Coffee Break: ‘Izzie’ Square Leather Strap Watch

Colorful Watch: Tory Burch 'Izzie' Square Leather Strap WatchI know readers were just discussing someone’s first good watch purchase, and this probably won’t fill that “basic watch you wear everywhere” kind of need. But it sure is a pretty and fun watch, isn’t it? I first noticed the more minimal style of the ivory/gold version, but this green/gold one is gorgeous. It’s $395 at Nordstrom. Tory Burch ‘Izzie’ Square Leather Strap Watch



  1. It’s difficult for me to imagine a more hideous watch than this one.

    • Anonymous2 :

      I can’t tell if I love it or hate it. But way too much $$ in either case.

      • Haha, same. The squareness of the watch face is what really turns me off in the end. I kind of love how ugly it is….like it’s so ugly it kind of is awesome.

        • FOOEY! I love it and would wear it if someone gave it to me! Why do peeople bash these fashioneable items? Kat is showing us these and we are free to like or dislike, but I do NOT like it when other peeeple make value judgement’s for me on what to wear or not. The ONLEY person I let make these judgement’s for me is the manageing partner, who make’s sure I am properly dressed for my court apearance’s and for meetings with our cleint’s. The cleint’s and our judge are VERY pleased with my wardrobe, and this translate’s into more busness for us. YAY!!!!!!

    • It makes me a little bit hungry, like it’s some kind of candy that I would have eaten in middle school (or now). Like a nerds rope. Are those still around? Or fruit by the foot? Mmmmm… candy.

      • Anonymous :

        I literally thought that this was nerds rope with acrylic poured over it. So ugly.

      • Yes nerd ropes are totally still around! There’s a candy shop in my city that has a whole Wonka wall and they have them.

    • Gail the Goldfish :

      It reminds me of those craft projects as a kid where you would melt the little plastic beads together to make various shapes.

      • Shrinky Dinks?

        I’m halfway between there and the ancient linty roll of Fancy Fruit Lifesavers you forgot on your glove compartment that is now crushed and semi melted into one solid mass.

    • anon-oh-no :

      I love it. But I like bright, fun, pretty things. And it doesn’t seem particularly expensive for a watch.

      • I would like the pattern as a skinny belt! I don’t care for the watch face.

      • Maudie Atkinson :

        I am with you. I rather love it. I have one watch I wear everyday, so I am not really the target consumer for a watch like this one, but if I were a person inclined to change her watch more often I would totally go for something like this.

    • Anonymous :

      The ivory and gold one that’s linked is much, much prettier.

    • crazytalk :

      This watch is ridiculous

  2. Lost Girl :

    I’m going to Miami next week with my BF. Any recommendations of things to see, eat, do? TIA!

    • A trip to the everglades! We booked a private tour with Airboat in Everglades because they arranged pick-up from South Beach, which worked out cheaper than a car rental. The bonus was that our small boat went to less-used areas of the everglades and we saw SO many alligators! It was so much fun.

      For food, we loved:
      Michael’s Genuine
      Osteria del Teatro

      We also visited Little Havana (on advice from our guide book) and I don’t recommend it. There really wasn’t a lot to see and do.

      • I went to Yardbird in Vegas and it was a top 5 meal of my life. GO TO YARDBIRD.

    • Senior Attorney :

      If you like big old fancy houses from the Gilded Age, check out Vizcaya Mansion and Gardens. Miami’s answer to Hearst Castle or the Biltmore Estate.

      • Yes! I went to Vizcaya my last full day in Miami (I think on recommendation from Senior Attorney, but defintely from this site) and it was beautiful. There’s also a delicious Brazilian restaurant in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue somewhere between 63rd and 70th – I can’t remember the name, but it was awesome. Also, La Perrada De Edgar – also delicious. The combos are crazy, but they totally work. If you happen to venture around the area a bit, there is a tropical fruit stand in Homestead that is called Robert is Here – it’s about an hour outside of Miami, down Rt. 1, but it was definitely worth the detour! Best mango I ever had and they do great tropical milkshakes as well.

    • Wynwood is a cool area to walk around in and get coffee or a meal

  3. Thought I would share this good chuckle from McSweeneys on negotiating raises:

  4. Sigh. I have an incredibly awful lived-with ex who gaslighted me for our entire relationship and dumped me with a note (posted about previously).

    I transferred the cable account to my new apartment when I moved, about a year ago. Somehow the account was under his name, and still is. I needed to cancel it but they would not let me without his SSN. I fought with the cable company for an hour.

    Finally I sent him an email explaining that he needed to do this and do it ASAP – the company said if I just stopped paying, he would be reported to a credit agency. So basically, I was being nice to him. (Though my name was on the acct too, so that was my primary motivator).

    He just forwarded the email to MY MOTHER. Wtf? He sent her an incredibly rude and condescending note, including this:

    “Please reiterate my request that she not contact me for any reason. She could have handled this matter entirely on her own, and should have done so. Future emails from her to either of my Gmail accounts will be automatically rejected. A reply to this message is neither required nor desired.”

    I know I shouldn’t care, but it really hurt for him to send such rude comments, and to my mother no less. We are adults. How dramatic and uncalled for to contact my mother. Of course this only solidifies my utter joy that the relationship is over, but it still really hurts. I am crying in my office and don’t know how to turn the day around.

    • I’m a petty person, but I would take my name off of the account and then let it sit open in his name and stop paying the bill. And enjoy the free cable.

      Also, why does your ex feel comfortable reaching out to your mom about this? He’s “reiterat[ing] the request” as if there were prior requests? Tell your mom to delete the email, block his email and be done with it. And you should do the same.

      Also, where’s Shots, Shots, Shots?!

      • Shopaholic :

        +1 This is outrageous. What the h3ll is he thinking contacting your mom?! Take your name off the account, let him suffer the consequences and good riddance.

        You deserve wine and takeout or shots shots shots or whatever is your comfort tonight.

    • Spring coats :

      Re-direct your anger at Concast for such an unnecessary demand.

      It is Comcast, isn’t it?

      Comcast is evil.

      And hey… You warned him. Take your name off the account, and stop paying. You warned him.

      Then go get some French fries.

    • Anonymous :

      Wow. Time to take your name off and let him live with the consequences.

      You are SO better off without this douchenozzle. Don’t cry, celebrate your good luck.

    • What an ENORMOUS DOUCHE. His behavior is terrible. I’m appalled on your behalf, but also totally understand why that stings. Ugh. I remember your original post, too, which was heartbreaking. If I recall, you didn’t have much contact with this douchecanoe after breaking up, right? The fact that he reacted in such an over the top way makes me think that he’s got some real serious emotions about you and how he treated you (regret, guilt are two that unsurprisingly come to mind). Not that his emotions are in anyway your responsibility, but hey, he’s clearly worked up about something… and that’s his cross to bear.

      Re; the rest of your day- is there anything that you can treat yourself to, as a celebration for being free of this guy? Or just something to commemorate yourself for being awesome and getting through this? Massage, favorite dinner, new dress, yoga with friends, pedicure date? I always like to schedule things with people who love me for a big emotional boost- even just having it on the calendar makes the other chunks of the day easier to get through.

    • Wow. Just be glad you’re out of the relationship. That level of rudeness is unfathomable and never called for. It sounds as though you’ve done everything you can. I would do everything you can to document your request to close the account with the cable company, reduce or cancel the service even if you can’t close the account, and return any equipment so it’s clear you’re not using/stealing “his” cable. From there, just let the cable company report non-payment to a credit agency–after all, now he’s the one shirking his responsibilities.

      • sweetknee :

        I would take my name off the account, return any equipment, and then send him a real letter by regular and certified mail that says you have done so, and will quit paying on “X” date. If he does not take care of it at that point, its his tough S#$%.

        • +100 Even better! In your formal letter, make formal reference to this most recent email exchange, documenting that you gave him opportunity to handle it in a different manner.

          • Killer Kitten Heels :

            Attach the recent email exchange as an enclosure, and make copies of everything you send him before you send it.

    • Ugh!!! I don’t even know you, and I am so mad on your behalf! What a horrible thing to do. I agree with what others have said – get Comcast to remove your name from the account, then stop paying. It’s my experience that if you just won’t take no for an answer, they will give you what you want.

      Or you could reach out to HIS mother and ask for his SSN…

    • The cable bill is the only thing in my ex’s name. We forgot to deal with it before he left the state. They won’t let me put it in my name. It’s been 10 years. I’m still irritated.

    • Drop Comcast and get dish or directv. Let the Comcast go into collections, then people of exactly your ex’s caliber will call him day and night. Make sure you update the phone number to his!

      • Meg Murry :

        Oh yes, make sure you update all the contact information first so they don’t nag you to death. Or can you not do that either without the SSN?

    • Wildkitten :

      At least you will never have to wonder if you made the wrong choice by letting that one get away. Good riddance.

      • Seriously. It sounds like you dodged a bullet!! Please celebrate if you have not already.

  5. Anonymous :

    I would absolutely stop paying and let it go to the credit agency. He’s an idiot. Good for you for trying to give him the opportunity to fix it and being a better person. If it get’s reported and he makes a fuss to you, I would copy and paste his email right back to him (with the appropriate narrative form change). What a jerk. Hugs to you.

  6. Favorite hotel in London? TIA!

    • Anonymous :

      We stayed at The Pelham in March and loved it. Great for the price and very good location.

    • One Aldwych at — 1 Aldwych, London WC2B 4BZ,

    • Belgraves, which is a Thompson Hotel (not to be confused with some other hotels with similar sounding names). Boutiquey, not in a touristy area but conveniently located. Not cheap and not large rooms, unfortunately, but I quite like the vibe.

      Also, I tend to have really good luck choosing hotels off of Jetsetter.

    • I have stayed at the Club Quarters Trafalgar Square – small, dark rooms. Wouldn’t recommend
      Charing Cross – Great location, reasonably sized rooms
      Reubens at the Palace – location is not as accessible (subway) as the Charing Cross and is a bit tourist-y as it’s near Buckingham Palace. Rooms are a decent size but decor is dated (or “classic”).

      • Wildkitten :

        I had a genuinely terrifying/life-threatening experience at a Club Quarters (that was their fault, or at a minimum, their negligence) and then had a horrible customer service/hospitality experience/reaction to the life-threatening event. So – that might be the whole brand, not just the Trafalgar Square location.

    • I stayed at The Kensington in Chelsea and (for me) it was in maybe too fancy an area? I wanted more of a pub nextdoor vibe and this hotel was walking distance from Harrod’s and all of the close restaurants seemed higher-end. The hotel itself was fine- clean, good (included?) breakfast, polite staff and seemed to be really safe.

  7. This just happened:

    I just received a phone call from an Indian sounding guy with a Chicago number.

    Guy: “I can help you lower your credit card interest rates due to a newly enacted federal law (okay, sounds legit) but I need to know the expiration date of your cc to ensure that I can help you”
    Me: “Oh GREAT! It’s 07/2019′
    Guy: “I can definitely help you. What is the balance on your credit card and what card is it?”
    Me: “The balance is around $25k (the balance is truly paid in full every month) and the card is a Chase VISA card”
    Guy: “Okay, I can see that the first 4 digits of your card are 4266 (all Chase VISA cards have the same first 4 numbers). I’m going to need you to confirm the last 12 digits of the card”.
    Me: busting out laughing “Well if you know the whole card number can’t I just confirm that last 4?”
    Guy: “No, I need you to confirm all 12 numbers”
    Me: “No problem, do you need my billing address and DOB too?”
    Guy: “well that would certainly be helpful to prove that this is in fact your account”
    Me: “Do you think I smoke crack”?
    Guy: “Do I think you do what?”
    Me: “Do you think I smoke crack cocaine? Like the drug?”
    Guy: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m just trying to help you get a better interest rate”
    Me: “Does it help me for you to steal my CC number and sell it to others?”
    At this point I can’t believe the guy is still talking to me.
    Me: “I guess I’m having a hard time understanding how you’re going to help me by selling my credit card number to others”
    Me: “How do you sleep at night knowing that you’re ripping off at risk people? People who might have credit card debt because their child has cancer? People who have lost their jobs and their houses?”
    Guy: “I sleep great at night knowing that I help people”
    Me: “You’re a piece of sh*it and I’m reporting you to the Federal Trade Commission.

    I was so mad that I continued on with some other choice words until he hung up. I tried to call the number back and it was a robo number so it didn’t even ring. First time I’ve ever received a call like this. Modify message

    • I got the same call and just laughed and hung up.

      • Chase Visa holder for 25 years ... :

        Yes, Why engage? And then brag about it?

        My phone has a disconnect button for a reason.

    • This is why I never answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize. This kind of stuff ruins my dayzzz.

    • “due to a newly enacted federal law”

      nah, this is where you know it’s crap. When’s the last time our federal government actually passed a law? ;)

    • Anonymous :

      The first sentence doesn’t sound legit at all. I guess I don’t get the point of this post. Yes there are scammers. No you engaging them doesn’t make them feel bad.

      • Yeah – sorry, but I can’t believe you answered question 1 in the first place. I have done equally dumb stuff for sure, not judging – just think you should realize there’s nothing legit-sounding about that opener.

      • Anonymous :

        My assumption was that the “sounds legit” comment was sarcasm

      • I assumed the “sounds legit” was sarcastic, and that OP engaged out of curiosity, to see how the scam worked and/or how far it would go. But, yeah, it’s probably not the smartest thing to do, and it isn’t going to help or make them feel bad.

    • Is his apparent ethnicity relevant?

      • thank you

      • superstars :

        My thoughts exactly. It clearly isn’t.

      • And neither is the fact that it was a man or that he called from a Chicago number. Calm down.

      • I’m sure it was only to imply that the call was likely coming from a out-sourced call center type outfit. Not to suggest that those darn Indians are always scamming Hard-Working Americans. I’m as sensitive to this stuff as the next person, but I really don’t think OP’s comment was bad. Calm down everyone.

    • Chase Visa holder for 25 years ... :

      Not all Chase Visa’s start with those 4 numbers.

  8. Ok, someone please help me. I finally got my acne mostly under control at the age of 25 (only took me 10 years!), but now I get random big zits that take forever to go away. What’s your favorite spot treatment?

    • Anonymous :

      My most common treatment is picking at them more than I should, but I would not recommend that course of action.

    • Honestly, the only thing that has worked for me (for years now) is spironolactone. No spot treatments needed because now my skin is actually clear. I wish I had gone to a dermatologist and asked for the prescription when I was 21 instead of 31!

      • My skin is really clear now – I actually get compliments on it now, which is shocking to me as a person who believes that I would never have clear skin. But now, around my period, I sometimes get one or two big zits. My skin care routine is working so well otherwise, and I don’t want to mess with it if I don’t have to.

      • Wildkitten :

        SAME! But I also find “Aczone” will kill zits that do dare show up. It’s also from the derm.

        • Oh interesting, Aczone was the last prescription I was on until I decided that I was done with trying a new topical every few years. Interestingly, when I stopped going to the Derm and started to use OTC products instead, my acne cleared up.

      • Anonymous :

        SPironolactone is something that a couple of doctors have recommended for me. Have you had any side effects? May I ask how expensive it is for you? I know insurances are all different blah blah blah, but no one can seem to tell me if it is a normal $10/month sort of thing or a $600/month thing

        • My sprinolactone costs me about $20 per month. Maybe a bit less when I get it at Costco. It is a cheap generic, but generics have gotten a bit more expensive these days, and I pay all of my drug costs until I meet my high deductible.

          It really works well for those deep, large, painful, cystic acne lesions. I never get them now. I still got some small whiteheads in the T zone, but now that I use topical retinoids those have stopped.

          The only side effect for me is that it is a mild diuretic. So I pee after I drink fairly quickly and I have to be careful about drinking enough during the day or my blood pressure gets really low because I’m dehydrated.

          It is a miracle drug for me.

          I didn’t start it until I was 42 years old, unfortunately. I can’t believe I waited this long to see a dermatologist.

        • Wildkitten :

          Mine is $0 copay.

        • I pay $14 for a three month supply. I love it.

          I had irregular periods for three months when I first started but then they became consistent again without any intervention.

          My breast size also increased slightly and I have to pee slightly more but neither is particularly significant.

          Totally worth it. Finally have clear skin at 35 and my scars are going away.

        • Anonymous :

          Spironolactone is the only thing that has helped my face – I tried what seemed like every topical on the planet. I was 27 when I started with bad hormonal adult acne. Spiro is a blood pressure medication with an off-label use for treating hormonal acne … my skin cleared up in about 4 weeks. I didn’t even recognize myself.

    • I have to say, I’ve never had good luck with spot treatments. This might depend on skin type, but I’ve always found they just make my blemishes even more irritated (read: red) and sore. Is this just me? My tried and true method is leaving them completely alone (or covering them up with as little fuss as possible if I have a big day).

    • The best spot treatment…. that I hesitate to post because it must be used sparingly…. is steroid cream. An over the counter, topical steroid. You use a tiny, tiny amount. And then leave it. Don’t squeeze. Don’t touch. Do not use if for more than a couple days.

      steroids are very very very very bad to use regularly. It can thin and damage your skin.

      Of course, you can always use a bit of benzoyl peroxide gel as well.

    • 2% Salicylic acid – I use Paula’s choice liquid exfoliant as a toner, then
      Sulfur mask e.g. Mario Badescu drying lotion, Peter Thomas Roth sulfur mask, Acne Free mask. I leave that on overnight.

    • I used to get one or two big bumps on my chin related to my cycle. They were cystic in nature so picking at them made them worse. I like the Mario Badescu buffering lotion or the Evolve serum (its active ingredient is tea tree oil) A couple of days of 2x day treatment and keeping my hands off my face usually cleared them up.

  9. Cold Callers! :

    How do you deal with cold calls at work?It’s to the point where I get 2-3 per day.

    My field has a lot of “service providers” that are all looking in to cash in, ahem, “serve” our clients.

    If this was my personal phone, I would not hesitate to hang up on them and block their number. But that doesn’t seem professional.

    I started with “I’m very busy, now isn’t a good time.” Then I started getting calls back from the same people 30 minutes later, “is now a good time?” (No!) (yes, this happened three times). “I’m not interested” turns into them getting defensive and, frankly, insulting (could be a culture clash–they are all based in another country).

    I’ve started interrupting them with “I don’t have any authority to hire you and I don’t know who in this firm does so I can’t refer you to them” (click). I have to say it quickly and in a stern tone of voice or they start talking over me. It has stopped the callbacks.

    But…I feel so rude. How would you interpret this if a coworker dismissed cold callers this way?

    • Anonymous :

      Screen your calls. If one gets through, tell them you’re not interested and hang up. Don’t feel rude – it’s rude to cold call people.

      • +1 I don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize, on my personal phone or my business phone. I don’t save lives and nothing I do is so urgent that screening and returning calls shortly thereafter is going to cause a problem. I listen to the VM and then immediately return the call. If I was in the bathroom this is exactly what would happen, so I don’t feel bad about it.

    • Cream Tea :

      “Thank you for your interest. I’m afraid I’m not in a position to accept any new clients at the moment. Thank you anyway, bye.”

    • Anonymous :

      Do any of these “service providers” offer to lower your credit card interest rates?

      I have used a similar script. I would not consider a colleague rude for treating nuisance calls like this.
      If a coworker or subordinate asked me how to deal with cold calls, I would recommend your approach.

    • I deal with this at work, too, and hate it, so I definitely wouldn’t think less of you for getting off the phone quickly as long as youre not being abusive to the person on the other end. I screen most of the time, but if I happen to pick up, I don’t bother with saying it’s not a good time, because yes, they will always call back. I tell them we already have a solution for XYZ in place and are not interested in changing service providers at this time. Thanks, bye. Polite, but firm. If they call more than once within a day or two, I tell them they’re being disruptive and if they call again, I’ll take note of their company so we are sure not to consider them for future business. That always shuts it down. On one hand I feel for them, because telemarketing is a thankless job. On the other, it’s not my job to waste time being sympathetic and chatty. Ultimately, the faster we get off that call that won’t end in a sale, the better it is for both of us.