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NPR looks at The Richer Sex, a book about how “the new majority of female breadwinners is transforming sex, love, and family.”
FINS rounds up some of the dumbest things ever said in interviews. Meanwhile, ForbesWoman suggests some body language to avoid.
Lifehacker answers the question, “”how can I tell if I’m being monitored at work, and what can I do about it?”
SavvySugar suggests ways to destress during the workday.
– Finally: big weekend, ladies — opening weekend for Hunger Games and Mad Men returns on Sunday night.  Which are you more excited about?

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  1. I, too, just wrote about “The Richer Sex” on my site. Liza Mundy’s facts are interesting – but I have to ask the difficult question. Does it really matter if we make more money than our husbands if we’re not making more money than our male counterparts in the workplace? Let’s not pretend that being “richer” than our spouses makes the equal pay problem go away.

    Here’s my post on the subject from today: http://careergirlnetwork.com/the-richer-sex-changing-the-game/

  2. Heh, I can’t choose between Mad Men and Hunger Games. For the latter, I invited a couple of friends and it spiralled and now I’m going with a huge, high school style group (despite the fact that I will be 29 next week, shudder). For the former, I will be chilling with my cats on the couch but the Serious Eats Mad Men cookbook series of posts is really making me wish I was doing a retro dinner party instead.

  3. Have any of you lovelies bought anything from Dorothy Perkins? There are so many cute, cheap dresses but I can’t tell if the quality is as low as the prices. I just want to buy all the pretties!

    • I have bought a couple of things from there (otherwise known in the UK as Dotty P.) since their UK size 10 template appears to have been designed using my specific figure. Quality is fine, construction is fine, fabrics are fine. Generally a middle-of-the-road outfit, kind of like AT Loft. You won’t be blown away by it, but then again nothing will fall apart on the first wearing. They do have some cute things!

  4. dumbest things said in interviews :

    Had to laugh at that article. I used to think stuff like that was made up, but my friend routinely interviews candidates for positions at a company that serves a very young and hip demographic. (Perhaps why it isn’t treated with the seriousness it deserves?) He has seen it all. People who have taken cell phone calls mid-interview, people who have made racial comments (maybe assuming because he is not white as well that he won’t find it offensive?)., etc I can hardly wait to share some of those with him.

    • anon for this :

      I interviewed a potential patent agent (no experience) who said one of the reasons he was interested in the job was because it paid well and his wife didn’t want to have to work.

      That didn’t score many points with me.

  5. I’m super excited abt Mad Men. Yaay! I have a serious crush on DD inspite of his flings

    • I’m totally excited about Mad Men (Hunger Games looks good, but I haven’t read the books)! Small obsession with that show – so much so I’m hosting a Mad Men themed-party tonight! Super excited for it and can’t wait to bust out of work so I can get into my best Joan Holloway-inspired outfit and fix myself an bourbon.

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