Thank you for your patience with our tech troubles!

We seem to be under some kind of an Internet attack from bots (#yay), so the site has been patchy from late this afternoon and probably will be patchy at least until Thursday morning while we try to figure out what’s going on. As it’s been explained to me, this isn’t necessarily targeted at the site; it’s not likely that anyone is trying to get any information (either mine or yours) — it’s just part of doing business on the Internet these days.

Security settings are all set on high (hence the white “browser check” page you may have noticed from one of our services, Cloudflare, checking if your browser was suspicious before it would load the site for you), and we’ve got several different teams from various companies checking the issue, running scans, restarting things… Stay tuned. Thank you all for your patience! We’ll let you know as much as we can (without compromising site security) when we’re through the woods.

(And, to quote one regular reader who wrote in to warn me about some of the security issues that looked spammy to her: “With all of the JSFAMO and LGP and other website monikers, please please tell me that “we seem to be under attack from German bots” can become code for something!” WSTBUAFGB = being totally overwhelmed by life? Intense work situation? Something else? Let’s all put our collective noodles together on this one.)


  1. Kat, this is terrible. NO MORE BOTS! Kat/Kate, Actually, I thought for a moment that the websight had blocked ME personaly, even tho I am a SEASONED member of the HIVE. I know some peeople do NOT like me (why, I am puzzeled over), but be that as it may, I do know that I try to be a freind to all. I hope all of these loosers are caught and chased away. Most likeley, they are pimpel faced kids that live in their parent’s cellars, sending out messages to women saying and doieng nasty things. FOOEY on them! FOOEY I say! We, as a HIVE, must stick together to stand up for our rights as profesional women, and we should have men respect us for our MINDS. NO MORE BOTS! YAY!!!!!!

  2. Kat, your dedicated readers are still here. Maybe this pause is good for my productivity today

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