Wednesday’s TPS Report: Jones New York Open-Front Textured Cardigan

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
We’re liking the drapy cardigans of the season, but some of the very lightweight ones can look a little too unstructured for the office. That’s why we like this textured cardigan from Jones New York. The camel hair color is sophisticated (we’d wear it with browns or blacks), and perhaps a basic white tee if we didn’t want to wear the matching cowl-neck shell. The cardigan is $109 at Macy’s, in sizes S-XL.  Jones New York Open-Front Textured Cardigan

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  1. I really like this look; I’m a big fan of cardigans/open sweaters. But I can’t help but notice that this model–like the one from the tux jacket the other day–looks like she’s wearing stretch pants. Are we in the process of seeing stretch pants slowly take on an office-appropriate form? If so, I need to get to the gym. :)

  2. This look to me says “weekend,” and my office is fairly casual. Perhaps this is because the big, drapey cardigan look reminds me of something I might curl up in on the couch on a fall day watching TV? Or something I’ve seen on the Hollywood starlets. When I look around, I just don’t see people in positions of authority wearing this to work, so I don’t intend to start.

  3. I’ve been feeling so-so about the open sweaters with the longer drapy stuff. I don’t know, it always just screams “I’m wearing a robe” – but this is halfway decent, as long as it is paired with the matching shell as shown. If it isn’t, you might as well be wearing slippers and puttering around the house.

  4. Cute on a slender woman in a business-casual office.

  5. I don’t see this as a business look at all – – too casual, too much emphasis on the bust (at least in the model’s pose). I personally don’t wear cowl neck sweaters so maybe that’s part of the negative reaction but I don’t feel this one.

  6. Snuggies at work? Not a fan.

  7. Eileen Fisher has made some open front cardigans in some very luxurious thinner materials like viscose blends, silks and merinos that I think look a lot more office-appropriate than this==and far more flattering for most of us. Still, I am thinking it’s awfully casual–maybe for a Friday…

  8. I sometimes wear these cardigans with one of the sides wrapped across the front and pinned up at the shoulder with a brooch. It looks a little less like a blanket this way.

  9. I think this sweater would work for a Friday in a business casual office.

  10. I like it! (Although I agree that they way they’ve posed this model is very “look at my boobs!”)

  11. I’m not sure about this for the office, but I would love to wear it to school. It might work for a more casual office or on a Friday. Don’t know.

  12. I agree totally about the model’s pose, s. If you stood up straight, let the cardigan fall naturally, added a long necklace or trio of long chains (or a long silk scarf in a compatible color), you’d have a nice and comfortable look for a casual office or casual Friday.

  13. I avoid looks like these…I would always be futzing with the cardigan and wondering, where does it go? How does it fasten? Does it fasten? It is a strange style that I hope goes away soon…

  14. Woman of Color :

    I have a few of these cardigans. I usually wear them belted over a dress, because I don’t think that I could handle “flapping” down a hallway.

  15. Anonymous :

    FYI, it’s cheaper if you order directly from Jones instead of Macys.

  16. This cardigan reminds me of a DKNY cozy I purchased in Feb this year. It is cream colored & cashmere, keeps me very warm. I live in SoCal and wear it to work (with a colorful blouse & dark colored pants) & get tons of compliments.
    However if I had got the cheap knockoffs in Viscose/Rayon/Polyester for $20 I agree it would look like inside the house lounge wear.
    L- DKNY gave me a brochure with instructions on how to wear it 12 different ways when I purchased this cardigan. You’d be surprised how classy some of those ways can look.

  17. Looks like it comes in lotsa different colors on the JNY site too:

  18. I love this look! It is very appropriate for bus. caz. fri. And I just totally scored the exact same sweater for $25 at Ross!

  19. Anne Vohl :

    I think the cardigan is too swoopy – too droopy. At work, droopy clothing is very aging. Droopy clothing can get caught in things too.

  20. I like this on other people….I want my cardigans to close if I get cold or if I want them to fit under a jacket. Plus the tails will just be dragging around.

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