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Forbes wonders if pretty ladies are less employable.  (Personally, I wonder if the “headshot” photos used in the test were a bit too Glamour Shots — check out our advice for taking a professional work photo.)

– The WSJ has a discussion of fashion on The Good Wife.  (I know, I know, readers have been telling me for years I need to do one of our 360 reviews on it — I might just have to start watching the show now that I see how beautiful the clothes are!)

– Sally at Already Pretty has a good round-up of different types of casual shoes that women can use to bridge their working wardrobes with their weekend wardrobes.

– If you have some free time this holiday season, check out some of the newer shopping tools available — InStyle magazine launched StyleFind, and Google launched BoutiquesReaders, any favorites that you use?

The LA Times has a good round-up for what all those holiday drinks (and holiday drinking) can do to your skin.

Mint wonders if employees should be allowed to nap at work.

Learnvest has a fun “what’s your spending personality” article.

– If you care about privacy issues, the WSJ‘s report on smart phones and “apps” is a must-read.


  1. Employees should DEFINITELY be allowed to nap at work–in a designated area, for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes fighting through that post-lunch slump is harder than it needs to be.

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