Are Midi Rings Appropriate for the Office?

Office Style: Midi Rings for Work | CorporetteMidi rings at the office: yea or nay? In terms of the bigger picture, how do you know whether to try out a fashion trend at the office? What makes certain jewelry or accessories too trendy or unprofessional for work? Reader J wonders:

I normally don’t wear any rings other than my wedding bands but I recently bought some midi rings on a whim and I am wondering if they are appropriate to wear to the office. I am a solo attorney, so I can wear what I want but I don’t want to look unprofessional. I’m thinking like 3 max on my right hand and I would not wear them to court, just on days that I am at the office. What do you think?

We’ve talked about how to start a professional jewelry collection, when to splurge on jewelry, wearing religious jewelry to the office, when to wear pearls and how to buy pearls, but not this.  I just yesterday saw a Facebook post where people wondered whether midi rings were “connected somehow or separate,” so there’s obviously some confusion there — let’s discuss. (For the record, they can be both! But most of the ones we’re discussing below are separate.)

For my $.02:

  • Simple, delicate jewelry is always going to be more work appropriate than other types — and I think a simple midi ring wouldn’t be a big deal.
  • While wit has its place in jewelry, watch out for overly loud statements.  This lips ring, for example, would be cute as a delicate, regular-sized ring — but as a midi ring AND a lip ring, it feels like a bit much to me. (Ditto, say, for this set of breakfast midi rings, or this skull midi ring.)
  • Unprofessional midi ringsAvoid wearing multiple trends at once — for example, I think one of the reasons the picture at top works is because her nails are barely painted.  On the other hand, I think the picture at right almost looks a bit trashy, in part because of the greige color on the nails, combined with the thumb ring and numerous layered rings (I count five on her left hand alone!).  It’s a fun look for a weekend in distressed jeans and boots, but not, for my $.02, for the office.

Ladies, what do you think about midi rings — are they appropriate in the office?

(Pictured at top: gorjana ‘Isla’ Ring & Midi Ring, one of several available at Nordstrom for $78. BaubleBar and Etsy also have a bunch of nice ones, particularly if you search under “hammered.”)



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  1. For my office (Biglaw business casual)? Nay, too trendy/youthful.

    For Reader J’s solo office? Go for it, but maybe slip them off for any in person meetings.

  2. S in Chicago :

    I’d equate them with the level of office appropriateness of a dressy flip flop. If that footwear wouldn’t be an acceptable level of professional dress at your office, then a midi ring probably won’t be either.

    • I agree. I love these ring’s, but at my age there is ONLEY one ring I want on my finger — mabye 2 (includeing my dimond engagement ring), and that is a WEDDING ring! YAY! Where is my prince who will MARRY me and take me away from all this? I had to walk into work b/c the manageing partner did NOT come in and he needed someone to answer the phone’s! No one is calling so I am just catcheing up on my billeing! FOOEY!

  3. Anyone have comments on Cole Haan’s Air replacement, Grand OS? Is the comfort level still the same?

    • I have no comments but loved the Cole Haan air line and would love to hear comments on the OS!

  4. Trashy... Seriously? :

    Stick a fork in me.

    • If greige is trashy, I don’t want to be classy.

    • I thought trashy, too, but I don’t think that it’s the color so much as the nail length, when it’s combined with a very noticeable color and some fairly loud jewelry. Change the color to a more classic but noticeable bright or dark red and you would get the same effect. It actually made me want to pull out my similarly colored bottle.

  5. Full Circle :

    Yes but only if they match your jeweled headband/tiara.

  6. Baconpancakes :

    I would not suggest midi rings in a professional office unless you’re in marketing or communications, in which case your office is probably more casual anyway. In general, I think super trendy looks are best kept out of the office until they stop being super trendy. See: straight-cut trousers, cropped pants. They’re still not what you’d wear to court or a big presentation, but they’re ok for normal days. If you love midi rings, buy them now, wear them on the weekends, and maybe next year they’ll be acceptable office wear, or maybe you’ll look back and think “What was I thinking? Trying to wear those to the office??” (See: huge sock buns on top of you head.)

  7. Small delicate, removable jewelry place 1 knuckle up from where it usually is.

    I think it’s OK.

    At what angle would a client have to turn his or her head to note that that’s a skull midi ring in the link?

  8. No. This wouldn’t even fly in my relaxed business casual office. Midi rings are the hippy-flowty skirts of the jewelry world.

  9. They’re about as professional as, say, anklets.

    • Ha! That or exposing your toe rings in the flip flops you happen to be wearing to work that day.

  10. Pretty Primadonna :

    If you are a solo in say… Miami, I would say this would fly as professional. Anywhere else, I tend to think midi rings are too trendy for a professional setting.

  11. Business, Not Law :

    No….just NO.

  12. Jane Jetson :

    No. Too trendy for the office and don’t look right. They make me think of rings on the thumb and index finger. They just look wrong.