Tuesday’s TPS Report: Robinson Sweater

A.L.C.  Robinson Sweater | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

We’ve seen a lot of keyhole dresses, but I can remember very few keyhole sweaters, at least like this. And in winter white, too! I like the mix of wool and cashmere, as well. This may be one of the few times that I would be in favor of a nude-for-you camisole instead of a stark white — it would really kill the edge. It’s $326 at ShopBop (and Forward by Elyse Walker has it in black). A.L.C. Robinson Sweater

Here are a lower-priced option and a plus-size alternative.

Seen a great piece you’d like to recommend? Please e-mail [email protected]


  1. Wildkitten :

    An article about lady power dressing by the costume people from The Good Wife: http://www.npr.org/2014/10/20/356468554/the-look-of-power-how-women-have-dressed-for-success

    • Thanks for sharing! My fantasy work wardrobe is Alicia Florrick + Claire Underwood.

      I like what Lawson says here: “Lawson says the fact that these women’s clothes fit perfectly has a lot do to with their ability to stride confidently through the world.” Fit is so important.

      Also, A+ on the “Meb can’t bill more hours than you” joke from yesterday. Good belly laugh this morning.

      • Passed Over :

        Absolutely! I was in stitches and my husband absolutely couldn’t understand what I found so funny.

        • But Meb would bill so many more hours. He’s done with his morning mid-distance training run, before you’ve finished 4. He’s at his desk while you’re still having your protein smoothie in your kitchen. He’s faster and therefore can bill way more. His weekend 20-miler only takes him 2 hours, while it takes you four hours. More time to bill.

          • Wow. No one can have any fun here.

          • Anonymous :

            How is that not having fun. I am obviously kidding.

            Meb is way cooler than any boring lawyer. He would never be at the office on a Sunday.

          • Perhaps I overreacted. Yesterday’s thread annoyed me, despite all of the hedging and apologies.
            Type B

      • Rather than “fitting perfectly” I often think Alicia’s clothing is too tight for the workplace…

    • Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anyone have any recommendations on a warm, quality bathrobe? Long length and sleeves. Maybe really soft but not necessary. I can read reviews but I’m looking for personal recs.

    • I got my husband one from Brookstone last year, it’s really soft and warm.

    • LL Bean kills it for snug bathrobes

    • I got mine years and years ago (16 years ago?) from Victoria’s Secret and still wear it.
      I got my husband one from J.C. Penney in 2001 and it still holds up.
      Sorry I’m not going luxe here – these are warm and are clearly quality!

      • I think the VS ones have taken a huge nosedive. I have a super plush terrycloth one from the early 2000s that’s about to bite the dust, and their current selection involves a lot of microfiber.

    • The microfiber or fleece ones aren’t good for after bath or shower – I find they are not absorbent. They hold in cold water against your skin. Yuck! Terrycloth from LLBean or Land’s End has been my go-to. Warm and absorbent and washes well.

    • Wannabe Runner :

      I got an LL Bean one from a garage sale that is fleece and ankle-length. I wear it every morning, especially in the chilly winter.

    • Meg Murry :

      I found that none of the women’s bathrobes I tried on were warm or long enough – so I got a men’s bathrobe from somewhere like JCPenney and rolled up the sleeves. I grew up with my mom stealing my father’s robes for the same reason, even though she’s a foot shorter than him – the men’s robes were also a better deal for what you got price wise compared to the women’s.

    • I’m tall anyways so mens would work. Thanks for the suggestions, all!

      • I just bought this one: Natori ‘Shangri-La’ Robe | Nordstrom http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/natori-shangri-la-robe/2884564

        It has great reviews and looks like it’s been around for awhile in various colors.

        • I love the Natori one! I’m the opposite of OP – always super warm (even in the winter) after my shower and then add blowdrying to the routine and would love something longer like the Natori, but breathable.

      • If you want a robe for out-of-the-bath, I have a terry cloth one from brooks brothers. It’s a men’s small and fits my 5’10” self but if you are on the shorter side you’ll swim in it. The mens’ was much better (thicker, right length) than the thin women’s. It is bulky which is awesome for a true BATH robe, but not ideal for around-the-house couch snuggling etc.

    • I’d order from the Four Seasons.

      • Senior Attorney :


        My two favorite robes (winter and summer) are both from hotels.

    • Was just thinking this morning how I was wishing my towels from Restoration Hardware would wear out already because I’m tired of the colors. But 8 years in, not one of them shows any signs of wear. So my recommendation would be a turkish cotton robe from RH.

      I have also had a Victoria’s Secret cotton terry bathroom (so soft on the outside, terry on the inside) for 6 or 7 years and it’s in terrific condition.

  3. I don’t like it. Expensive, not versatile, probably not even flattering.

    I have a body con top (which I received as a gift) with this exact neck and keyhole… it’s so fitted it does require a blazer, and the keyhole interferes with any blazer.

    This sweater is not intended to be worn under anything, so it’s wearable (as opposed to my truly unwearable top). But still: big no from me.

    • Wannabe Runner :

      I think this would be a neat look under a blazer.

    • I think this sweater is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Love the sweater. It’s the sort of thing I wear every day over trousers or a skirt in the winter, and the color is a great winter neutral. Nice pick, Kat!

  4. TXLawyer (Re: Boston Restaurant) :

    Husband and I will be in Boston for our first wedding anniversary. Do y’all have recommendations for a good (trending toward high-end) restaurant where we could celebrate on a Saturday night? Thanks in advance!

    • Mistral in the South End.

    • Via Matta, South End/Park Square – Italian

    • Diana Barry :

      What kind of food?

    • Ostra. oishii. sorellina . l’espalier. no. 9 park. let us know what you end up going with!

    • wintergreen126 :

      No. 9 Park near the State House. A friend of mine has raved about Deuxave, in Back Bay.

    • Blonde Lawyer :

      The Top of the Hub is nice for a special occasion. It isn’t a secret locals only type of place and is quite expensive but the views are gorgeous and the place has a great upscale feel for an anniversary dinner. It is on the top of the Prudential Building near Copley Square.

    • TXLawyer (Re: Boston Restaurant) :

      Y’all are the best! Will definitely let you know what we go with.

    • Rachelellen :

      Depending on time of year, the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons is really cozy… fireplaces… view of the Common.

  5. Also seeking mini-vacay recommendations – headed to Newport, Rhode Island for a wedding this weekend, and I’ll have several hours to myself. Recommendations on where I should walk, visit, eat, shop? TIA!

    • I’m from Newport! It’s a great town, you’ll have fun. Can I ask where you’re staying? I would definitely recommend a walk on Cliff Walk. I’m not sure how much of it is open, it was hit hard by a hurricane and there have been ongoing repairs. But even if only 1 or 2 miles are open, it’s a beautiful walk. You can also walk down Thames St (not pronounced like it is in Britain, but how it is spelled) and down to King’s Park which is right on the water. As for restaurants, I would definitely recommend Malt or Norey’s for dinner and drinks. Norey’s has lot of really cool and hard to find (at least in Newport) beers. Both restaurants are on Broadway. Breakfast at Franklin Spa is killer or you can do coffee and scone/croissant at Empire Tea & Coffee, they have 3 locations in Newport. Island Books on Spring St is a really cute local book store. There a lot of nice local stores on Spring St and I think it gets overlooked for Thames a lot. Newport Wine Cellar and the adjoining Le Petit Gourmet are great places to get wine and cheese if you want to snack in your hotel or B&B. Let me know if you need any more recommendations, I love helping people explore Newport.

      • Oo this is so helpful, thanks so much! I’ll be staying at the Spring St Inn, at Spring and Howard.

        • We just came back from a trip to Newport. We went to dinner at Mamma Luisa on Thames St. and Siam Square in Middletown and liked both a lot. If you like antiques definitely check out the big antique mall, armoryantiquesnewport.com.

    • Agree with cliff walk.

      And clam cakes….

      Or maybe the clam cakes are just for me. Memories from childhood…

    • I’ve gone a couple of times and toured the mansions. I can’t remember the names, but they all seemed to have a tour at least once a day and it was fun to peek into the Gilded Age.

      • And if you can get there during the December holidays, they are even more spectacular. Did this several years ago and was one of my all-time favorite trips.

      • Yea, that’s a good point, the mansions are cool. If it’s not too cold, you can rent bikes and bike down Bellevue (where all the mansions are) and on Ocean Drive. You can stop while biking to tour the mansions.

      • The mansions are breathtaking. I think the Breakers is the grandest and most famous one if you have limited time.

    • oil in houston :

      go to the Vanderbilt mansion, blew my mind that htey had platinum walls…. seriously…

  6. Any thoughts / recs for Quebec at Christmas? We’re splitting the distance next year and are looking for a destination between California and the UK (so East US / Canada). Any other recommendations?

    • Anonymous :

      It will be beautiful, if you like the possibility of weather so cold you can’t go outside and treacherous ice.
      Expect that many shops and restaurants will be closed.

      Colonial Williamsburg, actually, lovely for Christmas.

      Charleston- beautiful, makes a change from Scotland.

      New York- not as good as London at Christmas.

      • BigLaw Anon :

        Second Colonial Williamsburg for Christmas. Lovely and you can be outside.

      • Ooh, those are some good recs. There is a possibility that we will have to go to Vancouver for New Year’s so I was thinking Canada but I complain about Scottish weather. Perhaps Charleston would be fun.

      • Gail the Goldfish :

        Honestly, I’d avoid New York at Christmas if you’re going right at Christmas. It’s so, so crowded around Christmas that it’s pretty miserable (but it’s nice if you go just after Thanksgiving so you still get all the decorations but you’re in between the big Thanksgiving and Christmas crowds). Charleston’s lovely, though (unless you want some snow at Christmas)

    • The city or the province? There’s tons of threads on Montreal already. I love love love Quebec City, although the closest to winter I’ve gone there is around March. It is a super laid back town with lots of cute walking areas and amazing food (will provide recs if you want). I would be concerned that lots of places will close for Christmas, though.

      ETA: Yes, it will be freezing cold. Also will likely require a layover in Toronto/Montreal if you want to fly from CA or London.

      • Quebec City will be cold but beautiful. Might have a lot of places closed because it’s a smaller town. Montreal is beautiful at Christmas-time with all the lights around downtown. But will also be freezing.

    • Hello and I think you might have gotten married during your absence from this site? If so, congratulations!

    • Chateau Montebello. So classy and cozy. Great for a family reunion, but nice for couples too. Also recommend the Wakefield Inn.

      • My parents honeymooned at the Chateau Montebello (back then it was called Seigniory Club). Then we (kids and members of the wedding party) celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary there. It is lovely and outdoorsy and the food is wonderful. (Although I also recommend the frites at the local diner.) It is a short drive to the Ottawa airport.

    • I definitely recommend Montreal over Quebec City if you’re there for more than 1-2 days. So much more to do and see. So much better than every other city ever. (Sad Expats Forever.)

      And congratulations!

    • New Orleans would be a good option for Christmas. It’s comparatively warm. The hotels and streets are beautifully decorated, there are free events, and many restaurants are open for the traditional Reveillon dinners.

      • Yes, beautiful for Christmas, but avoid New Year’s. One of the football playoffs is the Sugar Bowl.

    • (Former) Clueless Summer :

      Why not Mont Tremblant or Mont Ste Anne? You don’t have to be skiers to enjoy.

    • I’d go Quebec city over Montreal for holidays. The old buildings and cobblestone are such a perfect backdrop for all the decorations and festivities. That being said it’s pretty cold and snowy if it’s anything like last year there will be 2+ feet of snow. Canadian snow removal crews are excellent though and city will be very functional and travel friendly

      • How bad would it be to drive up to Quebec City from the states during December? I really want to do a winter Quebec trip, and I have snow tires on a rear wheel drive car, but not sure how bad it will be.

        I’d be coming from Boston, so up I-91 into Canada.

        • Rear wheel drive is awful in the snow. I am very accustomed to snow driving and I wouldn’t risk the drive you are talking about even in a different car. It’s just too likely there will be snow and therefore stressful drive/significant delays. Better chances with flying unless there’s a super crazy blizzar whereas even a fair mild storm makes dr ing a PITA.

        • Not bad, I’ve never had a problem. Roads are always clear, except when there is an actual snow storm and even then there will be many plows on the road. You will likely not have to drive on actual snow and things don’t come to a halt with snow in Canada unlike a lot of american cities. Most of it is dependent on your comfort with snow driving. Quebec has a law that mandates snow tires so other drivers will be well prepared.

  7. The Alexander McQueen coat Kate Middketon is wearing right now. I want that coat. And a life that calls for wearing it.

  8. I don’t like this top pick too much. I like the lower-priced option much better. I think it would be a much more versatile (and lady-like) piece.

    And, yes…The Alexander McQueen coat dress. And the life that comes with it. Sigh indeed.

    • Yay! Kat, I love this sweater, but the keyhole is some thing that Frank would be lookeing at and askeing where the key goe’s! FOOEY on men like him! Does the HIVE have peeople like him that alway’s think everything is related to sex and boobie’s? And he is MARRIED! His wife is very nice, but I think he does NOT even try anything shady like this with her. Speakeing of boob’s, the manageing partner’s brother asked me over to watch his new 65 inch TV — he was watcheing FOOTBALL, and thought that I would be impressed with the SIZE of his flat screen. Well it was big, but as I told him, it is NOT the size that count’s but the quality. He seemed to think I was talking about sexueal thing’s but really, I was talking about dot’s on the screen — I think they are called PIXELLS. He did NOT know the pixel size, and I actualy thought that my own 42 inch screen was MUCH more colorful then his bigger screen. Now he is goeing to tell the manageing partner that I was not impressed with his TV. So what? My dad agree’s that my TV is probabley better b/c once you get big screen’s like his, the screen get’s fuzzier. Does anyone in the HIVE know about this stuff?

      Anyway, Noah texted me to tell me about dinner with his family tonite. We are meeting over near the Hospital b/c Noah has a shift. There is an Italian place he know’s on Madison Ave that is OK–I think I once ate there, but do NOT remember what I ate. I think mabye Alan brought me there, but it realy was along time ago and I try NOT to think to much about him. FOOEY! Anyway, NOAH want’s to be sure I look good, so he asked me to wear a short black dress with 4″ pump’s. I told him it was chilley out so why can’t I wear nice slack’s and a sweater? He said he wanted his DAD to see my leg’s. I wonder why he is paradeing me around like some kind of live stock? Is it b/c the family come’s from Kansas City? I realy do NOT want to move there after we are married, but Noah has alot of family tie’s there. So I guess I will wear what he want’s. If I can MARRY him, I could stop workeing and have KID’s! YAY!!!!!

  9. Why would you need a camisole under this? It doesn’t look sheer. I wouldn’t wear this kind of neckline to the office, but it’s fun for the weekend.

  10. I wish the lower priced option has the asymmetrical keyhole….may just have to save my money for the ALC sweater.

  11. Diana Barry :

    Aww! Oscar de la Renta died! He was 82 though, so had a good run.

    I broke out the tights for the first time today, and my new knee high boots (Uggs but the nice-looking kind). I find that with the 1.75″ or 2″ heel, my feet are getting a bit more tired when I stand at my desk. Can anyone recommend a good fatigue-reducing mat for the office to put in front of my standing desk?

    • Miss Behaved :

      I can’t do tights until November, so I’m wearing trousers (Gap premium pants) – the first pair I’ve worn since April or May. Can’t believe it was in the 70’s on Saturday and now it’s in the 50’s.

      • I broke out the pantyhose for the first time today. They aren’t warm, but I feel like I need something on my legs when it gets below 50 so I don’t look weird.

    • In the Pink :

      We essentially stand on a concrete slab in our kitchen as we put Italian porcelain tile atop it. We use great gel mats and have no problems. I am certain you can find them in other sizes than our “runners.” They are sold by the maker as well as Bed-Bath-Beyond. I originally found them through an ad in the back of Southern Living magazine. Gel Pro mats. We have ones with a bit of basketweave texture to them. Sometimes crumbs get stuck there, but I doubt it would be a problem in the workplace. Oh, well, you can NOT vacuum them.

      20 x 36, 20 x 48

      I know they are more expensive than traditional “door mats” from big box hardware and decorator shops, but we cook nearly exclusively (as opposed to eating out), so it was an investment in our comfort.


    • Wildkitten :


  12. Job-jump advice needed: I was recently promoted within my company, and am excited about the possibilities of my new position. However, the promotion was promised over a year before it happened, and was not the title I wanted. I haven’t been able to shed my old duties yet, as they have not backfilled for me three months in, so I’m still mostly excited about the possibilities of the new position instead of happy that I’m making them reality.

    Today, a colleague at another organization closely affiliated with mine reached out to me about a new position he’s creating. It’s related to work I’ve done, but would be a big change. I’ve worked closely with the person, and like his work style. I’m sending my resume, but feeling nervous. I want to disclose to my current boss, but am concerned about looking at other opportunities so soon after the promotion.

    Thoughts? What would you do?

    • Why on earth would you ever ever ever disclose to your current boss that you are looking for work?

      • +2,000

      • Diana Barry :


      • The colleague at other org works very closely with me, my boss, my bosses’ boss, and so on up the ladder. In my organization, disclosure is the norm when looking at moving within the organization, and would apply to moving to other organization, as well. Maybe I wait until further into the process, but I definitely disclose at some point.

        • You don’t though. You really shouldn’t. It’s only bad for you.

        • Internal and external moves are not the same. Wait until you’re much, much further in the process. Like, you have a signed offer letter. Maybe give 4 weeks notice rather than two if it’s really weighing on you. But, I wouldn’t do anything above or beyond that.

          • That’s the thing that’s getting me. It would be an external move, but only barely. I would likely work on projects with my current colleagues in potential new position.

            Anyway, you all have convinced me. I’m not disclosing for now. Thanks!

      • In some places, it is the only way to start a conversation about a promotion or salary increase.

    • Wildkitten :

      Do not disclose.

    • Why would you tell your boss before a new job offer was in hand?

    • Baconpancakes :

      No matter how close you are with your boss, how many happy hours you guys go to, how much gossip you share, how much your boss has mentored you and been there and understood when you were having a rough personal time and encouraged your growth in the company, your boss is not your friend.

      You are being paid for a service. It is a business transaction. If you think you’d get a better salary/duties elsewhere, you should absolutely go for it, and you don’t owe anyone ANYTHING, particularly when the job you were supposed to be given a year ago still hasn’t happened, regardless of title or salary. You look out for yourself, and you know telling your boss you’re applying elsewhere wouldn’t fall under that. Because honestly, no one else is going to look out for you if it’s not in their best interests.

    • What Would Peggy Do On Mad Men? (Hint: Don’t tell your boss. Feel free to move on.)

    • Ohmigosh, no. Please… no.

    • Don’t disclose that you are looking for another job. I did that mistake so that I can leave amicably and train a possible replacement. I did it due to the suggestion of another previous manager of mine whom I trusted. I regretted it soon after. The manager to whom I disclosed that I was looking to move out took away all work from me that very day. I still didn’t have a job to move out to. He started treating me like I didn’t exist. I was not invited to the meetings, I was not given important updates and he became so grumpy and hostile. It became so terrible that I became desperate to accept any job that came my way. Currently, I am looking for another job. I just keep silent on that issue. My manager may have a clue but I don’t want to confirm it and make my life difficult than what it is now.

      • My comment is in moderation. But my advice is don’t disclose. I have stated my personal experience after disclosing that I was looking for another job. Try reading it when it gets out of moderation.

  13. Male Lawyer Concerns :

    My brother is a lawyer and called me today and said he had to be in court.
    Me: Oh, are you wearing a suit?
    Him: Yeah, and a tie and nice shoes.
    Me: Wow. Did you shave?
    Him: Yeah, but not my back hair.

    Of course, he meant this as a joke :)
    I thought it was nice to hear a male lawyer be so concerned about his appearance, especially body hair. It’s made me smile all day, and I thought I’d share :)

  14. Coat challenge :

    I posted this over the weekend, but I only got one response (thank you!) so I’m reposting in case anyone has any more advice for me:

    I lost the belt from my J.Crew wintress puffer. I emailed customer service, but they have been amazingly unhelpful, suggesting that I buy another coat from them (!) in order to get a new belt. This coat doesn’t work without the belt and I can’t fathom buying an entirely new coat for want of a nylon belt (which is probably worth all of ten cents). Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I’m so incredibly disappointed with J.Crew’s customer service — it seems like this would be something Nordstrom would remedy with no issue. On top of the quality issues they’ve been having, this puts me over the edge. I’m out.

    • Could a tailor or some other person make one for you? Perhaps in a fun accent color if you it seems like you might not be able to get an exact match to the fabric of the coat. I’m not sure if you can buy nylon like that in fabric stores, maybe you’d have to special order it. My other suggestion is to search for a thick belt that is meant to go around the waist and go up a size or two to accommodate the bulk of the coat.

    • Srsly? Gimme a break. You lost something and you’re giving up on them because they won’t replace it? I’m sure that coats and belts are made as a set , and they actually don’t have spares lying around. I’m honestly stunned by how entitled this is.

      You lost your belt. Buy a new, non matching one, and deal with it. Maybe take better care of your things.

      • Coat challenge :

        Really? A lot of clothing manufacturers have spare parts for this reason. For example, I’ve lost buttons from Brooks Brothers coats, and if the coats are still in season, they have spares. Perhaps my expectations are too high for J.Crew, but given that they are a large company with tremendous manufacturing capabilities and pride themselves on customer service, I would have expected them to have spare clothing parts, and I’m disappointed that they don’t. It’s one more disappointment in a series of disappointments. I don’t think this makes me entitled, and certainly doesn’t warrant such sarcastic response from you, anonymous internet commenter.

      • This x 1,000,000. J. Crew should essentially give you a free coat because you lost the belt? What?

        Don’t lose your stuff and you won’t have this problem.

        • Coat challenge :

          Not suggesting that J.Crew replace my coat, at all. Disappointed that they don’t have spare parts (or have not tried very hard to help me locate one), which many manufacturers do. And incredulous that their suggestion was that I BUY a new coat from them.

      • But there are manufacturers who do this, or would have some belts on hand to purchase. It was certainly worth a shot. Granted, fewer and fewer companies are this customer-oriented these days…

      • I don’t think it was off the mark to ask, but I think it’s a bit off the mark to be surprised that they don’t have any spare parts. Inventory is a b!tch to keep track of.

        I’d ask a tailor, seamstress, sewer or Esty to make you one. If you don’t need a buckle (just want to tie it), it would be supereasy to make one yourself.

    • I am sorry you lost your belt but I think your expectation is unreasonable.

      • +1

      • My husband had a similar belt issue (he had a belted Lands’ End commuter parka, bought for $200+). It wasn’t new, at least 3-5 years old. The belt broke, so he called LE customer service asking for a new one – just like the OP. They didn’t have any spare belts lying around, so they had him send the coat back for a FULL REFUND.

        • This is different. The belt broke. She lost the belt. If you lost the coat, would you call and ask for a new one?

          • Agree that broken and lost are different. But in a 5 year old coat, a broken belt strikes me as normal wear and tear…nothing lasts forever. I still think they went beyond the call (which is why they’re Lands’ End).

          • I'm Just Me :

            Many, many, many companies would either simply replace the belt or offer to sell her one for a reasonable replacement cost. It’s really not that uncommon.

            Companies frequently give things like buttons and belts and cinch tabs and handles (for purses) to customers that have lost/broken/ruined their belongings. I don’t think that her expectation that a company that charges 5x what their products are worth would help her find a belt and sell it to her for a reasonable replacement price.

          • What are those many, many, many companies.?

            Because, I can’t think of one that I would even think of asking. Except Lands End, for the reasons already stated above.

          • Rachelellen :

            LL Beam for sure.

          • Definitely LL Bean, Nordstrom, probably Eddie Bauer, maybe Brooks Brothers…

          • So, a few, on par with Lands End in terms of return policy (in my opinion), that tend to have very similar product from year to year and cater to an older crowd (who will be wearing that coat for years on end).

            And then there is Jcrew crew, with a pretty standard 90 return policy (unless you bought it Final Sale), has a few standard pieces but is frequently changing style offering and caters to a younger crowd that is way more likely to be changing their wardrobe frequently.

            Maybe when Jcrew was more the catalog company known for quality it would have been more of an expectation, but the Jcrew of the last 5-6 year doesn’t have that vibe to me.

      • Wildkitten :

        I think the suggestion that she buy a new coat is also unreasonable. I assume her frustrating is mostly in response to that answer, because that would frustrate me as well.

        • What? No, it is a perfectly reasonable suggestion.

          • It’s not reasonable. “Sorry but no spare belts are available” would be a reasonable response. “Buy a new coat so that you can have a new belt”, not at all.

        • If she wants the exact belt that is sold with that jacket from J.Crew that is her only option. I think that is reasonable. If the belt broke by no fault of the OP’s (i.e., it was defective, not showing reasonable wear and tear), I would think it was unreasonable to give this response, but that’s not the situation the OP is in.

      • I doubt J.Crew has spare belts in their warehouse. Their clothing is manufactured overseas and the coats are delivered as sets with a belt.

    • Rachelellen :

      I have nothing to offer, except to say that’s just so J. Crew. Buy another coat, so you have a belt for coat #1… but what about coat #2? They’re turning into the Comcast of fashion.

      • Hah, I’m so over Comcast, and starting to feel the same about J. Crew. Their clothing just isn’t worth what they charge, and I’ve not been impressed with their “customer service”. They charge Nordstrom prices on an Old Navy model of service.

    • Diana Barry :

      Dude, I would totally call them and complain. Go up the chain until they get you a new one (for what, like $5 or $10?)

      My J. Crew complaining story: once I moved and the J Crew card (which I had at the time) didn’t update its address despite my doing so with them, and they sent the account to collections since I hadn’t gotten any of the bills. So I sent Mickey Drexler a letter on my law firm stationery demanding that they remove the report from my credit report. And they did! I was very pleased. We were buying a house at the time and I was glad to have a better credit score for the mortgage after they removed that report (that’s how I found out about it in the first place).

      • I’m with you, but I think if we use firm letterhead for non-firm things, we can get in big trouble.

        E-mail can be iffy (sometimes like letterhead, sometimes like using my desk phone versus my cell when it’s just for convenience — e.g., where are we meeting for lunch?).

        • Wildkitten :

          Genuine hypothetical question: do the rules change if you are a partner? I get that Alicia shouldn’t use the Stern, Lockhart & Gardner stationary for her J.Crew complaints, but what about the Florrick & Agos stationary? (Though I think Mickey Drexler would probably reply to From The Desk of Alicia just as well).

          • If you use the letterhead and you haven’t opened a file (including proper conflict checks) you could be in serious trouble. Your malpractice insurance carrier would not be pleased. Imagine if the guy down the hall had just signed J. Crew (or Mickey Drexler on an estate planning matter) as a client and you didn’t know about it. Now you just sent a letter like that to your firm’s client. Never do it. Its bad practice.

          • Wildkitten :

            That makes sense! Thanks.

      • Using firm letterhead for personal letters like this is very, very inappropriate.

    • Did you escalate it up the customer service chain? I’ve found recently that if call you are often routed to a person who simply handles orders and returns (and therefore wouldn’t be able to help you with anything more than ordering something else for you) while the actual customer service department involves being transfered to a different number/ department. So try googling for customer service to see if there is a different number you could call.

      Alternately – check goodwill for either a belt or a coat that still has its belt?

    • My dad would threaten to "belt" me :

      You could buy the coat, take the belt off, sell the coat to someone unsuspecting.

      • Wildkitten :

        That sounds complicated and immoral.

        • Coat challenge :

          I think this must be a troll.

          Thanks for your suggestions, everyone. I may try calling up the chain, but it doesn’t seem promising. I think a tailor may be my best bet, although it might take some searching to find nylon like this for sale.

          • I have no idea what the belt looks like. Have you tried looking at a fabric store?

          • Why not get a cool belt that is the same/complimenting color and a different fabric? If it’s the jcrew one I’m thinking of, the nylon belt looks so flimsy and cheap anyway, especially in trying to hold in the puffy coat. Why not do a seatbelt fabric belt or a leather one with both being perfectly measured to your waist (i.e. not able to tie or adjust so it looks purposeful) or a stretchy thick one that again cinches to your waist?

    • You lost your belt, which is your fault, but you want J Crew to fix it for you? They don’t have spare belts lying around.

      Serious entitlement.

    • Have you tried tweeting jcrew about it? I don’t know about jcrew but with other companies that gets a better response.

      • I think this tactic only works if you have a lot of followers. Otherwise why would they care if a handful of people see that you’re annoyed with them (& frankly, unreasonably so).

    • I wouldn’t expect J.Crew to replace the belt in this situation either. You could buy this shirt for the belt http://www.jcpenney.com/worthington-belted-peplum-top-tall/prod.jump?ppId=pp5004221328&cm_mmc=Affiliates-_-J84DHJLQkR4-_-23445130091-_-15&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=J84DHJLQkR4&utm_campaign=23445130091&utm_content=15&cvosrc=affiliate.J84DHJLQkR4.23445130091_15&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-FL7lBlMMvlS7prUvZHL0Gw
      The faux leather is on trend and would be ok in the elements.

  15. shopping challenge? :

    I’ve had two dresses on my wish list and hoping for help finding them. One, someone posted a black watch plaid sheath from Anne Klein a few weeks ago. I ordered it, but they said they were unable to fulfill the order. It’s already down from their webs!te, but I’d love to find another dress like it.

    Also, I like the Women’s Faux-Leather-Pocket Shift Dress from Old Navy, but I think the pockets are at a weird height. I’d like something similar, but with the pockets near the hem.

    Willing to pay up to $200 for the first and ~$100 for the second. TIA!

    • These pockets are lower: http://www.anntaylor.com/faux-leather-pocket-dress/355751?colorExplode=false&skuId=17434539&catid=cata000012&productPageType=fullPriceProducts&defaultColor=6600

    • This one has leather detail with zip pockets: http://www.saksoff5th.com/zip-pocket-ponte-sheath-dress/0490727406795.html?site_refer=AFF001&mid=38801&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-7mAoiY3ZQZ6JHt.nHfjWdQ

    • Is this the plaid dress? http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/anne-klein-plaid-sheath-dress/3820585?cm_cat=datafeed&cm_ite=anne_klein_plaid_sheath_dress:816140&cm_pla=dresses:women:dress&cm_ven=Linkshare&siteId=J84DHJLQkR4-hxgmOfrkSrX3TtEndawABA

  16. What would you do if you received an email from a stranger with the words “Does this lying cheating bastard belong to you???” with a picture of the her and your ex (who has been trying to get back together with you) attached. Picture has the caption “I love you” at the bottom complete with a colorful border with love hearts. He actually contacted me this person asking me not to respond to any “random person” who might contact me. But somehow I am curious….

    • Delete and ignore (both of them). I don’t do drama.

    • Nope. She already knows he’s cheating. If she was in the dark that’s one thing, but you don’t need to be part of that train wreck.

    • Are you currently involved with or considering becoming involved with ex? If no, I agree with Anon @ 12:20, delete and ignore. If yes, find out whether this woman is a current GF or the relationship ended a while ago (as in, before the two of you started talking again). It’s a bit of a red flag for me that ex wasn’t totally up front with you when he said a “random person” might contact you. She has a lovey dovey picture of them together, so obviously she’s not a “random person,” he had some kind of relationship with her. That doesn’t necessarily mean he cheated on her with you, but I would want to have some serious discussions about her before moving forward with him. Ask him about it and see what he says.

    • What a sh*t show! I would ignore and move on from both.

    • Delete, ignore AND filter all future emails straight to the trash.

      And don’t get back together with him.

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