Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Brooks Brothers’ Non-Iron Fitted Bold Textured Stripe French Cuff Dress Shirt

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Non-Iron Fitted Bold Textured Stripe French Cuff Dress Shirt
Today’s TPS was suggested (independently) by readers LPC and N: this lovely classic, non-iron, fitted shirt from Brooks Brothers.  There are quite a few on sale at the moment in the “clearance” section and in stores — and with the free shipping if you order $200 worth of stuff (through 9/2), you can’t go wrong.  Reader N noted that she plans to wear her charcoal and white striped shirt (like the one pictured) with her tan suit — an outfit that sounds great to us.  (If you go for a French cuff shirt, we recommend investing in some actual cuff links — they’re far easier to use than the knots that come with the shirt.)  The shirt was $89.50; now on sale for $35.   Non-Iron Fitted Bold Textured Stripe French Cuff Dress Shirt

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  1. I like these shirts but find them a little short, because the bottom is cut fairly high around the hips – I am 5’6″ and find that the ends will often come untucked when I reach for something. Whenever I wear them I have to be very conscious of the back of the shirt staying tucked.

  2. Same here, and I’m 5’10”. Brooks Brothers used to offer tall sizes but eliminated them when they started selling different fits. They now have classic, fitted, and tailored; in my experience, the tailored fit has the longest in the torso and also the most flattering.

  3. I bought 2 of these last weekend (it was tax-free weekend here in DC!) and love them. Haven’t had the untucking problem, but I’m high-waisted — still, though, I have the untucking issue with other brands, like Express, so I feel your pain! These shirts have already proven their non-iron quality this week, so I love them!

  4. I wear this shirt, the tailored fit, and have quite the long torso. I have not had problems with it being too short. On the other hand, I don’t wear it with low-waisted pants, so your mileage may vary. I bought the lavender-striped version for my red-headed daughter – the color will be great with fair skin. She is just starting her first job. Kind of like having a career Barbie of my own. Don’t worry, I mean that in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. If any of you are also in the first job category, here’s a link to our shoe shopping expedition.

  5. I adore french cuff shirts on men and have seen some women who look very smart in them so I would love to try this look but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on cufflinks for women, both wear to buy and best styles to ensure that the look remains feminine?

  6. @ lulu – I have that the best place to find feminine style cuff links are at jewerly stores or large retailers like Macys. I would recommend simple silver or gold ball links no larger than a dime. I also really like the yarn links available at Brooks Brothers.

  7. Men’s vintage links from the 60’s and 70’s can be absolutely amazing looking if the rest of the outfit is restrained. Some of them were very flamboyant and read as feminine now. My grandfather left quite a collection, and they are a fabulous spot of pizazz that doesn’t look sloppy or whacktastic.

  8. When wearing these type of shirts, do you always have to wear belts? If so, where would you recommend a place to get good belts (that are hopefully not too expensive)?

  9. Agree with LPC and Sadie:
    I love Brooks Brothers for suits, but I too, being only 5’5″ think the tailored and fitted shirts are too short with my lower waisted slacks (Theory Max C), particularly on the sides, as these have a shirt-tail hem. The Classic fit is nice and long, but cut fuller—a nice classy look. Tailored fit are okay with Brooks Brothers slacks, which are cut with a higher waist.

    The other think I don’t love about the non-iron shirts is that they feel itchy to me. As form my favorite shirts? Ralph Lauren, black label label shirts. They are cut for small-chested, angular frames (like my own). Great quality, exquisite tailoring. For more casual days I love their skinny-fit oxfords.

    To Natalie: My favorite belts: Hermes—great lifelong investment; goes with everything.

  10. NYC_associate :

    I second the question about whether belts are necessary when one wears a buttoned-up shirt tucked into pants. I absolutely hate belts and frequently go without when wearing this sort of outfit, but I always wonder if it looks weird or if anyone notices and thinks I’m committing a fashion sin..

  11. To NYC Associate:
    I don’t think a belt is a requirement with buttoned shirts at all. I tend to wear belts when my pants are a bit loose in the waist, as an accessory which adds to the outfit. I love adding a brightly colored Vineyard Vines belt to an otherwise conservative white shirt and black slacks or blue shirt/khaki slacks combo (generally more casual days). For formal days I stick to a simple Hermes or Brooks Brothers Belt.

  12. They do have lots of no iron shirts that have regular cuffs (rather than French cuff). These shirts are fantastic for travel and long-lasting. Though I have them done at the dry cleaner — they come back crisper and seem to last longer. I’ve been wearing BB no iron shirts for about 7 years and usually they last several years.

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