Five Little Tips for Organizing Hair Accessories

We talk a lot about work-appropriate hair on this blog… so if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably amassed a pretty big collection of hair accessories.  Maybe you use all of the pieces in your collection regularly, but for me, most of it just creates massive clutter. As someone who has no drawers in my bathroom and limited storage space in general, I’ve had to develop a few secrets for organizing my different hair and jewelry accessories.  So I thought I’d share…

1. Use one doorknob in your home to hold extra ponytail bands.  I tend to keep 4-8 on the inside bathroom doorknob, and I always know where to find one when I need it (and where to put them when I find them laying in random places around the house). (I’m talking about this kind of thing: Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics.) [Read more…]

Beauty Wednesday: How to Make a Blowout Last for Days

how to make a blowout last for daysBlowouts can make your hair look smooth, silky, and shiny — and they’re much healthier for your hair than flatironing it! — but how can you make a blowout last? I’m a huge fan of blowouts these days, and if there are a few events over a few days it’s a no-brainer for me because I can get so much more “bang” for my buck. (I normally pay about $40 for a blowout, not counting tax and tip, but you can also blowout your own hair. Even if you’re doing it yourself, with the time and energy required, you may want to make those last for days as well!) Right now a blowout can last about 3 days for me, easily, but there were points in my life when I could make it last for 5 days. (Pictured: me on Day 3 – I would have let this one go to Day 4 actually but I wanted to workout.) [Read more…]

Can Older Women Have Long Hair and Still Be Professional?

Glasses and long hair, originally uploaded to Flickr by Carutapera | PixelAlibi.Long hair on older women: the perennial question.  Despite our extensive oeuvre of hair-related questions here, I don’t think we’ve done this one* (and it was hotly protested among commenters in response to The Careerist’s recent diatribe against Hillary Clinton’s long hair, as well as among her own readers.  (Although looking back, we have done the “should I cut my hair for my first job” variation on the question.)

Let me begin by saying I’m biased: at 35, I have probably the longest hair I’ve had in a long time.  This is for a few reasons, I suppose:  first, the last time I did a major cut (donating 9″ to charity after my wedding), it kind of grew into a triangle shape, and now both my husband and my hairdresser protest heartily whenever I try to cut it anywhere near the top of my shoulders.  Second, it’s growing like a weed right now (which will probably change when we finish weaning). Furthermore, I look back on pictures from my early 20s to mid 20s, when my hair was at its all time shortest, and feel a sense of disconnect with that person.  So I think I’m kind of solidly in the camp of “I’m going to wear my hair long until I can’t.” (Pictured above: Glasses and long hair, originally uploaded to Flickr by Carutapera | PixelAlibi.)   [Read more…]

Open Thread: Summer Hair Secrets

I thought it might be fun to share some of our best secrets for summer hair. For example, when my hair was straighter, I felt like I was constantly battling frizz — so I kept a container of Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon at the office and would smooth it on my locks before I left the office to meet up with friends. If Frizz-Ease was somehow unavailable, I just would take a slightly bigger amount of my hand lotion (I’m addicted to Curel) and, after moisturizing my hands, smooth the remaining amount on my hair.

I have never been a fan of blowdryers in the summertime, but especially over the past 5 years or so (as my hair has gotten curlier) I’ve been doing minimal blowdrying in the summer (sometimes just 3-5 minutes of blowdrying at the crown of my hair) and then letting the rest airdry into whatever waves or curls my hair wants to go into.  [Read more…]

To Try: Work-Appropriate Up-Dos

I don’t know about you, but I end up pulling my hair back a lot in the winter — the frizz, the hat hair, etc., etc. I always used to keep a few bobby-pins and other pretty hair supplies in my office so I could pull it back once I got into work, but I never made it all day in any one up-do because it started to hurt. It even feels weird to write that — your hair hurting you — because I’ve never seen anyone talk about it in magazines, but after an hour or two my head and scalp would start to hurt, and I always seemed to end up with a headache. Probably the longest I’ve ever made it in one updo was while carrying out bridesmaid duties, and I remember vividly getting home each time and ripping out the hundreds and hundreds of bobby pins (or so it seemed) stuck in my hair. Ahhh… relief! (Pictured: A Gibson Roll, from the tutorial by A Cup of Jo.) [Read more…]

On Natural Hair in the Corporate Environment

Can natural, kinky hair be a professional look for women of color? We’ve talked about long hair, blonde hair, even no hair — but we haven’t truly talked about this. Accordingly, I’m thrilled to introduce Patrice Yursik, the blogger behind Afrobella, where natural hair is a regular topic. (It was not so long ago that some women — even fashion magazine editors! — professed that natural hair was a “don’t,” so I’m curious to see what readers say here.) – Kat

Natural Hair in the Corporate Environment || Corporette (guest post by @Afrobella)There are so many things to consider when beginning a new job. Will you be able to live up to expectations at work? What will your new coworkers be like? What should you wear? And what about your hair — how should you wear it to the office? Hair might not seem like an issue worth seriously worrying about, especially if you’re born with naturally straight tresses. However for many women around the world with naturally curly hair, there can be deeper issues at play. You might encounter old fashioned and unfortunate attitudes about office appropriate hairstyles. And if you’re a woman of color who wants to wear your hair as it naturally grows out of your head, things can be even more complicated. (Photo credit: stevendepolo.) [Read more…]