Where to Find Interview Suits if You’re Pregnant

where to find interview suits if you're pregnantThis summer we’ve been updating our Guides to Suits (here are our latest roundups of the best suits for women in 2018, a specific roundup of plus-size suits and stylish petite suits) — so over at CorporetteMoms today we’re updating our roundup of the best maternity suits for professional women. Of course… pickings are slim, as always with maternity career suits. We’ve talked before about what to wear to work when you’re pregnant (in general) and whether you really need to wear a suit to court if you’re a pregnant lawyer — but it’s been a while. So what DO you wear on “big career days” if your normal clothes no longer fit and your maternity clothes aren’t professional enough? (For example, where can you find interview suits if you’re pregnant?) Did you find a mythical maternity suit? Thrift one from an older collection? Buy a too-big maternity suit off the rack and tailor it? Wear two black pieces to “make” a suit? Or did you just shrug and wear whatever, like a dress and blazer? (Another question: do you think it matters how close to your due date you are — i.e., if you have one interview in week 39 it may not be a big deal to wear a blazer and dress, but if you have a 3-month jury trial starting around Month 5, you may want to try to find an official maternity suit?) Do tell…where to find interview suits if you're pregnant

Psst: here’s our last discussion on the fun of taking a new job while pregnant, and our best on-campus interview tips and resources.

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Wondering what the best interview attire for pregnant women is? It is INCREDIBLY HARD to find interview suits if you're pregnant, so we've rounded up the best maternity suits for professionals -- but don't miss our discussion on what you can wear instead.


  1. I thought the postpartum period was actually much harder than maternity dressing. I felt like I was entirely forgiven when I wore separates with an open blazer instead of a full suit while pregnant (not a lawyer). But trying to find pumping-friendly shells that didn’t also need camis was a disaster. I could not handle nursing bra + cami + shell, there is so much plastic bulk with all those clasps, and wearing just a nursing tank is not enough support for work. I felt like I spent eight months of working while nursing being more uncomfortable than in the 9 months being pregnant.

    • AnonTechie :

      This was my experience with all of the pregnancy/new-mom things. Pregnancy was infinitely easier than parenting a baby

    • So true. And while pregnant, you get a pass on looking like you’re pregnant. Post-partum, you struggle with this strange body that you’re not used to, that’s ever-changing and that requires physical compromises (pumping!) without the obvious excuse of pregnancy. Everyone is happy to give the pregnant lady the benefit of the doubt on dress code, but the post-partum lady is invisible as such.

  2. AnonBigLaw :

    Not pregnant, I wear size 6/8. I bought JCrew Super 120 jackets (grey and black) in sizes 10 and 12 on clearance (not maternity, just bigger sizes), had the length taken in a bit in the sleeves, and wore those over dresses (loved Seraphine and OldNavy) or with Gap’s black maternity trousers. I think JCrew is officially done with the Super 120s line (sniff), but I suppose the idea is the same. Maternity suits are so awful, I think the far better bet is sizing up a cheapish but still decent Macys/Dillards/JCrew/Banana suit and having it tailored a bit and mixing in maternity basics like black pants and skirts.

    Post partum, I did not want special clothes and detested nursing clothes except I couldn’t get away from nursing bras. I bought and wore Halogen brand suits until I was back down to pre-preg size. I found pumping under a pashmina was all the cover I needed even without nursing clothes. I just made sure I had buttons or it was billowy so I could get underneath it.

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