Our Top Ten Posts from 2010

In keeping with our year-end reminiscing, I thought I’d do another post on what our top ten articles were.  This year was a big year — I came out of the anonymous fashion blogging closet, traffic grew (welcome all new readers!) and in general the community exploded (in a fabulous way).  Some of my personal favorites (such as my “how to get your groove back” post) made the list; I’ll call out my other personal faves below.  But first, the list:

Our Top Ten Articles from 2010
(according to Google Analytics)

1. The Intern with the $9000 Handbag
2. The Quest for Comfortable Heels
3. Can You Give Unsolicited Fashion Advice to Interns?
4. Big News — And Introductions
5. Guest Post: Advice from the VP/Hiring Manager Level
6. Calling All Tuckers
7. An Attitude Revamp (Or, How To Get Your Groove Back)
8. How Not to Gain Weight Over the Summer Recruiting Season
9. Some Thoughts on Frump
10. Will Flats Fly in Court?

Some of my personal favorites that didn’t make the traffic based list included our financial discussion of what makes a woman “rich,” as well as my interview with Brandy Lusvardi, the costume designer for Better Off Ted (which, sadly, was canceled).  On the fashion side of things, I liked the reader question about how to add personality if you hate jewelry, as well as our discussion about mixing textures and patterns.

Readers, any favorites (or favorite discussions from the commenting threads) that you’d like to call out? I’d definitely like to give a shoutout to the discussion about the pros and cons of being a lawyer (and going to law school) in this thread (start here and here).

Check out our top ten of 2009 (and of all-time), here…

UPDATE: I checked in with Lisa from Privilege (our single Guest Post to break the top 10!) for an update, and here’s what she had to say:
“My corporate job disappeared, to be replaced, however, by some consulting on corporate website design, and a more serious focus on the blog, Privilege. Which, by the way, I feel has hit its stride, now that I understand more what on earth I’m doing, writing about style in its social context. Always helps to know what you’re doing, right? Happy 2011 to Corporette and all its readers.


  1. Kat — was there ever a follow-up on the $9K bag intern? Enquiring minds want to know….

    • There was — in one of my Google alerts I saw that the writer had posted about the Corporette post on her on blog (complete with pictures). I never quite had the heart to link to her — if memory serves, some of the emotions ran pretty high in that thread.

  2. Divaliscious11 :

    Looking forward to revisiting these!

  3. Nice lookback, Kat. Happy Holidays!

  4. Happy Holidays to everyone. It was my absolute privilege to guest post on Corporette. I will keep dishing out corporate style thoughts amongst my other posts. And keep coming back here to read what you all have to say. Never less than entertaining.