Deal Alert: The Nordstrom Winter Sale

The Winter #Nsale - Workwear Picks!2018 Update: Check out our latest guide to what to buy at the Nordstrom Winter Sale in 2018

The below content is about the 2017 Nordstrom Winter Sale.

The Nordstrom Winter sale is on! As promised earlier, I thought I’d poke through the sale to pick out some fo the best workwear in the big winter #nsale. Some general notes at the outset:

  • Great selection of Classiques Entier — you can get an entire suit for $300! Lots of cute blazers and blouses too.
  • Lingerie-wise: so many cute Hanky Panky things are 40% off; Natori is well-represented in the sale (they have a lot of top-rated bras, including this one), as is Cosabella
  • Note that while we’ve included a few plus-size options here, you can check more out on our page full of plus-size workwear picks

One other note — each row of clothing goes from least expensive to most expensive — almost everything on the page is really affordable. (This suit is the real outlier, but it was too pretty not to include!) Pretty much everything else ranges in price from $9-$150.

(And, of course, don’t forget our roundup of other big sales happening for Presidents Day! Note also that if a recent recommendation went on sale, we gave it a special tag — you can click here to see everything that was discounted in one spot.)

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Suits for Women in the Winter Nordstrom Sale (individual pieces $101-$1,295)

winter #nsale - suits for women

Pictured above: gray pants suit / navy wool suit / brown dress suit / navy skirt suit


Great Selection of Dresses for Work in the #NSale

There are a ton of great dresses for work in the winter #nsale, particularly if you like color…

winter #nsale-dresses for work

Pictured: blue dress (also in black) / olive shift dress / green dress (in plus, petite, & regular sizes) / black twist-front sheath dress

winter #nsale - dresses for work part two!

Pictured above: black/beige/white dress / plus-size sheath dress (black also) / green dress (petites also) / pine sheath dress (red also)

Other Workwear in Nordstrom’s Winter Sale ($41-$197)

winter #nsale - neutral basics for work

Pictured above: knit skirt (petites also) / ankle pants (also in petite sizes; also in cobalt) / knit blazer (reader favorite) / navy blazer

Weekend Fun in the Winter #NSale ($9-$70)

(And of course, check out our recent roundup of the most-loved denim at Nordstrom!)

winter #nsale 2017 - weekendwear!

Pictured above: cute no-show socks / swingy shift dress / scoop back tee (blush and black also) /pleated shift dress / drapey sweater vest (four colors)

Ladies, have you found any favorites in the big winter #nsale?

winter #nsale: what to buy for work


The Winter Nordstrom sale - what to buy for workwinter nsale - all the best pieces for work



  1. Sydney Bristow :

    There are some fascinating pieces included in the sale. If you’ve been repressing your inner figure skater, I present to you this dress:

  2. This post seems tone deaf, given recent comment discussions, no?

    • Well, it is a decent sale that is posted every year…

    • FOOEY! Recent discusions said that Nordstrom’s dropped Ivanka, so now that the deed is DONE, what is the issue with Nordstrom’s? I love Nordstrum’s and do NOT think they should have done it, but I respect the store for haveing policies. So I WILL go to the store with Rosa in White Plain’s this week. YAY!!!

    • I’m not sure what you mean by that. The recent comments are that this blog needs to make money. Also, Nordstrom is a terrific retailer with great selection, customer service, shipping and return policy. It is my favorite place to buy clothes.

      That said, I’m not feeling inspired by any of these picks.

      • …and some of the recent comments are that it would be nice to see Kat feature items from a broader range of retailers, and that some commenters feel like Kat’s relationship with Nordstrom isn’t disclosed with enough prominence. I don’t necessarily agree with the latter, but I’m *very* tired of seeing 75% Nordstrom items on this blog. And I say that as someone who shops at Nordstrom a lot.

      • My longer post got eaten, so I’ll just say that it’s disingenuous to pretend that was the extent of the recent comments. I’ll join the chorus of those who are bored with 75% Nordstrom posts.

        • SwimmerShoulders :

          I would love a post that gathers suiting from more than just Nordstrom. And blouse and dress alternatives that aren’t polyester, since I’m a fan of natural fibers. And posts that link to business appropriate versions of trends.

  3. Has anyone bought one of those inexpensive Casalon knit blazers? How durable are they? Any comments on the fit at the shoulder/arm length?

    If I were to buy one of these knit blazers for my business casualish work-place (to wear in place of a cardigan), any color recommendations for versatility?

    My wardrobe is primarily black/white/grey/navy, with a smattering of jewel tones (deep blues/teal, burgundy, rarely magenta).

  4. I met a guy who goosed me in the parking lot😖

  5. Not only is this yet another expensive nordstrom post, it’s also a bunch of stuff that’s either meant for super tall/thin people or people who are apple shaped and want to look matronly. I wish the picks here weren’t always this way. Even if they were just “here’s a black sweater option from 4 companies in varying cuts/price points/materials” at least there’d be some variety and options. Instead it’s boring stuff or stuff that only flatters one body shape or stuff 99% of people could never afford or sold out items or a combination of these groups. The closest we get is Fridays when it’s less expensive and more fun pieces, but even then, they’re often $50 items when the same seems to be available for $25 or something. Maybe you have to be a trial lawyer in need of suits or someone over the age of 50 to appreciate this stuff?

    • SwimmerShoulders :

      Have you ever seen a workplace where people wear business attire or business casual attire? This is one of the rare sites where people who dress to that code can find useful links. Most blogs push trends that are often unwearable in a more formal business setting. If the picks aren’t to your liking fine, but don’t criticize all women who dress appropriately for those workplaces as dowdy.

  6. Unpopular Opinion :

    I wasn’t around for the recent comment discussions, but I really like Nordstrom because of their awesome shipping and return policy. So, personally, I like all the Nordstrom’s links!

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