Tales from the Wallet – Buying a Home

Tips on Buying a Home | Corporette

How does buying a home affect your finances?  How can you best prepare for it?  This is a huge topic, but we’re going to attempt to take it on as part of our Money Milestones series, which explores how a few big milestones in your life can really affect your finances.  So far we’ve looked at wedding budgets, how to financially prepare for a baby, and how to pay for grad school.

This can be a tricky issue, and we’ve covered a lot of the hows in my last post on owning property (where we also discussed whether to buy a home when you’re still single), as well as in our discussion on where you live is one of the biggest money decisions you make. Some thoughts on how to prepare for and survive a home purchase:

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Tales from the Wallet: Stashing Your Cash

where to keep emergency fundManaging your money can be one of the most important things you do when you’re just starting a job — but it also can be super difficult.  We’ve talked about the importance of an emergency fund, but we haven’t really had a good conversation about where to stash your money in general — a high-yield savings account? CDs?  Treasury bills? The stock market? (Pictured: Emilio Pucci Print Flap Wallet, available at Nordstrom for $295.) (As always, please keep in mind that a) these are huge issues with a lot of nuances, and many personal finance sites, magazines, and books do a much better job with them, and b) I am by no means a personal finance guru — this is just some common, fairly basic knowledge that I’ve learned over the past 10 years or so.)

Before you decide where to save your money, though, you need to know the answers to some important questions first, though:

1) How much money do you need to live on before your next paycheck comes? What money is needed to pay recurring bills that will come due before then? [Read more…]

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