Weekend Open Thread

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip ColorSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

I have thus far bypassed the “super bright saturated color” lip trend of this summer, mostly because I’ve been too lazy to go to a Sephora and try stuff on, but the prices are so good at the Sephora sale that just started that I may just indulge online.  This Urban Decay gloss stick is normally $20, but is $10 during the sale, and there are lots of great, super saturated colors to choose from.  (The rest of the sale is pretty great also: I’m eyeing this CC concealer and this anti-aging sunscreen stick. Prices are up to 75% off, and the sale just started.

Pictured: Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color


Forget Me Not: Business Travel

business travelHere’s a fun question that is hopefully hypothetical: what are you most afraid of forgetting for business travel?  What would you go out and buy immediately if you realized you had forgotten it?  

For me the answer is always my makeup bag.  (Or, when I was nursing, some vital pump part.)  It’s hard to forget clothes, shoes, underwear — and you can get almost any document faxed or emailed to you.  But if you forget to pack your makeup bag, BAM, you suddenly need to go to drugstore and spend $40-$60 immediately.  (Unless you prefer fancy makeup, in which case I guess it’s a trip to the closest Sephora.)  Because of this reason I usually carry my makeup bag with me — I don’t check it, even at the gate.  This always makes me feel totally vain and crazy, but it can be a really important component!

(Another weird thing I do when traveling: I only relax once I realize what it is that I’ve forgotten.  There’s always something!)

Ladies, how about you? Do you have any amusing stories of forgetting important things for business travel — and how did you deal? 

Pictured: Anatomy of a makeup bag, originally uploaded to Flickr by meenakshi madhavan.

Weekend Open Thread

halogen-tucked-v-neck-long-sleeveSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

This is totally boring… but kind of perfect.  I love the sleek look to this simple V-necked t-shirt from Halogen.  I like the steep V, the tuck detailing at the neck and shoulder, and the fact that it’s slightly longer in the back.  I’ve ordered the black, but this burgundy is gorgeous, as is the teal and the gray.  It’s $35.90 (will be $48 after the sale). Halogen® Tucked V-Neck Long Sleeve Top

(See all of our workwear picks from the sale here…pieces are already selling out, amazingly…)

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Hi guys – I saw some of the reader complaints re: audio ads late yesterday; my apologies to everyone for the audio interruption.  The people who manage the ads on this site are all under strict instructions to never let audio ads in  (and, my goodness, certainly not ads for things like KY jelly, whether audio or not).  Sometimes ads slip past our filters (which makes me like the advertising companies even less, but that’s me).  In order to stop these ads I need two pieces of information:

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Coffee Break: Fulton Moccasin

Kors Fulton MoccasinCommenters were recommending this flat the other day, and I really like the look of its clean, neat lines. Zappos has it in a ton of fun colors right now, but Amazon has some nice deals on basic colors like this “luggage” leather (also in black leather and black suede). It was $99, but is marked to $79 (select sizes and colors only, alas). Kors Michael Kors Fulton Moccasin

Coffee Break: Bethe Rope Necklace

noonday Longtime reader/ mid-level associate R wrote in to recommend this necklace a few weeks ago:

The necklace was a Christmas present this year, and promises to become my new favorite opera-length accent piece. (Today I’m wearing it with a cream silk blouse and gold studs.) According to the website, the entire collection is made by artisans in the developing world, and the organization is committed to providing fair wages and safe working environments. Some of the pieces have a more casual/ bohemian feel, but a fair number are entirely work-appropriate for my (business casual) office.

Nice! I always love the versatility of an opera-length necklace, and I like the simplicity of this one.  (I’m particularly a fan of the look at top right, layered with a long pendant necklace).  The necklace is $40. Bethe Rope Necklace