Closet Organization Hacks for Sweaters, Jewelry, Shoes, Bags, and More

Closet Organization HacksFor some reason I’ve been in a big mood to organize our closets, so I thought we’d discuss — what are your biggest pain points when it comes to closet organization? What solutions have you found that you love? What are your best closet organization hacks?

Pictured, clockwise: hanging necklace organizer / sweater bins / modular bag organizer / anti-tarnish zip bag for silver jewelry


Closet Organization Hacks That Are Working For Me:

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Jewelry Organization

Jewelry Organization: Organize Your Work Jewelry, Fun Jewelry and More2016 Update: In addition to the below discussion on jewelry organization, you may also want to check out our discussion of jewelry-related closet organization hacks.

How do you organize your jewelry (work jewelry and fun jewelry) at home? Reader L wondered:

You recently posted about traveling with jewelry, which is really helpful as I’m traveling more for business. However, storing my jewelry at home is another beast altogether. Jewelry boxes don’t do it for me (too many funky/chunky costume bracelets and cuffs to fit), and I hate the formal, old fashioned look of jewelry armoires. My jewelry collection is comprised mostly of cheaper costume pieces, though I have some legit antiques and also quite a few mid-price (for me) bracelets/earrings/watches from Kate Spade/Tory Burch and the like, so I don’t want to throw everything haphazardly into a drawer just to get tangled/scuffed/scratched/lost/forgotten. Please help? Thank you!

I’ve been rethinking my own jewelry organization, so this is a great time to discuss. As Reader L notes, the easiest solution here is the jewelry armoire, and you can find freestanding pieces of furniture as well as mirror armoires (both freestanding and over-the-door). These look like they would be great for someone who is starting totally from scratch… but I kind of like some of my older solutions better, and I don’t necessarily have the space/need for another piece of furniture or another mirror, so fortunately for Reader L, I have some other ideas… Some of my older solutions have been working for me, and some of them haven’t, so I can’t wait to hear what readers say. (Pictured at top: the Acme 16000 Teresa Jewelry Armoire, Java Finish, for $122 at Amazon.)

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A Clean and Well Lighted Space: Your Closet?

How to Organize Your Closets | Corporette2016 Update: Check out our latest discussion on closet organization hacks

How do you organize your closets? Last week in our conversation of clothes storage for the closet-impaired, some folks started talking about how they kept their work clothes separate from their weekend clothes. Yes! I thought. I do that toooooooooo! But that’s a whole other post! So, ladies, open thread: how do you like to organize your closets? (In fact — we haven’t done this before, but if you love your closet, send us pics and we’ll chose the top 5 to discuss.  Either email a .jpg to [email protected], or upload to Flickr and tag it “corporette.”) My own closets, after the jump…

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Clothes Storage for the Closet-Impaired

seasonal closet organization

2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on how to store seasonal clothes— links have also been updated below.

Reader F writes in with a timely question about clothes storage:

I am moving to NYC next year and will be leaving my lovely apartment where I have three closets all to myself, including 1 walk-in closet, and moving in with my boyfriend where the combined closet space is not even a third of what I have to myself currently. Do you have suggestions for places to keep winter clothes during the summer and vice versa? I’ve heard there are services for this, but wondering if you or your readers might have some good suggestions for places where my clothes won’t get eaten by moths or fall victim to the next bedbug disaster.

I say “timely” if only because I finally put away all of my spring pastels, and swapped them out for darker emerald and earthy tones just a few days ago. My own custom is to: [Read more…]