Bargain Friday’s TPS: Banana Republic’s Cotton Lattice Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
Women: Cotton lattice top - Anchor blueWe’re loving this simple cotton tee from Banana Republic with an intricate lattice pattern near the neck.  It’s available in anchor blue (pictured) and black, and — maybe it’s just us — but we would totally ignore that “dry clean” instruction and put it in the delicate cycle.  We’d wear it with a suit and some great earrings or maybe a very, very simple necklace, like a solitaire diamond; it would also look great with a high-waisted skirt.  It’s $50 at Banana Republic.  Women: Cotton lattice top – Anchor blue

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  1. It is pretty in this color (which to me looks like lavendar) and I think it would look nice under a pantsuit/jacket. But $50!? Dry cleaning cotton? Is BR crazy? Luckily, most things go on sale there, although I find they get snapped up quickly when they get to $25/$20 and under (what I think something described as a a cotton tee should cost), so you have to constantly hover around the mall or website. I would even throw it in the dryer and maybe iron the latticework when it got out. Loft, by the way, is showing really pretty tees now. They have two that look exactly like ones I got at JCrew about six months ago; sort of ruffly/or with a flower at the neck:

    (more for weekend wear than work)
    though the ruffled/raw edge scoopneck tee you could wear under a jacket):

    • You must have been reading my mind when you wrote this comment! I went to the website and couldn’t believe they wanted me to pay $50 for a t-shirt….and then dry clean it!

  2. Nice. Agree, with a suit.

  3. I hate this! It looks like something my 62 year old mother would order from QVC.

  4. This shirt is cute, but I am not sure it’s really a good fit for bargain Fridays at $50. As AC mentioned, this style came out a while back in many spring collections and you can get it in many places now for $20. Loft’s lattice shirts are now in the $9.99 rack.

  5. candeejaye :

    hate it

  6. Totally QVC. Looks like top portion of a moomu.

  7. $50 for a cotton t-shirt? Really? That’s a bargain? Not in my world.

  8. I agree with afl and k: it’s very old lady.

  9. Delta Sierra :

    I know not everything has to be POWER power, but I wouldn’t have this sad little thing in the house, let alone wear it to work. I expect the dry-clean recommendation is because the lattice will get all tangled up in itself if it’s machine washed and dried. Corporette, I love you dearly, but I think this is a miss and a mess.

  10. Yuck! I would never spend $50.00 on this. Gross.

  11. I saw this in the store today, and it does, in fact, look like a grandma shirt.

  12. I agree $50 is hardly a bargain for a cotton t-shirt, and an old-ladyish one at that. I’m glad I’m not alone to think so.

  13. This tee looks way too schlumpy to wear any where but the gym. It doesn’t even look nice on the model, all baggy around her waist like that. It would look a mess tucked into pants or a skirt, but you can’t leave it untucked because it’s so long.

  14. For the same price, the BR store has some lovely silk sweaters as well as new silk and cashmere ones (those are $59 and $69) v neck, cardi with enamel buttons w/silver rims, and pull over short sleeve with diagonal buttons to the collar. Lovely. Sorry they aren’t on their website. I recommend a shopping trip for their $45 necklace of a rope chain with a bunch of loosely threaded silver or gold tone circles on them. Also not on line. Finally, their new dress lines are attractive, esp. in a retro way, solid, and substantial knit to reduce all those “lookey loo” problems. Would like to know what the shoe lovers think about BR’s faux croc/snake pump in a light grey. Less than $100. Also, does anyone really wear the Geoxx pumps? I saw them in their store and thought they felt very plastic-y and cheap. Would love a review of their wearability. Yeah, on sale in the store now but not online.

    Is this a trend? People shopping in person to get sales and avoid gasoline/delivery costs? What say you?

    Thanks, corporette, for turning me on to BR. I thought I was too large (10) and old (well over 40) for their styles. Now, I have to suss out the BR monogram pieces that are appropriate and wait for sales.

    • dr- One thing about BR is that it’s not the quickest getting into the newest trends. If you like the styles there, chances are you’ll be able to find them at other stores already on the discount racks- often higher end designer stuff at cheaper than what you’ll get at BR full price.

      You can also check out the BR outlets- often they’re dirt cheap in comparison with the regular stores.

  15. Is it just me or are have you guys been trying to make up for the “nude” comment by showing clothing worn by only african-american models? Just an observation. An I agree with afl and MEG. Very QVC/grandma.

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