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1Buzzfeed rounds up some hilarious gifs that explain life in your early twenties vs life in your late twenties. (Yep.)
SheFinds assesses how color theory can change your life and your wardrobe.
Pretty Shiny Sparkly weighs in on the best concealers.
The WSJ has an important article about how managers CAN talk about babies and gender in the workforce.
Forbes Woman rounds up 10 phrases in your vocabulary that are holding your career back. (Um, but…)
– Ask a Manager (via The Fast Track) collects ten of the “best career advice I ever got” tips from her readers.  Meanwhile, Capitol Hill Style ponders lessons learned from her own career, including when to go to grad school.
The Careerist wonders if women leaders really suffer from likeability problems.
– Huh: POPSUGAR Smart Living rounds up a ton of tax-day freebies that I had no idea existed.  Prevention handed out their “100 cleanest packaged foods” awards.

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  1. TO Lawyer :

    The buzzfeed article is actually hilarious… I died laughing to myself

  2. Some of the career tips really counteract the “underpromise, overdeliver” rule, which I think makes a lot more sense. “I’ll try to do X amount by Y time” is a lot more professional, and brings you more credibility over time, than just sounding good by saying “sure thing!” when you can’t follow through. It also pretends that unforeseen roadblocks never come up, which anyone who’s worked knows is a foolish thing to assume.

  3. SF Meet-up? :

    k-padi here. Anyone interested in a San Francisco meet-up on the 21st?

    I am totally past my late twenties so I don’t know where the “cool spots” are. If you have any location ideas, please reply.

  4. Hot Pink Shoe Shopping :

    Trying to find cute low heeled hot pink shoes for upcoming bridesmaid duties and I can’t find anything suitable. Any suggestions? Bonus if they are available in wide width and cost less than $200.

    • Not exactly low heeled, but cute and good price –


    • Sydney Bristow :

      They don’t appear to be what I would call “hot pink” but maybe pretty close, but based on this morning’s discussion I’d recommend checking out the Karmen pump from Payless. The magenta color is pretty and might be bright enough for what you are looking for. I own them in the nude-for-me and black, both in wide width and they are super comfortable. best of all, they are only $20! http://www.payless.com/store/product/detail.jsp?catId=cat10088&subCatId=cat10270&skuId=131313120&productId=70962&lotId=131313&category=&catdisplayName=Womens

  5. Thanks so much for featuring me! :) Your readers might also be interested in a super awesome, professional work bag I blogged/filmed: http://prettyshinysparkly.com/whats-in-my-work-bag/

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