Beauty and Makeup Open Thread: What Do You Love, What Are You Hunting

Here’s a fun open thread topic today: what makeup are you loving right now? What makeup and beauty things are you hunting for? What makeup trends intrigue you — what do you want to try?

Here’s the makeup I’m loving right now (applied directly on top of my favorite sunscreen – I don’t do foundation on a daily basis):

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Makeup I’m hunting for: a dark gray shadow for day that’s not too difficult to swipe on without paying much attention, but finding the right shade and consistency is difficult… I’m always hunting for eyebrow solutions too. Boy Brow made me realize my problem is that there’s an unevenness/sparseness to parts of my eyebrows, so I have to be careful where and how I apply Boy Brow — I need it at the extra color at the very outside and inside of my eyebrows the most, but not so much in the middle. On a whim one night I ordered an “eyebrow tattoo” thing on Amazon that’s supposed to stay for a week but…. I’m kind of terrified of using it. (I know, buckle up, Buttercup, and try it on my arm or something first.)

Makeup I’m intrigued by: I’m very intrigued by the idea of the Korean lip tints — but I didn’t like the one I ordered for myself (I just got it because it was on sale at Nordstrom) so I think I need to go to a store in person to play with them. I’m also very intrigued by the idea of magnetic false eyelashes — I’ve never been able to master falsies, so this kind of thing may be perfect for me if I can get over an irrational fear of tiny magnets near my eyes. (It just seems weird!) Also along lash lines — fine, fine, I may have heard enough about Rodan & Fields’ Lash Boost that I may need to call my mom friend who sells that stuff and give it a try. (Not makeup, but I’m also intrigued by the idea of adding a serum to my skincare routine.)

Readers, what makeup are you loving right now? What are you on the hunt for? What intrigues you?


  1. Cornellian :

    My everyday (as a neutral very fair blue-eyed strawberry blonde lawyer):
    -rinse with water
    -simple moisturizer (sometimes Dr. Jart’s Tigergrass cream, something cheaper in the summer)
    -Dr Jarts physical sunscreen-containing BB cream in the lightest color
    -whatever mascara sample I currently have
    -burt’s bees
    -occasionally, sephora’s eye shadow stick in a shimmery light brown

    LUNCH (if I go outside)
    – Dr Dennis Gross sheer mineral sunscreen spray

    -Henriksen cleansing oil
    -simple moisturizer
    -some other oil depending on season/what samples I have

  2. Marshmallow :

    I always love when these topics come up because it’s so interesting to hear about other people’s routines. I’m in my late 20s and really struggle with allergic dermatitis/eczema, so I recently had to strip down my routine to avoid allergens and I’m still figuring out what works for me. I’ll keep this comment more about makeup and less about skincare, but the skincare issue informs everything I put on my face.

    Love: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and powder, Glossier cloud paint blush, Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks, Glossier boy brow, Blinc mascara (excellent for summer because it does not drip or smudge but removes easily), Sephora liquid lipsticks and Bite lipstick bullets.

    Hunting for: a powder with just a little coverage that I can dust on to even things out without weighing down my whole face with a powder foundation. Currently using Maybelline “dream” powder and it’s just okay.

    Intrigued by: eyebrow microblading and lash extensions. Anything that saves time sounds great to me.

    • Anonymous BigLaw Associate :

      For powder, I really like the La Mer loose powder. For a more moderate price point, Laura Mercier is also great. I use powder after foundation on my eye area/cheeks as a primer, and then dust over my whole face once everything is on except mascara and lipstick.

      • Marshmallow :

        Thanks! Maybe I will try one of the LM tinted powders. I use her finishing powder already and like it, but I’m interested in another option with a little color for days when I’m rushed and just want to dust something on in one step.

        • Anonymous BigLaw Associate :

          Yup, I meant the tinted powder, not finishing. (I can’t seem to use the translucent/white finishing powders without looking ridiculous-my skin is too dark.)

    • I am allergic to alot of things — after all I live in NYC, and the air polution is terible. So my dermatologist last week says all I can use is Nivea, butshe does NOT want me wearing any mascara all summer, b/c I have an itchey eye she attributes to Mascara. So because of this, I am going COMPLETELY naked (i.e., w/o makeup) all summer; not even lipstick, can you beleive it? Myrna says I look better and so does Frank (tho he will say anything). So far, the judge has not said anything, but I have NOT been up close yet.

  3. I’ve found that I use fewer and fewer products as I get older – maybe I’m just more comfortable with my face as-is?!

    My daily routine is…

    – Wash face with old fashioned soap and water while showering
    – Concealer
    – Either moisturizer or BB cream (the latter if I want to look more polished)
    – Light swipe of eyeliner on upper lid only
    – Light brush of neutral eyeshadow
    – Brow sealer
    – Mascara
    – Blush
    – Lipstick only if I want to look more polished, skip it if not

    – Wash face with old fashioned soap and water
    – Spot treatment of any blemishes
    – Moisturizer and in winter occasionally I’ll dig out a free sample of eye cream to use

  4. I wear the following products, in order, and am pretty happy with them

    Skincare first then

    Trish mcevoy eye base essentials in bare
    Dior nude skin bb cream in 01 (applied with a big fluffy brush by Tarte)
    Clinique instant lift brow pencil in soft brown
    Stila liquid eyeliner pen in moss green
    Trish mcevoy high volume mascara in black
    Tarte Amazonian clay blush in True Love (discontinued! Waaah)
    Laura Mercier sheer lipstick in Healthy Lips

    So I need to replace the blush in a close-enough color but other than that I think my routine is pretty easy and I like all of the products a lot.

  5. Anonymous BigLaw Associate :

    What purpose does an “invisible” lip liner serve? I read the product description, but still not sure.

    • I think it’s supposed to keep your lipstick contained, like a barrier preventing it from bleeding out. I have one but I never use it.

    • I didn’t need it until recently — suddenly if I don’t put it on even a tinted balm ends up all over my face and I look like a clown. So it just keeps your lipstick contained — it’s a thicker, waxier feeling than the lipstick primer or the colored lip liners.

      • I can’t find that stuff anywhere! I found the ELF lip primer, which is super thick and gets stuck in all the little creases on my lips. The hunt continues.

        • You can get the LipLock on Amazon — I also tried another one that was much thinner. Milani, also on Amazon:

          I preferred the Elf to the Milani; not sure either are HG products for me.

        • New Tampanian :

          it’s on amazon

  6. Coco Chanel :

    I would love to find a lash growth serum (like Lash Boost) but I really object to MLM products. Any suggestions?

    I’ve been using a little bit of Nars Rigel eyeshadow, which is sort of a metallic glittery thing. It does not sound work appropriate at all – but I use a tiny bit for work and it really opens up my eyes. Plus it’s fun.

    I just discovered a new foot lotion by Soap and Glory called Heel Genius and I really love it – it’s been great for summer sandal season.

    Finally, my new realization is that my skin can’t tolerate all of those Vitamin C serums. I was using one with L-Ascorbic acid and it was amazing because it truly made my skin glow. But then it made my skin get hot and red – so no more. But if anyone has less sensitive skin and wants to try it, it really made my skin look amazing in the short term!

    • In-House in Texas :

      I’ve been using Rodan & Fields Lash Boost since January and my lashes are noticeably longer and thicker. Even the hubby mentioned them on a Sunday when I had zero make-up on. I really like it.

      • Anonymous :

        Same – but maybe since February or March? And not every single night. And my lashes do look wayyyy better.

    • My sister swears by applying castor oil to her lashes. I haven’t tried it yet, but she’s used it for a few months and her lashes do look longer and fuller.

      • Also FWIW, I am also not a fan of MLM products. A number of my family members started selling Rodan & Fields so I gave in and made a purchase. I figured that I could try it out and then if I didn’t like it it would be easier to say no in the future. I’ve only been using it a few weeks and there is already a noticeable change in the appearance of my skin and under-eye area. I really like the products – they exceeded my expectations!

      • My brow waxer suggested this to make my eyebrows grow back in a few places that got overplucked in the 90s. It’s worked great!

    • Chicago Bean Accounter :

      I’ve been loving the GrandeLash by Grande Cosmetics; I buy it at Sephora. It’s pricey ($65), but I’ve received comments lately asking if I’m wearing falsies and long my lashes are, and I don’t remember to use it daily. I’m trying their brow serum as well, but it doesn’t seem to be showing the same level of effect as the lash one.

    • Jennifer FP :

      I was just looking at Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer that I heard about from a YouTuber (Stephanie Nicole). It seems like it would be worth checking out.

  7. I’m a fan of Glossier’s boy brow, concealer, and highlighter, Dr. Jart’s Tigergrass cream, and origin’s mascara. I wear them almost every day. I recently bought the Nars all-in-one Orgasm thingy and like it as well, but only wear it if I have some kind of event to go to. For whatever reason I think of blush as an evening/event makeup.

    I wish I could get my eyebrows and lashes to take color. They’re completely white. I’ve tried dying them and having them dyed by a professional, and they just won’t take color. It would be nice to be able to nix these parts of my routine, but, alas.

  8. I’m scouting Drunk Elephant tinted sunscreen for every day (no Sephora near me and don’t want to buy someplace I can’t return if I hate it); Lipstick Queen Frog Prince, and a powder sunscreen in a built in brush that is not as expensive as Colorscience and not as scratchy as the Peter Thomas Roth brush.

    I love love love the Colorscience brush but at $65 – yeowch. Also love Maybelline Stilletto lashes mascara – it’s the only one I can find that doesn’t volumize. My lashes are close together so anything volumzing ends up all over my face. And just got a benefit angled brow pencil in my Birchbox that is crushing it!

    I was loving the Hourglass powder trio but it’s not my favorite lately – too “done” for day and a lot of color for all over coverage. I bought a Physicians Formula translucent powder but it’s really white when it’s on my face. I need a powder like the Hourglass ones to even out my skin, make it matte, and not have too much color or glitter.

    • Shopaholic :

      Why don’t you buy the Drunk Elephant sunscreen online? Sephora offers free shipping and returns I believe.

    • If you’re a Costco member, they have powder sunscreen online. I think it’s 2 for $40. The brush doesn’t feel too scratchy for me, but I also don’t remember disliking the Peter Thomas Roth one (which I used before switching to Costco).

    • Baconpancakes :

      Wait how can they make a single color for all skin tones? I have to assume it wouldn’t work for extremely pale or dark skinned people.

    • Jennifer FP :

      I have the tinted sunscreen and it’s faaaaaaabulous. It takes a while to sink in, but the color is barely there, so I think it would work with most skin colors. It’s not sticky (after it sinks in), and I think it’s great for the weekends. I haven’t really tried to put make up on top of it, because I have other moisturizers with SPF or a cushion foundation I love.

  9. I like makeup without animal tested ingredients. I avoid lines that do it, or that are owned by parent companies that do it. (e.g. offenders like Loreal and Revlon own lines that are supposedly cruelty free).
    I wear a lot of physician formula, elf, and Jane iredale.
    The Ultimate Guide by Cruelty Free Kitty is really helpful for this.

    • I think Body Shop is good about this. I really like their vitamin e moisturizer and they have some nice easy to wear lipsticks.

      I would really like to find a new lipstick that is sort of natural color dusty rose but haven’t found anything quite right. I don’t have gray hair but this actress’s lipstick looks totally perfect to me (you have to zoom in to see it), yet everything I try that’s like that is either too dark or too pink or too something.

    • Anony Mouse :

      If you’re not familiar with Honeybee Gardens, check them out.

  10. Mrs. Jones :

    I love the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit.
    I’m looking for a purple eye shadow that’s a medium shade with a little shimmer.

  11. In-House in Texas :

    I’m on the hunt for an anti-frizz/humidity product for straight hair. I live in the south in very high humidity. My hair is shoulder length and fine, so it tends to frizz in even moderate humidity. I’ve tried Living Proof and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried Frizz Ease by John Frieda, doesn’t work. I even tried Quidad based on a recommendation from someone here, but it’s for curly hair and I wear my hair straight. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!

    • Aveda smooth infusion.

    • Anonymous :

      I have similar limp hair that fuzzes up in humidity.

      I use something called “skinny serum” that they used at super cuts when they cut my kids hair. Not expensive and it was buy 2 get 1 free at ulta a week or so ago.

      I didn’t expect it to work b/c I looked like a junkie when I tried a shine serum once, but this keeps my hair looking styled without looking ratty / fuzzy / weird at the ends.

    • New Tampanian :

      Bumble and bumble’s don’t blow it or something like that is great when you don’t want to blow dry. There’s a cheaper version in drugstores that someone on here once suggested. I’m in Tampa and it works great.

  12. I’m super curious about E.L.F liquid eyeshadows. Since they’re only $4 I should probably just go buy them for myself, but I wanted to see if anyone else had tried them before I add more meh makeup clutter to my life.

  13. Has anyone tried the magnetic fake eyelashes? Curious, but have not personally tried yet.

    • Have not, but watched a youtube review of them – it seemed super difficult to get the magnet part close enough to the lashline.

      If you have trouble with full strip lashes, try trios. Ardell and Kiss make them. They’re little clusters of three which I find even easier than singles (single flip all around on me).

  14. Morning routine:

    Stila liquid eyeliner pen
    Diorshow mascara
    Vitamin C serum
    Moisturizer + SPF 30 mineral sunscreen
    Diorskin BB cream (applied with a Sephora brush)
    Laura Mercier pressed powder (applied with a a Sephora “air brush”)
    Nars Orgasm/Laguna compact (blush on the apples of my cheeks, bronzer in the hollows)

    I love my SPF 30 but am on the hunt for an SPF 50 mineral sunscreen (for longer periods in the sun) that doesn’t give me white streaks and/or pilling.

  15. I’m in a couple of weddings this summer. Any advice on how to do makeup without looking unacceptably shiny in photos? (Especially since the ceremonies will be outdoors, and I assume I will need to wear sunscreen).

    • Anonymous BigLaw Associate :

      Loose powder! (And bring along some blotting papers.)

    • Primer and blotting papers.

      • Baconpancakes :

        Which primer do you use? I just started using Benefit’s Porefessional Matte and it seems to be doing well, but I’d love suggestions.

        • Smashbox Photo Finish primer. I like the clear one (they have several versions)— it’s fabulous!

    • Lots of powder. Add setting spray. And make sure that you’re adequately moisturizing a week or so leading up to the event and prime under your foundation.

    • I have recently fallen in love with Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I only wear it when I do a full face of make-up, but I can totally tell a difference on how my make-up lasts and the amount of oil on my face. I would highly recommend you buy the travel sized one (comes with it’s own application puff) to start. You can re-apply throughout the day if needed, but I also carry blotting papers with me.

  16. Chicago Bean Accounter :

    Makeup wise, on a daily basis I wear Benefit’s Gimme Brow (this may be swapped out for another brand when it’s done), Bobbi Brown eyeliner in gray, and Urban Decay lash primer and mascara. It’s the only combination I’ve found that actually holds a curl to my lashes, and seems to separate them. If I have a nasty red bump, I’ll throw a little of the Hourglass stick concealer over it and hope for the best. I only do other makeup if I’m going to a special event or for nice dinner reservations or something like that (though the quantity of makeup I own would suggest otherwise!)

  17. Anonymous BigLaw Associate :

    Best foundation brush? Best eyeshadow brush?

  18. Tech Comm Geek :

    Current favorite products:

    Eyeko liquid eyeliner – I’m relatively new to eyeliner. This goes on easily, stays where I put it, and doesn’t irritate my incredibly sensitive eyes. Even in the nasty 95 with high humidity, this stuff didn’t run.

    NYX Epic Ink lip stains – I love these. I actually prefer them to my beloved MAC Liptensity. I do use the NYX lip primer, which does help with the uneven look lip stains can have right now. For $7, it was an easy try and now I own four of them. I usually reapply after lunch because I’m paranoid about ending up with the line around my lips.

    YBF eyebrow pencil in universal taupe – this is magic. My eyebrows are still there, they are just going transparent from the outside in. If I only have time to do one thing in the morning, it’s this pencil. I just use short strokes to fill in where my brows really are and then use the brush to smooth everything out. Never moves. If I forget to wash my face, it’s still there in the morning.

    • Anonymous BigLaw Associate :

      I have trouble getting the Eyeko eyeliner to go on well. It looks grey/off black instead of black. Do you have it in skinny pen form or what?

      Wonder if I just prefer pencils.

  19. bellatrix :

    Loving: Glossier Generation G lipstick. It’s not sticky at all, and the color is right at that “your lips but better” level.

    Looking for:
    * Primer recommendations. I’ve been trying out ones from Smashbox and Makeup For Ever, and I like them both, but would welcome cheaper options.
    * Foundation recommendations. I’ve been using a L’Oreal BB cream but I want more coverage. I’m fair (brown hair, blue eyes) and newly 40 with slightly oily skin.

    Meh: Glosser Cloud Paint blush. It’s okay but not the game-changer I was expecting.

  20. PatsyStone :

    I hereby declare Kevin Aucoin’s the curling mascara the GOAT. I feel like I’ve spent 20 years and hundreds of dollars to discover this. It’s tubular and goes on like Blinc mascara, never runs (and I always cry), and it actually curls your lashes.

    This may be the only thing I’ve ever been sure of.

  21. So I don’t change things up much anymore. I have what works for me. I have spent so much money on cosmetics for the past 20 years…

    Deborah Milan Hydracolor lip balm / lip stick. Clear or in various colors. spf 25 with good uva protection. I have been using these for 10 years, everything else feels weird now.

    Bourjois Healthy mix or Healthy mix serum foundation and their round pot rouge. Or a mineral foundation by Meow. I like those more than any high ends I’ve bought.

    Nyx HD blush in taupe for any contouring.

    This combo will keep eyeshadow on oily heavy lids:

    Urban Decay eye primer.
    MAC paint pots in groundwork/painterly.
    Inglot matte eye shadows esp. 358 (a great taupe) and 360 (a medium brown)

    Vichy Aqualia thermal uv spf 25 on normal days

    La Roche-Posay Comfort Anthelios XL 50+ between may-september. UV is low in Scandinavia the rest of the year.

    Unscented micellar water to take off makeup. Then cleaning balm. Then cleaning wash. Any residues of sunscreen or makeup means acne for me. A new face towel every time I touch my face (ikea tiny towels in the kuds section). Change pillow case daily.

    And most importantly Differin 1mg/g for anti-aging

    Oh yes. The dry shampoo my friends are begging me for: straight cosmetic grade silica powder. Better than anything on the market. It’s white so it’s best for light hair. Could work on your face too if you are very oily skinned.

  22. notalawyer :

    I guess I’m the only one who does a full face of makeup every day?

    I’m really liking the Kat Von D lock-it powder foundation. Mostly because I can find my shade, and has good matte coverage.

    I use Laura Mercier eye base primer and Estee Lauder waterproof Concealer.

    Then I do eyeshadow, liner, mascara, blush, bronzer, fill brows, lipstick. I might switch up the shades a little but I wear it all.

    I like the Avene spray water to set.

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