Tool of the Trade: Necklaces and Business Cards

corporette cards 002On Friday, we mentioned that one of our best uses for business cards (after we’ve taken the information from them) is to use them to keep delicate necklaces neat and tidy.  Some readers asked for pictures, so we spent some time this morning cutting up old Corporette business cards (and then spending far too long blurring our name and contact info.  Oh, the problems with being anonymous.)  In any event, we’ll describe it in depth after the jump…

Here are the tools you’ll need:

1.  Scissors, delicate necklace (here, a tiny sapphire and diamond pendant we got on sale a few years ago at Macy’s), business card.

corporette cards 001

2. Along the long side of the business card, cut .5″ “slits” in the card.  Put about 5 slits in the side, spaced widely.  Then, turn the card around and do the same thing with the opposite side.

corporette cards 002

3. Then, take the necklace and wrap it around the card, using the slits as “holders” for the necklace.

corporette cards 004

We’ve found that the business card trick works perfectly with a hanging jewelry organizer (such as Whitney Design 80-Pocket Ultra Jewelry Organizer, White, $9.46 at Amazon), our preferred way to store delicate necklaces, chunky earrings and brooches, and more.  It sounds disrespectful, but we particularly like to cut up business cards from friends — then every time we pull the necklace out we think of our friend.

(Another great use for business cards, particularly if you have a ton of old/defunct ones sitting around:  they’re the perfect density for the tiny window on the side of binders, and very easy to wrap a label around.)

What other uses have you found for business cards?  Do you store them?  (Or: do you have other ways of keeping your jewelry neat and tidy?)
Check out other jewelry organizers, below…


  1. I totally respect your desire to be anonymous (and you needn’t “out” yourself unless you so desire), but if so, why do you have business cards? I’m not following here.

  2. What I mean is … I understand not revealing your “true lawyer” business cards to everyone’s prying eyes, but then why are there Corporette business cards?

  3. I’m guessing that while the writers behind Corporette would like to generally keep their identity secret, they also need to do their website business (e.g., attracth sponsers and partners, etc.), which then requires them to have business cards. Because the two worlds operate in generally different spheres, this probably works out (at least for now).

    • I’m with Sharon–this makes no sense. If you’re anonymous, you’re anonymous.

      • I’m not sure if you can receive advertising dollars anonymously.

        Also note that C called them “OLD” Corporette cards. Perhaps at one time she was less concerned but has grown more cautious as the blog readership has grown.

        It’s all just speculation, of course, and really — who cares? If you want to get business cards that say you’re a Mathlete/Bad-A** MC, or the like, go right ahead. If C at one time wanted cards with this website and her name, good for her, too.

        • Hee… should have known it would have made people raise their eyebrows re: anonymous but I have business cards.

          But yes — my advertisers know who I am; so do the affiliates (and their PR people, joy). I got the cards because I was ordering some other stuff (wedding-related) from Vista Print and thought, hey, they’re cheap, why not. And they’re “old” because, well, old name — I took my husband’s. (Also: decided it looked stupid to say “CEO” of a blog.) I actually just ordered other ones using that $3.37 deal we mentioned the other day.

        • Do you think Kevin Gnapoor reads this blog?

          • Here’s the link to the $3.37 deal — it was from Wisebread. We Tweeted it/Facebooked it over the weekend. Not sure if it’s still going on…

  4. Amazing idea! Thanks!! Also curious why you have Corporette business cards….

  5. I keep the packaging the jewellery comes in (or essential parts thereof, anyway), and use that to store it.

  6. You know how lots of shirts and such come with tiny ziploc bags with extra buttons and thread? I put the buttons in a little jam jar and use the bags as jewelry holders. Works great for delicate necklaces (one at a time though, or major tangle will ensue) and several pairs of small earrings. These then go nicely into a small jewelry box.

  7. Anonymous :

    I use ziplock baggies and Celestial Seasonings tins (like Altoids tins, which would probably also work.

  8. Haha, I’m glad the girls at Corporette had a productive Monday cutting up cards for our enjoyment.

    I like the idea- sounds like it might prompt you to think about the person while you’re getting reading in the morning.

    For all my chunky stuff I just throw everything in this and keep it on my dresser:

    It looks pretty and I can see everything… which increases the chance of me wearing most of my jewelry since I know I have it!

  9. You probably don’t want to use metal containers for jewellery that is likely to tarnish. Ziplock bags are especially good to keep a set together (necklace + matching earrings). I also have little cloth bags for my real jewellery – pearls, gold, or other semi precious stones.

  10. THAT is a great idea. I have tons of necklaces that I have no idea how to store, but wrapping them around business cards is awesome.

  11. For my necklaces, I’ve installed my favorite part of my bathroom. (I’m sure it’d be great for a lot of styles of earrings, too, but I don’t wear them.) I got a French memo board (you know the one with the criss-cross-y ribbons) and T-pins (Kohl’s and Wal-Mart) and stick two pins in [almost vertically, out at an angle a little] an inch apart and hang my necklaces from there. I can hang several deep depending upon the shape of the necklace. I hung it on my wall with some new 3M Command hooks, and it’s beautiful, glittery and always on display. The few earrings I have are in a small plastic drawer thing on my counter … not at all beautiful. But I do love C’s card idea!

  12. Wow. I would never have thought of that. Good recycling skills, ladies!

  13. bead boxes work great too! I usually use bead a bead storage box (they have them at walmart for a few dollars) & EZY Dose Pill Pouches ( basically mini zip lock bags from cvs or… plus this works really well for traveling.

  14. Delta Sierra :

    I like to be able to look at my jewelry all at once, and not have to grubble in packages, or I forget what I have and never wear half of it. I nailed a 24×36 corkboard up behind the bedroom door, which seldom gets closed, and pin everything to that. Summers are dusty where I live, so a thin sheet of plastic pinned over the whole thing keeps stuff clean.

  15. I use the corkboard for my dangling earrings as well – I saved the corks from wine bottles and made one. Easy to hang and crafty!