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  • Above the Law recently held a caption contest for the above billboard.  The captions are mildly funny, but I’m curious — does it change your knee-jerk opinion (whatever it is) that the two women pictured are apparently the only owners of the firm?
  • SheFinds tries to correct some bad advice you may have gotten about shopping the big sales.
  • Already Pretty contributor Cassie suggests some ways to reconcile a conservative workplace and indie style (something we’ve also discussed here via guest poster Siouxsie Law).
  • The Washington Post writes about the red sneaker effect; a study found that a business woman wearing red sneakers with her suit was thought to have higher rates than a business woman wearing regular shoes.  Very interesting — I’ve written before about my theory about “the eccentric genius” personality, but I’ve often thought it’s much harder for women to rock.
  • Is it better to get fired, or to quit? Ask a Manager answers.
  • Daily Worth (via POPSUGAR Smart Living) ponders whether women should let men buy you dinner.

Finally, in Corporette news this week:

  • Huge thanks to the ABA Journal for including Corporette in the list of the Top 100 Law Blawgs again this year!

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  1. Wannabe Runner :

    I kind of feel like, who are we to judge if these ladies want to advertise their law firm that way? They probably feel empowered by their stilettos, not objectified. It’s unfortunate that some women feel they have to do this to get business, but I’m not personally in a position to judge them. That’s a society problem. Judging other women’s choices doesn’t fix things, IMO.

  2. Wow, that who should pay on a date thing is so regressive! I don’t think it actually “ponders” anything, just gives some dated BS theories about men being hunters and needing to feel like manly men and women needing to cook because that’s the surest way to hook a man.

    I mean to each their own theories and practices, but that just seems dumb. Also, why would you want to date any man who feels emasculated because you paid for all or half the dinner bill? This article reminds me of a friend I have who believes that men should pay for things because they then feel “invested” in your relationship. As in, “I already spent $300 on Liz, so I guess I should call her for another date now.” I like being treated to dinner as much as the next person, but is this how people really think about these things?

  3. Migraine Sufferer :

    I would caption it: Paying off law school debt at hooters so you can enjoy low rates!

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