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  • Refinery29 reports that Target is revamping its brands — changes include a phase-out of Merona and Mossimo and the addition of A New Day, pictured here, available in stores in September.
  • InStyle shares items from the H&M/Colette collab, available in H&M’s brick-and-mortar stores starting in August.
  • The Slot (Jezebel) reports that there are (unwritten?) rules of what not to wear in the House of Representatives, including sleeveless outfits and open-toed shoes. However, a Corporette reader responded on our Facebook post about this story that not only are these rules for women not new, but that Rep. Nancy Pelosi would make announcements about the dress code.
  • Mommyish reports on financial advice so bad that it includes not paying all of your bills, even if you can afford it (seriously).
  • Forbes offers seven ways for women to get more out of networking.
  • Quartz shares three strategies to combat sexist interruptions.
  • Career Contessa helps women overcome mansplaining.
  • The Washington Post talks to Amy Siskind, a former Wall Street executive, about how she’s been building a list of “changes in governmental norms” during the current presidential administration.
  • Racked reminds us why bras are terrible.
  • The Wrap reports that New York is offering $5 million in incentives to hire more women and minorities as TV writers and directors.
  • Women in Film presents “Flip the Script,” where actors reenact sexist experiences in Hollywood — with a twist.
  • Laugh of the Week: The Hairpin asks if you’re “badass” enough to get the job.

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  1. Intrigued! :

    Someone mentioned recently they had used a coach when applying for a GC role. I would like to learn more about that, if you are willing to share, as I am in the same process right now. What type of coach? Was it someone with a specialty in law? Did you work in person or is remote available? How did they help you? Was it worth it (and if you could give a ballpark on costs that would be helpful).

    Had heard of using a coach for development within a job before, but not to land one. Very intrigued, and appreciate the advice.

  2. mansplained :

    Anyone notice that the first mansplaining article says to lower your volume and the second says to increase your volume? So… what now?

    IMO, this reminds me of the time we spend telling other women how to talk and write emails, when it’s really the man’s poor behavior that’s the problem. Still, I’d love to find the “easy” button to shut it down.

    For kickers: My gyno mansplained running a business to me yesterday. I have an MBA from a top school, and actually, you know, do that for a living. He’s still working on my health questions, though.

  3. I have been going to One Medical for everything, including BC, and I’ve finally decided to see a gyno. I found a doctor at a big OB/GYN practice. I made an appointment, had an initial consult, but now I’m stuck in this weird limbo. I want to get my IUD removed and get an alternate form of BC because I am having bad side effects. I called and they said that IUD removal is a 15 minute appointment and they can’t guarantee that I can get the new BC prescription in the same appointment. My options are to schedule two back to back appointments (but insurance only covers one, so this would be expensive), or come back on a different day for the new BC. Additionally, the BC I want to switch to (either the shot or the implant) requires a consult, so I would have to schedule two appointments before finally getting put on new BC. I am unable to schedule the new BC consult now because the doctor MAY be able to fit me in in the IUD removal appointment, so I’m going to have to schedule the next appointment the day of my first appointment. Their schedules are tight to begin with so the next appointment is often several weeks out, and their hours are a huge inconvenience for my schedule to begin with.

    This seems like total madness to me. I don’t like that I’d have a several month gap before I can get put on a new BC. I also don’t like this inflexible scheduling for a long term relationship with a gyno. Is this reasonable or am I out of touch? I live in DC and this is my first time seeing a gyno here, but in my hometown (big southern city) I never encountered such inconvenient scheduling rules.

    • I wish you the best with whichever choice you make. I found the best BC is to dump your boyfreind–that way, there is no way you can get pregenant. YAY!!! Dad warned me about immacuealte conception, but I do NOT think Sheketovits was ever immacuealte, either in his mannerisms or his demenor, and he always had a peculiar odor that was kind of a natural form of BC. I did NOT let him NEAR me when he smelled bad, which was most of the time. DOUBEL FOOEY!!!!OP, I am sure you will be OK with whatever path you choose. YAY!!!!

    • Wedding shoes :

      I don’t understand. Why can’t you wait until the new BC is established before having it removed?
      I do agree that insurance regs are frustrating. I have heard of companies not permitting doctors to bill for more than one thing in a visit. One way around that might be to use your annual physical/wellness care as part of the process of getting new BC.

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