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  • Love the combos of navy-peach-brown that Angie at YouLookFab put together.
  • Refinery29 gathers up a slew of work outfits.
  • Old(ish) post, but Barking Dog Shoes rounded up some heels with good arch support.
  • The WSJ looked at the new trend of personality-but-everyday jewelry.  Over at Already Pretty, Sally rounds up her everyday makeup look (and talks about how to get into makeup as an adult).
  • SheFinds tells you what to do with all that nail polish now that the intricate nail art trend of 2013 is dead/dying.
  • Racked notes that Loehmann’s is going out of business – you have until March to shop the sales, ladies!
  • The Daily Muse rounds up interview secrets “we’ve never heard.”  Meanwhile, this is an old post but a great one: Ask a Manager talks about what to say when you’re negotiating salary.
  • POPSUGAR Smart Living brainstorms 50 moves to make at work this year, big and small.
  • Rule #1: Be nice to your secretary.  Rule #2: Don’t trash your secretary publicly on Facebook — people were appalled recently when someone wrote to an advice columnist about her cousin’s FB posts; the ABA Journal noted that one law firm partner even wrote in suggesting the comments were actionable and could get the cousin fired.  Also for the lawyers: Above the Law rounds up five ways to get cheap CLEs.  (Strangely, they don’t mention PLI’s free on-demand CLEs.)
  • Business Insider lists four ways couples can protect their finances when they move in together.

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  1. Wow, Loehmann’s is going out of business. I know it’s nothing like the stores are today, but I was raised going to the old–style Loehmann’s stores with the communal dressing rooms and the “Back Room” (which was really in the back) for formalwear. Got a lot of unique items which were probably samples – colorblocked wool dresses and suits that no one else had, and in my 20s, I sure wanted to be unique. I miss those clothes, though I’d never want to wear them today.

    • Loehmann’s is going out of business?! That cannot be true. How many of us were raised in those communal dressing rooms and scouring the Back Room? Brought a taste of the lower East side to the suburbs. Oh, no, I hope it’s not true.

    • Ditto, that makes me so sad. Going to Loehmanns with my mom was one of our few true bonding experiences. Plus they really did have great deals on clothing if you knew how to shop the racks. I love that my Jewish grandma ‘taught’ my mom how to shop Loehmanns when she moved here from the midwest.
      And I have a ton of affection for the communal dressing rooms. Those ladies would zip you into a dress and then give their honest opinion of how it looked – priceless!

  2. Last time, I swear :

    I’m the car poster from this morning. I got a lot of really good suggestions on used cars so I was wondering about the flipside – are there any makes/models you’ve experienced significant problems with or would otherwise not recommend for whatever reason? This will be the first car I get on my own, and I’m really nervous.

    • I would caution against Kias, especially those past the 70,000/100,000-mile warranty. My husband’s car is a Kia and we have experienced problems with it that I’ve never had with any other car (at one point, the driver’s door hinge fell off — allowing the driver’s side door to just fling open at will. It was *so* fun to drive that to the service station 10 miles away!). And if it’s past the warranty, forget about it. Most of the problems happened after the odometer hit 72,000 miles (which I refuse to believe is a coincidence).

      My family has had good luck with Hondas and Volvos. I’d buy either used in a heart beat.

      • +1 on the Kia caution. My husband’s sister has had the engine mount break on hers twice in addition to a gazillion other things that I’ve never experienced with a car. They really are crap cars.

        FWIW,I agree with all of those who praised Mazda. I had two hand-me-downs when I was younger, and they both made it to ridiculous mileage with minimal maintenance. Probably would still be driving the one if I hadn’t wanted something newer.

    • I love driving my Audi but oh boy I have spent a lot on maintenance on it. I bought it used, and have spent about as much as the purchase price on maintenance/repairs. I won’t buy an Audi again unless I somehow miraculously became independently wealthy and could keep buying new ones with warranties and everything covered. I think I’m getting a Subaru, Honda or Toyota next.

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