Thursday’s TPS Report: Silk Solid Long Sleeve Button Back

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Tegan Top - Silk Solid Long Sleeve Button BackTegan is a new brand to me, but they seem to have a lot of nice workwear pieces right now.  For example, I like the little things on this crewneck blouse, from the detail at the neck, to the three-quarter sleeves, to the keyhole and button at the nape of your neck.  I’d wear it with a cigarette pant for the office, perhaps with a long necklace.  It’s available in violet (pictured) and black for $98 at Bloomingdale’s. Tegan Top – Silk Solid Long Sleeve Button Back


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  1. Gorgeous colour! Charcoal grey pencil skirt, a gold necklace.

    • Cornellian :

      yes. i love this shirt. unfortunately i just totaled how much i’ve spent on clothing this year and am appalled. sigh.

    • Rose in Bloom :

      I also love plum with navy. This really is a lovely color.

    • It is a beautiful color! I’m so looking forward to fall. Unfortunately, this neckline would do nothing for me.

      • Brooklyn, Esq. :

        Agreed on all counts. I’m always looking for tops like this (i.e., non-button downs that still look business formal) but the neck is sadly too high.

        • Yeah, I need either v or scoop. Anything too high or boatneck looks awful on me.

          • I’m wearing a blouse with a similar neckline today (which I bought because it’s otherwise gorgeous) but, how to put this….the girls look like they’re travelling south? Usually I wouldn’t notice or care, but today’s my birthday and I can’t handle getting older!

          • Sydney Bristow :

            Happy birthday!!

      • I’d prefer a scoopneck as well. I did recently see someone rocking a neckline this high by wearing a chunky necklace at the point where a scoopneck would hit.

    • new york associate :

      Really pretty, but high round necklines are death on me. If they made this in a scoop-neck, I’d probably buy it. But I have to say that the styling suggestions sound very “ladies who lounge,” not corporate.

      Kat, when the blog goes bigtime, you should totally come up with a budget to do styling and photo shoots, or even those style boards, or even just photos of successful corporate outfits (like the Sartorialist, only corporate.) It would be so helpful to see a whole outfit instead of just reading the description!

      • I don’t think skinny work pants and long necklace reads lady who lunches.

        But I agree I think a full on photoshoot would be awesome. While that could be pricey, maybe Kat could do some street style real work clothes posts with pictures of real people. Even polyvore sets with all of the pieces she is imaging would be good.

      • Senior Attorney :

        Oh, I love the idea of a “street style” type blog with corporate outfits!

    • I AGREE. It is very beautyful, but the onley thing that I do NOT like is the OPEN spot in the back on the neckline.

      The manageing partner is ALWAYS commenteing on my clotheing and I am convinced that he would be busy stareing at me and that little area that is UNCOVERED. FOOEY!

      My freind, Myrna, was going to go on a TRY-ATHELON on the Hudson River this weekend, and I heard there was some sewage leeking out in to the river. FOOEY!

      I hope she does NOT do the swiming peice of the TRY-Athelon b/c the sewage is NOT good for anyone. FOOEY!

  2. Wow, love everything about this top! Gorgeous color. Can’t wait for a fall wardrobe update. Quick question for the hive, I have several suits that are too small (sadly), and would like to donate them somewhere besides just Goodwill. Does anyone know of an organization that helps connect low-income women with professional wear?

    • Dress for Success is the most common one but there might be a smaller organisation in your town.

    • I’m not in the USA, but I’ve read good things about Dress for Success who provide professional attire to disadvantaged women.

    • Cornellian :

      what area of the country are you in? In places I’ve lived, local domestic violence shelters look for women’s interview clothing. I worked with one such shelter in Texas. It’s a cool cause, although there tends to be a serious mismatch in size of clothing available (0-10) and sizes needed. I often wondered if it wouldn’t make more sense to sell the clothing and donate proceeds if they were high-end pieces.

      Anyway, Dress for Success, local domestic violence shelters, and even local halfway houses are good places to start.

      • I’m in Minneapolis, love the idea of the domestic violence shelter, but most of them are size 6/8 so there’s the size problem for sure.

        • I work with Dress for Success Twin Cities – although they love to get larger sizes, there is a need for professonal attire in all sizes. They do sometimes run low on smaller sizes, including sizes 6 and 8 (the over-supply is usually sizes 10-12, but even those are needed).

          Thanks to everyone for the Dress for Success shout-outs!

          • There appears to be something approaching critical mass for a ‘rette gathering in the Twin Cities. Anyone game?

          • drat moderation…reposting…There appears to be something approaching critical mass for a ‘ r e t t e gathering in the Twin Cities. Anyone game?

          • ks, sorry I haven’t been in the office much today, so just saw this, but would definitely be interested in a TC ‘rette gathering!

    • If you’re in DC, check out Suited for Change. I’ve been volunteering with them for years and they do amazing work in the community.

    • Assistance League does this. They have branches nation (US) wide.

  3. SoCal Gator :

    In Southern California, Working Wardrobes.

  4. I would love to have the advice of any well-seasoned travelers. I will be working in India for three weeks in November, and I have the opportunity to travel/vacation after my work assignment is complete. I’ve had a few recommendations that Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand are “must-sees.” Any suggestions on staying safe and on budget while vacationing in Thailand? I have a friend that is going to meet me in India, so I will not be traveling alone. We’re a bit lost on how to pick hotels (downtown Bangkok?) or how many days to spend in each city. I would greatly appreciate any first-hand advice!

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I stayed at the Sheraton Resort in Phuket. We were upgraded to a huge house. It was amazing. I liked having a safe place to call my home base. I could enjoy the view, swim in the pool, kayak the lagoons, eat, etc. and would do any of that alone. We had plans to go off resort and see “real” Phuket but I hadn’t been feeling very well and the resort was so amazing we just stayed there.

      If you are going to be alone, I’d start w/ a resort and see if you can join a family or go on a resort sponsored excursion to “real” Phuket.

      Also, be careful swimming in the ocean. We went a couple years after the tsunami and there were major “men of war” issues in the ocean. We could see them from shore so I stayed on the sand or in the pool.

    • Budget shouldn’t be a problem in Thailand. I was there in 2005 and it was so. darn. cheap. We had only a very limited amount of time there (a 24 hr layover) and so we actually hired one of the touts in the airport. We got a driver and an interpreter for a very, very low price (forget how much). It seemed like the point was to get us to go to this jewelry seller, but we refused and instead asked just to be taken to the temple of the emerald Buddha and to a market for shopping (bring an extra bag — you will never see such beautiful and inexpensive things, including lots of exceptional silk). They were very accommodating, which was great because we worried about hiring strangers in the airport (maybe it was dumb, but it worked out great for us). We stayed in a hotel we found online that seemed to cater to international travelers and never felt unsafe (we were three American girls). Definitely try some of the street food and get some spa services (cheapest mani/pedi and massage of my life!).

    • I’ve recently become obsessed with going to Kerala (in India), so that might be something worthwhile to check out too!

      • Legally Brunette :

        Second Kerala. So pristine, so beautiful – just amazing. You can visit temples, go on backwater tours, rent a houseboat on the water, visit tea plantations…..My favorite part of India.

      • momentsofabsurdity :

        My family’s from Kerala and I third this. I have heard it’s the number one honeymoon destination in India – you should definitely take a houseboat tour through the backwaters.

    • I’ve been to Thailand a couple of times. Phuket would not be my first choice. Though there are some lovely resorts, it tends to be more touristy and developed that other beach areas. I would look into Krabi, Railay Beach, and other areas in that region. Also maybe the Koh Phi Phi Islands. The beaches are much more beautiful, and there tend to be more small, boutique resorts. You might also look into to Koh Samui, though again this will be larger big box style resorts. For timing, it just depends on how long you want to spend on the beach. 3 days would be enough for me, but I’m not a big lay on the beach person.

      Also, if you want to spend time in cities, I would try to make it up to Chaing Mai and Chaing Rai in the north. I think you could spend 2-3 days happily in each city. The area is very beautiful, and the cities are very culturally rich. I personally enjoyed it much more than Bangkok, which I found overwhelming.

      If you are interested in history and like old ruins, try to make it to Ayutthaya, the ancient Thai capital, which is a few hours by train outside Bangkok. I think you could do this in a day.

      One final idea — if you have time, I would totally consider a quick add on of Siem Reap in Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. There are direct flights from BKK, and it’s a short flight. It’s literally one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I would budget 2-3 days if you have the time. Also, Cambodia is super, super cheap.

      Take all the regular precautions with immunizations, bug spray, bring an anti biotic, etc., but I never felt unsafe.

      • Second all of this. Chiang Mai is beautiful and Cambodia is amazing. Avoid Bangkok and Phuket like the plague though IMO.

      • Third all this. I was in Thailand for 3.5 weeks in 2008. I would skip Bangkok and Phuket altogether and focus on Chaing Mai. The city is beautiful, safe, and there are tons of things to see in it and in the surrounding area, including elephant camps. If you have more than a couple of days, then I agree with the other suggestions here.
        I also really enjoyed going to the tiger temple in Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, and monkey temple in Lop Buri. But those are activities that only last a couple of hours, but take the whole day due to travel.
        Having said that, if all you want is to go to a beach resort, then Phuket is beatiful (though not better than say the Caribeean, just slightly different) – but check the seasons. I was there in August and it was pouring 90% of the time, so we never even went to the beach, and all boat trips were forbidden. The hotel was beautiful, but a waste of an opportunity to see a lovely country.
        Mmm… now I want Thai food.

      • Seconding Siem Reap. Fly in – they have a good airport and will visa your passport right there.

        It takes 2 or 3 days (if you have enough energy, it’s tiring, wear good shoes) to see Angkor Wat. Hire a car and an official guide, the guides are excellent. The town of Siem Reap is small, walkable (or take a $2 tuk-tuk) to get around. We spent 4 days total. Get a pedicure from the doctor fish, on the SR main drag!

      • Fourth all of this.

        If you can, stay at the Raffles in Siem Reap. It is one of the most luxurious hotel stays I have experienced, mostly because of the service. For an obscenely reasonable amount of money, they will give you a car (MBZ) and driver and a guide to the temples. They will meet you in the morning, take you on a morning tour, return you to the hotel for lunch and a “siesta” during the hottest hours, then come get you for a late afternoon tour. When you are all done, you have a gorgeous room to come home to and clean up for dinner. Very British Empire/Out of Africa/Room With A View way to experience the temples for 2-3 days.

    • Bangkok is a big city in Asia with interesting cultural stuff, great shopping including a terrific weekend market and a user-friendly train system. Phuket is a resort island – nice resorts, good offshore snorkelling and diving, limited cultural stuff. Both places are pretty safe, used to tourists and have great food/ accommodation options at all price points (I will say that the 5-star options are some of the best value in the world though – great properties and fabulous hospitality).

      On how many days : Transit between Bangkok and Phuket is easy with plenty of flight connections including reliable budget ones (try Air Asia which has a reliable user-friendly website) – say 3 hours door to door. You could easily be thinking a week with 3 days in BKK and 4 in Phuket or vice versa depending on whether on the appeal of exploring a big city or loafing by a beach.

      Where to stay in Bangkok : some popular options are riverside (mostly 5-star – the Oriental, Shangrila etc), Sukhumvit/ Ploenchit (a commercial and shopping hub in the ‘modern’ part of the city with easy access to the train system) and Khao San (backpacker hub in the ‘old’ part of the city). Not sure how much you want to spend but can recommend Emporium Suites on Sukhumvit as good, comfy and in a very handy location for shopping and transport (maybe USD 100 a night ?) and the Sukhotai on Sathorn as a luxurious option in the modern Asian style. You should google the various travel aggregator sites – rates should be pretty competitive.

      What to do in Bangkok : allow a day to sight-see in the old city (the palace, various temples), a half-day for Jim Thompson’s riverside house which can be combined with a look at the nearby more modern shopping areas, maybe a half-day to hop on the riverboat, maybe a day for the weekend market if that’s your kind of thing.

      On arrival in Bangkok : there are 2 straightforward options for heading to town from the airport – either the official airport limo (marked “AOT” for “Airports of Thailand”, usually USD 25 – 30) or take the well-marked escalator down 1 level for the official taxi line (usually USD 10 – 15). The ride should be approx. 30 mins for say Sukhumvit unless you’ve hit peak-hour traffic.

      For Phuket : resort options should be pretty self-explanatory, plenty of international names, but do look out for whether or not your property has access to the beach, if that’s important for you. Many resorts are across the road from a public beach, although most will have their own private pool area.

      Hope this is enough to get you started ! India can be an assault on all the senses for a first-timer but Thailand is much much easier and should work beautifully as a post-assignment treat.

      • Bangkok is my ‘hood.

        Great tips from ss. My personal recommendation would be not to stay in Khao San – you can do better and it is not particularly safe. Sathorn and Silom Roads are very convenient – in my opinion, more convenient than Sukhumvit. On Silom Road, if you want something really nice, I recommend Lebua State Tower (which also has an amazing rooftop restaurant and bar). If you are looking for something a little more budget-friendly, try Bangkok Christian Guest House, which you may not ever have considered but it is very clean, safe and comfortable, and in a good location.

        Depending on how adventurous you are, you might consider hiring a car and driver rather than taking taxis/BTS everywhere. Ask at your hotel and they can set you up. Admittedly, you’ll get a better deal at a small guest house than if you ask at a big hotel.

        Bangkok can be overwhelming, but personally I love it. If you want to get out of Bangkok for the day, take the train to Kanchanaburi and Nakhon Pathom, and visit the bridge of “Bridge on the River Kwai” fame, go to the POW camp museum (very interesting) and try the special sticky rice at Nakhon Pathom market.

        Have fun!

        • Thank you all for the terrfic advice and taking the time to write! I think I may try to swing a weekend in Kerala while I am in India. I am definitely putting Chiang Mai and Siem Reap on my “must see” list. I can’t wait!

          With sincere gratitude,

  5. Yesterday, you posted about personalized superhero capes and masks ordered from Etsy. LOVE THIS. Can you share the link, please?

    • new york associate :

      No link, but my sister bought my daughter one of these sets for her birthday and she LOVES it. I highly recommend for a creative kid gift.

    • I love this idea, and I’m totally going to use it. Check out BabyPop Designs on Etsy. Not sure if this is the same one.

      • Sorry–I was at a tie-dye party for my son’s class this morning (and now have dyed hands to prove it ;-). CW got it right: BabyPop Designs is the store I used. I’ve got the presents wrapped and ready, and they came out really sweet. Plus there was a two-for-set-price deal that was a good price point for a dual present. I’ll post a link to her shop (it appears to be a woman-run shop from PA, which is also nice) in a subsequent post, and she’s also on Etsy with the nice cape + mask deals.

        By comparison, I’ve ordered a cape, mask, and arm guards from SuperCapes for my son and it felt of similar (cape) and lesser quality (mask) than the BabyPop ones, AND SuperCapes goods retail for more. (Mine was less because I went through Zulilly.)

  6. anon for this :

    Question – I have a third interview today with a firm, so I think it’s a serious possibility that they’ll make me a job offer soon. I have a second interview for a government job in early September, and I really want that job a lot more. (I know I’m a fairly serious contender for the government job, because I’m being flown to site for the second interview at a cost of $2800). Any advice for stalling on the firm job until I can at least interview for the job I want more?

    • Sorry, in this economy I don’t think it’s an option. You either take the bird in your hand or let it go and try for the two in the bush (with the possibility that you’ll end up with neither).

      • Agreed. You can try and use it as leverage to get a sooner interview/offer from the gov’t job, but I think that’s about it. Seen coworkers in this situation turn down a job and not find another for quite some time….

    • Is there any way to move up the interview for the government job? If the other firm is serious about making you an offer I think it will be difficult to stall them for a month.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      I’d call the gov’t job and see if there is any way they can expedite your second interview. If you get an offer from the firm, say that you are waiting on an offer from the other job and that you would like a month to compare the two. If they say it isn’t possible, then ask if there is a time frame that would be acceptable. Nothing wrong with letting them know you have options. They might offer you more money to get you to accept on the spot. If they say they need to know now, ask for one day to go over your finances. Call the gov’t job and tell them about your offer and see what they can do. If they can’t do anything, you gotta just decide how much risk you are comfortable with.

      • I really don’t see a firm being happy with someone asking for a month to wait on an offer from another job. Asking for a few days to decide between two offers, yes. But asking for a month (!) to wait on (!) an offer from another job? No. If I were the firm, I’d consider withdrawing my offer at that point. You don’t say, but I’m guessing since you say “firm,” you’re a lawyer. Things are bad out there. Bad, bad, bad. The firm will have twenty other candidates waiting in the wings, so I wouldn’t risk it except to ask for a couple of days, and be prepared for them to say no.

        • anon for this :

          OP here. The position hasn’t been advertised yet (the firm called a contact of mine who recommended they interview me) so there aren’t 20 other candidates waiting in the wings yet, but I certainly run the risk of them widening their search if I mess them around.

          • You also run the risk of actually making yourself and your contact look bad. As if it was a waste of everyone’s time. Something to consider.

    • anon for this :

      OP here. One of the government job interviewers is travelling for work until August 21, so I won’t be able to get an interview earlier than that. I was thinking that if I get an offer for the Firm Job, I could call about the Government Job to feel about how serious they are about me, but I don’t know how to phrase it so that it doesn’t come off awkward and arrogant.

      Also, the Government Job has a much more generous compensation package, which is weighing on me given the economy.

      • I think you can be 100% honest with the government. Say you have an offer but the govt is your first choice and you need to tell the other employer an answer soon. Say you know they can’t say much, but is there any additional information they can give you to help you make your decision.

        • new york associate :


        • anon for this :

          Thanks for this – I’m leaning towards taking this approach.

          I’m surprised that the sentiment in the comments is that I should take the first job that’s offered to me rather than doing what I can to get the best experience and best compensation I can. Still, I posted here because I wanted some perspective, so I appreciate the frankness.

          • I think the general sentiment is one of risk aversion due to the state of legal hiring for both private and public sectors. One month is an awfully long gap, it would take a lot of finessing to play this situation in your favor.

          • I think the sentiment *is* to get the best experience and best compensation you can — which is why people want you to get some experience and some compensation instead of being left with nothing. If you absolutely do not want the firm job, then call them today and tell them you’d like to withdraw your candidacy because you feel it’s not a good fit (I’ve done this before and no one thinks less of you for it). But if it’s that your first choice is the govt and your second choice is the firm and your third choice is none of the above, then you might have to take choice #2 to avoid the risk of winding up with choice #3. It’s not fair that smart, talented people don’t have the opportunities we thought we’d have. But that’s what the reality is today.

          • + 1 to TBK. I’m sorry you’re in this position. In my experience, getting hired by the government is exceedingly difficult, in part because the timing is frequently very difficult, and the government tends to be less flexible w/r/t start dates and the like than private employers might be.

    • new york associate :

      I will be a dissenting voice. I know that in my firm (NYC BigLaw), we routinely give people time to decide on their offers, even for laterals. Your safest option is to get the government to bump up your timeline. But if you’re willing to be a little risky, my firm would not rescind your offer if you asked for more time to talk to the government. (Note: I don’t think my firm would do this for someone looking at other firms. But it’s different when you’re looking at government work.)

    • Do you have a job currently? Would you be alright with staying at your current job if you turn down the firm and don’t get the gov’t job? If so, then turn down the firm.

      I absolutely agree with everyone who says you simply cannot ask the firm to wait for a month while you go on an interview with another employer. If an interviewee asked me that, I’d find it completely ludicrous and probably withdraw the offer.

      Of course, there’s always the option of taking the firm job and, if you get the gov’t job, resigning after two months. It puts the firm in sort of a bad position, but you can always say that it’s just not working out and that you don’t think you’re cut out for working in the private sector. (Saying that you took the job as a placeholder until you got something else would make you look really bad.)

      • anon for this :

        I’m working on contract which ends on September 30 (and the firm knows that so wouldn’t expect me to start work until October).

        • If I were you, if the government is unable to move up your interview date or do anything to speed up the hiring process, I would accept the firm job. I do think it’s reasonable to ask the firm to give you one or two weeks to consider the offer, but no longer than that.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      In response to the comment to my comment – the variety of postings show how variable the legal market is. This is a “know your potential firm” situation as much as that is possible. Where I work, hiring is very slow, the bosses love candid interviewees and would not fault you for seeking the best fit. They would prefer that over you taking this job and leaving 2 months later. We also only interview a couple people at a time rather than having hundreds waiting in the wings. Other employers are clearly very very different.

      If the firm you are looking at is a lateral move could you buy some time while you all work out the conflict checks?

      If you were referred to this firm through a connection, your connection could probably advise you on how to deal with this situation.

      Last thought – any chance you could bump out your third interview? Maybe your current team got an urgent assignment and it would be very difficult to take a day off from work? This shows you don’t run from commitments and leave your team hanging. They might reschedule you a couple weeks out.

      Again, my experience doesn’t seem to match the others but my firm is SO SLOW with hiring and stuff gets pushed out/rescheduled all the time.

    • Senior Attorney :

      I would consider accepting the firm job and then resigning if the government job comes through. Tell the firm you have a pre-planned trip so you can have time off for the interview, or arrange a start date after the interview. Then if you are offered the government job, too bad, so sad, it came up unexpectedly and you couldn’t pass it up.

      Yes, they will be unhappy. But you will be an at-will employee whom they can terminate at any time, and you have the right to quit at any time. They will get over it.

    • Divaliscious11 :

      You may be jumping the gun. Hiring doesn’t necessarily happen that quickly. I’d play things close to my vest until you actually have an offer in hand and its something you’d want to accept. I’ve gone as long as 6-8 weeks between rounds/reference checks and offers.

      • anon for this :

        Agreed. I’m not saying anything to the firm or government until I have a job offer in hand and actually have a decision to make. In this situation, I’m sort of hoping the process takes a little longer!

  7. Also love this top. Especially the little back detail. I wish more clothes were made so thoughtfully and elegantly.

  8. I’m not ragging on Kat, because it’s definitely not just her, but when did we stop pluralizing “pants”? And shorts. And lips? I’m always reading about “a cropped pant” or “the bermuda short” with “a red lip.” Does this annoy anyone else? If I insist on saying “pants” for the rest of my life will I sound like my Mom, who still talks about shopping at “Penny’s.”

  9. Always a NYer :

    Did anyone see the finale of Dallas last night?! I was too young for the original but have been completely drawn in to this new series. So much happened in the finale that I can’t wait for season two! My favorite part was the end with Christopher and Elena =) What was your favorite scene?

  10. Great universally flattering color and versatile blouse. It could be worn many different ways: tucked into a pencil, untucked with cigarette pants and a blazer, which would be a great look for office to happy hour.


  11. Thank you to all the ladies who left encouraging comments the other week regarding training for my first marathon! Training is going awesome so far and I haven’t missed a scheduled workout yet, which is doing huge wonders for my confidence.

    My long run this weekend will be in LONDON (!!!) as I got a last minute opportunity to go to the final few days of the Olympics. I’m leaving the office at 3 today to catch my flight and am not quite sure how I’m going to last another 4 hours and 57 minutes…

    • So exciting! I went for a long walk in the hills behind my flat yesterday and loads of people were out running and biking. I think the Olympics being in the UK has everyone motivated to workout harder. The lovely weather we’ve been having also helps.

      I was running on the elliptical during the biking time trials and decided that if they could ride 40k, I could make it to 7.5

      • Might I suggest trying to watch the marathon??!! (so jealous). I don’t think you need tickets for that event, but anticipate that the route is 5 deep in all spots.

  12. Who else is excited that purple is in this fall?!

    Make up Threadjack: I’m going to wedding this weekend and I figure it’s a good time to update my makeup. I have sensitive skin on the somewhat oily side, but I need a very pink pale shade.

    I’ve tried a bunch of brands – bobbi brown, estee lauder, bare minerals, shiseido… all too dark or too yellow in the lightest shade. Bobbi brown 00/alabaster was close in tone/pastiness, but it was still not pink enough. Sephora kept trying to make me tan, and drug store brands were all fail. Don’t even get me started on those yellow-tinted redness concealer powders.

    I figure it’s time to embrace the rosiness. There must be something obvious that I’m missing. :) What brand would Miss Piggy wear?

    • I’m pale, a bit sallow, and ivory-toned, so no direct experience here….but I have a rosy-complexioned pal who swears by Lancome, so perhaps swing by their counter to take a look?

      Lately, when I’ve not gotten enough sleep, I swear there are green undertones to my skin. My question would be: What Would Princess Fiona wear?

      • lol, cartoon character complexions unite!
        I’m planning on hitting up the make up counters after work today so I’ll start at Lancome. Is it weird to counter hop?

    • Anita (formerly S) :

      Try Chanel. Their foundations seem to run pink/ivory.

      • Second Chanel. Love their line of makeup, and only recently gave up trying to make their color palette work with my yellow-toned skin. Having visited a number of Chanel counters in various cities over the years, my only caveat would be that it is very easy to walk away from their counter with a very “done” look. If that’s not your preference, you may need to tell them up front that you need a fairly natural look and politely but firmly exercise veto power over some of the suggestions. I think their lipstick stays on better than any other, except for those ones that shellac your lips and won’t hardly come off the next day.

    • I’m also very pale with pink undertones (my heritage is Irish, what can I say?), and I love Neutrogena’s foundations in Natural Ivory/20. I use the Skin Clearing, which I don’t think actually clears my skin, but it definitely doesn’t make me break out. There is a lighter shade as well, Classic Ivory/10, that I have used on occasion in the winter, but I don’t think it matches me quite as well.

    • I use Make Up Forever HD in 110 Porcelain/Pink for porcelain skin with pink undertones. My skin is also sensitive with an oily T-zone, so I have problems with my make-up staying on the whole day. I purchased Make Up Forever HD for the first time for my wedding day because I wanted to look picture-perfect the whole event, and I’ve recommended it to everyone I know since then!

      (I’m not affiliated with the brand in any way.)

      • Plus, you can buy it at Sephora and they have a great no-hassle return policy if it’s not the right shade.

      • Anon in Canada :


        Got Make Up Forever HD for my wedding off a recommendation from a wedding blog. Now that I know how good my skin can really look, I can’t switch to another (less expensive) foundation.

    • Did you try Clinique superbalanced mineral makeup? I have similar skin, and I wear this in Natural 1 (the lightest shade). It doesn’t look yellow on me at all.

    • I have a similar skin tone and have had luck with Clinique shades. I think I’m using Creamwhip or Alabaster right now (can’t remember off the top of my head).

    • That’s me! Pale pink.

      Makeup Forever HD Foundation in shade 115 is the closest I’ve come. It might look slightly yellow when you dispense it, but it goes on pretty accurately in terms of color. You only need a teeny amount – one pump is about the size of a sunflower seed (without shell) but that will pretty much do your whole face.

      Makeup Forever is at Sephora. Don’t let those idiots try to choose a shade for you. Choose it yourself.

      (Not that I have an opinion of the Sephora SAs or anything…)

    • I'm rosy too :

      I also have a cool/pinky complexion, and bare minerals always made me look pasty. My savior has been Alima Pure. I think they are exclusively online, so it probably won’t help for this weekend, but consider trying them in the future. You can buy samples of a lot of colors for $1.50. You can also email one of their specialists and describe your skin tone, including what foundations have and haven’t worked for you. They’ll respond with a range of samples to choose from. Their “cool” shades (I wear Cool 3, and used to wear fairly light in bare minerals), have been a savior to me.

      www dot alimapure dot com

    • Was purple ever not in? Because I love it and have plenty of it in the ‘drobe.

    • I also have very very pale, sensitive skin with pink undertones. I swear by Giorgio Armani makeup. They have a really light coverage one that looks very natural, and the lightest shade is perfect for me.

  13. this is beautiful oh my i will own it

  14. phillygirlruns :

    RAWR. can anyone suggest a legit source for legal resume templates? my firm just informed me that they are putting me forward for a local business journal award, BUT – either because i’m their second/third/fiftieth choice, or because they may not have their ish together – i have to turn around an application by tomorrow.

    went to look for my resume to update it, since i haven’t touched it in a good 6 years, and guess what? poof. gone. cannot find it anywhere. so now i’m starting from scratch and i’m SURE that i’m forgetting things. googling “lawyer resume template” is getting me all sorts of spammy hits.

    • MissJackson :

      Do you interview people? Because something similar happened to me not long ago, and I basically used the template from one of our successful lateral candidates. I would also try career services at your law school, as I seem to remember that we had access to that kind of stuff.

      Also, I honestly don’t know that my resume is all that awesome, but I have it in a word doc handy and I would send it to you to use as a template if you think it would help. Just post an anonymous email address if you’d like.

    • We’ve had a few recent applicants and I’ve seen resumes two ways- 1) list all your positions with no description and then summarize areas of expertise, client matters, etc with a line or two in Section 3 (Section 1 is contact info, 2 is job, 3 is descriptors), 2) I’ve also seen the more typical contact information, then each job with a listing of duties and skills. I hope that is helpful. If you have had any recent job applicants to the firm, you might ask to see their resumes for formatting ideas. A local Career Services Office (law school or college) could also be helpful.

    • phillygirlruns :

      thanks guys – i appreciate it!

    • You might try law school websites. They sometimes have templates for their alums who have been out in the workforce.

    • Does your law school have career services material online? Or check other schools. My resume format hasn’t changed from my 1L year (although obviously content has!).

    • SpaceMountain :

      The book Typography for Lawyers has a web page, and if you click on “sample documents” on the right, then “resumes,” there’s a nice before & after of a lawyer’s resume. At least you can have nice formatting with what you remember.

  15. What does one wear over a peplum blouse? I am wearing a sleeveless peplum shell today and need sleeves for the office, but i feel like my cardigan is ruining the pepluminess of the peplum.

    In other news, walked into a brick and mortar H&M last night to find they now have a section for sized 14-24! Some cute things, including button-front tops that actually (gasp!) buttoned without gaping.

  16. This blouse is gorgeous and is in one of my favorite colors (which, according to some style book I read a while ago, is a universally flattering color). Too pricey for me, but lovely.

    • I think I read the same book. Plummy purples and a shade of teal called indian teal, I think, were supposed to be great colors on everyone.

      Unfortunately, until I read this I thought I had “my colors” all sorted out because I had discovered that exactly these two shades were flattering on me.


        Here is the reference although I have to say I look terrible in rose. Everyone loves red on me but I hate it. I have a hard time with red in general, something about it bothers my eyes.

        • That’s really interesting! I don’t know about rose – it so depends on the shade. I look absolutely awful in muted, grayed colors. Even if it’s a light shade, if it’s a more vibrant color, it looks better on me. I also don’t like teal, so I have no idea if it would look good on me, but I do like soft turquoise. I tend to look good in gray and brown – black looks really harsh on me. I love red, but don’t have a lot of it anymore. I’ve been leaning toward mint green, which lights up my face. Yay! I need it. Otherwise I look old and tired.

      • Huh, everything but that last pink are staples in my wardrobe. Look at my. S.M.R.T.

      • I don’t like red on myself either. But I have this one ruffly boiled wool wrap jacket I wore this year to two different christmas parties, and all my female friends went nuts about it. “you should wear red all the time!” they said. But to me, red is for christmas and that’s final. Also, when I look in the mirror, I’m just not happy with how it looks on me.

        The pink is just OK.

        I like the eggplant/plummy purple because it’s usually mellow enough to function as a neutral and not be, all, HEY I’M WEARING COLOR OVER HERE.

        But that indian teal – that is the holy grail of colors, to me.

      • Research, Not Law :

        Hmmm… they conveniently left out a redhead! Aside from red, though, I think those colors would all work. I might pick a different shade of pink. I wear a lot of pink, but the shade has be right.

        As a redhead, I’m THRILLED that mellow colors are coming back.

  17. Ladies, I have a third interview for a business intelligence position at a major university this afternoon. Wish me luck!

    In other news, last night was the first night I’d spent in my apartment in over 3 weeks. Really enjoying having the summer off, but still being fully paid.

  18. Bought a new scale because I couldn’t figure out why my pants weren’t fitting, but the numbers were indicating they should. Surprise my scale was off by 10 POUNDS!! How in any universe does that happen. Can it be Friday?

  19. Engagement Present :


    I have inside knowledge that my bestest friend is about to get engaged. She is not the type to have a big engagement soiree so I doubt there will be a party where gifts are given (until shower time…), but I would love to get her a sweet gift of some sort in my happiness for her. Nothing extravagant. Has anyone done this? Any ideas?

    • new york associate :

      Flowers! Or you could get a flowering plant and write a sweet note about how you hope her love will continue to blossom and grow JUST LIKE THE PLANT. I would rather have flowers than just about any other type of gift.

      • I’d avoid the plant if she is at all superstitious. Nothing like having your engagement gift die on you. :)

        — And yes, I have been carting around a plant to new houses for decades now!

    • Will they be getting engaged somewhere public? If so, could you coordinate with the soon to be fiance and be sneaky a snap a photo of him proposing and frame it?

    • How about take her out to a celebratory brunch and/or mani-pedi, get a bunch of wedding magazines, and let her babble at you about wedding ideas for a couple hours (if she’s into that sort of thing). Probably the best gift you can get a lot of new brides. Let’s them get it out of their system on a willing victim!

      Otherwise, champagne flutes for the toast is nice. Or something small for the ceremony. Or volunteer to help with one specific part of the planning process. Something like that. :-)

      • e_pontellier :

        Wedding magazines!!!! I bought so many and that would have been the most thoughtful thing ever. Though, this is definitely in the know-your-friend category.

    • One of my friends gave me a nice journal right after I got engaged. Her idea was that I could journal thoughts during the engagement process and always have a reminder of how exicted I am to marry my man. So thoughtful.

    • Manicure? Assuming they go the ring route, people will be asking to see her hand.

    • I like to give his and hers booze — scotch and champagne, for example, obviously dependent on what they like to drink.

      • A bottle of nail polish in a light “bridal” color, nail file, hand lotion, all to keep the hands looking nice when people admire the ring, with a bridal magazine, just for fun.

    • Go on and search “wedding”. You will find a bajillion adorable gift ideas, but lose about 5 hours of your day…

    • I got one of my SILs a bunch of bridal magazines and a gift card to buy a wedding planning book.

    • I like to give fun cookbooks as engagement gifts, if the couple is at all into cooking. If they drink, you can’t go wrong with champagne. You could pick up a set of toasting flutes, too, which they could use at the wedding.

    • Champagne and a wedding magazine or planning book? I found the Real Simple wedding guide and “A Practical Wedding” by Meg Keene to be most useful.

    • My best friend sent me a simple ring holder. I still use it.

  20. I’m planning on doing some major shopping this weekend at the outlets to revamp my work wardrobe, so I’m hoping for some guidance as to what pieces I might want to look for. I work for a government agency, so we’re business casual (more on the casual side really), and I’m 27 years old. I currently have 4 pencil skirts, a lot of 3/4 sleeve cardigans, one pair of black jeans in rotation, and I only wear flats. I know I need more tops and maybe pants, but I am having a hard time walking the line between too stuffy and too casual. I know we’ve talked about how difficult business casual can be before, but yesterday’s discussion on the intern who overdresses really sent my mind into overdrive.

    So, any ideas on some pieces I should keep my eyes open for.

    • I wrote a post about this on my tumblr! (Who thought I’d ever say that.)

      But as an experienced employee, I don’t think you have to worry too much about looking TOO stuff. The big divide between business casual and casual is that jeans are probably okay (though I’d stick to trouser cut), more cardigans than blazers (or just, you know, blouses with sleeves), maybe cropped pants in the summer, rock out with your open toes out (but still no flip flops dude!), that sort of thing. But if you dress in what makes you feel comfortable, you’ll probably make the best impression!

      • Thanks! I’ll check this out when I get home because apparently the feds think tumblr is malicious :(

        I think now that I’ve been here 5+ years I might want to move toward wearing jeans more than on Fridays (and the occasional Thursday)… we are pretty casual (I see people wearing sweatsuits on Fridays), and jeans just fit me better than most trousers.

        • Research, Not Law :

          Your office sounds like mine. I agree with everything TCFKAG said (shocker). For tops, I’ve really come to love jersey knit blouses. They are comfortable, washable, and walk the line of looking a step up from t-shirts but not as formal as a silk blouse. I wear dark wash denim most days, usually trousers.

          • Where’s your go to place for trouser jeans? I’ve never had a pair that style before.

          • Research, Not Law :

            Ann Taylor. Their curvy fit is the only thing that works for me in pants/jeans.

    • I like blazers with both jeans and dress pants (or pant, see above) for making a casual look professional. I look for blazers with a bit more edge than one you’d see as part of a suit, either in the fabric, the seaming, the trim, the cut, whatever. Dark wash jeans if you wear jeans look more polished than light washes, I like skinnies in a dark wash, others like trouser cut but they don’t work for me and I think boot cuts look more casual. I wear them with boots in the winter and flats when it’s warm. Last season there were some great corduroy skinnies that I love, I think the colored look is still hot this coming year. I have many neutral colors in dress pants but it seems I only wear the black ones (fortunately I have at least 5 pairs of black ones).

    • e_pontellier :

      I have recently discovered sheath dresses and they are fantastic. I would recommend a Theory outlet, if you have one. You can dress them up with a black blazer or tone them down with a jean jacket. Love them.

    • Don’t know if Express has outlets, but as mentioned by others on this blog their Editor pants are fantastic and even at full price are reasonable. They are available in a variety of different fabrics and their great cut always makes me feel pulled together while not being overly formal.

      I would also suggest looking for tops in fun colors or prints at places like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and LOFT.

    • I am all about sheath dresses in business casual because I am really lazy in the mornings.

      My standard is jewel tone sheaths plus statement necklace, sometimes a belt, and cute flats. When its cold I add in either a sassy blazer or cardigan.

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