Coffee Break: 6-oz. Supima Flannel Sheet

Flannel sheets are not sexy at all, but if you’re looking for crazy-soft, thick, good sheets as the weather gets colder, 6-oz. flannel is where it’s at (followed closely by 5-oz. flannel, but 6-oz. is the softest, thickest, and most luxurious). I highly recommend them if you want to treat yourself. One of the best things to get at Lands’ End is sheets, and I have some that have been really lovely. I’m liking these flannel sheets with gray and blue options — they come in pretty much every size from Twin to California King. They’re $179–$214, but Lands’ End’s current sale gives you 31% off with code OCTOBER and PIN 3110. Another great place for flannel sheets (which readers turned me on to in our discussion of the best sheets) is Garnet Hill, such as this gorgeous set. Pictured: 6-oz. Supima Flannel Sheet

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  1. My husband would sleep in the guest room if I got these for our bed… worth it? They sound so lovely. But seriously, how do you deal if you have a partner with vastly different temp preferences? Currently I sleep with a twin sized down comforter just over my side of the bed (it gets hidden when we have guests). It seems kind of crazy, but I haven’t figured anything else out that works.

    • CherryScary :

      My husband and I have varying temperature comforts, and we just use different blankets/sheets in the same bed. He takes the sheet, I take the blanket and comforter, and we make the bed properly in the morning.

      • +1 separate blankets

        Different temperature preferences, and if I let SO have _any_ of a blanket, he takes _all_ of it by the end of the night, no matter how big it is. He’s like some kind of blanket magnet. We each have our own.

    • Anonymous :

      We have one blanket in the winter–an electric blanket with dual controls. I use my side, and he never turns on his.

      • Same here! We have a king size electric blanket, I always turn mine side on (its dual controls) and he doesn’t turn his on/sleeps without the blanket.

    • anooooonnnn :

      This sounds silly, but keeping your feet under or out of the covers makes a huge difference. I sleep with a heavy blanket (and comforter during the winter) and DH sleeps with just the sheet. If one of us gets too hot, just stick a foot outside the covers and voila! Instant cooling effect. Sometimes I need it just slightly cooler than what the blanket + comforter allows, and poking my toes out helps regulate the temp perfectly. Conversely, bundling up like a burrito so that my feet are fully encompassed and there’s a “sealed” barrier to the outside also helps. Then if DH snuggles up next to me, I get to steal his precious body heat without reflecting it back to him or making him too warm with my body heat. Win win!

    • Well, I used to sleep with a faux fur throw just over my side of the bed but now I’m the one throwing off the covers. Hot flashes are no joke. Coming to a neighborhood near you in 10-15 years, I’m guessing.

    • It’s common in Scandinavian countries to have 2 twin duvets – and it’s genius. .

    • Rather Be Painting :

      After a trip to Europe, we adopted the practice of separate duvets on our king sized bed – lighter for DH and warmer for me. It works great and neither of us can complain of the other stealing the covers …

    • So, year round we sleep with sheet + light duvet. In the winter we add an electric blanket that has 2 zones. so, for him it’s just a blanket, for me, it’s what keeps me from freezing in my sleep. It’s an investment ($100 approx for a queen by SunBeam), but we can wash it, and honestly, you can’t feel the wires, etc., so it can just feel like a blanket.

    • For those that have an electric blanket- heated mattress pads are even better. Cool sheets on top and warmth coming from underneath.

    • Yes. When I slept with Sheketovits, he was always warm, kind of like a space heater. But I was not, and as a result I had a DOWN comforter to stay warm. He did NOT like it b/c he could NOT easily get to me when I wrapped myself in the comforter. That turned out well b/c often he was drunk and would just mess up the bed.

    • An electric mattress pad might be the answer! I’m always cold and DH is always warm. With the heated mattress pad, we get the dual controls without the extra blanket on top.

    • Lana Del Raygun :

      What about one of you just wearing much warmer or cooler pajamas?

  2. Cocktail attire? :

    My bff is a teacher in rural Iowa. She’s a plus-sized apple and can’t wear heels. She’s going to an event specifying cocktail attire in Des Moines this Christmas. She’s asked me for help picking an outfit. Do you, oh wise hive, have any ideas for a budget friendly cocktail look ?

    • Bejeweled or velvet flats! A nice peep-toe or pointed flat, especially if it’s embellished, can meet a cocktail dress code, IMHO.

      • Lands End is showing some lovely plus-size dresses that would absolutely be appropriate, and they always have coupons. I imagine there’s a Sears store somewhere near Des Moines that she could return anything that doesn’t work, but their shipping is also very reasonable.

      • pugsnbourbon :

        Velvet everything!

        I peeked on Eloquii and found some lovely dresses:

        This one comes in four colors:

        This one’s a little plain for cocktail, but you could jazz it up with jewelry:

    • I have been pleasantly surprised by a brand on Amazon, MissMay. I bought the vintage floral lace boatneck dress, and it seems to be fairly high quality for $35. I’m a size 16 and size XL fit well.

    • I would search eBay for Tadashi dresses or separates in her size. These are often new with tags. And then once I had the dress I’d use the Zappos search filter to find shoes with the right heel height (the 2”-2 3/4” filter is my personal friend but they also have a 1” – 1 3/4” filter).

      Sorry to not be more specific. I am also plus size and used to go to at least one black tie event per year and this is how I found my looks. I had quite the formalwear capsule at one point.

      • Look at this one:

      • Or this one

    • I’m 8 months pregnant and have to go to a formal, black tie event the first week in December in Minneapolis, assuming that I don’t have the baby before or during the event ;). I can’t wear heels right now, either. My feet are wide at baseline and are totally swollen + wide right now. I recently picked up a pair of Munro “cerise” loafers in a black velvet. They also had an option that came in a very subtle print (dark burgundy/green) that also felt very holiday-ish to me. The price point might be higher than what she’s looking to spend ($180), but they come in wide width and I was able to stretch them even more with shoe stretchers. They’re seriously comfortable and festive. As for the dress, I’m doing a Lands End ponte sheath dress and making it more dressy by adding a velvet scarf and accessories. The dress was in the $70 range.

      As a native Iowan, I think she can probably get away with less formal than you’d expect to see in other places. Accessories can make a big difference as can hair. Maybe scope out a facebook page or something to see what people wore last year before committing to buy something new?

  3. MommyMonster :

    Can you all help me figure out some fall/winter wardrobe solutions? I have a few pairs of ankle pants, but my feet get cold. I can’t figure out how to wear them with hosiery/socks/boots/booties without looking ridiculous.

    Then I’m considering finding a couple pairs of trousers for my casual business-casual workplace. It looks like people really like ponte leggings, but they are not pants. So then I look at the ponte straight/bootcut styles and they don’t seem like they’d look put-together enough to wear with a sweater on top.

    I have a lot of burgundy and a lot more black and gray in my winter wardrobe for tops, primarily mid-hip length sweaters. What would you wear on the bottom (color, fabric, cut) and how (shoe/boot/hosiery)?

    • Anonymous :

      Yes to trousers or straight leg pants. I have been wearing corduroys in the winters – I have straight leg and bootcut, and I wear sweaters – pullovers, moto style, or casual blazers. I hate cold and I’m just not going to be cold. I also wear merino blend socks and booties (gasp) under the pants!

      • Me too! Shoes that leave my feet or ankles exposed are just not a viable option in my cold office (and are also not allowed when working in the lab). I hate that the powers that be have decided that that all fashionable women’s pants and shoes leave you with freezing feet. I do mostly straight leg/mini bootcut pants/jeans with booties of various styles and merino wool socks.

    • Anonymous :

      I wear oxfords and no-show socks with my ankle pants this time of year.

    • I bought a heated floor mat for under my desk for this reason.

    • Wait, what kind of shoes do you normally wear? Boots and booties look totally normal and fine with ankle pants.

  4. Suprisingly Target has great Flannel sheets that look very similiar and are sooooo soft and warm! I bought some a few weeks ago and am loving them (dark grey). Much cheaper at $30ish.

  5. "nice" sweatpants :

    Is this a thing? I don’t find leggings or jeans comfortable. I am looking for something to lounge around the house in that is a step above pajamas. I don’t necessarily plan to leave the house in them, so they don’t have to be amazing – just looking for something that is not a legging. To make it harder – needs to be a tall size, probably. Or maybe a men’s pant? 32″ inseam is the bare minimum, but 33″+ would be better.


      These are incredibly comfortable.

    • Anonymous :

      Try North Face – I have some sweat pants from there that are not typical sweat pants baggy but also not leggings. Very comfortable and “nicer” looking so to speak. I’m also about your inseam, and they are perfect.

      Maybe check out Everlane’s new cashmere joggers. I think generally any of the newer “jogger”-type pants may be what you’re looking for.

    • Anonymous :

      Cashmere track pants? I saw them in the Ralph Lauren sale.

    • Anonymous :

      I have these and they are so soft and comfortable. I’m 6′ tall and they are long enough for me.

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve been looking at the Lands End Women’s Starfish pants on the Refined fit for this purpose. Looks like they come in Tall.

    • These look nice and come in Tall sizes if you aren’t a fan of joggers:

      I don’t prefer joggers for lounging around the house because when I sit down the ankles ride up a bit and feel too tight around my calfs after a while.

    • American Giant

      • Or uniqlo for a cheaper alternative. The men’s don’t run too large so would work if women’s are too short. And they somehow manage to avoid that saggy knee thing that often happens with sweats.

    • These are awesome recs – thank you!

  6. TO Lawyer :

    Vent: Aren’t partners supposed to let their associates deal with the minutia of getting a motion out? I’m a 6th year associate (who has been at the firm for a while) getting out a massive record, but it’s not my first time, and one of the partners has called me like 8 times today telling me how to do things I already know how to do, and am doing.

    I know this is just the way he is, but I’m so frustrated today. And having my phone ring every few minutes with a reminder is not helpful…

    • Can you please tell the partners I work with to tell me how to do things? Signed, 2nd yr assoc. in over her head.

  7. It’s Halloween and I adopted my 8 month old black kitten! She is a total joy.

    • Dandelion :

      Thank you for adopting a black cat, especially on Halloween! So many shelters have trouble finding homes for them, or worry about unsavory folks wanting black cats this time of year.
      Congrats on your new fur-baby!

      • Thanks! The rescue I adopted her from does a one week trial run before adoption, so I have had her for a week. She’s a total cutie. She snuggles with me, squeaks when I bring her wet food upstairs, and willingly gets in her igloo bed when it’s time to go to sleep.

      • Oh, and I adopted a black cat on purpose. I never thought I’d want a black cat, but after having one who adopted me, I’m hooked.

        • New Yorker :

          I have a rule–black cats only as if their fur sticks to my leggings and black attire, it’s not as noticeable.

    • Anonymous :

      Bless you! How fun!

    • Ekaterin Nile :

      Congratulations! I’m sure she will be very happy with you. Keep her safe tonight!

      • Oh, she’ll be indoors only. In fact, I still haven’t introduced her to anything other than my second floor. She doesn’t have the run of the house yet – at 8 months, she gets into everything.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Hooray! I had black kitties for years and they are so fun!!

      • She is so stinking adorable! But then you’ve seen her cuteness! It’s hard to take photos of her. She’s in constant motion!

        • Senior Attorney :

          That was one tiny downside to having black cats — even with the “constant motion” thing aside, it’s hard to take photos of them!


      I totally needed some cuteness today

      I wish you could share pics

    • Rainbow Hair :

      KITTEN! Oh wow I’m so happy for you. Kittens are the bestworstbestbestbest.

      • She runs around misbehaving but she’s sooooo adorable! I’ve never had a kitten – I always adopted adult cats. She’s fun!

    • Anonymous :

      Aren’t they fun?!? I have two black ones and I never feel like I have to decorate for Halloween!

    • New Tampanian :

      YAY!! Happy Halloween!! Kitties are the best.

  8. Continuing the Halloween thread from this morning…

    I saw a T-rex playing ukulele earlier today and a killer clown (think IT) rampaged through the library about an hour ago.
    Ah, the joys of a college campus on Halloween

  9. How is it only Tuesday?!? I had the slowest morning ever and it really feels like it should be Friday.

  10. I can’t wearing earrings other than gold officially. I like fun studs but my usual places, bluenile, macys, etc. only have your basics in gold, all the more interesting ones are in sterling silver. Help me find new places to shop please!

  11. pugsnbourbon :

    Virginia Wynne on Etsy – I’d contact her directly to make sure, but she offers most of her studs in a variety of materials, including gold.

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