Four Reasons to Do a Seasonal Clothing Review

Four Reasons to Do a Seasonal Clothing Review

Whether you’ve got a small apartment closet or yours rivals that of Kim Kardashian’s, reviewing your clothes on a seasonal basis is still a great idea. I’ve always been a fan of seasonal clothes storage, using clear sweater bags to store out-of-season fabrics, colors, and styles — as well as physically moving out-of-season clothing to the back of the closet, and moving more seasonally-appropriate clothing to the front. I even do this with socks (I only wear no-show ankle socks in the summer) and lingerie (I don’t wear lacy bras with summer t-shirts and dresses, and I’ve also found I have a preference for unlined bras in the summer, as a foam lining or whatnot can feel a bit hot). Some pros to a seasonal clothing review that I’ve found over the years:

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Decluttering, Selling, Donating, Kondoing, and More


2018 Update: We still think this is a great discussion of decluttering in general, but you may also want to check out our more recent discussion on how often you should declutter your wardrobe.

We are doing a major declutter of our apartment, and I just feel completely scatterbrained because of it.  We donated a good chunk of stuff to charity a week or two ago, I have a ThredUP bag filled and ready to go, and yesterday some eBay auctions ended, so I’ve been scrambling today trying to get packages out to people. (The last time we did a major declutter we talked about eBaying and selling your old stuff, as well as what the best stuff to buy on eBay is; we’ve also talked about thrifting for workwear.)  We are trying to get rid of a ton of baby stuff via the local parents’ listserv, first offering it for sale and then issuing curb alerts, which requires more email management.  (The woman who sent her nanny to pick up the Bumbo this morning sent like 10 texts, which is fine, but considering it was a $5 sale, the drain on my attention was less than good.)  It is a colossal waste of time, when looked at per hour. And here’s the thing that I’ve been asking myself all morning:  Why do I feel obliged to do this, make “use” of stuff we no longer want? Why am I not just walking it to the trash chute/garbage room and disposing of it?  I answer myself with these thoughts:
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A Clean and Well Lighted Space: Your Closet?

How to Organize Your Closets | Corporette2016 Update: Check out our latest discussion on closet organization hacks

How do you organize your closets? Last week in our conversation of clothes storage for the closet-impaired, some folks started talking about how they kept their work clothes separate from their weekend clothes. Yes! I thought. I do that toooooooooo! But that’s a whole other post! So, ladies, open thread: how do you like to organize your closets? (In fact — we haven’t done this before, but if you love your closet, send us pics and we’ll chose the top 5 to discuss.  Either email a .jpg to [email protected], or upload to Flickr and tag it “corporette.”) My own closets, after the jump…

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Clothes Storage for the Closet-Impaired

seasonal closet organization

2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on how to store seasonal clothes— links have also been updated below.

Reader F writes in with a timely question about clothes storage:

I am moving to NYC next year and will be leaving my lovely apartment where I have three closets all to myself, including 1 walk-in closet, and moving in with my boyfriend where the combined closet space is not even a third of what I have to myself currently. Do you have suggestions for places to keep winter clothes during the summer and vice versa? I’ve heard there are services for this, but wondering if you or your readers might have some good suggestions for places where my clothes won’t get eaten by moths or fall victim to the next bedbug disaster.

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