Weekend Round-up

– The first female nominated four-star general gives leadership tips. [Washington Independent]

– Nice article profiling Bonnie Fuller, one of the power women of today. Good quote: “Ms. Fuller is known for her hellacious hours, indifferent people skills and an approach to deadline matters that is more akin to ritual sacrifice than publishing protocol.” (And for continuing to edit while in labor.) [NYT]

– The four parts to an effective thank-you note — and just in time for interview season. [The Simple Dollar via Lifehacker]

– Obama’s got lady troubles. Watch out, sweetie. [WaPo]

– A review of some products designed for the inner klutz: Miss Oops. [The Daily Obsession]

– Yes, we’re trying to kick our Diet Coke addiction also. Here are some tips to help. [Lifehacker]

Above: Photo by Roadsidepictures, courtesy of Flickr.

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