How to Shop for Clothes While Losing Weight

how to shop for clothes while losing weightIt can feel like a hard-fought victory to lose weight — but buying a new wardrobe for every size on the way can be an expensive habit! So how can you look stylish and put together while your weight is fluctuating? Reader K wonders how to shop for clothes while losing weight…

I’m in a male-dominated business casual office. I am getting ready to start positioning myself for a promotion and want to up my dressing game this summer. I’ve lost 40 pounds (yay me!!) and want to lose another 30. I’d appreciate any advice on managing a transitional wardrobe as I lose weight. I’d like to watch my spending before I hit my goal, but also look pulled-together and not be frumpy. Bonus for ideas that work well in a pretty hot part of the country!

Great question, Reader K, and CONGRATS on your huge accomplishment! We haven’t talked about how to step up your wardrobe for a promotion OR about favorite weight fluctuation clothes in a while, and I can’t wait to hear what readers say. For now, here are some thoughts for you:

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Plants, Points, Portions, and More: A Diet Open Thread

corporette diet open threadI’ve seen a lot of commenter threads about different diets lately, and I’ve been looking into them myself, so I thought I’d start a diet open thread to collect everyone’s thoughts in one place. At the outset, I just want to remind everyone this isn’t necessarily about weight loss — some people try different diets as a way to eat healthier or break bad habits. If you aren’t interested in changing your diet, or if this talk is triggering to you, please skip this thread. In case it needs to be said: this thread is not about looking “perfect.” Bodies come in all shapes and sizes; please strive to love yours no matter what size.

But, for those of you who WOULD care to discuss it, let’s hear it, ladies: Have you tried to change your diet lately? What diets did you consider, what did you end up doing, what good habits have managed to stick with you? What’s your bottom line in gauging success of a new diet (like seeing the scale move, losing weight, getting rid of a food-sensitivity symptom like bloating or fatigue)? What role do expense, convenience, and rigidity play — as a busy working woman do you dismiss out-of-hand a diet that requires you to prepare everything at home or allows no wiggle room?

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How to Keep a Working Wardrobe While Losing Weight

how to keep a working wardrobe while losing weight2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on how to keep a working wardrobe while losing weight, but you may also want to check out our more recent discussion of how to shop for clothes while losing weight. (Congrats!)

We’re still behind on reader mail (sorry, ladies!) and catching up…  Today’s question is about how to keep a working wardrobe while losing weight.

I was recently laid off from a somewhat conservative field. I’ve very overweight and have been using my unemployed time to try to lose some weight. I’ve lost 15 pounds and my dress clothes no longer fit.

I’m still very overweight and I estimate that I need to lose about 10 more pounds before I can fit into the size 18 at Ann Taylor or the Tahari sets at Macys and Filene’s Basement. I’m estimating that it’ll take me 6-8 weeks to lose that additional weight. In the meantime, I’m trying to network, going to industry events, and I want to be prepared for any last minute interviews or other events. Even 5 pounds can make a difference in the way clothing fits and since I don’t know how long I will be unemployed, I’m trying to avoid having to buy new dress clothes every few weeks.

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