Coffee Break: Born Pointy Toe Pump

Butter pump Aztec I’m always a fan of a low pump, and this cute kitten-heeled one from Butter Shoes has such an interesting black and white pattern it’s hard not to love. They’re calling the pattern “Aztec,” which… I don’t see. At first glance I thought it was a very large animal print; at second glance (and third and fourth) it looks like some kind of flora or fauna. The shoes are winning good reviews, available in five colors, and $199. Butter Born Pointy Toe Pump

(I’m trying to remember why I associate Butter Shoes with vegan shoes — if for whatever reason you do as well, do note that these have leather uppers. You can see our last roundup of stylish vegan shoes for the office, though, if you’re on the hunt.)

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  1. Arundhati :

    Ladies, I have learned so so much from this s+te and the comments over the years. Unfortunately this is the only one I follow so religiously. What are the other ones you follow and love?

    • Anonymous :

      I follow Makeupalley religiously and Ask A Manager, and that’s really about it.

      • What do you follow on makeup alley? Is there a blog? I find it hard to follow.

        I used to keep up with you look fab but I can’t stand the obsequious, fawning commentariat there. No opinions in disagreement with Angie allowed!! Angie herself, to her credit, does not police this. It’s the commenters themselves.

        I like the directrice but she doesn’t post often enough to feed my addiction.

        I got the Feedly app and follow a few blogs there off and on, but not the comment sections. Really only here.

        • Anonymous :

          Just discussions on fashion, perfume, there’s a work board where they discuss similar things as here, also a home (décor, repair) board. It’s a little more polite – I stopped using a screen name here whereas I’m comfortable there.

          Oh, you know who else – Bridgette Raes and Inside Out Style.

        • I also like the Directrice and read Youlookfab. Youlookfab similarly annoys me, and often I disagree with her tastes, but she often has excellent analysis on body shape, flattering cuts, new styles etc… When she has a post saying “here are 10 great things I found this week for my clients”, often I only like…. one of them. I think her business caters to older clients.

          Those are the only ones I am regular with except this one. None have a good comments section that I have found. I used to read Ask a Manager more, but their comments annoy me too. Sometimes I go to city-data and check out certain areas of interest.

          But I admit I still love Humans of New York. Thanks for the Makeupalley rec. Haven’t looked there in awhile.

        • I followed YLF for a couple of years until I started to haaaate everything about it. I like Angie’s tips on fit, but she’s pedantic to the point of irritating me. She lives in such an urban bubble that she cannot relate to what passes as fashion in large swaths of the country.

          The focus on crafting these overwrought “style personas” really grated on me. It was sad to see how often people posted about shifting styles and whatnot … often spending loads of money to replace stuff they bought only a few months ago but no longer fit their desired “persona.” We all evolve over time, but the consumerism started feeling really unhealthy/obsessive to me.

          I recently visited YLF again, thinking I’d give it another try. Still the same posters, moaning about the same issues they had years ago. No thanks.

          Wow, apparently I really needed to get that off my chest!

    • I love Pricescope, primarily for the jewelry ogling.

    • Anonymous :

      I really like sincerely Jules. She doesn’t do blog posts a lot but when she does, beautiful. And she’s very active on Instagram. There isn’t much of interaction in the convo, like this site.

    • Not Legal Counsel :

      Cup of Jo and The Work Edit (CapHillStyle) are the other two I follow on the regular.

  2. Pressed powder :

    I’ve been noticing lately that my forehead is shiny in photos and I’m thinking of buying some pressed powder. Any favorites or other recommendations?

  3. Really love this shoe! Does anyone have any experience with this brand?

  4. Mary Beth :

    Ah, 38. I have a great big zit nestling in a forehead wrinkle.

    • I’m 53 and still get those. In my wrinkles. I feel you.

    • Not to gloat (okay, to gloat a little) but I looked in the mirror a week or so ago and realized that my skin is completely clear for the first time in literally 20 years! And, with the crappy light in my bathroom, I can’t see any wrinkles (unless I lean really close to the mirror). Apparently, 32 is the best skin age for me.

      • Cool story, bro

        • ???

          • its typically rude to come in where someone is complaining about something and talk about how you have the opposite. Ie if someone is trying to talk about how down they are about money, you don’t say “not to gloat (ok to gloat a little) but I just got a huge bonus!”

          • Seriously. Would you do this in real life? If one of your friends said to you “ugh, I found a zit in a wrinkle today” would you respond “I have the clearest skin I’ve ever had and no wrinkles!”

          • Ah, okay. Makes sense. In my mind, my comment was partially commiserating (because I’ve had terrible skin for a couple decades) but happy that it’s good at the moment. Totally see your point. Apologies for being rude.

          • Mary Beth :

            I didn’t think it was rude! And yes, my acne calmed way down around 35/36, so I’m enjoying not fighting with it all the time. But it’s certainly not gone for good.

    • Hormonal acne plus wrinkles FTW. Ugh. If you have it, I find a strong (like 10%) AHA applied JUST to the spot helps quite a lot, plus snail mucin to heal it. And then slap a pimple patch on it, I swear I stockpile these:

      • I hear ya.

        48 – wrinkles + acne. Thank goodness for spironolactone and retinoids. And since my Parent still has acne in his 70’s, my Dermatologist said it will be life long for me, most likely. Thanks for those genes pops.

      • wildkitten :

        Love these for spot treatment!

      • Not Legal Counsel :

        I haven’t pulled the trigger on snail mucin yet…because the idea freaks me out. But you like it??

        • Yes, it is AMAZING for healing. It seriously decreases the post pimple redness and speeds up the scab formation/shedding by a good 2-3 days for me. I also slather it all over my son’s eczema and it makes a huuuuuge difference. I like the CosRX ones the best, but the Mizon 80% snail mucin gel cream is my go to daily moisturizer, super light and works great under sunscreen and makeup.

  5. I love the kitten heel but it does not love me. Ankletwisty AF.

    • I like these similar vibe shoes Angie posted at you look fab but I don’t $230 like them.

  6. Talk to me about Seattle. I’m in the running for a very interesting opportunity that would be a significant career advancement. I’m terrified and excited in all of the ways that tells me to go for it. I’m aware that traffic is a nightmare, housing is expensive, and weather is dreary. I last visited about four years ago in January, but was a tourist. Obviously life won’t be coffee & donuts all day with fresh flowers from Pikes Place Market on my kitchen table.

    So…questions for those of you living in Seattle. Do you recommend it or am I crazy to leave my LCOL city where I have a pretty good setup already? I have two children under three. What neighborhoods should I be focusing on? I will have significant budget to work with and will likely lean toward renting for a year to get a feel for the city. My ideal scenario would be to live within walking distance of daycare and then be able to use mass transit to commute to work in the downtown vicinity.

    Any insight would be super helpful as I navigate this possibility.

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