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  • Racked reported on the best lotions, body butters, and oils for dry winter skin.
  • Marie Claire offered a list of 22 business-casual basics every working woman should own.
  • The Cut described how four beauty experts would spend $60 at Sephora.
  • Birchbox suggested a helpful step-by-step guide for an effective skincare routine.
  • A columnist for Forbes gave advice on what to do if you keep getting interviews but no offers.
  • The Muse shared how one woman added Meredith Vieira to her network — after meeting her on a plane — and what others can learn from the experience.
  • Fast Company offered how to cut your presentation time in half, even when you have little or no notice.
  • CBS This Morning hosted LinkedIn’s career expert Catherine Fisher, who discussed what motivates millennials, and how men and women differ in their priorities. (Video auto-plays after ad.)
  • The New York Times provided some advice if you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, including what to ask the bride before agreeing to commit.
  • BBC News shared a man’s account of why he took his wife’s last name.
  • The Washington Post explained why you should get a flu shot, how to avoid getting sick, and when to call your doctor.
  • Laugh of the Week: When you’re ready for a coffee break, The Onion has a few quick tips to help make the perfect cup. (Video auto-plays after ad.)

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  1. I read the bride’smaid article! I have been a bride’smaid a few times. They said that instead of just saying yes, say you’re honored and ask what the bride wants from you. Someone to wear a rented dress and do nothing else? Someone to plan four different showers? Someone who can spend $10,000 on the day? From there, you can either say yes, or let the couple down easy. “I don’t think it’s unfair to anyone to say ‘I just don’t think I have space in my life to take on this responsibility, even though I’m very honored that you asked.’”

    This is a great article! I encourage the entire HIVE to read it! YAY!

  2. eye assistance :

    Please remind me your favorite drugstore mascara?

    I am mostly interested in a touch of light color to even out my lashes with NO NO CLUMPS, since my lashes are already very very long and pretty dark.

    Also – very random question for those with long lashes……

    My lashes are so long that I sometimes have this odd problem at night. Sometimes while I am sleeping I must ?rub my eyes or start to wake up and my lids crack a little and then my lashes scratch my cornea/eyeball. I wake up with sudden eye pain, my eye waters like crazy for up to an hour and I feel pretty miserable, and I have a difficult time going back to sleep. Just so odd…. Has happened more in the last few years.

    • Manhattanite :

      Maybelline Define-a-Lash lengthening mascara.

    • I prefer the classic Great Last mascara in the green and pink tube. Sadly I developed an allergy to it after years and years of use :(

    • Actually, you may want to see an opthamologist about the eye issue – I saw one recently and she diagnosed that I do sometimes sleep with my eyes slightly cracked open, because she could see the pattern of irritation on the eye tissue where it was drying out. The pain/irritation was from the dryness. She was able to give me a prescription to ease the pain/inflammation.

      And now I get to joke that I sleep with both eyes open. :)

      I also like Maybelline Define-a-Lash, but not the waterproof version, which is drier and not as lovely. I’ve actually had makeup artists mistake my lashes for having no mascara while wearing it, and compliment them.

      • eye assistance :

        Thanks for this. Very interesting.

        And I appreciate your mascara rec. That’s what I’m going for….. lashes that look like I don’t have mascara on.

    • +3 for Define-a-lash! The coverage is super buildable — one quick coat passes for regular lashes, but you can up the “drama” if you want.

  3. Yeah, looked at those Marie Claire “business casual basics”. A lot of those are beyond “business” casual and would not fly in a lot of business casual places (jumpsuit? bomber jacket? denim dress with ties at the hem? looks more like casual casual to me unless you are in a creative field) and the pumps offered as interview shoes are not interview shoes (again, unless you are in a creative field) . . . but the Nicholas Kirkwood flats are divine (totally out of the price range, but divine).

    • Whenever I see stuff like this that is totally nonsensical I call it an intern project and figure they gathered the interns together and said, “ok, 22 business casual pieces. You have 20 minutes. Go.”

    • S in Chicago :

      I can’t even picture a bunch of women wearing all those clothes working in the same office! If you’re wearing the bomber jacket than whoever has on the sleeveless belted dress looks overdressed.

  4. LittleBigLaw :

    Gayle King saved herself from a bit of a slip of the tongue on the CBS gender and millennial video.

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