Wednesday’s Workwear Report: Baxter Dress

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

of-mercer-baxter-dress-front-viewSleeves, pockets,  and a generally neutral, flattering dress? Sign me up. The neckline is the only thing that gives me pause because I’m not generally a fan of crewnecks — I’d just take a necklace (pearls, perhaps) and visually lower the neckline. The dress is $195 at Of Mercer, available in sizes XS-L. Baxter Dress

Looking for more sleeved dresses with pockets? Check here for some of our favorites (all still in stock!).

This dress is more affordable ($64-$138) and comes in regular, petite, and plus sizes in a ton of colors.

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Sleeved Dresses with Pockets

dresses with sleeves and pockets roundup2018 Update: Hunting for sleeved dresses with pockets? Many of these options featured below are still available; we’ve also added a widget at the bottom with lots more options for sleeved dresses with pockets.

I was just writing something about the best default thing to wear to a networking event (like a conference) where you don’t know what to wear — and my answer was, if all else failed, wear “a sleeved dress with pockets.”  Sleeves because it looks like a complete look — no need for a cardigan or blazer to forget somewhere — and pockets so you have a place to stash business cards, key cards, and more.  Then, I thought to myself: good luck finding that workwear unicorn!  Despite lots of readers (year after year!) sleeved dresses with pockets!saying how much they love sleeved dresses — and dresses with pockets! — very few companies are granting that mystical request.  So I thought I’d do a mini hunt: FIVE sleeved dresses with pockets. (Psst: here’s an old WSJ article about why so many dresses are sleeveless.)

Let’s start our hunt with some of the top-rated dresses at Nordstrom

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