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  • New York magazine has news of the demise of Piperlime, while Fashionista reports that Kate Spade Saturday will close all of its stores.
  • Anna Akbari writes for DailyWorth about why women shouldn’t have to apologize for their fashion expenses.
  • NPR reports that meetings are getting longer, and explains why people schedule so many, while Racked looks at the practice of “sweatworking” — meeting/networking at the gym.
  • Glassdoor has put together a list of the 25 Best Jobs in America for 2015.
  • Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin of 40 Percent and Rising writes about coming to terms with being the primary breadwinner, and The Huffington Post shows you what kind of salary puts you in the top 1% of earners in each state.
  • Above the Law comments on a letter to students from the vice dean at Rutgers Law that addresses sexism in professor evaluations. Also, from ATL Redline, Staci Zaretsky responds to a reader’s complaint about her commentaries on sexism in the legal profession.
  • DailyWorth tells us that Mike Huckabee is not a fan of profanity in professional settings — ESPECIALLY when it comes from women, because that’s just “trashy” — and, in what is perhaps a surprising venue, Megyn Kelly gave him a reality check on Fox News, as Jezebel recounts.

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