Tuesday’s TPS Report: K Karl Lagerfeld Wool-Blend Tailored Blazer

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
The Outnet has some lovely blazers at great prices right now. We’re liking this K Karl Lagerfeld wool-blend tailored blazer — the details on the lapels, the structure of the jacket, and yes, even the slightly shiny finish.  Although we’re not sure we could do an entire suit out of a shiny finish (although they do have some matching pants), as an addition to an otherwise sedate outfit, it would be great.  For some reason we’re thinking we’d incorporate purple or yellow into the look.  Was $425, now $170; available in navy and black in sizes 4-10. K Karl Lagerfeld Wool-blend tailored blazer

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  1. Ooh! I love this, especially with the three button finish for more hold/structure.

    On a completely unrelated note, I have a question for Corporette and the readers: my husband asked for a new litigation bag (sometimes I think called a lawyer’s briefcase) for Christmas. His old one was a gift from his parents, and it wore out — the middle lock/buckle took most of the strain and completely ripped off. So he asked for something where the middle clasp doesn’t bear a lot of the weight when he’s carrying it. He’d also like something with a detachable shoulder strap for when he is traveling. I am a bit lost about where to start because I’ve never purchased something like this, and there seem to be a million options. I’d like to get him something of quality that will last. Does anyone have any advice? I’d really appreciate it.

    • I looked at e-bags and they have a bunch. Plus 10% off and free shipping (and if you use Bing.com cashback, you get an additional 20% cashback)

      This one is a bit distressed but seems like it meets the weight-bearing criteria.

      This one is pricier and a bit structured for my taste, but it could work, especially if you’re looking for an investment piece.

    • levenger has great quality leather pieces. not always the most fashion-forward, but classic for sure. they have a lot of styles, too.

    • Try Clark and Mayfield from Portland Oregon. Lovely leather bags, good prices. Rolling and carry-style.

  2. What type of pants would you wear this with?

  3. I really like this! The tailoring is sharp and it looks hugely flattering. My only concern is with the shiny fabric. I’m always afraid that shiny fabrics make me look bigger than I am.

  4. It would be hard not to channel Karl himself in this, with black matchstick trousers, a starched collar, and shocking white ponytail secured by a black ribbon. But I’m a hanger-on like that.

  5. RZS: I’m not sure whether I like the trend, but I’m seeing a lot more wheeled bags in the courtroom.

    I tend to shy away from the ultra-traditional, but if it suits your husband’s taste (and your budget), I use a wool felt Carga bag as a briefcase (http://www.cargabags.com/) and nothing receives more compliments. They have leather versions as well.

    • Those Carga bags are amazing, I’ve never seen them before. Which one do you use?

      • I have the #02, which I purchased about 3 years ago. It’s really taken a beating and held up remarkably. The wool around the handle pills a teeny tiny bit, and the shape has softened a bit from its original stiffness, but otherwise it’s mint. I love it.

    • To me, a “litigation bag” is always something with wheels (in Canada at least) – for the amount of stuff you take to court, you need it to be. I don’t equate them with briefcases and I don’t really equate them with style, either!

      • Agreed. It’s never occurred to me to attempt to coordinate them with what I’m wearing or attempt to convey any particular style message with them.

  6. Thanks all. My husband is definitely more traditional, and he is talking about a leather briefcase/shoulder bag, not a wheeled bag. Ebags looks like a possibility, and other suggestions are welcome!

    • Not sure how much you want to spend but if it’s within budget: Cole Haan, Tumi & Brooks Brothers all make great options. Cole Haan a biut more trendy than the others but still classic & well made. These aren’t cheap but they are well made & if you have any outlets near you, you can snag a great deal!

      This one below, I think, is lovely — youthful but classic, and if you have a corporate card, you can get 15% off the price (usually available through most law schools’ alumni services and through many bar associations [e.g., NYSBA] )

      • Ooh, and for a bit more of a splurge ($898, or about $763 with the 15% off) . . . they have this “Lawyer’s Briefcase” —

        It’s a lot but it’s a gift & it’s handmade in the USA (not outsourced to China), so one can hope that it will last him at least half a lifetime. And so elegant!

  7. At first glance I thought this was leather! I’m sure it’s just my computer screen though. The styling is very nice, but finding things to wear it with would be tricky. I think I would do a pair of ultra-matte, jet black slacks (or maybe pinstripe), a bright top, and some pointy black pumps/flats. I would have to see it in person to know for sure though.

  8. Try www.briefcase.com They are having a 70% off, plus free shipping sale. There are some great sales on PIEL bags right now…

  9. http://www.briefcase.com/MCKLEIN-Park-Ridge-9487-Leather-Ladies-Brief-p/mc-9487%20clearance.htm

    That’s a cute ladies’ briefcase for $74. Thanks for the tip on the sale!

  10. Thank you all! This has been so helpful!

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