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  • Fashionista reported how Parley for the Oceans is partnering with big fashion brands to raise awareness and money for ocean conservation.
  • Who What Wear explained why there will soon be a higher sales tax for online shopping.
  • Racked shared that the MAC x Aaliyah Box Set sold out online almost instantly earlier this week, but individual pieces are still available.
  • The Cut answered the question: What’s the deal with natural sunscreen?
  • Speaking of sunscreen, Apartment Therapy wrote that Trader Joe’s $6 spray-on sunscreen received a perfect score on Consumer Reports’ 2018 Sunscreen Guide.
  • The New York Times reported on rampant pregnancy discrimination inside America’s biggest companies.
  • CNBC shared 11 behaviors that may indicate you’re a problem employee — and gave advice on what to do if you are one.
  • TED provided four exercises to improve attention.
  • Above the Law shared how a new nonpartisan group, Lawyer Moms of America, is confronting the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy.
  • Huffington Post reported that Kate Spade’s clothing brand has pledged to donate $1 million to suicide prevention groups following the fashion icon’s death earlier this month.
  • The New York Times offered Instagram feeds of glamorous grandmas, including Accidental Icon Lyn Slater. #GOALS
  • For your What Just Happened?! of the Week: The BBC asked why First Lady Melania Trump wore a $39 Zara jacket that says “I really don’t care. Do U?” to visit immigrant families.

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  1. Yes, I read about the Supreme Court and Sales Tax for web sales today. According to the ABA Websight (and yes, I still read there, tho NOT p’ost), The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states may collect sales tax from internet retailers. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote the majority opinion, joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the court’s three most conservative justices. The case is South Dakota v. Wayfair.
    The majority overruled a 1992 decision holding that the Constitution’s dormant commerce clause bars states from collecting sales taxes from retailers without a brick-and-mortar presence in the state. The previous decision was Quill Corp. v. North Dakota.

    “The physical presence rule of Quill is unsound and incorrect,” Kennedy wrote. “Though Quill was wrong on its own terms when it was decided in 1992, since then the internet revolution has made its earlier error all the more egregious and harmful.”

    All I know is that this will cost us alot more money b/c we will have to pay Sales Tax on our web purchases! FOOEY!!!! DOUBEL FOOEY!!!!!!

  2. Also, some other organizations trying to help the separated kids: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/parents-helping-families-separated-border_us_5b2aaf21e4b0040e273f317d

  3. Anonymous :

    “higher sales tax for shopping online”

    Isn’t it more of a case of having to pay sales tax at all, where you didn’t before? It’s not like the online retailer was charging 2% and is not charging 5%. So it’s “more likely to pay sales tax on something purchased online” (if your state subjects it to sales tax) than “paying a higher tax on something you were already paying tax on”

    Bad headline WWW.

    • +1

    • Anonymous :


      Totally fair.

      Still kinda bummed as our state sales tax is so high (over 10%!). Makes me even more vigilant with looking for free shipping, ebates, holding items in my shopping cart until I get sent coupons or the prices drop on sale etc…

      • Anonymous :

        Idk, my tax is 13% and honestly I’m okay paying it. I know taxes are going towards good things, unlike shipping fees that are a money grab from a capitalistic corporation.

    • eertmeert :

      Exactly. Can we communicate tax information clearly and accurately, please and thank you?!

    • Anonymous :

      Also, i didn’t see an indication of when this would go into effect. Seems like a critical piece of information.

      • The change in law is effective now. States are now allowed to require remote sellers to collect sales tax. So now states can pass legislation to do so. (It must meet other tests, though.)

    • No, the sales tax has always been owed; it is the collection method that is changing. Collecting it via individual income tax returns, as many (most?) states have been doing (or, at least having the laws written to do), doesn’t work very well.

      • Yes, people are suposed to pay tax through the state tax return, but most do NOT dad says. This was the probellem. Now people will be taxed immediateley and that is a good thing for the states. Dad is thinking of haveing me take a job with the AG’s office, b/c Dad says this is a great stepping stone, but I do NOT want to b/c I will NOT get a paycheck like I do now. I told Dad to forget it. If I have to take a pay cut, it will be to be a mom, where my husband will bring home a paycheck to cover all of us. FOOEY!

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