Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Pintucked 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Oooh – this is the kind of blouse that I love, because it’s mostly just a black blouse but it has some really interesting pintucking at the top. I think those banded three-quarter sleeves look great, and I like the button back closure (which I’m assuming is only at the neck and not all down the back, but the online description is a bit vague). It’s got very positive reviews from people who have purchased it, and it’s almost entirely sold out in white (XL and XXL are the only ones left), which is another good sign. It’s $49.50 at LOFT. Pintucked 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

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  1. applesandcheddar :

    Ugh you guise I found the biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen in my apartment this morning. I have never seen any bugs before in my place ever so this was really unexpected. I was able to kill it but now I am super paranoid and grossed out that there are more. I just had to vent yuck.

    • Big isn’t as scary as finding small ones. Big means that guys been around for awhile. Small means they just hatched.. and there are likely many many many more… *shudder*

    • If it makes you feel any better, the big ones are likely to be loners.

      • This is what I was going to say. It was probably a waterbug, which is disgusting and terrible, but usually not a sign of an infestation. My neighbor found one of these recently, and I have been paranoid too but telling myself that just because one was in her apartment doesn’t mean one will be in mine. Good luck. Glad you killed it.

        • Sydney Bristow :

          Waterbugs scare the bejesus out of me. I become one of those terrified, standing on the furniture or counter, shrieking people. Those things just shouldn’t exist.

        • Yeah waterbugs or palmetto bugs are what we get here in Louisiana. They’re huge, but don’t in any way signify an infestation. They just get in from outside. The little ones are awful.

      • applesandcheddar :

        This definitely makes me feel better!!!

    • Perhaps it was a palmetto bug? Those generally live outside and sometimes sneak indoors. They aren’t the same as the tiny ones that infest everything.

  2. Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love FRIDAY’s! This is a cute blouse also, but I have to wait for awhile b/c peeple STILL do not have power. FOOEY!

    I was workeing out at the NYSC, and someone took my scrunchie and hairbrush when I was takeing a shower! Why in the world would someone do that? The hairbrush was NOT new and the scrunchie was royal BLUE and was sweatie! I would NEVER wear some one’s else’s SCRUNCHIE. WHATEVER.

    I was so smart to get a bag of scrunchie’s instead of one at a time. I think I onley have 5 left. I do NOT want want to have to go back to Pitsburh for more. FOOEY.

    • Is that bag of scruncies from 1989? Impressed you still have 5 left. I had a high school friend that made them, so I had a mad scrunchie collection.

      • Lady Harriet :

        I still have a lot of scrunchies, but they haven’t been worn in a while. I was regularly wearing them as recently as 2006, though! (This is coming from the girl who still wore leggings as pants in 2002, though, so I’m either way behind or way ahead of fashion trends!)

        P.S. They were pink and green floral leggings. I wore them with pink socks (which probably were from the ’80’s) scrunched over the bottom and forest green tennis shoes. I felt awesome! A few years earlier I had FOUR pairs of shiny spandex leggings (pink, black, and two blue) which also got regular wear as pants.

  3. If anyone needs a dose of adorable this morning, suggest this link:!/live-cams/player/great-dane-service-puppies-indoor-puppy-room

    It is a live video feed of Great Dane service puppies in training.

    • Almost There :

      holy squee!

    • Brooklyn, Esq. :

      Love it!!! What kind of service are Great Danes used for?

      • Brooklyn, Esq. :

        Oh, I just found the description on the site: “8 service puppies will eventually be placed with people who have Multiple Sclerosis, individuals with Friedreich’s ataxia, and veterans with disabilities. Each dog receives extensive training for balance, and once a dog is paired with an applicant, the dog is uniquely trained to suit the recipient’s needs.”

        How cool!

    • Love it! Also love that they’re in Ipswich, MA, which is right near where I grew up!

    • Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

      squee reflex triggered

    • I could watch this all day!

  4. Early threadjack!

    It’s time to start thinking about holiday cards/gifts, and I have a tough one. I’m in advertising at an office on the east coast, but also provide remote assistance to one of our executives on the west coast.

    Last year, I was surprised to receive a small gift from her- it probably didn’t cost her more than $10. I had not sent her anything, since we organized a full-on Secret Santa in the east coast office.

    Anyone have an idea of a small gift I can send to a female senior professional? Unfortunately, since we’re not in the same office, I don’t spend a lot of time just chatting with her and don’t have a good grasp of her tastes.

    • You don’t need to send her a gift – I think it’s the thought that counts. Maybe a personalized holiday card. Plus, the whole giving-a-gift-to-higher-ups awkwardness is definitely something to avoid.

      • I feel like I”m still new to the working world…the gifting up IS something that is awkward right? I was brand new last year and one of my bosses got me a little something, but I didn’t get anyone above me anything, we only did a grab bag in our office area. That’s ok right?

    • I don’t think you have to gift up. A card would be fine.

    • Ditto. It sounds like she sent it as a “thanks for your help even though you’re not in my office” gift like my small holiday gifts to secretaries and other staff who aren’t assigned to me but are helpful anyway.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Please don’t gift up. Send a card if you must, but really, she was being gracious and doesn’t in any way expect or want a gift from you.

      Everybody, please. I’m begging you. Don’t gift up.

    • Don’t give your boss a gift! I’m a boss. I do not want any gifts from staff. I would feel extremely weird about it.

      • Anon for this :

        Regular poster going anon for this —

        You ladies have been talking about not gifting up for the past few days now, and generally, I have accepted the principle without ever really considering why I thought that way. However, I am thinking about breaking the rule this year for my own boss. I primarily work as part of a close team – myself, my boss, and two other individuals within a much larger organization. My boss has been a terrific mentor to me. In the past year, he has helped change my employment situation dramatically and assisted in several non-work related issues with my family. I know this is all very vague, but generally I feel he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. As far as my work advancement, that alone would not generally cause me to gift up, but I know he spent several hours assisting my family this year at no charge, and while I have said thank you, I originally thought a Christmas gift would be nice as well. Nothing terribly personal – a bottle or two of his favorite alcoholic beverage was my thought, somewhere in the $100-150 range. Mamabear’s comment and other similar comments over the past few days have me wondering though – under these circumstances, would such a gift be acceptable, or am I still risking violating some unwritten rule of gifting in the office?

        • I think if you have a relationship that’s more than a typical supervisor/supervisee relationship, then a gift is okay in that situation. I would if I had that kind of relationship with my boss and I’m not the overly sentimental type.

          • Lady Harriet :

            Oh good! I have a boss who also goes above and beyond the typical supervisor/employee relationship, and I was hoping I could give her something small without being out of line. (I’m giving her a handmade Christmas ornament, which is what I usually send to extended family members and and close family friends as well.)

        • A nice thank you note would probably be appreciated. If he has a family and since he helped your family, maybe a gift that is more family/couple oriented (gift certificate, etc.).

        • karenpadi :

          I would only gift up (reluctantly at that) if you have a non-work coordinated get-together planned with your boss where it would be appropriate to give him a gift. Managers know that helping employees in less-than-normal ways is par for the course and don’t expect to receive anything for doing what they see as part of their job.

          If you still feel that you have to give a gift, I would do something homemade over something expensive. E.g., homemade cookies or kid-made Christmas cards.

  5. Diana Barry :

    Argh! Just found a little hole in the knee of one of my work pants. :( Is this a moth hole? How does this happen? Can it be fixed? If moths, how do I get rid of them?

    Also, reposting from last night (just looking for more validation to keep things, I guess – thanks to those who responded already):
    I just got the following from J crew:

    #2 pencil skirt, jade green
    #2 pencil skirt, “acorn” (like camel color)
    #2 pencil skirt, cabernet color
    cambridge cable cardigan, bright red
    cambridge cable cardigan, burgundy

    Which should I keep? I am definitely keeping the camel skirt and red cardigan. But I feel like I can’t keep all of the other skirts…can I? Can I keep the burgundy cardigan too? I like all of them! But I feel like I wouldn’t wear the green skirt as much as the rest.

    • Almost There :

      It’s really hard to know what you should keep when we don’t know what else is in your closet.

      • Diana Barry :

        I have no colored skirts. One print skirt (brown) and the rest are grey and black. I do have sweaters in burgundy, but not cardigans – my cardigans are grey, black, orange (2 shades), pink. Lots of grey (suits, pants etc).

        • I’d send back the camel skirt. My wardrobe skews gray/black as well, and I have a couple of times bought camel/tan items and not worn them very much because they were hard to match with my existing clothing.

          • I bought the camel (“Butterscotch”) schoolboy blazer last year and, although I usually cannot match tan, khaki, camel, etc., I wear that blazer with lots of clothes–brown, black, navy, olive green. Not sure if the same rule would apply with a skirt, but I think you could wear the same colors in reverse in the jacket with the camel skirt. It was very surprising to me, too.

    • Between the jade and cabernet, I’d keep the cabernet. But both do sound lovely. I’d also keep the cabernet cardigan – it’s a great color, very of the moment but timeless, and it’s so versatile. Treat yourself!

    • I’ve heard that those Cambridge sweaters do not hold up well at all. They pill and become misshapen at the first wearing. I would send those back. I love my J.Crew pencil skirts and the colors seem like good ones (mix of fun and neural). I’d keep those. I wear mine all winter.
      I have the Virdian green from last season and wear it often. It looks great with other bright colors, with camel, with navy and with black. It’s more versatile than I would have originally thought.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Yes, the Cambridge cable sweaters are terrible quality. Meanwhile, I have No.2s that are 3+ years old and holding up beautifully.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I’d keep the jade green skirt and the burgundy cardigan myself. I’ve found both of those colors to be much more versatile than I expected.

      • Anon in sf :

        Could you consider keeping all of the skirts? I got the J. Crew skirt in camel and green last year. I was going to return the green, but find that I wear it all the time. Looks fantastic with navy, cream and other neutrals. The camel is such a great basic. And, I just got the cabernet earlier this year on J.Crew friends and family weekend, and I find that I’m wearing it all the time as well. Favorite combo so far is with a black peplum top and leopard heels.

        Sorry to be an enabler, but those skirts are awesome, and if you got them on sale, I say why not keep them all? They are classics.

    • Why not keep all of it? I’ve been thinking recently why women feel the need to justify their purchases… If you have the money and want the clothes, buy them and enjoy without any second thoughts! When I expressed that to a group of friends last week they all looked at me like I was crazy. Stories or thoughts?

      • des-pairing :

        I think it’s really about priorities. If you have the money to buy everything you want, yay, but for me personally, my “want” list is endless and dwarfs my income. So I prioritize. And I feel bad about frivolous purchases because they take away from resources I can use for something more substantial (be it a better outfit, or big ticket items like a car, a house, a kid’s education fund)

    • Holes in the knees are usually from wear. If the hole is really small, you can get it closed. I vote for the cabarnet because it’s such a great fall color.

    • Keep them all! ;)

      I have a bright green skirt (not J. Crew) that I actually wear more than I ever thought I would. I usually wear it with navy or cream to keep it pretty neutral on top.

    • Woods-comma-Elle :

      If the jade green skirt is the one I’m thinking of, it is DIVINE and I really really want it! You could wear it with grey, white, black, navy, brown… so many options. And I totally love it so I would keep that one (or if you don’t want it you can donate it to me ;-))

      • recent grad :

        Can anyone recommend sweaters that won’t lose their shape or become pill-y after the first few wears? I love the J.Crew sweaters but they look terrible after I wear them a handful of times.

        • At the risk of sounding like a broken record:

          Brora FTW
          or, at a somewhat lower price point, Uniqlo

          • Gail the Goldfish :

            Second Uniqlo. And their online ordering is back up as of today.

        • I’ve had good luck with Jcrew’s merino wool sweaters, and merino wool sweaters in general. Lands End (and LE Canvas) are pretty good on cashmere sweaters that don’t pill, based on the handful of items I’ve gotten from them in the past couple of years.

    • S in Chicago :

      Are the pants washable? Zippers against soft material in a washing machine will often result in little holes. (Sadly, a lesson learned after way, way too many times of putting dark t-shirts in a cylce with mostly jeans.)

  6. A morning PSA – 6 pm is having a super awesome sale on “luxury” brands with loads of stuff for $49, $99, and $149. There were some super cute Kate Spade heels on sale and a bunch of Tibi dresses, among other cute stuff.

    • I officially do not understand 6pm. Where do I find this sale? I went to the home page and didn’t see it, then I searched Kate Spade shoes and none of them were on sale. Help!

  7. Hey y’all. Please send me good thoughts this morning. I cracked a tooth and apparently it goes down to the root. No idea how I cracked it (my standard answer is rough s*x – j/k). I’m having a root canal at 11:15 and I’m a little anxious. I have hardly had anything more than a cleaning in my whole life so this is way out of my comfort zone.

    • I’ve had an embarrassing number of root canals (three!), and they aren’t too bad. Long and tedious, for sure, but the worst part for me was the copious amounts of drool I produced.

      Bring along some music/podcasts/whale songs to listen to — that usually helps me get through long dental treatments.

      • That’s such a great idea. I have music on my phone and earbuds in my purse. I never would have thought of that!

    • Hugs! You’ll be okay!

    • I cracked my tooth on a cold granola bar…and ended up needing a root canal as well. If this is the first stage where they are killing off any remaining nerve tissue before they do the stuff with the crown, be very clear on how $uch and which drugs to take and when. The pain didn’t kick in until after the novocaine wore off and all my dentist said was take some Advil and you will be fine. That advice was not sufficient – it hurt like a mofo. So yeah – drugs are your friend.

      • *how much…

      • And, the actual procedure itself wasn’t so bad – pretty much like getting a filling from the patient perspective. And if the nerve tissue is already dead and they just need to clean it out, then you also shouldn’t have an issue with the pain.

        Just remember to keep breathing (I find I tend to hold my breath when I don’t need to) and relaxing your muscles (I have a tendency to tense up and tighten my grip on whatever I’m holding). I just got fillings this morning so the sensation is fresh in my head.

      • Great advice!

        • After my complicated root canal my dentist told me to take 3 Advil and 2 Tylenol every 4-6 hours for several days, which I did. Don’t stint on the post-procedure painkillers.

    • MaggieLizer :

      Oh that’s terrible! Good luck! Maybe you’ll get some good drugs out of it?

    • Good luck! I’ve never had a root canal, but understand they aren’t nearly as bad as people think they are. You’ll do fine.

    • Silvercurls :

      Sending calming thoughts your way. Rani’s listening suggestions sound helpful (but I’m low-tech so just think about calming things). Once you’ve been anaesthetized you should only feel sensation, not actual pain. Agree on a “time out” signal with your dentist. If your dentist doesn’t mention this directly, advocate for yourself!

    • Awww! Sending healing thoughts and Internet Hugggss

    • Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

      *hugs* + sympathy, but no tea until you’re cleared for hot drinks.

  8. Today was the big day we were going to announce our pregnancy to parents and in-laws, at a dinner tonight at our house. We’re twelve weeks. We waited to tell because we were so terrified something would happen.

    Starting this morning at around 7AM, I’ve been rocked my cramps so painful that I am, at times, sobbing from the pain. I’ve called the doctor and they’ve told me to come in to find out what’s happening.

    Please somebody make this day go back to yesterday.

    • Oh I’m so sorry. I hope everything turns out okay.

    • *hugs*

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry. I’ll be thinking good thoughts your way.

    • {{{Hugs}}}

      I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

      I’d go ahead and cancel the dinner. Whether the doctor’s visit turns out to be bad news or not, after horrible pain this morning you probably won’t feel like entertaining tonight.

    • Hugs. Good luck.

    • Oh no, I hope everything is ok. I agree with InfoGeek that you should cancel the dinner regardless – it sounds like even if it’s nothing bad, you might not be feeling up for hosting later. Keep us posted after your appointment? I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you and the baby are doing well.

    • I’m so sorry! Good luck at the doctor’s visit, and I’ll be thinking of you.

    • Oh, I’m so sorry. I hope that everything is ok.

    • Good luck at the doctor’s dear, we’re all thinking of you!

    • I’m so sorry. Thinking of you.

    • I’m so sorry. :( I’ve been there recently and it just sucks. I hope your doctor can give you an answer, either way it turns out.

      Also, no matter what happens today, I’d cancel the dinner so you can go easy on yourself and just try to rest.

    • Silvercurls :

      Positive thoughts to you. Take care of yourselves. Second (third) all suggestions to cancel the dinner.

    • I’m sorry. :( Thinking of you.

    • Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

      *hugs* Agree w/all who’ve said to cancel the dinner. Good luck, and keep us posted, dear.

    • x marks the spot :

      Thinking of you with my fingers crossed.

    • I’m so sorry; I can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now.

    • lucy stone :

      Oh no! I hope your doctor’s visit goes well.

    • I am so sorry. This obviously depends on the relationship with your parents, but this would be the point at which I would call my mother to say “Mom, I’m scared” and explain to her the very little I know at this point.

  9. emcsquared :

    TJ: I’m working really long hours at the office, and will be through the remainder of the year (thanks fiscal cliff). I know it is *generally* inappropriate to wear yoga pants at the office, but is there a time (maybe after 10 pm) when one could be forgiven for changing into sweats (that are in good condition, clean, etc) and slippers? I’m going batty wearing my work clothes with restrictive waist bands and/or skirts that leave my legs cold after the heat gets turned off.

    • I do this all the time. If I’m there past 9:00, it’s yoga pants and fleeces for me. It makes the long nights so much more bearable!

    • AnonInfinity :

      Yes! I would absolutely do this, especially if the heat is turned off. Eep.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      If you have to work past 10pm, I think no one would judge you for wearing yoga pants. I would just try and buy some nice, well fitting ones (also ones that don’t completely hug your curves). Your core body temperature drops in the evening anyway, so it’s no surprise you’re cold/uncomfortable.

    • About a year ago, I asked whether the hive thought it was appropriate for me to see emergency consult patients after midnight in yoga pants. The answer was a resounding yes. Now that I’m in my third trimester, I have backed the acceptable time up closer to 6pm (they’re black and heavy weight, and I try to wear something appropriate-ish on top). So I’d say in office? Heck yeah!

    • I used to do this when working late at the firm. If I knew I would be there past 9:30, I would pack a bag with nice yoga pants, running shoes, and a nice (but comfy) top. I changed my clothes about 7:30—by which time the office was empty.

    • It depends on when your office clears out, but I say once it’s clear you’re in for the long haul and it’s just you, which for me is around 9PM.

      • emcsquared :

        Hmmm…the problem is, *lots* of us are working late. Most of the people on my floor who are here late are near my level, and we all hunker down alone in our offices so I wouldn’t be walking into a supervisor’s office wearing sweats. People would only notice if I have to walk to the printer or the bathroom.

        I think I’m going to do it and maybe splurge on a nice pair from a store that carries petite yoga pants, so they don’t drag on the ground.

        • Research, Not Law :

          Definitely don’t wear ones that drag on the ground! FYI, Old Navy sells petite online – if you didn’t want to splurge. Also look at Lands End’s starfish pants, which are knit but have wider leg options that could pass as trousers if no one was paying attention.

          I wear yoga pants and sweats on the weekends. I’m usually not in the office late on weeknights, but I would feel comfortable changing once the mood changed to ‘late night’ even if people are still around, maybe 6 or 7 pm, especially if there is a divider, like dinner or gym. It’s a know your office thing, though. It’s definitely fine if people start coming back from gym breaks in their workout clothes. If the shoes, ties, and jackets start coming off, then it could be appropriate. If everyone else is still buttoned up, then don’t do it.

    • At my office people generally feel free to change into whatever they want after business hours (so, after 5:30). Sometimes they pretend that they went to the gym and came back, but really no one cares. I’ve even been questioned for still wearing my heels in the evening sometimes! But I would say we’re a pretty laid back office in general.

    • (former) Clueless Summer :

      I have been thinking about this myself and instead of yoga pants, I have another recommendation. My mom is a HUGE lover of these as she works in a very on her feet, physical yet business casual workplace. She buys these pants that basically are yoga pants in the waistband but look like actual pants from the fly down. So you can’t tuck your shirt in, yuo have to leave it out, but they look find in the bum and legs, just are comfy in the waist. I know a few Canadian places to get them…but I would focus on “Mom/older woman” business casual type stores and you should find them. Best of both worlds for changing into later at night!

      • S in Chicago :

        If you think jeans would be any more appropriate than yoga pants (both of which I think are fine after hours), then I would recommend the pull-on styles from Jag. Someone on here raved about them once, and they are indeed amazing. They feel just like sweats but look like jeans. I wear them when traveling now and am 100 percent comfortable at all times. It looks like they also have some different styles now as well.

      • Research, Not Law :

        There’s also these:

  10. Kitten Heeled :


    Thanks to all the ladies who weighed in on my benefits question a few weeks ago. One commentator suggested that my husband and I engage a financial planner. I’m realizing more now that we really do need to see one- we’re both from lower class backgrounds making biglaw salaries. We want someone who will advise us on saving, investing, and tax strategies (long-term and short-term). Any recommendations? We live in NoVa/DC.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Another Hostess Gift Question :

    I’m spending this Thanksgiving at my brother’s mother’s house (which is not my mom’s). She was my dad’s first wife, and he is my half brother. She has been remarried for probably 20 years. I haven’t seen any of them in at least a dozen years. To complicate things, my dad is coming too. To top it off, we are all staying in her house. This is all happening because I live across the country and happen to be on the east coast over the holiday. I’m sure fun will be had by all.

    But, what do I bring her as a hostess gift? They are a retired couple with grandchildren, she gardens, I don’t know if they drink. What is appropriate here?

    • Flowers?

    • MaggieLizer :

      Pretty hand towels or a decorative oven mitt, maybe even seasonal, chocolate or other candy, gourmet coffee or tea, nice hand soap and/or lotion. Williams Sonoma is my go-to for things like that.

    • Chocolate?

    • My go-to gifts are a tin of cheese straws or shortbread — not homemade, though those would be nice, too!

    • anon in tejas :

      gift certificate for dinner out on you at a later date?

    • Flowers – maybe an amaryllis bulb or an orchid.

      • Almost There :

        How do you gift an amaryllis bulb? In a pot? Dirt or no dirt? Planting instructions?

        • They have packaged gift things this time of year that are amaryllis bulbs. You just add water. I think any place with a garden center (Home Depot?) will have them.

          • In the Pink :

            Agree to find an amaryllis potted/decorative planter. Once the enjoyment of the blooms is done indoors, she can plant it in an outdoor garden. I suspect if she is “up north” it may not be time to put the bulb outside after it has bloomed in the house. Besides, finding a pot in the middle of autumn/winter might be hard on the recipient. Youwant her to say “aw” and just display it right away.

          • Restoration Hardware always has amaryllis and paperwhites at this time of year, beautifully packaged with a nice pot.

    • Food. Snack food. Pretzels, Cheese, Nuts, Cookies, Chocolate. Something that she can serve as appetizers or snacks for the horde descending upon her house. Trader Joe’s has a great selection of interesting-but-cheap snacks, including foreign seasonal stuff.

      Last year, a guest brought a high-end cheese basket with crackers, and it came in soooo handy to fill the gap when I didn’t have time to make horsdouevres and hadn’t planned on sufficient snacks for houseguests.

  12. The shirt also comes in orange. I think I tried it on last weekend and had the same problem with it that I’ve had with all Loft shirts recently. It was tight in the shoulders and chest and very flowy in the stomach area.

    • PharmaGirl :

      I have the same fit issue with Loft tops and no longer bother shopping there at all.

  13. Pretzel_Logic :

    I need a quick (and hopefully cheap) fix–I’m a 3L, coming up on finals and just recently (two weeks ago) coming off being pretty sick, and my skin looks DEAD. I look awful all the time. I know part of it is that my hair really needs a redux (and I have an appointment for while I’m home for Christmas). Another part is that my eyes look super tired and I’m rocking some red eye and dark circles. I’ve been sleeping a lot, especially post-wicked sinus infection, but I can’t seem to get my skin to rehab. It even looks gross with a full face of carefully applied makeup. Any good ways to brighten things up so I feel less gross?

    • Have you been using an exfoliating scrub? The one from Philosophy with micro beads used to brighten up my skin a lot.

    • Hydrate – drink a lot of water and tea. Exfoliate. Moisturize. If your hair is dry, use a moisturizing mask, or just leave conditioner in your hair for a minute or two while in the shower. Take less-hot showers (I can’t take lukewarm showers, but take less-hot ones if you can). And continue to get rest. Sometimes that’s all you need!

      • Humidifier.

        • Speaking of which – thank you all for your humidifier responses last week! I got one last weekend and I feel loads and loads better! I still wake up a bit congested (damned cat who likes to sleep on my pillow!) but it’s made a huge difference to how puffy I would get and how my skin feels and just the comfort level in my apartment.

          • Oh my goodness, speaking of humidifiers, I don’t know how you folks out east survive all winter. I was in Toronto last week and just about died from the dry air. I felt dehydrated and headachey the entire time. Clearly I have found my humid niche here on the Wet Coast.

    • Try adding some good fats to your diet like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil. Exercise might help, too.

      • des-pairing :

        Coming out of the same cold…
        1) What Violet said.
        2) Drink lots of water. I have a soft spot for coconut water too.
        3) Eye cream: I use gin zing (Origins) it helps de-puff my eyes and adds some pigments
        Hope you look and feel better

      • It’s amazing how much this helps. I changed my diet to minimize saturated fats so have been using lots of olive oil and avocado. My aesthetician could not believe the difference in my skin.

    • Almost There :

      You need a vitamin C serum. For inexpensive, you can just go to your drug store and look for a moisturizer with a high vitamin c (ascorbic acid) content. I would steam your face a little (just a a washcloth with very hot water on your face for a few minutes) to increase absorption.

      More expensive, I like this one:

      • Anonymous :

        Really stupid question probably, but what are the benefits of Vitamin C for your skin? I am having a hard time navigating which creams/moisturizers/ingredients I need to focus on!

    • You need lots of water and an exfoliator. If you don’t already have one, I’d recommend the Clarisonic Mia (I just bought mine and I love it SO much) or a face brush with a gentle cleanser. Lots of moisturizer and eat lots of fruit and veggies. May take a few days but I think you’ll see a difference soon!

      • Pretzel_Logic :

        Thanks everybody. I’m going to hit up Sephora or Ulta as a, um, “study break” this weekend, so I’ll look around for what you all suggested. And drink gallons of water. Or maybe just liters, whatever.

    • If you need to look better in a hurry, the only surefire tricks are exfoliation and concealer. Get thee to a high-end makeup purveyor and beg for help.

      Long term fixes are harder to come by. It sounds to me like you are sick and stressed. Vitamins help me with that: C and B-Stress complex specifically.

    • lucy stone :

      Clinique makes a product called Even Better Eyes that has made a tremendous difference in my undereye issues. I’m anemic and have always had dark circles under my eyes. For the first time in my life, they aren’t visible from across the room. I wish I would have had this stuff years ago.

    • Round Two... :

      In the winter, as well as doing all the other stuff people have suggested, I often put a very heavy moisturizer on my face before I shower in the evening. I use Ponds dry skin cream, and leave it on while I shower. The combo of heat and moisture, followed by an exfoliating scrub, does a good job of keeping my skin glowing.

  14. Boise Bound :

    Ladies, I have an interview next week for an in-house counsel position in Boise, Idaho. The job description indicated the office was business casual. I would love some recommendations on what to wear for the interview. Right now, I’m leaning towards a navy pencil skirt from JCrew with some sort of blouse and colored blazer, I have a lighter blue and also a tan, but I always struggle with what to wear on my legs with the navy skirt – nylons? grey tights?

    • Not to be a stick in the mud, but I would still wear a suit to that interview, not separates, even if the office is business casual, it is always better to be over dressed.

      • Former MidLevel :

        This. The daily dress code doesn’t dictate what you should wear to an interview–except in unusual cases, e.g., it’s a super-casual office and you’re aware that they are evaluating whether or not you’ll “fit” in that respect and not be a super-stuffy lawyer type.

        • I’m also not in law, so take this with a grain of salt, but I would think that if you are interviewing for an in-house position you would want to project an aura of authority and somewhat stuffy-ness (in a good way).

          • Former MidLevel :

            I totally agree–I was actually thinking of a real-life situation discussed here previously, where the candidate was specifically told “we don’t want a stuffy lawyer type here.” :)

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Yes, business casual once you are an employee. You are an interviewee. Wear a suit.

      • Seargant At Legs- In the Pink :

        Hosiery. Done.

        Nod to Captain Godzilla on Team Hosiery.

    • My husband used to work at a very casual tech company, and I now work at an also very casual software company (anything goes – suits to metallica shirts and cutoffs, and everything in between). We both work suits to our interviews, felt a little overdressed, but got the job in both cases. Not sure about Boise, though!

    • I would wear a suit with nylons.

    • Agree. I have a client in Idaho that is biz casual. I am not an atty, but when I show up on site, it’s in a suit. The bigwigs at that company also dress up for us.

  15. Y’all, I just want to shout it from the rooftops, but I doubt it would be appropriate. I have paid down about $3,000 in credit card debt in the last 7 months. I’m so proud of myself, and I’ve been trying really hard. I put myself on a shopping ban (not an extreme one, but still) and have been very frugal, and it is paying off. I am just so excited.

    New House here I come!

  16. so anon for this :

    Put your judgin’ pants on…

    Anyone else excited to see the new Twilight?! I’m going after work tonight!

  17. Maddie Ross :

    Question re: clothes storage. It’s official, and I’m basically past the point in this pregnancy of being able to wear most of my work clothes. Because I have a relatively small closet, I’d like to put these work clothes in storage for the next few months. What’s the best way to do this? I’ve literally never stored work clothes before. Even ones that are more wintery, I’ve always kept hanging in my closet all year. Should I fold and box up, with the intent to dry clean at the end to get folds out? If so, is there anything particular I should or should not put in their (moth balls? sachets?)? Or is it better to get a hanging rack for my attic and hang these items up there? We have a very dry attic, but it’s not climate controlled. If I hang, should I put in garment bags? The majority of the stuff I want to store is wool or wool-blend, plus it includes my collection of The Skirt.

    • This totally dates me as a fangirl, but Kat had a post about this a while ago! I’ll post the link in a moment to avoid moderation, but in case it does get stuck, google “clothes storage for the closet impaired.”


      • Maddie Ross :

        Thank you! I remembered people mentioning it, but didn’t realize there was a full post.

    • I have a small closet. I have a rolling rack in my attic and hang garment bags from it with a cedar, uh, tag thing, inside each one [it’s like a piece of cedar that hangs on the hanger]. I put a bunch of stuff in each garment bag.

      I also have plastic bins for sweaters that have a seal to keep out any bugs (ew).

  18. Thanks TO Lawyer for organizing the TO meetup last night! It was nice to meet everyone. (Now you can parse my language to figure out who I am, ha ha.)

  19. Horseradish :

    Am I the only one out here who is beginning to HATE 3/4 length sleeves?!?!?!?! I just want a genuine long sleeve for goodness sake! Especially when they ride up under sweaters and coats!!! Phew, it’s Friday. Over and out.

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