Tuesday’s TPS Report: Uptown Jersey Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. Many thanks to this week’s TPS guest poster, Road Warriorette!

Uptown Jersey DressI have to be honest about something: Boden is my favorite. I love all of their clothes, I want to live in their catalog, and it took a lot of will power to restrain myself from doing all of this week’s TPS reports in Boden. Whew, glad I got that off my chest. Now, on to the dress. I know some of you are going to say, No! Not jersey! But I promise—Boden jersey is heavy, doesn’t cling, doesn’t wrinkle, and is lovely and work-appropriate. It also packs incredibly well. The Uptown Jersey Dress is the best type of dress: comfortable yet professional, feminine but not “twee”, and comes in vibrant colors as well as a sophisticated black. I like the purple “Violet Flower Press” the best, and would pair it with yellow flats and a cardigan for a work+travel day. Note: go by the measurement chart as some Boden items run a bit big. Available in Violet Flower Press, Ruby Flower Press, Leaf Flower Press, and Black, in 2-18 Regular and Long, and 2-10 Petite. Uptown Jersey Dress

Seen a great piece you’d like to recommend? Please e-mail [email protected] with “TPS” in the subject line.


  1. Love Boden. And love that this dress comes in both regular and petites!

    PSA: Boden is always running percentage off coupons, so no need to buy anything full price from them.

    • Anonymous :

      Right now it’s not a percentage but a stepped discount– probably $30 off for most orders. But– they’re also having a midseasons sale wherein lots of stuff is already discounted like 25%ish, so you apply your likely-to-be $30 off that and it’s an awesome time to enjoy the always enjoyable Boden.

    • And they are having a “secret” sale now thru Thursday on lots of fall items.

      Up to 25% off some items, plus an extra $30 off & free shipping/returns if you spend $150+ …

      Pretty dress.

  2. I haven’t bought anything from Boden in a few years (I had some issues with sizing the last time …), but with this rave review and all the positive comments from the women on Corporette, I may have to give it another chance! Are there any good tips for Boden sizing?

    • Read the reviews & follow the measurements. They tend to be spot on. I usually won’t order anything until there are a couple of reviews for the item.

    • Anonymous :

      The bust is often bigger proportionately than the hips. Not a problem but a fit tendency. For me, it means size up only on fitted, woven dresses so my hips/tush are flattered and appropriate. Doens’t matter on knit dresses, though.

      • Diana Barry :

        I find the opposite, that the hips are bigger than the bust/shoulders. It may be variations in our own measurements that make Boden fit differently, though. Definitely measure yourself and look at the garment measurements.

        I love that they have long in all their skirts and dresses!

        • I just bought a raft of very cute Boden clothes that i love – but….the tops and the bottoms are all too big. The sizes seem to be bigger than American sizes, and also running larger than past Boden orders.

      • Disappointed in Boden :

        I bought the previous Boden dress to be featured here, in 8 and 10, as well as blouses in 6 and 10. I had no idea what my sizing was. For reference, I am short and curvy — 5’4 DD with hips — and nothing fit me. Both blouses were too tight in the hips. The dress was too tight in the hips as an 8 but a bit loose in the chest, and way too big in the 10, both in the hips and in the chest. The dress and the blouse were also a bit long. My guess is that the brand is better for people who are on the taller side and athletically built, or busty without much hip.

        • Boo. I am built like you, and I really wanted to try Boden. The search continues for clothes for petite curvy gals.

    • Thanks for the tips – I will make sure to read reviews and take my measurements carefully before buying anything this time!!

    • I have only bought jackets and sweaters from Boden, and find they run a bit large but not insanely so. So if the comments are “fits large” I buy the smaller size, but now that they are US sizes I find they are relatively true to size but with a generous fit, if that makes sense.

    • I’ve been disappointed with Boden sizing. While the clothes appear to be the “correct” size, the few items I’ve tried (all dresses) are huge in the waist (tons of extra fabric) and tight in the hips. Seem to be targeted toward the “pillar” and “lollipop” body shapes, IMHO.

      • I agree with most everyone’s sizing comments above; for my body, Boden clothing is way too big in the hips and waist, too narrow in the hips.

        I hope others have had better experience with fabric quality, but the jersey dress I bought from Boden last fall was almost sheer. I expect that from J.Crew lately, but not Boden. :(

    • Their shirts and dresses tend to be high waisted as well. I love the look of their wrap dresses but they all look like maternity clothes on me.

  3. Anonymous :

    Happy heads-up: what they label “midweight jersey”– sometimes in the blurb, sometimes in the “Details” specifications tab– is often what we’d call a ponte. So it’s an even better deal and an even better, more flattering and long-lasting dress. Kind of sucks you in and smooths you out without looking so knitty, more of a woven vibe of formality and officeyness but soft like a thick sweatshirt.

  4. AccountingNerd :

    Threadjack: I’m looking for a button-down shirt, preferrably less than $70. What do you all think of the Limited or Victorias Secret? Ann Taylor loft’s collared shirts are always too big in the chest for me (32A). Any recommendations? I’m looking for something fitted, not frumpy. Thanks!

    • Corporate Tool :

      I like the Limited shirts, some of them have lasted me for years. Also, check Brooks Brothers/Charles Trywhitt’s sale section. I can usually get a good non-iron for under $50.

      • AccountingNerd :

        We don’t have those at our mall, but I will check out their website. Thanks!

        • Corporate Tool :

          And BB is having a sale today, so you can get a shirt for under $50, easy.

    • Motherplucker :

      I am about that size and Banana’s shirt’s are good for me. I get the non stretch with the highest button around the neck. (They have some that stop rather low on me because I do not fill them out).

      I would really recommend getting some tailor made button down shirts. I used Astor & Black (I think they are in many cities but I do not work or promote them) and it is amazing. I never realized how much these shirts make a difference when fit properly.

      • AccountingNerd :

        I didn’t even think of Banana..i’ll defnitely check them out!

      • AnonInfinity :

        Banana is good for me, too. My chest is even smaller than yours, and if I get the correct size in my shoulders, I don’t have a problem with the chest being too big.

        • AccountingNerd :

          I see that Banana has several “sateen” button ups. Is that a classic style? I’m trying to stay away from trendy…

          • AnonInfinity :

            I think the sateen kind a slightly shiny. I get the non-iron ones in classic colors. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s ironing.

    • If you can wait for a 40% off sale, Ann Taylor’s button downs are a great deal. I find they fit differently than LOFT’s (I prefer the AT fit) & hold up well.

    • I’m about your size, and have had good luck with Limited and BR, both in your price range. I think sateen is probably a classic, as long as it’s not really bright or super-shiney (which it doesn’t look from the website).

      One note on BR: I’ve pretty much never found tops to be too small, particularly in the chest, but the size 0 is actually a bit snug on me. Husband bought me one, and I wound up keeping it (I liked the pattern, and they didn’t have another one a size up), and it’s doable, but I now suddenly understand the whole button-gaping thing that people are always concerned about. So, be wary of getting the smallest size without trying it on.

    • banana’s 40% off from 12-4, too. code: BRTUES40.

      • AccountingNerd :

        Thanks!!! :)

      • AccountingNerd :

        Ok, i bought the white sateen in a 2 and 4 petite. I hope one of them fits. A lot of the reviews mentioned the shirt being very tight in the chest (even for small chests) Do any of y’all have the white? Is it very sheer?

    • Lands end 0 petite or even 00 petite are small, nicely tailored, non-iron. I have a number and always get complimented on them.

  5. Boden dresses look so cute in the catelog, but never fit me right. They are always too big at the waist and too tight at the hips. I guess they are meant for apples and not pears. sigh.

    • I’m a pair and they fit me perfectly. LOVE them.

    • Agreed in general, but their dresses that are not as fitted through the hips (jersey wrap dresses, etc.) work for me, so you might want to check them out!

  6. Corporettes, I need help!

    I just started dating a man who is totally out of my comfort zone (I usually date, unfortunately, executive or lawyer-type-guys). A few weeks ago I met a man who is fantastic and completely different, but in a great way. He is an artist — a musician and sommalier.

    Friday is his 32 birthday, and I am meeting his friends for the first time. They are all music-or-artsy types, and I am very much a Kate Spade pencil skirt and cardigan type on weekdays, sporty and casual on weekends. What in the world do I wear? How do I bridge the gap here? I don’t think his friends will judge me, but I just don’t want to stand out so much that I am pre-judged because we are so different for people just meeting me. I know it seems like a petty concern, but I want them to like me for me!

    • Don’t buy anything new, but wear a simple outfit of your own pretty stuff, in dark colors and simple shapes, feeling like yourself, and wear you funkiest necklace, no earrings, eye makeup, cool bag.

      Mostly, be yourself. That’s who he was attracted to, and best of all, it’s non-negotiably who you are whether this goes someplace (yay!) or not (still yay– still you.)

      • Thanks. I know I’m totally wrong for being concerned about this — it’s not him I’m worried about (he’s totally into me for exactly who I am) but I have had bad experiences with judgmental female friends of a guy I’m dating before so perhaps this is an irrational worry.

        I appreciate the suggestions!

        • I don’t think it’s totally irrational – we women can be mean sometimes. However, just remember you’re there with the birthday guy and he likes you for you!!

        • Watch out for any guy you think is totally into you – that’s a big danger sign! You’re better off with the skeptics!

          • Usually Lurks :

            That is the most cynical thing I’ve read on Corporette.

          • Or the most trollish. What is the alternative, someone who is skeptical of you? What is that even like? Someone you have to prove yourself to? Blech.

          • SAlit-a-gator :

            My now husband was very into me when we first met…and vice versa. There can be many danger signs in dating but I don’t think this is one of them!

          • Isn’t she kidding?

          • I thought it was pretty obvious that this was a joke – LOL!

    • Just be yourself and dress how you like to dress. He obviously already likes you as yourself. No need to be somebody else.

    • My understanding is that you aren’t trying to pretend to be someone you aren’t, but rather just blend in enough that you’re judged on your ideas and personality rather than your clothes. That’s pretty dang reasonable, and I actually think that’s what a lot of us try to do when meeting new people.

      My advice in this situation is similar to Anonymous 10:25. Steer away from sporty logo stuff and go for simplicity, comfort and quality. You probably already have it in your wardrobe. Away from shiny/sparkly, toward texture. Away from classic pearls, toward wood, metal and fabric. A simple less-structured dress with a statement necklace and some understated flats or wedges, or if it’s weekend casual some dark wash jeans with an interesting top.

    • Leather jacket or boots and a cool necklace.

    • LadyEnginerd :

      I agree with the consensus: pick one, maybe 2 of your funkiest accessories and add them to whatever you normally wear so that you feel comfortable. My SO is an “artsy” type, and I find that wearing something like that makes *me* feel like I fit in (see? I can be creative too!), regardless of what *they* think.

    • lurkerette :

      Hi Anon,
      I work in finance and I’m married to an artist. Don’t know if I can give any fashion advice other than to just wear what you feel comfortable and pretty in and be yourself! But, although right/left brain relationships can have their challenges, it can be really wonderful to be paired with someone who looks at the world so differently. I get along really well with his friends and feel like they enjoy having someone in their circle “from the outside”. Good luck and have fun!

      • BeBeLawyer :

        As a lawyer dating an artist, here’s my thinking: it’s a bad sign if his friends are unkind to you. Seriously. My SO’s friends have backgrounds and interests pretty different from mine (and my friends’), and they are consistently respectful and cool and just great to me/us. I think it speaks volumes of good about your guy and how he speaks about you (and picks friends) if they treat you well–and volumes more if they treat you badly. Just be you, be ready to have fun, and NO judging (it takes ages to understand what it means to be a successful or well-educated artist and the last thing you want to do is be patronizing or accidentally insulting).

  7. found a peanut :

    I think Ms. Obama is wearing The Skirt:


    • I think you’re right! And she’s wearing it in the color I wanted and didn’t order quick enough and now is sold out … She looks great!

      • MaggieLizer :

        They still have it in petites in most sizes. Love that color… I might even break my rule and pay full price for it.

        • Maddie Ross :

          Unless you are really tall or have really long legs, you may want to try the petites if the regulars are sold out. I have the Skirt in regular and petite because one of the colors I wanted was on sale in petite. With free shipping, I thought I’d take the chance. The petite is only about an inch shorter than the regular. No other real differences between the two. I’m 5’8″, but have a long torso and the petite worked fine for me.

          • THANK YOU for that excellent advice. The turquoise color was still available in my size in petite – I’m very excited!!

          • I really wanted the turquoise. So I’ll give the petite a try. Please leave one for me ladies!

      • MissJackson :

        Keep checking Nordstom’s website. It was sold out in my size, too, but today it’s magically back in stock. (I assume it’s returns).

    • Diana Barry :

      She looks fantastic.

    • I have to say, I ordered FOUR of these skirts in different sizes and none of them looked good on me. I dont’ really understand the appeal, but maybe it’s just my body type.

      • I spoke too soon–seeing on Michelle Obama makes me see the appeal! I think I’m just too petite and stomachy for it.

      • found a peanut :

        I actually don’t think this skirt fits me great either. I don’t know what it is – I have high hips and am short-waisted (do those two things always go together) and all my weight is in my stomach and rear. The Skirt looks ok if I wear something over it but not if I wear something tucked in (which is my preferred way of wearing shirts). But it’s cheap and comes in many colors, so I own two.

        • That’s my body shape, too! I’m short waisted and carry my weight in the tummy/butt area so this just highlights that fact…which is not something I’m a fan of. All four are going back!

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I would like to borrow her wardrobe. And her arms. And her shoes. She also looks smashing in the pic below The Skirt one… what a waist! Also, I really need more belts.

      • Agreed – I mostly want to borrow her arms and her waist. She looks so fabulous all the time!

        • I went to an open mic night in DC and someone did a poem about her called “The Right to Bare Arms.” It was amazing.

    • I THOUGHT I recognized that skirt! And agree she looks great here, though I don’t like that “belt under the bust” thing she is so often photographed doing.

    • a passion for fashion :

      yeah, but the shirt doesnt fit her properly

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      What if Mrs. O reads Corporette!!

    • Love her style.

  8. Fair enough, my fellow green-loving petites! You’ve back-ordered this for 14 weeks in all sizes but 10P. Obviously I’m out of my online-shopping league here.

  9. Sigh. LOVE almost everything Boden makes, but have had some problems with their customer service. (Once, I ordered something and it… never came. So I emailed them and they said “Oh, sorry, we’re out of that, we’ll refund you. You can keep checking our website to see if we get it back in because someone returned one.”) Do they not, you know, tell you, before they cancel your order? No hint of compensation? I am wary of ordering from them again.

    • That’s too bad. I have to say I have always been very impressed with their, in my experience, above-average service. Half of their stuff ships from Europe, but half from here, with the from here (PA) stuff increasing all the time moving in the direction of more then all from here, and I have always had great luck working with them– tracking, sizes, returns, price adjustments, etc. Doesn’t take away your bad luck but I’ve found them better than other companies.

  10. In-House Europe :

    Once my self-imposed shopping ban has expired, I am so getting on the Boden bandwagon! Cute!

    Speaking of shopping…

    So I mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to be in the States on vacation and asked for some suggestions…I thought I’d report back! I spent about $500 in total and all – seriously, all of it – at Nordstrom Rack. I got a Calvin Klein suit for $60 (brown skirt suit), a gorgeous yellow silk blouse, a green top to wear under suits or with jeans, a great boyfriend sweater, some great costume jewellery for work AND…6 pairs of shoes! Including some black Stuart Weitzman (sp?) ankle boots for $25 (down from $300), 2 pairs of purple Calvin Kleins (suede wedges and croc flats), Cole Haan flats (like penny loafers). This was at the Ontario Mills outlet – not sure if I just caught a good day but it sure was fun!

    And today I am wearing my black pinstripe suit with the green shirt and the purple suede wedges – I never would have combined the colors “B.C.” ;)

  11. Does leechblock work for IE? if not does anyone have anything similar? and if it does, where is a safe place to download it from? im worried about virus since its a work computer

    • I have the exact same problem. I searched around on the internet and downloaded ‘focal filter’, but it doesn’t actually block the websites I’ve set it to block. Would be great to get a recommendation if someone knows of a program that actually works. I need to get some work done today!

  12. Always a NYer :

    Anyone else wondering about Jane Doe from a few weekend threads ago? Her husband was emotionally abusive, having sex with prostitutes, and she was finding it hard to justify divorce. All the advice from the hivemind was excellent and I was thinking about her and hoping that she was able remove herself from that dangerous situation.

    If you’re reading this, let us know how you are! We’re wishing you the best and sending good vibes =)

  13. Ladies, I was hoping for some advice. In the last two months I’ve gained about 7 pounds, with no change in my diet or exercise. This seems like a lot of weight (and a dress size!) to have gained without some rational explanation. Has this happened to any of you, and if so, was there a legitimate reason (such as a hormonal imbalance or some other medical issue that might be able to be fixed)?

    • You sure it’s not from any sort of medication or change in diet? Have you been under a lot of stress or depressed?

      I have recently gained a few pounds and I think it’s related to having started birth control pills — by the way, has anyone ever experienced this and, if so, does it stop after the initial adjustment or does it keep going?

      Have you been going out more? Drinking can sometimes do that. I’m sure you look great.

      • It keeps going :( well not like you will keep going up and up but you dont go back down, you need to adjust your diet/workouts

      • I experienced minor changes in skin and weight with the pill depending on the brand. Seasonique was the worst (for me – everyone’s chemistry is different).
        The biggest change that nobody warned me about was mood. I developed some anxiety and depression that significantly abated once I stopped the pill, so I would caution you to closely monitor yourself for that. Changes may just mean you need to try different pills. I know that’s not what you asked, but since my experience I have felt the need to warn other women when the subject of the pill comes up.

        • Great advice. I had to make a switch when I lived abroad and my normal choice was unavailable. The mood change was almost immediate and I found myself inexplicably crying for no good reason within a day or two of starting.

          As for the weight gain, I have never really had that issue but notice a larger increase in weight change when I’m not taking any hormones (up to 4-5 pounds instead of barely anything). I can feel that I’m retaining a lot more water.

        • Great point about the pill. I also experienced some pretty severe depression in college that was alleviated by switching to a different pill.

      • It was recently shown that birth control doesn’t cause weight gain as fat, but can cause water retention.

        I think we’ve all been there, so I really feel your pain, but I agree with other posters that it’s probably a small lifestyle change that had an outsized effect. Sigh… I’ve been thinking of weightwatchers myself…

        • Yeah, I’ve heard that but I don’t know if I buy it. Something like 52% of women on the pill I’m taking (Lutera) report some sort of weight gain.

          Thanks for the link, though, I’ll be interested to read the article.

          • Pill made me hungrier – maybe that accounts for the weight gain?

          • Eh – that also means that 48% of the women taking that brand of BC did not report any weight gain. All it means is that some women gained weight while also taking that form of BC. Doesn’t indicate a causal relationship at this point, with this data.

      • Hi there!
        I gained quite a bit while on birth control pills. As much as 5-6 pounds, I think. My diet wasn’t that great, either, back then, but such swings had never happened before.
        Can’t really say how it would work out long term since I only took it a couple of months.
        They do say its mostly due to water retention etc. but that definitely wasn’t the case with me. And all that hype made me not bother too much about it early on, and I had a load of trouble trying to shed the weight afterwards.
        Hope I’ve not scared you! Good luck!

      • I have always been blessed with good genes, so I enjoyed a pretty good figure without having to work too hard. I went on the pill as a teen, and came off it ten years later after realizing I had no idea what ‘normal’ felt or looked like. Within a few weeks of coming off the pill, I dropped 6lbs. Surprised the heck out of me.

        Also be watchful of side effects – a few brands made me literally crazy: very emotional and very angry, including a few that my friends liked a lot. The side effects are basically completely unpredictable for any given woman – some won’t react badly, and some will. All the pill versions killed my seks drive to varying degrees. After 4 months off to “detox” to see what “normal” felt like, I went on the ring because it has a lower hormone dose (it needs less because the hormones go right to the area instead of through your digestive system)… seems to have fewer side effects than the pill for me at least. Still, it has some side effects. I’m counting down the days until the pill for men.

        I also agree with Mella below. I haven’t gained much weight in my early 30s, but I have *definitely* gotten wider in the hips. Freaking PITA as now none of my nice pants fit anymore.

    • Diana Barry :

      Examine your diet very closely and make sure it hasn’t changed. Tiny things can make a big difference.

      Particularly if you have also been feeling tired or low energy, go to the dr and have your thyroid checked. I have hypothyroid, which can result in weight gain and tiredness if untreated, and now I take synthroid every day to keep my levels normal.

    • I had something similar happen recently. All of a sudden I was up 10 pounds…I felt frantic. Such rapid weight gain shouldn’t happen merely due to caloric increase (especially if there hasn’t been any!). Like me, you might be retaining more water weight. Are you well hydrated? For years, I’ve been frustrated about retaining water weight and didn’t drink that much water to compensate. BAD idea. Being dehydrated only makes you retain more water.

      To deal with the spike in weight / water weight, I recently seriously upped my water consumption, scrutinized my diet like crazy and upped my proteins, non-fat dairy, and veggies and decreased my carbs, sugar, and salt (I’m sort of following the Dukan diet, with some flexibility). I’ve also increased my exercise.

      Generally, I’m not into more intense diet plans…but I felt like I needed to become much more aware of what I was eating and needed a kick start for the weight loss. It’s worked so far.

      Result: 12 pounds gone!

    • Try keeping a food journal. You may be eating more than you think.

    • A lot of things started changing about my body when I was 34. (I’ve read that that’s early for perimenopause – yay me.) One surprising thing was my *shape* change from narrowish hips to wider hips.

      Others have suggested good specifics; I wanted to point out that you’re not alone if you’ve been a certain size/shape for years and years and then suddenly your body is changing.

    • You may want to get your thyroid checked. Weight gain can be one symptom of thyroid problems.

      • I second this idea. Check your hormones generally. I need to do this myself, actually. Can anyone recommend a good endocrinologist in NYC? Thanks in advance.

        Also: to the birthcontrol question – I have gained and lost weight on the pill. I think it varies for each individual. If you are unhappy with the pill you are on, try a different brand/lower hormone level.

        • I go to Dr. Stella Ilyayeva in Rego Park. No nonsense lady, I like her. Her office can get really crowded at times but I love that she has hours every other Sunday.

        • I’ve had thyroid problems for years. Massive weight gain in one month time was the warning sign that sent me to the doctor. Any GP can test your thyroid. Its a simple blood test.

  14. I just need to exult.

    I saw this skirt on Corporette, and I loooooved it. http://www.anntaylor.com/p/petite-modern-a-line-zip-skirt-1.shtml

    Sadly, by the time I went to buy it, it was All Gone. And I couldn’t find it in stores. And so I hunted, and hunted, and hunted for that perfect orange a-line skirt, but I couldn’t find one. And so I was sad. I had bookmarked “my” skirt, and I visited it daily just to check, even though I didn’t think it would ever come back to me.

    And then! Last Friday I checked in just to say hi, and my skirt! It was back in stock! And in my size! And I had a gift card and a coupon code, too! I snagged it, but when it hadn’t shipped by Monday I was very, very apprehensive. When I saw that it had sold out again, I was sure it would never be mine.

    But this morning – oh happy day! – I got the shipment notification, and it’s on its merry way to my house. SO happy, you guys. I feel like my team just won the National Championship, or Santa Claus just paid off my student loans, or something equally exhilarating.

    Just had to share, because no one else would understand.

    (And yeah, I know that the skirt has an exposed zipper, but it’s my dream skirt, so save the snarky comments, thankyouverymuch.)

    • another anon :

      I saw it on Corporette too, but by the time I decided to buy, it was sold out online. So I went to the mall, and they had one left, and it was my size. I LOVE the skirt, although I have had a difficult time figuring out what to wear with it. Normally I would do a navy top with an orange skirt, but since the edging on the zipper is black, I don’t think that would work. I’ve been wearing it with a medium grey cardi. I think it would also go with a nice white blouse, but I don’t own one of those. Any other ideas?

      • I love gray and orange, and also burgundy and orange, and brown and orange. The black zipper edging with navy or brown doesn’t really bother me; you could always match it to something else in the outfit, like a belt, shoes, or necklace.

        I already have this skirt planned out with a bunch of different outfits. SO excited I got it.

      • Depending on your coloring and style, you can wear a lot with this skirt.

        If you like neutrals, I’d say go with tan, camel, chocolate, charcoal and other shades of gray, maybe even creams. I’m not feeling black or white with this skirt, but that’s just me.

        If you like color, go for the eggplant, maroon, plum, blues that aren’t navy, green, even yellow. OOooooh, and turquoise! Color blocking is huge now so if you’re in the mood (or it’s the weekend), try magenta or a super-saturated red.

        I personally don’t see pastels going well with the skirt but perhaps that’s my monitor skewing the color. I’d award +10 Ru points if you had a patterned blouse to wear with this skirt. And a light brown/camel (p)leather vest.

        • another anon :

          Thanks for the suggestions! I am liking the burgundy/maroon/plum line of thinking…I think I may have a top at home that will work.

    • I had the same thing happen to me! I loved it but was holding out for a 40% off sale (since I REFUSE to pay full price at AT – they have too many sales to justify it), and ended up missing it. I spotted it yesterday online on sale and 50% off, so I grabbed it. I had to go with a larger size since they didn’t have mine, but the discount will more than make up for the tailoring, and I’m wondering if my tailor can somehow hide the zipper since I’d prefer that it not be exposed.

    • It’s a gorgeous skirt! Enjoy it.

  15. This morning’s epic movie-like joy and despair all in one go (because two-fers are more fun):

    The joy: Yesterday my new Land’s End bootcut cords came. They fit perfectly, they are hemmed just the right length, the material is nice and thick and I get the impression that it will wear well. I proclaimed my love for my Old Navy cords a while back – well, the LE ones are in the running to top those.

    The despair: I bought a BR cardigan with a ruffly front last year. I put it on this morning and it just looked….saggy. What happened to it? It is only a year old and my body shape hasn’t changed during that time. Just another symptom of BR’s decline. I think the cardigan will be going in the charity box pretty soon. What a disappointment.

    • Corporate Tool :

      I can’t get more than a season out of a BR sweater anymore either. They sag, or pill, or just generally lose shape. I’ve stopped buying them, even on sale!

      • So disappointing, especially since (as per the general theme here) I have a great BR knit top that is 8 years old and still going strong. I just don’t get it. And yet….and yet….my innate loyalty to BR has me going back season after season, trying to find the “old BR” again. When will I learn?

  16. I’m not a fan of Boden, I’m sorry to say. The one time I ordered something from them, it took over a month to arrive. And while it was fine, I didn’t love it. Now I’m stuck getting their catalogs for the rest of my life.

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