Are Midi Rings Appropriate for the Office?

Office Style: Midi Rings for Work | CorporetteMidi rings at the office: yea or nay? In terms of the bigger picture, how do you know whether to try out a fashion trend at the office? What makes certain jewelry or accessories too trendy or unprofessional for work? Reader J wonders:

I normally don’t wear any rings other than my wedding bands but I recently bought some midi rings on a whim and I am wondering if they are appropriate to wear to the office. I am a solo attorney, so I can wear what I want but I don’t want to look unprofessional. I’m thinking like 3 max on my right hand and I would not wear them to court, just on days that I am at the office. What do you think?

We’ve talked about how to start a professional jewelry collection, when to splurge on jewelry, wearing religious jewelry to the office, when to wear pearls and how to buy pearls, but not this.  I just yesterday saw a Facebook post where people wondered whether midi rings were “connected somehow or separate,” so there’s obviously some confusion there — let’s discuss. (For the record, they can be both! But most of the ones we’re discussing below are separate.)

For my $.02:

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Coffee Break: 1 Layer Twist Ring

twist ringWe like this simple twist ring from Nervous System.  We like that it’s flexible (not prohibitive to typing), and, honestly, that it’s kind of weird — inexpensive jewelry should always be something a little off the beaten track.  We like that it’s almost a cocktail ring in size, but without the distracting bling.  It’s available at Supermarket for $15.   1-layer twist ring