Coffee Break: Dugan Flat Loafer Mule

Can you wear mules to work?Here’s a question: how do you feel about the new(ish) loafer/mule trend — can you wear mules to work? More accurately, when can you NOT wear mules to work? Only on casual days? Only if _____, such as they’re a certain color / you’re wearing trouser socks / your heels aren’t gross? For my $.02, I like the trend — not only does it answer the question of “what the heck do you wear with the kick/flare cropped pants” that we saw all last season, but they also look like that rare shoe you can wear with dresses. This Louise et Cie version is getting good reviews — and if you’re a fan of a metallic shoe for work, they have a gorgeous rose gold version; this very similar silver version is on sale at both Nordstrom and Zappos. The pictured shoe is $110, and available in four colors: Dugan Flat Loafer Mule

If you’re looking for a more traditional, classic pump for work, do check out our recently updated Guide to Comfortable Heels!

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  1. These just look like slippers to me. As all mules do. Even if they didn’t I don’t have whatever trick other women have for being able to walk in shoes like this without having them slide off my feet every third step.

    I would like them if they were a full loafer though. I like the color.

    • I so agree. There is no way I can wear Flat’s to the office, and these mules do NOTHING to enhance my leg’s, so the manageing partner would never approve me wearing these to court. At best, I could stroll around the office with them, but they realy are NOT for women who are not VERY tall (5 foot 9+) women to begin with. The rest of us need the 4″ pump’s just to maintain parity with the models so why would we voluntarily adopt a squat look with mules? FOOEY!

    • Shopaholic :

      I was just about to say the exact same thing. I don’t think all mules look like slippers but it took me a few seconds to realize these were shoes, not slippers.

    • I think the answer is you can never wear them unless you can wear casual sandals. These in particular just look like a mullet to me (office shoe from the front, might as well be a flip flop from the back). And I think it goes without saying that gross heels = don’t wear shoes that show them off in public.

      • Maddie Ross :

        I don’t think that’s necessarily true as to either part (being as informal as casual sandals or “gross heels”). Maybe I’m more laissez faire than I need to be, but the last time mules were “in” I had a pair or two that I used to wear when I had either rubbed spots on my heels from ill-fitting heels or marathon training. I used them to give my poor heels a break in warm weather. And yeah, I probably wouldn’t wear to court, but they seem to me to only be a step down from slingbacks and thus totally fine in a business casual office. And maybe even business formal if it’s the right shoe.

        • Maddie Ross :

          I will say though that I do not like this pair featured… I think a plain black one with an almond toe is nice though.

        • Gross feet are, well, gross. I get that I can’t avoid them in public places, but for the love of everything holy, please don’t expose me to them in the office.

          • Maddie Ross :

            Yeah, sorry, they’re feet. I get pedicures and stuff, but beyond that, meh. Everyone’s got them. I use mine for walking and running and am proud that I have a few blisters and callouses from, ya know, living. I can probably count the number of times I’ve noticed someone’s feet on one hand. So, sorry, but not sorry.

          • I have runner’s feet too, but I keep them fixed up as best I can which means if they are ultra gnarly and beat up, closed shoes.

          • I think this may be an instance of people using terms differently. Feet don’t have to be perfect to be exposed and my guess is that if you’re getting regular pedicures you’re fine. Pedicures aren’t even necessary. But I don’t think it’s a great idea to expose cracked heels or discolored gnarly toes in the office. And I would notice that.

      • We definitely couldn’t wear these at my office (dressier end of business casual) — we have a “no backless shoes” policy.

    • I love mules, and would favor these in black, but just not office appropriate.

      Our workplace has no open toes, no open heels.

      • Love mules, but since I only wear heels – I’d need one that had a heel on it before I would wear to work. Several (15 maybe) years ago I had a a pair with a kitten heel that I work to work all the time. Ended up purchasing in both a brown and black.

  2. What do those of you who deal with anxiety do when you’re having a bad anxiety day? I got all wound up about a totally mundane coffee date and realized I don’t have good strategies for calming myself down when that happens. I do try mindfulness meditation apps which sometimes helps but not usually when I’m already anxious.

    • Anonymous :

      Figure out what’s driving the anxiety. It may not be about the coffee date – may be that that is a convenient target.

    • Deep breaths help. Going for a walk and burning off some of that nervous energy helps.

      Also, I try to put whatever event or whatever is stressing me out in perspective. Will this matter in 1 year? 5 years? What’s the worst possible outcome here? Even if that terrible thing happens, will I still be okay? Usually, the answers to these questions are a pretty easy “no”, “no”, “not that bad” and “yes”.

      Lastly, I try to remind myself it’s all in my head, and that my anxiety is a construct of my own mind. My anxiety has physical symptoms (tightness in my chest, loss of appetite), so it feels more “real” to me than it actually is. It’s not a tangible thing; it’s not some scary predator lurking around the corner to grab me. It’s simply how I’m perceiving this event or situation. This sometimes helps me get out of the obsessive anxious thinking and look at things more objectively.

      • All of this.

        (I also have backup meds if these techniques fail on a particularly bad day!)

      • Sloan Sabbith :

        All of this, plus writing a note to myself if I’m freaking out hardcore: “You’re fine, there is nothing to worry about here- I promise. What’s the worst that can happen? Okay, so, that happens, then what?” It’s usually in my phone, and just getting it out helps slow me down and figure out exactly what’s going on. Am I anxious about thing, or is there something else I’m more anxious about?

        • Anonymous :

          Great advice. I know lots of times I get anxious that I don’t know how to “adult,” but I realize that is totally inane!

    • Anonymous :

      I’m having similar issues today but mine is the inner critic, feeling like you are not good enough. There has been people in my life in the past who made me feel this way in terms of what they said. I am doing my best to limit contact with these kinds of individuals but it’s harder when some of that negative stuff comes up in your head. It made it hard to get through the day and affected my energy levels. How do you deal with this?

    • Anon for Now :

      Exercise. If I can’t go for a full run, then a walk outside. Also, learning to sit with the anxiety, to allow it to run its course through exposure therapy, has been the most helpful.

    • Anonymous :

      Limit caffeine — so, get decaf!

      • + a million

        Really start decreasing your daytime coffee intake.

      • This is a good reminder that I really need to do that. But also don’t want to. Sigh.

        • Sloan Sabbith :

          I get full caffeine in the morning and then 1/2 or 2/3 decaf after that, and then if I get coffee after lunch, full decaf. It’s a whole system that ensures caffeination to the point I need…

          • Agree with this.

            I also find I can alternate coffee with a cup of something else hot, like tea/chai. Once you start the habit, it wont be as hard as you think.


    • Anxiety here, too :

      I’ve found that when I can’t go for a walk, it helps just to stand up, stretch my arms over my head, and do some deep breathing. Something about stretching and un-hunching the shoulders helps that tight-chest feeling.

    • Palming.

      My relative worked for the Department of Energy back in the time of the Nuclear Arms race at one of the National Labs. Lots of high stress, high stakes work.

      They taught them Palming.

      Really works. So simple. Crazy.

      And if you can combine it with abdominal breathing….. great.

  3. Anonymous :

    +1. Mules are about the ugliest shoe I think you can buy. No place for them in a work setting.

    • +1,000,000,000 FUG CENTRAL

    • Business Not Law :

      +100000000 No offense to my 60-something year old mother, but they are a shoe that SHE wears and I’m really wanting no part of this trend (Age 37 for reference)

  4. Pear needs shorts! :

    Pear here!

    I need some shorts. In the past, I’ve loved Athleta (stretchy waist) for shorts but particularly skorts. ON shorts didn’t have a high enough rise and wouldn’t stay up. Everything else was a hot mess.

    I’ve shape-shifted a little (more tummy than in prior years even though the scale says I’m a bit smaller) and have a need for a closet refresh.

    I’m going to try some Julie-cut white shorts from Loft (using my BR size of 6; BR tends to fit as well as anything off the rack, esp, in their curvy cuts). I’m going to re-try ON shorts now that they say they have a medium rise (also a 6).

    What else should I be trying?

    • Shopaholic :

      I’m an extreme pear (just bought a suit where there is a 4 size differential in the jacket and skirt) and I like the j.crew chino shorts. I get the 4-inch inseam because I think they’re more flattering than the 3-inch and 5-inch.

      I would say they are a medium to medium-high rise on me and I really like them.

      • ALX emily :

        Also a pear, also a big fan of j.crew 4″ chino shorts. The 3″ ones are okay too but I usually have to size up to keep them from bunching up around my thighs.

    • Boden shorts. Pear here. They are the only shorts I will even consider wearing. 3 lengths for most shorts.

      • anonymous :

        +1 to Boden shorts. Hourglass, tending pear here, and I just got a pair from there that I love. The length covers the part of my thighs that I don’t love! (6 inch length)

    • Eddie Bauer skorts

  5. So, I have a crush on a friend I hang out with a fair bit (mostly in small groups, sometimes one on one). It’s tipped a balance from “whee fun to see crush!” to “aaah, this sucks” and I need to take a step back….if it’s not returned. How do I even word that though? “I have a crush on you and if you’re not interested that’s perfectly fine and I would still want to be your friend…later…but let me know if you’d be into it”??!

    • Anonymous :

      Woah, nope, don’t say anything. Just don’t be available.

      • Anonymous :

        + 1 this would be awkward, ,limit the one on one time. You could end up feeling way worse

      • Anonymous :

        Why do you say that? OP, assuming you’re single and he’s single I definitely think you should throw out the possibility of being more than friends and see what happens. If he doesn’t return your feelings, he’ll understand you needing to take a step back from the friendship and, who knows, you may up getting close again down the road some day. I have a close friendship with a guy that survived him telling me he liked me and me not reciprocating (many years ago). If he does return your feelings, YAY! Let us know what happens…I met my husband online but I loooove “friends who fell in love” stories.

        • Yeah, we are both single and while I don’t THINK he’s into me, i don’t know that he’s not, so figure I need to give it a shot before trying to ghost. But you’re right that if I lay it out there and he’s not into it he would understand the ghosting so…yeah. I don’t remember the last time I tried to have a talk like this, if ever??

    • If it were me, I’d send a message via email or social media, as I’m a big fan of choosing words carefully and not ambushing someone.

      I’d probably say something like, “hey, just wanted to touch base with you on something. I’ve realized I’ve started to see you in a more romantic light than a platonic one. Any interest in seeing whether there might be something there or should I just shake that out of my system so I can go back to seeing you as just a friend?” That way, he has time to consider something that might be a new idea to him, you’re letting him know it’s ok to tell you he doesn’t see it (no pressure to pretend or to risk hurting your feelings means honesty is more likely), and you can react to his response in the privacy of your own home rather than while standing in front of him.

      • Anonymous :

        Ugh, I would hate to be on the other side of this. What happened to just grabbing a drink sometime and mentioning a real date?

      • Yeah, I think face to face is the way to go – but with easy exit options for either of you if it’s too weird. . But you don’t need to make it a whole “I have a crush” confession. “I really enjoy it when we spend time together, and I think it would be fun to go on a date and see where things go. No pressure! What do you think?”

      • Ooh, I like that wording! I do think face to face might be needed, though the cowardly part of me wants to go with email, definitely. :) I’m not good at using my words sometimes, so yeah.

        We literally hang out 3-4 times a week (sometimes with our mutual sports team, sometimes with 1-2 other friends we are both tight with, sometimes just the two of us) so saying “let’s get a drink” would not mean anything (and saying “Let’s get a drink…as a date…” would be even weirder, I feel???)

        • Why can’t you just add in some flirty contact when you’re hanging out just the two of you to see how it’s received–like a hand on the arm while laughing or something? Sometimes men need a subtle signal that involves touch, I think, to turn on a light bulb. Then see if he makes a move or if he pulls back.

          • Anonymous :

            + 100000000. Sooo much better than super crazy awkward message that you can never take back or forget. Just pretend like it’s the 80s. Or any other time in human history predating social media, and, ya know, just flirt with him. Esp since you clearly have ample opportunity to do so if you are hanging out with him 3 call a week.

        • Agree with LAJen and Anonymous. If you’re hanging out 3-4 times a week and there’s alcohol involved, it should be pretty easy to figure out whether he’s interested in pursuing something or not. No need for an awkward conversation when you can more easily gauge the scenario with a little flirting. Just try being more touchy the next time you hang out and see if he touches you back. If no, that’s your answer.

      • Anonymous :

        I would not like to receive a message like this. It would make me uncomfortable. If you have to ask, ask for a date.

      • Never too many shoes... :

        Without meaning to sound overly harsh, that first line about “touching base on something” makes me think you want me to invest in your start-up, not date you.

        Page shots, shots, shots, get him a little tipsy and try flirting. Old school.

  6. Advice Please :

    Posted late on Fri but didn’t get many responses due to the weekend, hoping for some this time…

    I’m a professional ghostwriter with degrees and 10+ yrs of experience in the field, but am encountering something that’s never happened to me before. 15+ mos ago, I was hired by a client to ghostwrite 10 pieces/month based on topics of his choosing and mine. No contract given, just emails of me clarifying the terms and him responding with answers and the pay rate. In one email, I asked about attribution and he said that the pieces would be published online with no attribution. For whatever reason, I never searched for the pieces online til Fri when a friend asked about where to find them. I then discovered that client is not only putting his name with my work, he’s now touting himself as an expert in that field, using my work to prove his knowledge/skill level. Not sure how to handle this.

    Additional info: this client is approx. 30% of my income and is talking about expanding my role. I make under 60k/yr, so losing this client would be pretty catastrophic to my budget. This isn’t what I agreed to and was clear on that from the beginning. Doubt I would have taken the gig had I known this. The website where this is happening seems to be more click bait than professional. Not sure whether client’s expert title actually means anything or does anything for him… but not sure whether this should matter in my response/feelings vs. if it was somewhere with more clout.

    Advice/feedback, please?

    • I don’t really know your field, so is this entirely uncommon? Do ghostwriters typically get a byline when the work is attributed to the primary author (i.e., OJ Simpson with Jamie XYZ)? Or does this type of taking sole credit for ghostwritten work situation happens from time to time and some times “priced into” the arrangement?

      And is your concern mainly (1) that you don’t get credit or (2) that he’s using your work to make himself out as an expert? Also, by expert in this field, do you mean a technical/medical/etc. field? Do you that he doesn’t have a background in that field? Or is there a chance he actually knows the subject matter knowledge and lacks the writing skills?

      Depending on what your concerns are and how uncommon this is, you may be able to re-negotiate your arrangement?

      • I think the issue is more that I outright asked about this and was told something that wasn’t true. Also, typically if someone else is taking credit, there may be a pay aspect or other negotiation conversations which weren’t had here. As for whether person is an expert, it appears there is no other info about them anywhere online to suggest any education/training/knowledge/writing on this topic than what I have written (it is about a specific medical condition/ailment/illness).

        I guess the feeling is that I wasn’t told the truth and that I feel like I either need to know this and just be ok with it or risk a huge chunk of my income by bringing it up and potentially risking the person just saying they’ll find a new writer rather than renegotiate or even talk about it. It feels like I was taken advantage of and that the person with the money gets to do/say whatever, which just strikes me as awful. :(

        • Anonymous :

          I know nothing about the ghostwriting industry, but it seems to me the whole point is that person A takes credit for what person B wrote. If you are just writing content for a website that has no author at all, it’s not “ghostwriting” — it’s writing content.

          Again take this with a grain of salt because I know nothing about this industry, but could you leverage this into more money in a matter of fact way. Something like, “Hey, I saw that you are attributing your name to the articles. When I asked about that before, I should have made clear that I charge different rates depending on whether there is attribution. My rate for that is $x. . . . “

          • With your clarification, I get it now. Yes, it feels terrible to be taken advantage of by a client. You can definitely bring it up in a way Anonymous suggested above though. Just say that you noticed that his plans must have changed and he decided to go ahead and publish these as attributed articles, and realized you never told him what your rates are for those. Then give him that rate and tell him you’re willing to finish this month’s pieces under the old rate and apply new rate going forward. If he depends on your content, it will be hard for him to find someone that quickly to write that much content in a very specialized area. I would guess that you’re more likely to get a “oops, yes, I changed my mind and didn’t realize you’d care/charge differently” line in response and he will pay the new rates. And if he is a jerk and refuses to increase the rate, then keep doing the work for now and start looking to replace it?

  7. any way that a mutual friend could intervene and feel it out for you?

    • Anonymous :

      +1. This is kind of middle school-y but it’s what I would do because I am a giant wuss about this stuff.

    • I agree, that friend can better suss it out whereas if you did, it could make the friendship super weird. I picture a friend when you are all out sometime saying to him (when you are not in ear shot) “Are you going to ask her out or what?” and if he asks her “why, did she say something?” your friend says something like “oh, I dunno, I just figured you were totally into each other and thought you could be good together. Am I wrong?” and then casually change the subject with a shrug to sports or whatever.

  8. PrettyPrimadonna :

    I wore mules when they were “in” back in the day. This is the one trend I can’t do again, ha!

  9. Luxury Nanny :

    Update. I think the cosmic gods must have seen my sadness because I just got an email for a job in my field. Squee

    • Senior Attorney :

      Woo hoo! That’s great!

    • Moonstone :


    • Yay! Don’t give up on finding your dream job just yet. You’ve worked too hard for too long to let older males who won’t even be in the industry in 10-15 years to prevent you from getting in and making a difference. Start going to women’s networking events in your field in your area, take women in the field out for informational coffee meetings. Get advice, increase your exposure, think positively, and see what happens. I’m not in your field, but in law there’s a book called Guerrilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams that talks about some of the ways to find a great job when you don’t have the typical on-campus interview to major employer path to your first job in the field. Might be worth a quick scan in the library because some of the tips will translate to any field.

  10. Anonymous :

    Any suggestions for a cheap wood (or wood-looking) bedside table from Amazon? Looking for one for my son who is not kind to furniture and would like to have a drawer and ideally be brown/dark brown to match the rest of his room. Amazon is easiest because we have a family Prime account and other retailers have historically taken forever to deliver to our area, but open to other cheap suggestions.

    • Anonymous :

      Ikea hemnes?

    • What about a place like big lots, where stuff is cheaper and sometimes still really sturdy? Or craigslist might have some solid wood pieces for super cheap since you know exactly what you’re after, so it shouldn’t be tough to search the free section and the furniture section. You could also check freecycle in your area!

    • Try Target. Some of their furniture is really sturdy and inexpensive (and their shipping has been fast in my experience). Read the reviews though because their quality varies. I think their “office” type furniture is the sturdiest.

    • BeenThatGuy :

      I feel like I see a lot of things that could be what you’re looking for at Christmas Tree Shops (assuming you have one near you)

  11. PSA -- Talbots jardigan clone :

    “Classic dress shrug” comes in many colors. Looks promising!

  12. Junior League :

    Have you seen that “black dress” Junior League campaign? Some type of poverty awareness campaign where members will wear the same dress all week? This really seems more like a demonstration of privilege to me. I don’t like it and I kind of want to discuss it with a friend in JL but she’s promoting it on social media so I guess she supports it.

    • Anonymous :

      Marie Kondo reeks of priviege, as do shows like “Hoarders,” no? Any time one says “cut back,” it’s to people who already have plenty.

      By all means, b*tch to people trying to help. I’m sure your friend will no doubt appreciate your schooling her with your $.02.

      • Senior Attorney :

        Maybe a more productive approach would be to ask your friend about it. If all you know that i’s “some type of poverty awareness campaign,” perhaps you’re missing something. Maybe she could address your concerns and let you know why she’s chosen to support it.

      • No, Hoarders is not about privilege. IT is about waste, American style, but those people are very sick.

    • dunno this topic specifically, but cases of hoarders are 1st of all mental illness related (it’s an actual diagnosis), and often they are based on a low income. Those without money (or who grew up without) often keep every tiny thing out of fear they’ll someday need it and not be able to afford to purchase it. Also, low income people are often considered “hoarders” whereas wealthier people “have collections.”

      Cutting back may not mean buying fewer thousand dollar gowns, it may mean not having 6 rolls of scotch tape or not keeping all the old bread ties or cleaning out the junk drawer or donating clothes the kids outgrew that no one in the house can still wear or grow into or throwing out warped tupperwear lids.

    • JL member :

      Not sure about your friend’s league, but when I was in the league Little Black Dress had a fundraising component and an outreach component. So you were supposed to use the week to raise money for our childhood poverty alleviation programs and the childhood poverty orgs we supported, contact your state and federal reps about various issues related to childhood poverty in our state and city, and do social media and other outreach to educate people about the impact of poverty over generations. The dress thing is supposed to give you a convenient way to explain to people who aren’t poor some of the structural obstacles women face in leaving poverty – like a woman who has only one “professional” dress and has to wear it every day at her job until the first paycheck comes – and to express solidarity with those women.

      It can be done well or poorly because it depends on the individual member and whether or not they really engage with the goals and methods, but in our league it was a pretty cool campaign, in part because it focused on structural reform and advocacy.

    • Judgmental :

      Your post is really judgmental. You say it’s “some type of poverty awareness campaign” and make it clear you don’t know much about it but you “don’t like it.” And you want to complain about it to someone who is obviously trying to help by using it. All because (from your limited knowledge) you think it sounds “privileged.” Ok, duh, people in the Junior League are probably a little privileged. People doing any kind of awareness campaign are privileged enough to have time and resources to devote to that. That includes you, assuming you participate in similar efforts rather than just criticizing those who do. This post is one of the most judgmental things I’ve read here recently, and I really hope you don’t go through life looking for things to nitpick about people who are trying to help.

    • I’m a member in a league where we are doing this. I don’t get it, and I’m not participating. I don’t understand how it is related to raising awareness of anything. I don’t have much to add, but just know someone else feels your confusion.

  13. Anonymous :

    How often do you change your duvet cover/comforter? Like swap it for a different one completely, not just wash it. I feel like my mother used to have “seasonal” ones, is that a thing people do?

    • Senior Attorney :

      I have a very warm one for winter and a lighter-weight one for summer. The inside part, not the cover.

      • Anonymous :

        Hm. Maybe that was why. She always bought full comforters instead of duvets so she would have had to change the whole thing out for a different weight. This is just another one of those house-related things I never paid much attention to until westelm tried to sell me a new one this morning.

      • Gail the Goldfish :

        Same here. Cover is the same year-round, inside comforter changes.

      • I have similar to what Senior Attorney has.

        A heavier, quilted textured one for winter, and a crisp cotton one for summer. I put the same down comforter inside each.

    • I had friends whose moms did that. The whole house changed decor every 6 weeks or so. January was snowflakes/winter, February was hearts and pink, March was green, April was Easter/spring looking, etc. I’m talking hand towels in the bathroom, window decals, cardboard cutouts, the whole nine yards. (They were all SAHMs, and mine was the only mom who wasn’t, so I’m not sure if that was the reason why.)

      We were not that house- we only changed decor for Christmas. We only cleaned our duvets, did not switch them out. My mom liked to have a lighter and heavier comforter, but I just had the one and would add or subtract blankets underneath.

      But do whatever makes you happy!

    • Anonymous :

      I change my thin quilted comforters with the seasons, grey for fall/winter, yellow for spring/summer. This year I also changed my curtains (because I had already two sets) at the same time.

  14. Blonde Lawyer :

    Anyone have a good trick for stopping an eye twitch? I know long term the answer is less stress.

    • I know this sounds insane, but tonic water really helped when I had one that would.not.go.away. I didn’t care if it was a placebo effect or actually working because of the quinine–it helped. I tried diet tonic water to avoid the sugar, and voila.

    • This occurs from stress and/or from too much computer. Obviously meditation and trying to be calmer will help but as for the computer, there’s only one consistent recommendation from eye professionals, in my experience. Set a timer or reminder pop up on your computer for every 5 minutes. When it pops up, look away from the computer for 15 seconds and focus on something far away, then close your eyes for 15 seconds. It helps to calm the muscle and prevent future muscle strain. Plus, once you’ve trained your brain to do this on a regular basis, you will prevent future twitches too!

    • Anonymous :

      No caffeine, no screen time for fun, glasses instead of contacts, get more sleep.

      • Veronica Mars :

        +1 caffiene. I got a facial and the woman who administered it said she could tell I’d had coffee that morning because my eyes were twitching even when “relaxed.” She said it’s very common.

    • pop a tablet of magnesium. also sportsmen supplement magnesium to treat/prevent muscle spasms and twitches.

  15. My assistant/legal secretary is an idiot and I consistently wonder whether she’s trying to make my life more difficult or if she’s actually just this useless.

    How does a f-ing secretary not know how to put the paper labels into the sides of binders? Instead she just crammed a folded piece of paper in there with the label on it horizontally, which cut off the words on the edges. It’s not rocket science. Its a binder.

    • Anonymous :

      I’m a pretty smart person and I think inserting labels into the spine of binders if one of the hardest things on the planet. When I had a job that required making a lot of labelled binders, I found these to be a game-changer:

    • I know it’s a total PITA, because I went back and did them all because she took yet another unannounced vacation day at 11:30 AM and so wasn’t here to fix it.

      But still, it’s not like she thought it was annoying (which it is, I accidentally sliced one of the things in half because I was trying to slide it down with a scissor blade…), but still knew how to do it. She just doesn’t know how and didn’t think it through for half a second.

      • Anonymous :

        Hard to imagine why she wouldn’t give her best effort to you, you sound so sunny to work with…

      • If you fold the covers back towards you, it loosens the clear plastic part. You can also use a rule to help slide the paper down. This was a revelation to me when I learned the secret to view binders.

  16. Great post , it ‘s very interesting and informative post.

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