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  • SheFinds features the best beauty products as chosen by Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) and Women’s Health (on the list: NARS blush, at left).
  • Kelly of Alterations Needed advises you to try “fashion bookends” when putting together an outfit — “support the outfit at the top and bottom with the same color,” she says.
  • The Muse reports on a new study that shows that going above and beyond at work doesn’t really benefit you any more than simply doing what you’ve promised.
  • Road Warriorette answers a reader’s question about colleagues traveling together but not actually sitting together.
  • The Greedy Associates blog responds to a recent piece in Slate by saying you CAN do anything with a law degree, with the caveat that you should only go to law school if you want to be a lawyer.
  • PopSugar Smart Living lists eight possible reasons you’re not getting hired.
  • Forbes reports that although only 3 to 4% of active venture capitalists are women and 7% of venture capital funding goes to female-led businesses, there are some signs of progress.
  • The Planet Money blog at NPR looks how Americans move in and out of various income brackets, including the much talked about 1%.
  • The Upshot at the New York Times shares some historical data about marriage in the U.S.; for example, in 1964, the median marrying age was 20.5 for women and 23.4 for men.

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  1. The article from The Muse confirms the impression I’ve gotten from working over the years. Going “above and beyond” doesn’t necessarily get you anywhere, but being 100% reliable is critical and, surprising to me, actually kind of rare in the working world. I’ve often been complimented for meeting long-established deadlines and consistently showing up on time.

    • That sounds good to me, as it’s what I put the utmost importance on, along with punctuality.

    • hoola hoopa :


      I admit I was hoping the article would go deeper, though, as I was hoping to share it with a friend who is constantly doing far, far more than she should.

  2. The bookends tip is something I’ve followed for years, particularly for working black shoes into an outfit. I’ve got a couple black statement necklaces and black patterned scarves. Whenever I’ve got a top and bottom that I love together, but no shoes that work, I go to my black bookends.

    This is the only way to wear black shoes with a navy outfit, IMHO.

  3. MakeupVent :

    Makeup problem – I use foundation powder and every time I talk on phone, I see its film on the buttons or on the phone screen and to be honest it’s really annoying – do any of you have this problem? When I try to wipe the screen/buttons, the color doesn’t go away so I have to wipe it with a damp cloth. Is there a solution? I have super oily skin so that’s probably the culprit here. Can liquid foundation and a dab of translucent powder make things better?

    • I have had this problem with some products and I have very dry skin. I found a layer of powder to solve things (I like Bourjois Healthy Mix for a coloured powder and the Soap and Glory translucent ones)

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