Weekly News Roundup

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Already Pretty has a great post about how to dress down your workwear, both to get more bang for your clothing bucks as well as to create a more unified style.

– In (mildly) related news, the WSJ talks advises men how to “add personality to their office style.”

Great on the Job has a good mid-summer checklist/matrix for interns, including summer associates.  Also in the “for newbies” category, Capitol Hill Style has an awesome tutorial on elevator etiquette.

– There’s been a lot of talk about future employers being able to see the last 7 years of your social networking sites when they run a background check on you — Gizmodo contacted the background checkers directly and ran checks on 6 employees, one of whom failed.  It’s interesting to look through the report and see the kind of info that was included (and wasn’t included).  Meanwhile, the LA Times tells you how to opt out of Facebook’s facial recognition software, and Lindsey Pollak gives you even more reasons to clean up your Facebook profile.

Wisebread rounded up some exercises you can do at the office that “don’t make you look silly.”

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