Makes me suspect that the clothes are actually shaped like boxes.)

      • Cornellian :

        That just makes me suspect all of their mannequins have bodies of surgically enhanced prepubescent girls (which I think is right).

  8. karenpadi :


    Bay Area women, we are meeting this Saturday in Oakland. For info, email me at karenpadi at hotmail

    Or maybe someone else can post the info here? Sorry, late for meeting (it’s been a crazy busy June).

    • SF Bay Associate :

      Saturday, June 23rd at 1pm. Meet at Rudy’s Can’t Fail in Oakland (near the 19th St BART station). – Karenpadi’s idea, I cannot take credit.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Have fun! I’m going to be in the Bay Area next weekend and now totally wish it was happening when I’ll be there.

  9. TJ:
    After concluding a trial this afternoon, the Judge (who appear in front of regularly) stated in front of my client and one of my colleagues that I am an “excellent” attorney. :-D
    If I wasn’t so d*mn tired or had so much other work to catch up on now that it’s over, I’d absolutely be on Cloud 9.

    • Oh, but do give yourself a few minutes to celebrate and jump up and down! And have a glass of wine – even better a glass of champagne. Congratulations!

    • Wow, the highest of high praise – good for you!

    • Awesome! Drinking a toast to you now in my cube, with a cup of tea. :-)

  10. To my tort lawyer friends: Does anyone really understand comparative fault/contributory negligence. I am not talking about the part where it reduces/bars damages. I am talking about the standard by which the plaintiff’s negligence is measured, the amount of evidence needed to get the instruction, and the amount of negligence needed to trigger the defense. Re the standard, to whom does the plaintiff owe a duty, him or her self?

    • facts might help? I might be misunderstanding what you’re asking, but normally in negligence the defendant breached a duty to the plaintiff. If you’re arguing contrib, then it would be the plaintiff breaching a duty to the defendant. Obvious example would be two people simultaneously run stop signs and crash in the intersection. Both contributed. Or, more likely, driver is talking on cell phone and strikes a pedestrian, who is crossing illegally. Pedestrian has a duty to drivers not to run out in the middle of the road. There is arguable a duty to himself as well, but one can’t really sue oneself so…I guess being hit by a car is punishment enough.

      The amount of negligence needed to trigger the defense depends on your state. They’re all different. I live in a pure contrib state where any amount of negligence will trigger.

      • I thought the duty that the plaintiff owes is to him or herself, not to the defendant. For example, if a drunk plaintiff gets hurt by tripping in the bar, the defendant bar’s duty is to the plaintiff, while the plaintiff’s duty is to him or herself to refrain from getting so drunk that he or she trips. The plaintiff’s duty not to drink too much is not to the bar.

        • I’m not sure that in most cases the issue is to whom the duty is owed when you are talking about contributory negligence. In the case of a drunk plaintiff, the question is whether there is a duty to use reasonable care to avoid injury and that duty is breached by drinking too much and falling down. I can see to whom the duty is owed making a difference in a negligence per se case, where you are claiming that the plaintiff’s violation of a statute or regulation was negligence per se. Then the pltf might argue that such statute was not aimed to prevent the harm that occurred to him/her, but that is something of a different issue.

    • This also varies state by state, so you’re really going to have to provide at least bare facts and the jurisdiction.

      • I am talking Restatement. I am not so sure the bare essentials of contributing to your own injury varies substantially by state.

        • Many times the “contributing to your own injury”argument is more of an assumption of risk argument. My state is a pure comparative state (pltf is 99 percent fault, still collects 1 percent from def), but true assumption of risk is a complete bar.

          We are having a hard time understanding the true issue. The getting drunk and tripping case may be more of a causation issue–did he trip b/c he was drunk or b/c there was a hole in the floor, or maybe the fact that he was drunk contributed to his missing the stepdown to a different level?

          I learned these elements: duty, breach, causation and damages. Duty to use reasonable care on the roads. If you breach that duty, whether you or someone else is hurt, there is negligence. Then there is the question of whether that negligence proximately caused either party’s damages.

          Only in rare cases is the question of to whom the duty is owed discussed: doctor-patient (nonpatient killed when patient drives under influence of medications b/c not warned by doctor of effects of drug), lawyer-client (beneficiary of will does not get what was intended b/c lawyer did not correctly reflect testator’s intent).

  11. Anonymous :

    anyone have the J Crew Cece flats? any recommedations as to comfort, or comparisons to the cole haan baccaras? I’m looking for some great go to ballet flats, but not just for desk sitting – these would be for all day wear, including some walking. Any feedback is appreciated!!

    • I can’t compare them to the Cole Haans but I own both the plain leather Cece flats and the studded Cece flats and they are very comfortable. I have a driving commute, but I’ve worn them while walking my dogs, while traveling (so, lots of airport walking), running errands, etc – no blisters, no sore soles of my feet.

      • Do they run “regular”, narrow, or wide? I have narrow feet, so it’s always tough to order sight unseen. Thanks!

        • Regular, I’m guessing (I’ve only ever owned/purchased regular shoes, they are always comfortable, and the Cece flats run the same way).

    • I also can’t compare them Cole Haan, but I find the J Crew Cece flats very comfortable. I drive to work, but wear them all day (including walking to lunch) with no problem.

      I wear a 9-9.5 in most shoes, and bought a 9 in these.

    • I have had both over the years, and prefer jcrew. The cole haan ones cut into my heels towards the end o of the day, and also the jcrew ones have better foot padding and better traction. I have royal blue suede, and they have held up well.

    • I’m OBSESSED with the Cece flats. I wish I could order them in every color. In terms of sizing, I think they run true to size, regular/narrow width. But I have wider feet and don’t have a problem with them because they are leather so they stretch to your foot.

      Honestly, it’s like walking on a cloud. Most comfortable flats I own.

  12. Anyone have a good PCP in NYC accepting new patients? Manhattan is best. I need to get some follow up work done in a timely fashion and am regretting not going in earlier for a physical somewhere to get my foot in as an existing patient.

    Many thanks, ladies!

    • I’ve had good results with the practice at Yaffe Ruden. East 65th St.

      Dr. Christine Kakoulas is excellent, as are many of the other doctors in that practice who will see you if your PCP is not available that day.

    • Dr. Alan B Kadet on the UWS (212-721-5600). I’ve always had a great experiance.

    • Amy Bleyer with Murray Hill Medical. L-O-V-E her.

    • I love Megan Thomasch (57th and 7th). I had a few months wait when I first started seeing her a few years ago, I don’t know what the situation is with accepting new clients these days.

    • Dr. Neal Lewin – 36th bn Park and Lex. 212 889 2813. He’s great.

  13. Francie Nolan :

    Congrats Kat on the Forbes Top 100!

  14. Oh man, I love this but would have no reason to ever wear it and it’s a bit pricey for something I may get to wear once or twice in my life :-(

    P.S. I have been free book shopping for my nook during lunch and can I just say to one particular commenter that no, the book billed as a steamy romance where the cover is literally a man’s lower torso (at least this one was clothed) from about belly button to just below the money shot is NOT appropriate for your 11 year old daughter!!!!!

    I love the free books, but I do admit it’s a bit disconcerting to have the “tales of a fourth grade nothing” book right next to “ride that c**k all the way home” (actual title) with naked people literally having s*x on the cover.

  15. Dessert Doctor :

    Asking for some suggestions based on the hive’s amazing shopping abilities. My office (government research sector) just installed some great tread desks (think a treadmill merged with a desk, so that you can use the computer, phone, etc. all while walking at a v-e-r-y slow pace. The idea is to help employees reduce their sedentary time, all while staying in work attire/shoes). After using it recently with some new sandals and being really uncomfortable, I want to find some cute, light, super comfortable shoes that are athletic-ish, but not so much so that I’d feel like I’m rocking the 80s sneaker commuting look. I will probably keep them in my office, but may wear them to/from work on days when the weather is nice enough to make me skip public transit and walk my commute. Ideally I’m thinking something like this:

    But the reviews are only so-so — does anyone have suggestions based on personal experience? Thanks in advance!

    • Maddie Ross :

      No suggestions, but can I just say how jealous I am about the tread-desks? That’s my dream!

      • that’s officially the coolest thing ever!!! I can’t google them right now as my supervisor is making rounds, but I’d look into the new balance minimus trail, or the minimus road/zero (that’s the name). The trail comes in a gray/black that would blend in nicely with work clothes – they are a very flat sneaker, so if you are used to a super supportive shoe, these will take some getting used to, but for light walking, you should be okay.

      • Me too, I would love love love a tread-desk!

    • Have you looked at Keens and Merrells? I have had good experiences with both brands. I like Merrell clogs a lot, and I have had Keen mary janes and the covered-toe sandal that was their first big thing (I think).

      I will post something that looks like it might be good as a reply, but I don’t have personal experience with the particular shoe.


        • My personal favorite is also Keens and I would get something like this (they also have more muted colors in similar styles.)

    • My friend swears by these; she just bought another pair because she walked through he first pair (I’m waiting for them to go on sale). However, they appear to run narrow.

    • I commute (and spend weekends) in the various Onitsuka Tiger models. Just search on “Onitsuka Tiger” on Zappos. They are made by Asics (whom I swear by for my running shoes). The “Ultimate 81” models have more support/structure than the “Mexico 66” models, but I’ve found both workable.

    • Haven’t had these shoes. My two pairs of Pumas were cute and lacking in support. I have plantar fasciitis in one foot so I pretty much have to have solid arch support if I am on my feet for long periods of time so ymmv. I would probably lean towards something more sturdy like Privos/Clarks. Even walking slowly, the goal is still to be on your feet for a couple of hours.

    • SoCal Gal :

      I have some Puma flats, and they’re cute, but not that great for doing a ton of walking. I will also vote Keens. They are the most comfortable shoes I have.

      How about something like this?

  16. pettipants :

    I’m buying some pettipants. Any knowledgeable ladies want to chime in on brands to buy (or avoid) and where to buy them? So far I’ve established that amazon sells them. Any tips?

    • I have that are made of a synthetic material (nylon? rayon?) and while they are comfy to wear under skirts and prevent thigh rub, I think the synthetic material makes them really too hot for summer. I’d suggest looking for something in a lightweight cotton if you can find it. I’ve also seem some that have a wide elastic waistband that looks less irritating than the skinny types that tend to dig into me (similar to this half slip features on Already Pretty: You can also try searching for “split slips” or “culottes” if pettipants isn’t giving you a lot of shopping search results.

    • I hate them, and much prefer bike shorts. The pettipants don’t breathe, and I’d be embarrassed if other people saw them, actually. I have taken to wearing compression shorts under my skirts – they breathe, are comfy and easy to move in, and would not embarrass me too much if I had a Marilyn Monroe subway grate moment on my walk home. I like UA or C9 compression shorts the best.

      I can’t remember where I bought my hated pettipants, but I’ve tried more than one brand.

      • MissJackson :

        I’ve never tried pettipants, but I wear the spanx (and actually, now the much more affordable “assets” brand from target) shorts under skirts and they have been life-changing. I’m sort of in-between sizes, and I buy the larger size because I really don’t care about the “smoothing” aspect. They come in a nude-for-me color, and are practically invisible even under pencil skirts with slits.

    • AnotherLadyLawyer :

      Not so knowledgable about pettipants and hoping this isn’t too late in the day, but Jockey’s Skimmies Slipshorts have SAVED. MY. LIFE. for my numerous block walk to work in this no tights weather. They’re soft and breathable and they aren’t Spanxx/Spanxx-like squishers — no waistband issues or anything!

      • Ooh, just googled these. They have the same fabric content as my compression shorts. They look awesome.

      • These are the best. thing. ever. I used to have a variety of petti-pants and spanx or spanx-equivalent and bike shorts, and I have abandoned them all for my Skimmies Slipshorts.

        • If you are primarily trying to avoid chafing, Monistat Soothing Care Powder Chafing Gel changed my life. I wear dresses all the time now!

  17. Charlotte :

    TJ… This harks back to the rant re pet peeves in an earlier post today…. Someone mentioned being annoyed by her SO’s placement of clothes to be worn again. I have the same problem — that is, I have clothing I wear at home several times before washing, and sometime several sets of them — and I’m curious as to how any/all of you deal with this situation. Do you merely wear something once and wash it, or do you have some designated place for these items? How do you deal with clothes that you, say, wear around the house but aren’t per se dirty, so don’t need to be washed, but aren’t so clean you feel like putting them back in the drawer or closet? I would love to hear your solutions to this. (Not a big problem, but just one of the many sources of clutter in my home.)

    • Cornellian :

      My highly sophisticated system is to place clothing I’m going to wear again on the arm my armchair, where my dog can slobber on it, and I can then curse and wash it.

      I think this may be what clothes horses are for?

    • I have a lined wicker basket that I put my home clothes in. It tucks into the space under my desk where a chair would be (I don’t use it as a desk so I don’t need a chair).

      • I should also mention that this is for home/lounging clothes only. When I get home from work, I immediately change clothes and hang up and put away all of my work clothes. I leave the box for my shoes on the bed so I put them away, too. It drives my cat crazy because she wants her treats NOW and has to wait for me to change and put everything away.

    • i have a coat rack in the bedroom. best thing ever, it contains a ton of mess.

    • If have a couple of hooks for this purpose and a small bin for things that won’t wrinkle. If I had room I’d have this setup in my closet, but as of now these things are just near the closet in my bedroom.

    • If they’re work clothes that I’m going to wear again (pencil skirts, pants, jackets and the like), I hang those up as soon as I take them off. If it’s clothes around the house (yoga pants, t-shirts), I also have a highly sophisticated system of either: draping them over the arm of a bench in my closet, folding them up and putting them back in their drawer, or loosely folding them up and putting them on top of the dresser where their drawers are.

      My husband simply throws all his clothes on our bathtub (we have a stand-up shower and a bathtub, so the tub isn’t used regularly) if he intends to wear them again. Or he’ll throw them in the tub if they’re dirty because for some reason he can’t walk two steps to the hamper….I think I thought of another pet peeve….

    • My incredibly advanced system that my hubby hates is to put the clothes on top of my dresser. Or to put them away in the dresser and hang them up again, which is gross because they recontaminate the other clothes. Or to throw them on the floor.

      God…I’m a mess of a human being, aren’t I.

      • Migraine Sufferer :

        That’s my husband’s system and if could find a way to break him of it, I would. For now, I just try to ignore it. (He never puts them back in the dresser or in the hamper.)

    • For me, if it isn’t dirty per se, it goes back in the drawer. Drawer or laundry – those are the only two options. I am currently trying to bring my BF around to that way of thinking.

      • Totes McGotes :

        This. My clothes don’t always make it to the drawer due to my laziness, but for me, clothes are clean or not clean. If you don’t feel it’s clean enough to go back in the drawer or closet, it needs to be washed.

    • MaggieLizer :

      I try to hang up anything that can be worn again, but I hang it inside out so I’ll know it’s already been worn once. More often than not, though, I stack them up on my laundry hamper, which has a nice flat lid. Which means I can’t get to the hamper to put my dirty clothes in it. Which means either 1) I try to lift the pile + lid and everything slides onto the floor in a heap and getting wrinkled, or 2) the dirty laundry piles up next to the hamper because I can’t be bothered.

    • My incredibly advanced system is just putting them back. Or on a chair, when I had that in my bedroom (slightly better than the floor). I have a male friend with an actual advanced system, but one that I’ve never been able to implement because women’s clothes are so difficult – he has two hooks at the front of the closet and will hang up clothes to be worn again there. It will get quite the pile of shirts after a while, but it is a good system.

    • Anne Shirley :

      I drape them across all the chairs in my home until my closet starts looking empty, and then replace and repeat.

    • Lounging clothes go on a hook on the bathroom door. Work clothes that will be worn again are hung up to air out on the bedroom door and stay there until I can’t put anything there and have to clean up. :-)

  18. CPA to be :

    Can anyone recommend a good eyebrow pencil or powder or whatever it is that’s great these days? My eyebrows have some sparse patches and my el cheapo eyebrow pencil from cvs is nearing the end of its life. I touch my face a lot and would love something that I’m not going to awkwardly smudge across my face.

    • I have the Clinique Instant Lift for Brows and I really like it. It’s not very dense coverage, so you might want to try their liner instead, which also got good reviews, but I’ve never tried it.

      • Equity's Darling :

        I use this one too, and I really like it. I’ve tried a variety of brow pencils, and this one is probably the first that I’d actually seek out to repurchase (whereas the others I was simply just looking for a brow pencil, any pencil, and that was good enough).

        • New poster :

          I like the Benefit one. It has a small brush at one end that helps smooth the color out.

    • Anastasia’s brow pencils (the skinny ones not the thick wooden pencils). Get one shade lighter your eyebrow color (for example, I have black hair, but I got medium ash). After I tried this one, I’ve not gone back to any other brow pencils.

  19. SoCal Peach :

    Coming out of lurking to ask the hive a party question. So– I want to throw a party this summer. Last weekend I was listening to some old records (yeah, I have vinyl LPs and 45s) and I was reminded of how much I loved the music of Motown back in the day.

    I’m thinking of throwing a Motown Party and having the playlist consist of mainly vintage Motown tunes. I might throw in some covers like Phil Collins’ or English Beat’s cover of Smokey Robinson’s “Tears of a Clown” or Bananarama covering Diana Ross and the Supremes “Nathan Jones”. Would such a playlist become monotonous after a while? I could throw in some current artists that are currently on the Universal Motown label, but then that might throw off the “feel” off the party.

    And would asking guests to dress up as their favorite artist be too much in the heat of the summer?

    What else?

    • What about instead of going with just a MoTown theme, you kind of go with a detroit theme. You could research Detroit’s food and beverages and try to recreate them (or name your favorite dishes after Detroit’s neighborhoods). You could decorate with car decals and stuff. That sort of thing.

      • I could listen to Motown music all day and not get bored (fact: I have a Mowtown Pandora station, and listen to it when I work on really long projects because it’s the only thing that motivates me to sit at a desk for hours), I think you would be fine with that. I also love that someone other than me has a collection of vinyl!

        • Oh, I wasn’t saying she shouldn’t play motown music, I’m just saying “Detroit” might provide a more complete theme with kind of a interesting twist.

          • I agree Detroit has more wiggle room as a theme, I don’t know why my reply showed up to you instead of the OP!

        • SoCal Peach :

          Vinyl FTW!!

      • Coney dogs! I think the party is a great idea.

      • SoCal Peach :

        Hmm. That’s a thought. Will have to do some researching.

    • Anne Shirley :

      This party sounds awesome, but I’d give a couple easy “costume” suggestions, for people (like me) who would be super excited to go, but have no idea what to wear.

      • SoCal Peach :

        All you’d have to do is style your hair in a bee-hive. Wear some cat eye sunglasses, and you’re one of the Supremes :)

    • Girl, just queue up 4 or 5 Sam Cooke albums and all will be good. Trust.

  20. Feiendship tj:

    I’ve been friends with a guy for about 4 years and for the last year and a half we have lived about 1000 miles apart. We talk every few days, but today he told me not to respond to an email he sent me and to not text him until the morning because his girlfriend hates me and he doesn’t want her to see it by accident. Ive have never met the girlfriend and she knows I’m casually dating someone. I’m not sure if she’s threatened because she thinks something happened between us (we kissed one time at Barristers Ball then decided it was a horrible idea and that we would kill each other) or if she is just possessive/crazy. They have been dating for about a year, and based on some of his side comments and what other mutual friends have said I know they are having some problems. But we never talk about her. I used to say “tell S hi” because I thought it was nice. For the past month or so our conversations have been about either the NBA finals, his parents divorce, the weather, and my chronically ill cat. Not responding to the email or text and then telling me he was deleting them are sending off a ton of alarm bells in my mind. Am I supposed to stop talking to him because she doesn’t like me? Or just go on “like normal” knowing that he’s being kind of shady to his gf? I’ve said it makes me uncomfortable and he said that he understood, but that he really liked talking to me, especially about the divorce. I want to be there for my friend but I’m not sure what the right way to do that is.

    • I think that you should ask him, the next time you speak to him, when you are sure that she is not with him. This is an awkward situation and it is upsetting. I’ve been in your position before- had a guy best friend in college and though we went to different law schools in different cities, we talked all the time and saw each other when we could. And NOTHING ever happened physically between us- EVER. Towards the end of law school, he met his now-wife and over the years, I got the sense that she was not thrilled that he had a female ‘best friend.’ Unfortunately, since we’d been so close and because they had a very rocky start to their relationship, I knew all the “dirt” on her and frankly, did not respect her much because of it. But for his sake, I was friendly to her. He and I stayed in touch over the years, I wasn’t able to go to their wedding but they came to mine. We went out once or twice as couples but then it kind of fizzled. We haven’t spoken in well over a year- to the point that I only know that they had a child because I saw it on facebook. It’s really sad and I miss the friendship but I chalk it up to the fact that she didn’t like me or was insecure about me (even when she had no reason to be) and life just goes on.

      I think the guy has to make a choice about how to handle the situation and he shouldn’t feel like he has to hide his friendship with you. If she is that worried that he feels he has to hide it, then it’s really just a comment on her insecurities. Sorry you are dealing with this!

    • Anne Shirley :

      I have a male best law school friend, sort of in reverse to you- he lives near me, and far from his fiancee. As far as I know, she’s totally fine with our friendship, as well she should be.

      If you’re wondering if you have some sort of responsibility to not get in the way of his relationship, I’d say no. He isn’t married, and how he wants to organize his personal life isn’t your police precinct. The non-existant girl code doesn’t require that you drop friends because their girlfriends are uncool. If, on the other hand, you personally feel uncomfortable with his lies, I think you can tell him that you’re there if he really needs you, but you won’t be a party to lying.

      But honestly, and probably obviously from the above, I’d keep him around for now, at least for a little while. It would break my heart to lose my friend.

      • Nothing to add to this string, wise comments all, but I’ve got say I love “this isn’t your police precinct.”

  21. anon in tejas :

    my best and oldest friend is having a baby. we are very close, but don’t get to see/talk to each other all that often because of busy lives. we grew up together, and our families are also close. suggestions on something sentimental that I can get her for her baby shower in a few short weeks?

    this is my first close friend that’s having a baby and I want to do something more than a generic giftcard or something off her registry.


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