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Coffee Break – Pro Lesson Palette

Hat tip to Fashion Prospectress for this one: Sephora is having their 20% off Friends & Family sale (go here for your code; deal ends 11/2) and there are a ton of great basics, as well as gift sets (perfect for the holidays!). I like this kit that takes you through two looks: a natural eye and a smokey eye. This one is for brown eyes, but they also have them for blue and green eyes. The kit is $28 at Sephora. SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Lesson Palette: Brown Eyes ($65 Value) Pro Lesson Palette: Brown Eyes


Drawer Drugstore: Toiletries to Keep In The Office

junk drawer #1, my middle desk drawer, originally uploaded to Flickr by zeelicious.What toiletries do you keep in your desk drawer?  We’ve talked about the clothes you keep in the office, the food you nibble on during the workday, and the tech stuff you have to have for the office — but what about toiletries?  I have such an established list that, when my brother started his new job, I gave him a little bag filled with these items — they’re helpful for everyone!  (Pictured: junk drawer #1, my middle desk drawer, originally uploaded to Flickr by zeelicious.)

1. New-Skin. Yes, it’s an electronic world, but there are still far more papers to deal with than you’d think — which means papercuts abound — which means every open wound increases your chances of getting sick. My preferred method for dealing with papercuts is to apply a liquid bandage like New-Skin. It dries quickly, stays on all day (even after you’ve washed your hands), and it doesn’t leave that gummy residue on your nails and fingers. [Read more…]

Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Metallic silk-blend georgette blouse

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Anna Sui Metallic silk-blend georgette blouseLove this blouse! The bow at the top, the puffy sleeves, and most of all, the lovely, abstract pattern. I’d skip the leather skirt that Net-a-Porter styled it with but keep the ruby-red pumps — fabulous. The blouse is $340. Anna Sui Metallic silk-blend georgette blouse

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More Tech Troubles On Corporette? Tell Me More…

Hi guys — I am way behind on emails so it’s just coming to my attention that a bunch of folks can’t get on the site. I’m sorry for the difficulty… Can you give me more specifics?

– Is it ONLY Internet Explorer? Do you know what version of the browser it is? (I think the current version is 9…) Can you check what operating system you’re on?
– What happens when you try to access the page — do you just get a white screen? Just the grayish background? Just the logo?
– On the bottom part of the screen, does it say that anything is taking too long to load? Or that it is “gathering data”?

Thanks a million, you guys… I really appreciate it…

Weekend Open Thread

Something on your mind? Chat about it here.

There are all sorts of reasons I shouldn’t like this jean — it’s a skinny pant, it’s ankle length, it’s bright royal blue, and it’s expensiveish — but I can’t help it: I really want a pair.  I think they’d look as cute with motorcycle boots and a big comfy sweater as they would with a more polished casual look, such as ballet flats, a crisp white blouse, and a neutral blazer.  The jeans are $175 at Net a Porter. 511 mid-rise corduroy skinny jeans

Weekly News Update

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– Awesome: Fashionista picks out some “aughties” fashion that is due to come back in style — belly button rings, Uggs, and sweatsuits, oh my!

– Lisa at Privilege shares her adventures in updos.

The NYT thinks it’s a step in the right direction that women in power can talk openly about their work/life juggle.

Get Rich Slowly advises how to win at office politics. Meanwhile, Savvy Sugar preps you for your performance review.

Mint suggests a surefire way to earn 3% over the next year: i-bonds.  Hmmn…

– To all the readers out there in their early 30s: we apparently are Generation Catalano (according to Doree Shafrir writing for Slate).

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