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Coffee Break: Orchard Enamel Watch

RumbaTime Orchard Enamel WatchI was going to write a whole thing about how yes, it is obvious that I am obsessed with the cobalt version of this watch. But you know what? For once I am MORE obsessed with this “rose smoke” color, which reminds me of a watch that Audrey Hepburn wore in How to Steal a Million — I hunted for something similar for years without success. And while I am sure hers was leather and this is silicone, this one is also a mere $45, so there’s that.  The watch is available in a number of colors — fuchsia! violet! white! black! — and there exists another version of the watch face (sold separately) that looks like a big gemstone.  What fun! And the best part: all of the watches are only $45, all at Shopbop. RumbaTime Orchard Enamel Watch


The Hunt: Low Heels

Six Low, Cute and Comfortable Heels | CorporetteSure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Low heels that are feminine and cute can be difficult to find!  We’ve looked before (in 2012 and 2013 — and check out our updated 2015 roundup of walkable heels), and there are two Hall-of-Famers that I can think of:  Stuart Weitzman Poco and the Cole Haan Juliana 45 (2″, $90-$160).  In addition to those few, we’ve rounded up six other heels (below) that are currently on the market and all under 2.25″ — most are under $100.  Readers, what is your favorite heel height? Have you gotten any great low heels recently?  Can you think of any other “hall of famers”? 


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Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Cashmere-Blend Top and Skirt

Giorgio Armani Long-Sleeve Stretch Jersey Top | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. This week of TPS reports comes to you from Stephanie Rahlfs of Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle, who also shared a week of her picks back in 2011. Welcome back, Stephanie!

My personal style is squarely in the modern minimalist camp. I love luxurious separates that paint clean lines on the body. But, I find that most of my favorite minimalist designers are weak in the professional work attire department. The best pieces from labels like Helmut Lang, Acne Studios, Vince, and Alexander Wang are either too conceptual or too casual for the office. It’s disappointing.

This Giorgio Armani cashmere blend skirt and top combination, however, manages to turn a clearly minimalist silhouette into something work appropriate. The barely below-the-knee length skirt and modestly cut blouse are right on point for a professional workplace, on a day where a traditional suit isn’t a necessity, and the cashmere-blend jersey is dressy enough to take it out of the weekend-wear category. The top and skirt are $3,345 and $1,795, respectively, at Neiman Marcus. Giorgio Armani Long-Sleeve Stretch Jersey Top + Bias-Seamed Jersey Skirt

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Weekend Open Thread

Athleta Cross-Shore Maxi DressSomething on your mind? Chat about it here. 

I am all jersey dresses all the time in the summer months. Athleta may be an athletic-wear company, but they have a great selection of t-shirt and tank dresses that are perfect for weekend wear. I love the stripes on this dress and the interesting way the high-low style is executed gives you the look of a maxi with the breeziness of a short dress. It’s $108 in sizes XXS-XL at Athleta. Athleta Cross-Shore Maxi Dress

Thanks to Belle from Capitol Hill Style for sharing her picks this week!

Are you a mom or mom-to-be? Check out this week’s open thread over at CorporetteMoms.


Weekly News Update

Birkin - Weekly News Update | CorporetteLike these posts? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook — this is the edited version of what we’re reading! (We also Tweet if we hear about a good sale through our CorporetteDeals Twitter feed.) You can also follow us on Pinterest and Instagram, or by our RSS feed.

  • Would you pay $115,000 for a “vintage” handbag from 2013? (More importantly, should you carry it with you to your internship?) The NYT delves into the world of rival auction houses, so-called Birkin whisperers, and a $60 million lawsuit.
  • The NYT blog “On the Runway” argues that — contrary to the opinions of many, including the parody blog ladypockets — the style choices of prominent women in business and politics are relevant, and furthermore, these women should be looked to as fashion role models.
  • Above the Law critiques an article published in Legal Ink magazine that’s been making the rounds online. One highlighted — and oh-so-helpful — quote from the article by William Cane: “You want to look like an attorney, not Lady Gaga.” 
  • Is a Katy Perry concert just as good a reason to be unavailable for work as giving birth? ATL Redline ponders a law firm memo that analogizes the two.
  • Do you have an “ow brain” or a “wow brain” when trying to make a change (e.g., a new networking approach, a new diet, or a new commitment to waking up early)? This Marie Forleo video may be helpful.
  • As if repaying student loans weren’t daunting enough, the The NYT reports that focusing on paying them off can be at the expense of retirement savings.
  • The NYT looks at the increasing percentage of middle-aged women — who should be in the prime of their careers — leaving their jobs to care for aging parents.
  • The WSJ reports on the growing evidence of the importance of good posture. Not surprising: spending hours sitting slouched at the computer is not exactly recommend.

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Are you a mom or mom-to-be? Check out this week’s open thread over at CorporetteMoms.

Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Sleeveless Dress

H + M Sleeveless Dress | Corporette

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. This week, we welcome an old friend back to the blog — Belle from Capitol Hill Style, who was also good enough to take a week of TPS reports during my first maternity leave (and has guest posted about how to maximize a chance meeting with a VIP).

Sleeveless dresses were not allowed in my last office, so cap sleeve dresses became my go-to summer style. This H&M dress has a great neckline that would be flattering on many body types, and a sleek shape. I also love the textured fabric; it gives this basic a little something extra. The dress is $34.95 at H&M. H&M Sleeveless Dress

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