Weekly Roundup

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Sweet Hot Justice ponders whether a nose ring should be removed. Judging by the debate we had over tattoos a while back, we’d say yes. (Pictured: Ring through his nose, originally uploaded to Flickr by florriebassingbourn)

– Elena Kagan will reportedly not be arguing in Jimmy Choos. [Above the Law]

Jezebel wonders if women make better bosses — and whistleblowers.

– From Business Week: How to excel at your job and be home for dinner.

– The best career advice, in 10 words or less. [The Simple Dollar]

– All the cool kids are thinking about this: how to manage your Facebook account. [Wired] Also: CNet rounds up the social sites that are competing with Linked In.

Slate advises you how to fix your “terrible, insecure passwords” in 5 minutes. Also: some good things to keep in mind if you’ve ever used a Hotmail account. [Lifehacker]


  1. wow…that nose piercing debate was well, piercing. i have had a nose ring for years and have never thought it was considered a “slutty” thing. on the contrary, it accents my nose quite nicely. my lawyer beau even gave me one for christmas!

    however, i NEVER wear it to work, and usually only on the weekends. it doesn’t close, but the hole is hardly noticable. anyone getting that close to my face to notice is probably invading my space or knows me pretty well.

    it is a non-issue though…just don’t wear it at work, jeesh.

  2. Interesting re: the nose pierce debate. I wonder if South Asian women can get away with this at work because of cultural reasons, more so than other ethnic groups. Several of my Indian girlfriends have nose rings, but I don’t know how many of them take it out for work.

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