Weekend Wednesday: Summer Hats

summer hats for professional women

This is an occasional feature where we take a deeper look at weekend wear for professional women.

After my first pregnancy left me with a zillion sun spots (I think something about it made me more sensitive), I’ve gotten hugely into hats (as well as sunscreen) for weekend days. I know commenters were just talking about beach hats, so let’s discuss more broadly — which are your favorite fashionable hats, and where do you get them? Have you figured out a science to which head shapes look best with different hats? (It’s totally trial and error at this point for me!) Has anyone found a way to make a straw hat last longer than one summer? Pressing questions, indeed.

Some of the hats I’m liking now, pictured above:

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Beauty Wednesday: Serums, Sunscreen, and Retinoids

aging skincare tips serums sunscreens retinoidsLadies, what is your skin routine? At what age did you get serious about skincare? What are your favorite products, both over-the-counter and prescription, whether for anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, exfoliating, or something else? I’ve seen a lot of readers talking recently about serums, sunscreens, retinoids and more, so let’s discuss. I’m curious to hear what everyone else is doing, what products you like, and if you have any tips/tricks for applying — but here’s my own story:

After years of using only organic options while pregnant/nursing (based on something my first OB/GYN said to me), I was eager to get “the good stuff” when I finally had my body back to myself. As I often do, I turned to the commenting threads for advice and found an older thread where a reader had said that for a woman in her 30s, the main things you need are Vitamin C, sunscreen, and a retinoid. I liked the simplicity of this statement, as well as the chorus of agreement from other readers. I already had an organic, nursing-approved Vitamin C serum and have been using sunscreen daily since my teenage lifeguard years, so I thought, OK, to the dermatologist I go for a retinoid. (Just a quick science/vocab lesson, at least as I understand things: Retinol and retinoids are both Vitamin A. Retinols are available in over the counter (OTC) products; retinoids are available in prescriptions only. Retin-A is the brand name for one of the retinoids you can get.)

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