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Weekend Open Thread

3" chino shortSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

I forget where I saw it, but I recently saw a picture of Kelly Ripa in her favorite weekend garb: apparently these neon pink chino shorts from J.Crew. They didn’t look overly bright or crazy at all — just kind of perfect with a simple white t-shirt.  J.Crew makes them in a LOT of different colors, as well as different lengths — these are 3″, but they’re also in 4″, 5″, and — only available online — 7″ and 9″ chino shorts. The 3″ neon pink ones are $44. 3″ chino short


Weekly News Update

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– This Buzzfeed article was hilarious: 26 things Hillary Clinton thinks about you.
Harvard Business Review advises how to change your job if you don’t like it (without quitting).
– An article on CNN advises what to wear to an interview (and quotes me!)
Lifehacker tells us how to prepare for a presentation.
The Jane Dough summarizes a new study that talks about the dangers of working while pregnant.
Savvy Sugar suggests ways to make every morning more productive.  (Here are my best tips for taking advantage of early morning.)

– Oh! I keep forgetting to announce this. I was going through old posts and remembering how I did an hour-long chat with Lucky readers last summer and thinking I ought to do that more regularly here. So let’s have a Facebook chat next Thursday at 1PM Eastern.

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Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Crisscross Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Pleione Crisscross TopIf you’re the type who likes to wear t-shirts under suits, but you want something just a little bit dressier, look no further — this crisscross top from Pleione (with lots of rave reviews) is now on sale at Nordstrom. I always like a good v-neck, and I think the silky, stretchy knit looks comfortable. It’s also available in a striped version if you’re feeling a bit adventurous. It was $68, but is now marked to $39. Pleione Crisscross Top

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Coffee Break – Muse Oversize Dome

Yves Saint Laurent Muse Oversized Dome Satchel Yves Saint Laurent is changing its name to Saint Laurent Paris — and who knows what this means for the Muse bag, where the “Y” plays such a huge part of the design? I’ve been lusting after this bag for a while — it was even on the short list for my “push present” (funnily enough, we were so busy with the baby we never got around to buying me one) but now is a great time to think about buying a Muse bag. Especially with all the jewel toned bags out there right now — blues, greens, purples, and this gorgeous red at Neiman Marcus. This particular bag is $1,790. Yves Saint Laurent Muse Oversized Dome Satchel


How To Celebrate a Win

how to celebrate a winHow do you celebrate a professional win?  Reader M wonders…

I have a question for you and the hive mind…yesterday I ‘sealed the deal’ on an important partnership for one of my projects, and I find myself wanting to celebrate.  Honestly, my family and friends don’t want to hear all the details because, well, I spend too much time working anyway and work should not be the topic of discussion when I’m not working!  But this is a big deal for me, and I want to celebrate – how do you go about celebrating a work success bigger than “I finished the report” but smaller than “I finished my PhD”?  FWIW I had a party when i finished my PhD!

This is a great question, because the rules do change a bit when you get out of school.  Professional success is great… but it can be a bit lonely.  First, not everyone understands what it means — they may not understand the details of your win (you did what?), or they may not understand the significance of your win.*  Secondly, because a “win” so often translates to money or promotion, you start to deal with jealous friends, or seem vain yourself.  So really — and I’m curious what the readers have to say here — my answer is you generally celebrate “by yourself” or “with your close friends and family.” (Pictured:  Party Hats, originally uploaded to Flickr by Infidelic.)  For example, I like to celebrate things by pampering myself:

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Thursday’s TPS Report: Jacket Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

ANNE KLEIN Jacket DressNormally I wouldn’t recommend suit pieces as something only to wear as separates, but: hello, this one was $320, and is now $96, so let’s talk about it. The hot pink dress and jacket together is a bit aggressive, I think, in color — at least for here in NYC and most other cities I’ve lived in. But I think they could both be really cute as separates. The jacket has some flattering darts and a defined waist — I might wear it with neutrals like grays, whites, or beiges, perhaps accented with a pastel scarf or something to mute the color even further. The dress is your basic sheath — again, pair it with a neutral cardigan or jacket (try orange as an accent color — or if you’re feeling really wild, pair it with a bright orange cardigan). (The whole jacket dress is also available in black, but it’s only marked to $160.) The pink “Amarynth” set is $96 at Lord & Taylor. ANNE KLEIN Jacket Dress

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