Weekly Roundup

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  • The 2009 International Best Dressed List has arrived, from Vanity Fair.  We don’t know much about H.R.H. Princess Letizia of Asturias, but we love her white suit (pictured).
  • Ms. JD wonders if flex time will get you laid off.  Meanwhile, the WSJ’s Juggle reports that a recent study found that women underestimate their performance on the job three times as much as men.
  • Wow: we did not realize that J.Crew bought Loro Piana wool and cashmere.  The WSJ’s Christina Binkley examines the differences between a $1,750 sweater and a $298 sweater.
  • The NYT advises how to stay fit when eating is your job — perhaps worthwhile advice for the rest of us, too!
  • WiseBread counsels how to reset your sleep cycle in a single night.
  • Miss Manners opines on napkin etiquette.


  1. I think the Princess’s suit is too short for her. The pants should be a good two to three inches longer.

  2. Wow, I did not realize that a $298 cardigan is “a wardrobe item that should last a year or two”.

  3. Oh no… I totally clicked on the Ms. JD link half-consciously, thinking it read “Will flextime get you laid?” :)

  4. NYC_associate :

    I love these “round-up” posts, they always have some great articles and blog posts that I would never find on my own. It would be great if C could do more of these throughout the week! (for those of us who don’t do twitter)

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