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  • Fashionista interviewed Patricia Field, costume designer for Sex and the City, among other shows and movies featuring fashion-forward media mavens, about how she updated characters’ wardrobes for the revival of Murphy Brown.
  • Vogue provided some fall fashion inspo by featuring 14 working women.
  • Refinery 29 shared that more black women in broadcast journalism have been embracing natural hairstyles.
  • Fashionista shared the best new K-Beauty products.
  • Above the Law reported that a leader at a BigLaw firm has asked women to tell him if they plan to become pregnant — for “budgetary reasons.”
  • The New York Times reported from the New Rules Summit on ways in which opportunities for women in the workplace are stagnating — and what can be done to fix that.
  • The Guardian‘s movie reviewer offered a cheeky response to a man’s question about the modern-day equivalent of Working Girl in terms of the characters’ outfits.
  • Vote.org includes state-by-state registration deadlines ahead of the midterm election on November 6, including links to register online. (But just to be sure, also check out your state’s individual voter registry laws — the site recently updated their Texas information after the state rejected 2,400 registrations.)
  • The Cut explained how the anti-Müllerian hormone could predict fertility.
  • For Your Laugh of the Week: McSweeney’s shared a list of dangerous ideas.

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  1. Help me find a dress similar to this one, as it is sold out in almost every size :(


  2. To the HIVE: The Vote.org article above provides a great reference about the deadlines to register in order to vote in the election. Every state is listed, and has different deadlines. It is important that we, in the HIVE, read the article and register in time to vote. For example, here is the NY rules. Other deadlines differ:

    In-Person: 25 days before Election Day. (10 days before Election Day for special elections.)
    By Mail: Postmarked 25 days before Election Day and received no later than 20 days before Election Day.
    Online: 25 days before Election Day.

    Please register and VOTE! No matter who you are or who you support, we in the HIVE must show solidarity as WOMEN and vote down loosers who disrespect us. Register! The manageing partner said I can go out and canvass for new voters, so I am doeing so from this site, for starters. If others in the HIVE want to meet and get out the vote, I can do it in NYC! YAY!!!!

  3. Saks has it in a few more sizes.


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